Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 5, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1957
Page 5
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Woman's Club Of Lake View Plans Its Year <T!me« HnMd N«w» Serried) LAKE VIEW - The planning committee of the Lake View Woman's Club has completed plans for the regular schedule of meetings of the general club and the four departments. Every woman is issued a cordial invitation to become a member and attend this first meeting. The first general meeting of the Lake View Woman's Club will be held at the Municipal building, Sept. 18, at 8 o'clock in the evening. * * * Mrs. Robert Gantz, program chairman, has announced that the theme for this year is "Iowa Through Beauty, Culture and Service." Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koepke of Westside will show the Holy Land and the Orient as seen through their eyes at the' Sept. 18 meeting. On Oct. IB. Mrs. Roger Ganske will display the Rotary Art Exhibit and various drawing techniques. The November and December meetings will be combined. On Dec. 10 the Sac County Rural Women's Chorus will enhance the Christmas program with Christmas music. January IS. Robert Logan, attorney, will help members with the "Legal Problems of the Home." Feb. 19 the club will see a display of artware and dinnerware collected by the Iowa Federated Tim** Herald, Carroll, Iowa m Thursday, Sept. 5, 1*57 April. It will be directed by Mrs. Robert J. Deur. To finish the .year, on May 21, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sieb . of Des Moines show how to become a "Lovlier You" and also show that making the most of oneself can be fun. Besides the general meetings, there are four departments which hold one meeting each month. Following is a brief resume of the programs which will be presented at these meetings. * * * - j The aims, in part, of the drama! department, are to participate in' all Womans Club projects and to supply at the meetings a few emotional and actual experiences out-, side of the world in which we live. : A few of the "Spotlights" during the year will be touring European theaters with Annebelle Irwin, "a smorgasbord and entertaining the husbands with "No Time for Sergeants." "My Fair Lady" will be enjoyed at one of the meetings with the musical selections provided by Helen Peck. Other programs include readings, reviews or cuttings from "St. Joan," "The Chalk Garden," "The Diary of Ann Frank." "The Twelve Pound Look" and other con'-mporarj; theatrical productions. TV- Jrama department meets at 8 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Anyone wishing to join this department is asked to contact the chairman, Mrs. R. B. Domer. The objective of the History and Travel Department is to create an Personals Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Johnson and the latter 's mother, Mrs. C. F. Hagaman, were Mrs. Charles Fritz of Twin Lakes and Mrs. Anita Herring of Fort Dodge, nieces of Mrs. Hagaman, and Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Wittig, son, Marty, and daughter, Annette, of Denver, Colo. Mrs. Wittig is a daughter of the late George Hagaman of Boone. WHERE ASIAN FLU HAS STRUCK . . . Newsman above, made from U.S. Piibllr Health Service data, shows location of .confirmed enscs and outbreaks and suspected outbreaks of Asian flu up to and Including Aug. 23. The USPHS has released for distribution more than onp million shots of the new Asian flu vaccine since Aug. 12. It Is expected 80 to 85 million doses will be on hand by the first of next year. Dr. and Mrs. Al Langlan and children. Terry, Cherie and Susan, of Plant City, Fla., visited friends here Wednesday on their way from Nebraska to Zearing, la., where they are visiting relatives. Dr. Langlan, who was formerly employed in the advertising department of the Carroll Daily Times Herald, left Carroll to study chiropractic in Chicago. for the year include a study of trees and plants native to Iowa, a 'Show Me" trip conducted by L. D. Wright to learn more of state conservation practices and a workshop on flower show management. Mrs. Eugene Criss of Sac City will instruct on details and points that help to make a community show a success. The meetings are the second Tuesday afternoon of each month at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Roy Ferguson is the chairman. Plans for the Craft Department Carroll, Glidden I Jeffrey. Mrs. F, C. Beverley returned Tuesday from Lake Okohnji. where she spent several days with Mrs. H. L. Bell at her summer home on Sunset Beach. Mrs. Beverley was accompanied by Helen who visited friends at for Sac County will be held in; friends in the Lidderdale Lake View March 25 with Mrs.. Halbur> Templelon and Donald Nelson, Sac County Fine u nnnrori! Spirit Lake. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Arts chairman, in charge. , communities. They were honored ; R * who Wfire ^ of The 1957-59 officers are: Presi- f l a P "™' C d,nner ,n C ' raham Park jMrs. Bell, returned to their home dent, Mrs. Vincent O'Brien; first here Sunc1a V Participating,in Glidden Wednesday, vice,'Mrs. Robert Gantz.; second ! were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tigges. vice, Mrs. Don Tischer; secretary-! Junior and Dale, Mr. and Mrs. Joe treasurer, Mrs. Louis Stabbe; and schirck, .lovce. .loleen and Larry, historian, Mrs. L. W. Lille. ' interest in ancient Egypt, India Women's Club. Mrs. Eugene Criss | an d china through an understand- of Sac City, a flower judge, will j j ng „f their art, culture and prog- give ideas for flower show table j ress . Two out-of-town guest speak- j include a variety of activities for j settings. i e rs will add variety to the pro- the year, giving* the members an \ The Drama Department will | gram. The meetings are the first j opportunity to develop their crea- j dramatize a play on March 19. ; Monday afternoon of each month' th-e ability and assist others in j This play will also be presented \ at 2 p.m. The chairman is Lillian! v -arious fields and media. Towels j at the Iowa Play Production Fes- j Armstrong. done in Swedish weaving, alumi-! tival at the University of Iowa in > The Garden Department's plans: nurn trays, wooden and copper j earrings, belts, purses, billfolds, picture frames, decorative can- 1 dies and wastebaskets are a few | I I tf* I 0* M • of tne objects the department will On U.S. Sales Conventions be working wuh - The ? ear ' s pr .° j - Wll We*#e v.* VWII T %*iiiiwii«» |ects vvjl , make gjftSi j neX p ens i V e but attractive. The meetings are their the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:30. Mrs. Donald Tja- | Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Kroeger, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hacker, [ and Mrs - Leonard Pudenz, Debor- Junior, Beverly and Marilyn, of > ah, Pamela, Patricia and Wayne, Bettendorf visited relatives and and Mrs. Rose Pietig. "SET BREAKER" . . . Rossano Brazzi, the Italian heart-throb, declares he has learned to control his fiery Latin temper and Is a "reformed set breaker." Time was, when things went wrong, he'd smash up the set. Above, he's pictured on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, where he's playing one of the most romantic • roles ever written— that of Emlle de Rerque in the Frances Kroeger, Robert Kruger Exchange Vows, (T»me» Herald Jfews Sefvtee) WESTSIDE — Frances Kroeger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Qfl* bert Kroeger of Westside, was married Friday evening, August 30, to Robert Kruger, son of Mrs. Louise Kruger of Vail, at the Lutheran Chapel in Denison. Tha Rev. Carl W. Schmidt performed the double ring service at 7 o'clock. The bride wore a brown striped sheath with matching jacket, beige accessories and a red rose corsage tied with matching ribbon. Karen Kroeger, the bride's sister, was her only attendant. She chose an aqua sheath dress and black accessories. Her corsage was also of red roses and ribbon. Wayne Kruger was his brother'* best man. * * * A reception followed the ceremony at the club rooms of the Legion Auxiliary at Westside, with about 100 guests attending. The bride attended Ar-We-Va High School. The bridegroom graduated from Ar-We-Va H ig h School in 1957 and entered the U.S. Air Force shortly after his graduation. He is now stationed at Cheyenne, Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Peters returned Tuesday afternoon fromi Elkhart, Ind., where they had! movic "South Pacific." gone August 23 to visit their son -j — in-law and daughter, Mr. and {Mrs. Peters accompanied the| Mrs. Howard Lesher, and chil-: Lesher family to Benton Harbor lean, and other relatives Wednes- dren, Steven and Laura. Mr. and and New Holland. Mich. 