Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 9
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MONDAY, JULV 11,1990 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH KIM* Water Softening Plant Favored at Roxana ROXANA -Water Superin tendent Prank DentJy said the signed papers stating whether residents favw a water soften* ing plant are running ft to 1 in favor to date. The water department sent a questionnaire to all users with their June do .water MDt, The village engineer* have made a preliminary Investigation and estimate. They report that the cost of such a softening plant aijd the additional operating ex. ' pense would add'about 20 cents per 1000 gallons of water used to the present bills. This Is baaed on supplying soft water lo North Roxana customers only. Soft water will not be supplied to South Roxana or Shell Oil Co. If a majority of the people are In favor of adding a softener, the engineers wttl prepare plans, specifications and a firm estimate. These will be submitted to the water users for a final decision. Playground Field and Track Meet ROXANA — The Roxana Playground sponsored a track and field meet Friday after, noon and prizes were awarded the winners. Winners in the 50-yard dash were Joe Frailey, Jim Goltz, Danny Dona, Carroll Slasher and Delbert Trailey for boys and Marge Handrick, Beverly Palmer and Brenda Palmer for toe girls. The ehildren were di- playlng of fames, and refresh* menu will be served by Miss Edith Waltrip and Miss Una ZahreewsM. Attend Setioel Workshop ROXANA—Joyce Cox and Ed Morgan. Roxana High School teacher*, were among the 81 persons attending a workshop for high school business teachers at Southern Illinois University last week. This workshop, conducted by Dr. Hamden L. Portlier Jr. emeritus professor, Teachers College, Columbia University, was designed as an attempt to improve business education. Fireman's Auxiliary t* Meet ROXANA - The fireman's Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 frm. today In the fire department of the Community building. Hostesses will be Mrs. Victor Walker and Mrs. Jesse Dicker- Ron. MacGomery Christian Service Camp Opens MEDORA — The MacGomery Christian Service Camp opened Sunday evening for a three week's session. The program includes Bible classes, recreation and a differ- nt missionary speaker each week, Rev. James Boyer, Raymond s dean of the camp this week, when the juniors are in attendance. Rev. Jerry Ginnan of Modes- vlded into different age groups, jto will be the dean of the camp 50-YEAR PINS Or, Frank J. Hunt, at right, exam- Friday night by Paul Steven*, grand Ine* his pin as William T. Cook receives master of the Masonic Lodge of lill- a similar award denoting 60-year-mem- nois. Looking On at left is Nelson Mil* bershlp in Fidelity Masonic Lodge At ner, master of ihe Medora lodge.— Medora. The presentations were made Staff Photo. Medora Masons Receive 50-Year Member Awards MEDORA — Approximately 200 persons turned out for a dinner Friday night at American Legion Hall to witness the awarding of 50-year membership pins to two members of Fidelity Masonic Lodge of Medora. The recipients, Dr. Frank J. Hunt and William T. Cook, re- of the local lodge in 1910 when both Dr. Hunt and Cook became rrlembers. The local lodge, which now has 78 members, had 51 in 1910, The dinner was served by members of the Order of East- S, Roxana SOUTH ROXANA-The Dads' Club Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p.m. today at the clubhouse in the park. Hostesses are Mrs. Julia McNabney and Mrs. Mil dred Aiken. The Hawaiian Islands were discovered by Captain James Cook, an Englishman, in 1778. ern Star and Medora Chapter of Rainbow Girls. ' Winners of the 100-yard dash j the second week which is for theiceived the pins from the hands Danny Dona, Carroll intermediates. The last week will]of Paul Stevens of Rushville, were Slushor and Delbert Fralley. Winner* of the softball throw!Rev. Maynard Waters of were Joe Fralley, Bobby Kis-! m y ra wil1 ^ d 61 " 1 ' sack, Danny Dona, Terry Lock-! Mrs - Clarence Doyle of be for the high school group, and (grand master of the Masonic] Pal- Lodge of Illinois. Stevens and visitors; of prominence were in- Me- jdora is the cook for the camp ;and is being assisted this week Mary Huron a of Palmyra. ett and Delbert Fralley. In the three legged race, ; winners were Carla 'Zyph andj,.^ Karen King; Danny Dona Tom Longman and Cheryl Hat-i^"^" field and Letha Bail tied; Mar.j ^p officers are . j^ M garet Coburn and Brenda Palm-1 nard WateB5( Palmyra, presi- troduced by Nelson Miller, master of the Medora lodge. Introduced by Milner were two members of the local lodge Others who had previously received 50- er: Velton Floyd and John Do-i dent; Floyd Persetti. Gillespie, j secretary; Clarence Doyle, Me- sen. _ __ In the wheelbarrow race win-idora, treasurer, ners were Joe Frailey and Debbie I .. NAKED » TABL1E LEOg c,^,, Dona, Jerry Overton and Bob | _ BUT FOR g^j, BEAgON Kissack; Tom Longman and| n just isn't true that English la- Danny Dona; Ron Ffalley andj dies of we Victorian age were so Danny Deade; Delbert FraUey Jbemu8ed ^y, mo desty that they and Tim Coburn. (clothed "naked table legs," says The broad Jump and- relays I a research