Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 8
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PAG« EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Tops in flattery By John fatten Mnrphy MEN BOLT DM ALMOST YtMWELt INTO A INPLICT60 PuwiSHMENT, THt «/4TTtf OP tMf C«4L f P/ By V. T. Hamlln ALLEY OOP By Ken Bald and Jerry Bronfleld JUDO SAXON I POJBT IT. ,\\AV0E E SHOUI P T4LK r HE ATV\FU . SAXON I WAS AtTTiNc- STffANSE/ KE LE^T A NOTE AWAY 0UT WE eHCULCN'' WORRY... BUT MY WIFE If- FPANTIC.' ....COULP H6 HAVE TO SOME RELATIVES FO"? ADVICE f E, MR CHAPEK.' THE BEEN SO 6REAT BUT HE'S TOO FOR ANYTHING PRASTIC. WE'LL FINP HIM.' By George Sixta By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE ( WHY CANT YOU BE J LIKE OTHER COOS? ... CONTENT WITH THI SURFACB DOG 1 POUND THffiB M MR.DURWHAM, WILL MO) KIMDLV T6LLPERH)ME IN MCR rrnis mtrnnrrrr I AM NOT A WOFUFTBT? HAPPENS TO B6 MVDAU6HTKAMDI HAPPENS) TO HAVE LHT WY . PUK6 ON THE 63UMTK WHILE I WAS UP HERE A5KIM6 Mg.DUgMRAM TO DISMISS HER/ CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner HERE'S A CABLE FROM AN AIR TORCB UNIT IN JAPAN THAT'5 &EEKI TESTING OUR NEW PRESSURIZE? SUITS, MR. MeKEE •PRATTEP STACK OP MAN. rHAT ACCUMULATED 110 MV ABSENCE. HMW...SAY5 THE 5UITfr DEVELOPED A DEFECT AT EXTREME ALTITUDES. THEV WANT A PlANT KEPRESBNTATIVB SENT THERE TO STUDV THE PROBLEM! , THEVPWe'LY TE&TEO 'EM IN U-Z PLAVIB5 THAT'RE gfc&EP EASY, OON'T JWPACK VET! I HAVE A LITTLE CHORE FOR VOL!.. OUT OF TOWM1 IT'S NICE TO GET HOME AMD SETTLE DOWN FOR A WHILE, JULIE— THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith WE LU UA.VE TO SOME VAV TO TRIGGER TUECE MlVoT BE <=O»AE. TO KEtP OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE IT'S A'<bOOD 'i' A '£vvo TOOISTRACT MARTHA ION6 £ FOR ME TO FLEE FROMtWfc HODS&/- TJRATIT.XAM STILL CONFft>iT£D THE NEXIM6 PKOeicM Or MOVJ ~O PORTHI& CREATURE UNTIL 5UO4 TIME AS I CAM -DEUVEPT (AIM. TO Alt? FORCE-AUTHORITIES.' COME, you HIM, VJ AT THE. 200 ? / (CHlMPAM^EES ) /A AMD -^oo« &O \ LIK£ COFFEE- AMD CRULLERS/ r OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NO, VOU STAY THERB-WE'LL MOT GET OS.' THERE TI1.L THOSE COLTS ARE RUM DOtVM' NOW WHEN 1 SAY REAPV, YOU YANK TH 1 BLIMPS RS OFF-THEN AUL OF VOL) FOuLOW ME POWW TH 1 ROAD TILL I (SET THESB COLTS STOPPEP THEW YOU CAK1 SET OKI/ GCH.L.V, WE H\»> HAVE TO WALK A COUPLE BORU PIFTV YEAR* TOO 5OOM FBECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert So feminine, so flattering to your face niHke a veil cap to wear now and nil ynar 'round, easy ;is A-R-C tri whip up veil lint liuht on your hairdo find hudjjrt. PHltern 7L'!1; directions (i sniMi-t styles \sith flower, rihlioM. fabric trim. Scud H5 chills (coini) for thi* pattern—add .'> cent* for parh [uttti'Mi fur first-clax* mailing. Send In Alton Ti'li'urajih, M, »edlecraft Di-pl.. P.O. Box 181. Old Chelsea Million. New York I), V V. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, and Addrem. New' Nws! New' Our 1%0 I Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book ready now! Crammed with le.xciting. unusual. popular designs to crochet, knit, sew, em- ibroidei. quilt, weave—fashions, 'home furnishing*, toys, gifts, bazaar hits. In the book FREF quilt patterns. Hurry, send 25 cent* for your copy. Easy-Sew Duster PRINTED PATTERN 4637 HOLY SMOKE, JILL/ VOJfeE NOT GOING SWIMMING DRESSED LIKE THAT* OP COURSE NOT, DADDY THIS IS MY PLAYSUIT.' i MY BATHING SUIT IS UNDERNEATH I G'BYE I'M GOING THE BEACH NOW/ BEST •BLBCTIOM N«CKTI» By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK Junior Editors Quiz on FRUIT SAVE Att>NEY.' REFINI6H VOUS OW/N r-l r^/^O^/ 'HELLO? OH HI, HUH? GO AHEAD, TALK- MUCH LATE!?