'day. Mrs. Don Happe and children, Mary Claire and Paula, and Mrs. Happe's aunt, Miss Ethel Duncan, of Sioux City visited Mrs. Happe's parents. Mr. and Mrs. James Dun- $150 Million a Year Spent and By SAM DAWSON • | for winning salesmen NEW YORK U!V-Vacation days wives, are over for most Americans but • One household appliance maker • d en is the chairman the season for sales conventions: reports staging a 13 week promo-1 * * * and trips as a reward for sell- 1 tion that sold 20 million dollars At the policy planning meeting ing is just catching its second of its products. The cost of the i0 { the executive board, depart- wind. j campaign and the prize trips men t chairmen and committee Full dress sales meetings come came to less than five per cent chairmen it was voted to sponsor to around 2,500 a year. Add in the of tne added sales volume. these projects: A summer read- regional conventions and the pep How muc £ industry spends each j ng program for school children, conclaves of small companies and - vear on . the f e incentive selling student government day, art class the number is estimated as high contests isn t known, but Martin B. anc j contest at summer recreation as 70,000 by the half dozen or so l & er < wno heads a conventioneer- programs for children; Cub Scout agencies that run such affairs for ,n 8 -service, says it must run into and co-sponsor the Brownies; corporations. : mi " lons °' dollars. ; community flower show, rum- The big national gatherings' - M****™*!?? „<„ NNN ma * p sa,e \ courtps >' Christmas averase out at a cost of $30 000 The lnps ' un,lke the sales con ' baskets and essay and poetry average out at a cost o t $30,ooo, ventif)ns are strjct]y p , easure out for hj h gchoo , studen( ithough a convening ol "35 i iff cra,t ^ f ° r the g , olden T orate clan at Miami Beach may 'J 1 *, ^^*^^LT^£' 6roup '' chi,dren s , pa, \ acle in J h , e go as high as $220,000. The total: £m ?il^i«^;-?Sf«: i summer carmval a " d a " aduU Spent on national sales conven- j ™ n J*J p . 1 a "L renn T„ S ' sketchinR class ' ' tions is estimated as 150 million'" 0 "! ,.J !„ , a I ™!f J) «J?.J«"' The club co-operates with other «l ,r, . year. , -™ *ST b ^'^jnjffj^ffg • Incentive Selling : a t «x if the Drize had been in a tw °- vear P lan of act,on aa de "! Incentive selling with a trip as: cash ln |veloped at the Women's Traffic the prize is on the increase, The lger says he once got a call J Safety ^ conference called by Gov average trip is for a week to 10 f rom a man wno had just returned days with wives usually included. f rora a Miami Beach corporate Some of these come high. Ex- outing with the wrong suitcase ample: 700 appliance dealers in the general area of New York City vied for five months to in- ernor Loveless to promote traffic safety in every community in Iowa. A county Club Institute will be Even more than getting his own; . luggage back was his urge to get j held in Lake View the latter part, , rid of the one he'd picked up by! of October at the Municipal Build- crease sales 25 per cent. The value mistake-it contained 50 little live! » n 8 w* 11 } Mrs. W. L. Eckert or of the prizes totaled $300,000, in-; turtles, painted green and in- j Sioux City present. volving 300 free trips to Europe scribed "Welcome to Miami." ' A miniature Fine Arts Festival j COBBIE I I A gentle feeling of freedom Expect a new kind of snug and easy fit from this soft, suburban-minded casual. Elasticized where it performs the most gentle wonders . . . across the instep. And all on such a shapely, walkable wedge. BLACK «— RED — COPPER — GREY SIZES THRU 11 TRAVELER 11.95 FRESH FRUITS TOKAY Grapes 2 b 29 TOMATO JUICE Libby's 4 1 oo c CRISP SOLID JONATHAN Apples 2 29 c RED OR WHITE Potatoes» 39 c Apricots Hunt's 21/2 Cans $1 Coffee Butter-Nuf or Folger's Lb. 89c Hershey's Chocolate Dainties TOILET C TISSUE Northern 3 -* 39c ANGEL FOOD MIX Dromedary Reg. Pkg. RED Clair A CHERRIES Pok i| 303 Cant ^ CAKE *"%$r" * kilV Chotolats 1 IVliyV Butterltotch A J 69c GRAPEFRUIT p. , m PINEAPPLE Uel yi DRINK Monte if Cans ^^^i^ Reg. 6-oi. Bag 19c PICNICS IT'S NBWI HERSHEY'S INSTANT COCOA MIX KRAFT MUSTARD TEA BAGS BABY FOOD BLACK PEPPER Upton's Black Gerber't Strained Schilling's 39c 10c 63c 3 25c 29c Big 16- ez. Can Yellow or 6-ox. Horseradish Jar 48 Count Box Skinless Defatted Fully Cooked, Smoked 4 to 6 Lbs. Each Lb. c FRESH, VERY MEATY 4-oi. Can Pork Loin Ribs - 49c FRESH. FOR MEAT LOAF OR PATTIES TO FRY Ground Beef 3 98c Sunshine Hydrox Cookies 7V2 -ox. Bag 12-oz. Bag 23c 37c PET MILK 3 c™ 39c COUNTRY STYLE, SMOKED Pork Sausage 49c ALL MEAT. SLICED OR ONE PIECE Big Bologna LB. 39c LONGHORN FROZEN Strawberries 6 EE $1 Cream Cheese u 47c , HI-BALL P'nuts c^no 39c LIQUID Shina Dish «^ 59c PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY SfiPT. 5*7 FARE WAY STORE C WE RESERVE THE. RIGHT TO LIMIT 1 'mu,

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