Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 5, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1957
Page 9
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Junior Editors Quit on ACROBATIC FLY United TjlAKC fRIENDS TfmM Herald, Carroll, Iowa f\ Thuraday, Stpt. 5, 1957 • NtA* OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS Where there's gmoKe there's probably a bride cooking. Even though the ringing of the telephone is an interruption to your work, don't let your voice sound annoyed or brusque when you an- i swer it. After all, the person calling has no way of knowing that he has picked an inconvenient time to talk to you. QUESTION: How does a fly walk on the ceiling? ANSWER: Tiny pad* called pulvilli are attached to each foot of a fly's tlx legs. When the fly walks on smooth placet, these pads flatten out against the surface so closely that they hold on— like a suction cup. Thus, a fly is able to walk upside down without falling. If you see a fly, the best thing to do is kill it. This tiny insect may look harmless and you may consider it only e nuisance. In reality it Is very dangerous because the tiny hairs on Its logs carry bacteria that can cause serious diseases, even death. FOR YOU TO DO: Do your part to keep down the fly population. Keep garbage cans well<covered, make sure your screens fit tight. Use sprays, and make good use of a fly swatter or fly trap. (A $10 prize was won by Norma Lynn Green of Glen Allen, Va., for this question. Send yours" to Violet Moore Higglns, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: Do snakes have hips?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "I decided to take the domestic science course after al woman needs some sort of hobby I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith T .M. I*. v.». nt.en, TIZZY "You're stuck for • night out, Dadl Mom spent the afternoon In a beauty thopi" By Kate Osann "You nave a simply wonderful time with Jimmy if you go out the day he gets his allowance!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Does he do any tricks?" World Coinage ACROSS 1 Old coin of Thailand € Gold coin of Old England U Idolised 13 Small area HCHck-beelle 15 Stair posts 16 Permit „ r „, m ., 17 Funeral notice 12 ?. r .? 1u j 5 of 19 Perxhed S Outer garment 4 Wile 5 Southern general 6 Mountain spur 7 Novel 8 Departs 9 Oirl's name 10 Final to Provloua Puzilo 20 Invents 3S ( Embroidery material 38 Mimicked 30 Enamel 31 Noisy breathing in sleep 32 The theatet 33 Weird 34 Essential being 35 Took into custody . 86 Bulwark 40 Habitat (comb, form) 43 Male sheep (Pi.) 44 Mariner's direction 47 Russian coins 49 Silver coin of Colombia 62 Moaning sounds S3 Fixed looks 64 Feminine appellation 56 Expert DOWN 1 Chinese money of account 3 Indolent cattle 18 Aromatic plant 18 Storage plaee 20 Jeopardy 21 Royal Italian family name 22 Most rational 23 Church part 24 Rodents 25 Narrow 27 Harbor 28 Great Lake 39 Legal document 31 Soothsayer 35 Accumulate 36 Revolutions per minute <ab.) 87 Grates into* 28 Sphere of action 40 Work units 41 Heal 42 Greek eol» 44 Withered 45 Pace 46 Direction 48 Whack (slang) 50 Greek letter 51 Sorrowful BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Bit Night ?MtMt9 \*> V\N»\JK> ©OT- NOUUW'Y you _J UXTOWJ I TMOU6VAT VOU WOVJL.P, Sttou\.W*r...v &06U \w<b ovrr \.ouo\ •Y I DO AH MARTIN OUR BOARDING HOUSE with .MAJOR HGOWJ ioo AD/VUR£ THIS (SClTAe^ JASON ? AND WELL YOO /WAV—I CDMPLlMSNfT YOUR TAST6/—THIS INSTRUMENT 15 THE HANDWORK OF THE PEERLESS STRADIVARI ~~ ITS WORTH A FORTUNE /I'M WAIT- INS NOW FO£ A REPLY TO MY LETTER TO A MOTED INTERNATIONAL*' ART THASS RISHT FUMMY, MISTAH I /MA30R/ I SWEAR 1WAT THE** 16 THE ££LF5AWS SE&TAtt MY UNCLE ZEkfe PAWNED SOMETIME A60-~ IP IT* WUTH F0RTON& HE <SOT TOOK 'CAUSE ALL ME COULO- REELIZE ON , IT WAS SIX Sucks BUGS BUNNY No Hurry I STOPPED 'CAUSE I 'M / OUTA SAS '. VA STTLL DON'T SET A RIDE, BUM! f I SMALL AWAIT ,VOUR RETURN! (YAWN!) PRISCILLA'S POP That's Our Pop I'M SORRX> WALDO/ [SHOULDN'T; HAVE ^BOUGHT' , MR BOTTSSJ BARN WITHOUT' r CONSULTING} .YDU!j ,04 I'VE THOUGHT IT OVER, HAZELi AND I'VE COME TO A CONCLUSMON^T--^ 7 ^/OH, DEAR!) I'D RATHER LIVE IN A BARN WITH YOU THAN IN A PALACE WITH tl ANYONE ELSE!) - ^ —'i BY AL VERMEIft ALLEY OOP But, Docl BY V. T. HAMLIN AW.THOT RETIREMENT Or HIS IS WJL HOT MR! WE'RE PRETTY "fs. HE'LL BE BACK IN TH' WORRIED ABOUT LAB WORKING WIS DOC SOIN' OUT OF I HEAD TH TIME-MACHINE V WEEK BUSINESS. \VHAl 5 THIS ? 1 THOUGHT XXJ'D OH, I'M NOT WORKING, JUST DISMANTLING THE OLD TIME- MACHINE... MORTY MEEKLB Failure BY DICK CAVALLI I TOLD you IT WOULDNT WORK OH, WELL ITWAfl WORTH A TRV $ IN ? tr HU ttniw. IIH . T.M: »«|. U*. »«L W. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Crusade BY MERRILL BLOSSIR RESTING ONES FEET" ON THE TABLE IS A MOST DEPLC HAWT; MMM— PERHAPS r -ToMORROW A HAPPY SOLO- TION LIES IN A BIT OF RE — ARRAN6IN6/ I'M CEPTAIM THEY WONV RMD COMFORT* IN SUCH POSES/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE TMAMKS, BUT t\.L CANITY THEM L Quest With Ideas |<C by MIA 8»KW. Inc. T.M, H^, UJ. f«l CXt BY WILSON 3CRUGOI THIS 15 MK. KDU &C. IORCGRED A ROOM, NOT AN ART GALLER/i WIU VOU SEND SOMEBOW UP TO THESE MKXL>SSIC4.LY*1 NKjHTIUlAWSi — — y ' CAPTAIN EASY •o- / Y<?UR *5,000 W0UIP BRISHTEU —A LA*T *IK UONTW^! AMP -THB $20,000 He Wants to'Be Sure C ?HBN FOR HOUR* 6LM0 LOMR U STUDIED THE FIWE PRINT.... BY LESLIE TURNM r TA.KB A WORLD CRUI5E..1 SEE THE PUCS* I'Og kVNM* ^EANTTOi WAV8B TRV A FEW LUXURIi* I COULD WEVSf^ AFFORD! 3. 10 HATBTOSIT THRU " ETERNITY W0NPBRW4 WHAT IT WOULP'VE BEEN LIKE TO FLV IM AN AIRPLANE/ OR HAVE &R&AKFAST IM 'mi

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