/ XACK... AIMP 8LAW- BLAW:.. I'M GONKJA MAKfe THE LARD/WHAT OM W6U., QOSH, A*OM — TO* NOT ~'E WAV TO THE rue Life Adventures MOST OF IMS VACATION .' I'M GOING ON LOTS CAR.TH ARE VOU POlNd? and DOWNS CARACAL By Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HUB BUDDIES VAVO IT OW QUESTION: What part of the pineapple i» planted? e • » AN8WBR: Pineapples do not ordinarily produce seed. The pineapple growing people raise pineapples by planting various parts after the fruit Is grown and ready for the market. They take the crowns (the tufts of leaves at the top of the fruit), suckers (from near the base of the stalks) and rstoons (bud roots) and process them for planting. The suckers are most commonly used. A pineapple plant produces fruit for eight to ten years before U is replaced by a new planting begun from the suckers. The pineapple Is a delicious and fragrant fruit. It is about the sice of a coconut and may weigh from 1C U> 20 pounds. It has a yellowish or reddish skin, but the meat Is pale yellow or white. Hawaii supplies much of the pineapple! marketed In the United States. Shipments also come from Puerto Rico* Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Trinidad* • * * FOR YOU TO DO: Put a plant from the top of a large pineapple in a flower pot filled with loose earth, water it well and see If It will grow. If the pineapple has not been froten, the plant should grow. * » • (Philip Stover of Rlohland, Wash., wins $10 for this ques> tion. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Hlgglns, AP Newsfeatures, In care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions aw received, Mrs. Hlggins will select the winner), 7-J1 Pretty way to start the day— whip up this easy-sew duster in bright print, crisp checks, or sweet pastel. Make it now for your vacation away or at-home lease. Snort, *i sleeves. Tomor- 1 row's pattern: Misses' fashion. i Printed Pattern 4637: Misses' i Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 takes 3% yards 39-inch fabric. Printed directions on each {pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 50 cento in coin* (or tbi» imttorn-—add to cents (or each pattern for flrst-cla** mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph. 177, Pattern Oept.. 343 W. 17th St.. New York ill. N. Y. Print plainly Name, AdUrajts, Size, Style Number. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Barbers' pi-ices have gone up to where the gossip isn't i worth the price of the haircut. ©NBA® BUST THEM BEER BUST ELY, Minn. & — Teenagers in the senior class at Ely High School thought they had the perfect hideaway for a pre- graduation beer party. They used a jeep shuttle to haul students into a roadless, swampy area in tangled brush country near here. But officers topi ahead of the plotters. They watched the direction ol the traffic flow, then used commando tactics to aneak up on the party, rounding up all but a few ol the more than 40 teeners and two barrels of beer. one of tte^to^ 6 .™^ WnTAds ""CLICK"

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