authority in London. during the next two year pins. They were J. N. Chal lacombe and H. L. Glower. R. N. Glower of Alton and Walter Frank of Shipman, both 50-year Masons, attended the presentation dinner. Also present was Willard Hamilton of Greenfield, district deputy grand master. Prior to making the presentation Stevens recited the status were held over until today. Judges were Miss Judy, Kay Willis and Miss Sharon Wiegand. {Senior Ciam |o M^t ROXANA—Th* senior class of, the First Baptist Church will meet at 7 p.m. today. ' Miss Sandra Lovell will read the devotionals and conduct the He has exploded this long established myth by determining that table legs often had old stockings pulled over them, but only to preserve the polish. This happened in Lancashire mining towns where the men-folk wore iron-shod dogs, except on. weekends, when the stockings were taken off. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily FOR THE FASTEST and BEST SERVICE I Let Us Process Your Film. Black and White or Color. Open Every NHe 'Til 10 Old Witness Tree Survives Storms 4*H Prizes at Jersey Fair JERSEYV1LLE - One of «w old landmarks to escape the hi- ry of the windstorms of June 29- J *i5 SE , YV1L !fL." V1 8peda ' awflrds for snowrnansnip were 30 to .the southwestern Jerseyi givcn at y^ J(Jrge y County Fftjr Cminty area fe the old witness tree. While winds were leveling the churfch of Si Michaels at Bel trees and other homes and buildings in the locality, the old oak, which has been on survey records of the vicinity since 1832, remained staunch and undamaged. Bert Dabbs, who owns the land on which the witness tree stands, was a Jerseyville visitor Saturday afternoon and reported that the old land mark still remains, j The tree is probably the last witness tree of the early state surveys remaining in this part of Illinois. It was first listed in recorded surveys made in 1832 and described at that time as )eing eight inches in diameter. The age of the tree at the time of the survey is a matter of guess, but it has stood guard for the past 128 years over the cornerstone within a few feet of its )ase. Dabbs stated Saturday that the three, when he last measured around it a number of years ago, to boys and girls who, in the judge's opinion, did the' be* job of showing their animals at the 4-H Agricultural Show. Marvin Tuetken, son of Mr and Mrs. Laverne Tuetken, re- reived two trophys for having ttM> grand champion steer and grand champion beef female, both Angus. Tuetken is a member of Prairie Union Pirates Club. The choice of a show stick or show halter offered by the Illinois Valley Hereford Assn. to the exhibitor of the champion Hereford heifer, was awarded to Jim Parsell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Parsell, a member of Prairie Union Pirates Club also. The trophy for beef cattle showmanship was received by Robert Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Earl Moore, a member of Prairie Union Pirates. Tony Krueger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Krueger, received the trophy for dairy cattle showmanship. He is West Prairie Ag Club member. Roger Loy, son of Mr. and Mrs. was more than 18 feet in circumference. We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantiti** 1862 E, BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. 610 OELMAR N. ALTON, ILL. NATIONAL'S MONDAY, TUESDAY and Wednesday VALUES! 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No wrinkltf. • Entire gfrment le fme from pocket* Mem, end button impressions. e Meets ere stfifeht end hemline* even. e lowt, ornements end buttons, If removed In eteenlnf, ere repitotd. e LepeJe end eleeve* ere rolled, unless ereeiit were epwlfiid. t Celler, enetfiaVe end neckline ere remolded to e/laineiw. e Custame/1* notified If (tfofclemierlse. Lewi, Tender, Cut From U. 8. Choice Beef lONHJSS IP STIW. Lb, Mickelberry'i Smoked Link POLISH SAUSAGf. CAMPBELL'S TOMATO S^UP No. 1 CANS WITH COUPON PIIONi! HO Tomato SON! . 3 ^.2*0 WITH THM COUPON And a ll.M purelmie or mpre. at antf Nailooai Food stor«, offer ««iUr«t Wednesday olte. ^uly iJtb. Umlt one coupon to A ffiiitanur ' ^ Wf W ^^WI^^IW^ . DEUOIOUt, SOUTHERN BROWN PEACHES. . FLAVOR •tlMWUt OOI.OR U-:7. , \ , . , SAVE... ON YOUR HOME LOAN AT OCIATION Broadway at Piasa HO 5-7781 The "TIME & TEMPERATURE" Corner THWAfcTfct) OUTSMARTS Frustrated aftw tevtfal weeks of vain attempts to <»feh t ffcntry mouse with a mousetrap, a housewife in Husum, Ofti'ihany, devised hw own stn- bush for the pest. She crushed a aleepmf tablet into a shallow bowl of ragar water and placed the offering beside the pantry door. The following morning she found the mouse curled ttp asleep a few inches from the bowl. Woodrow Loy- another Prairie Union Pirate Club member, received the trophy for swine shew manship. Martha Krueger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Krueger, was presented the award for the exhibitor showing the champion Holstehi female. She is a mem ber of West Prairie Ag Club. tween a foppet MM a mHew* ette. JULY WIY NY ouMMNt SPECIAL BLANK 99* rm AND DEUVSKT tOt I, Mwy. HO MI77 Your glasses are the most noticeable and important accessory you wear. 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