Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1960
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 11, 1960 Three Women Dominate CAI "" V * L Floriculture Exhibit JERSEYVILLE — Mrs Mel-iSohaaf. Fieldon. 1st. Mrs. Sand- Vfn \Vlepnnd was superintendent ers 2nd. Verbenias. Vinita Kd- <rf the Floriculhire Department i dlf , mMn 1|M Mrs \ V agner 2nd At the Jersey founty Fair ami f ^ m ^_ v .^ fMp _ the exhibit* were mdeeri by H K. Kftrlhoff m;in 1<!| - Ml-s R "- vlr 2nd Two Mcdora wonion. Mi v Thn •<• stalks onp variety lily. Oeoivr Sanders and Vinita Kd- Vimta Eddleman 1st. M. La- dlcman and Mrs. Helen Ix>ng- vomf , -puetken & Sons 2nd. Five By tMck fonwr mevcr of Korkbndge. won top varieties Gladioli Helen Long- honor*, in this division each rap- turing ninr hliir ribbons. Mrs. 'mover 1st. Mrs. Sanders 2nd. Frank Wagner ol Roekbridgp rp- Brisket nl glads, Mrs. Sanders. ceivpil seven fii^ts 'Six seconds Potlrd varigsitod geranium. Vi- were awm-ded tn Mrs Wngner<nila Kddlrman 1st. Mrs Rand- and Mrs. Mdlrman. and Mrs. rrs 2nd. Potted pink geranium. Sanders and Mrs l/ingmpyer Helen Ixmemeyer 1st. Mrs. Wag- earl) hail '-i seconds. nor'Jnd. Potted white iteraium. i Top awMitis in the various* Mrs. Wagner 1st. Helen Ijong- classes were as follows: Annual : meyer 2nd. Potted red geran- Sweetppas. Mrs. Sander* 1st. him. Helen Longmeyer 1st. Mrs. Helen I,ongme\er L'nd. Pen-eni- Robert Young 2nd. Other ger- j al sweetpras. Mrs. Sanders Ist.'aninms Helen Longmeyer 1st, 1 Mrs. Kenneth Cummins. Green- Mrs. Wagner 2nd Potted single field 2nd. Snapdragons. Mrs. African violet, Helen Longmey- Sanders 1st. Mrs Levi Little, pr. 1st. Mrs. Wagner 2nd. Potted Jerseyville, 2nd. Small mari- double African violet. Mrs. Wag- golds Mrs. Wagner 1st, Helen ner 1st. Helen Longmeyer 2nd. sion Tom Beehtole won first in organic ctiemfstry. Eft Route to CMtHetttfw JERSEYVILLE - Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ward and son*, Rob and Mike, of ChilUcothe, 111., visited Saturday with M». Ward's sister. Mrs. Paul J. Holmes and children of Garland, Tex., who are visiting at the Hnnes home in Jerseyville. Ttte Fair was in rharge of Warren i Wards were en route home from Greene of the faculty of Com- Cape G ' iardeau ' Mo -- " have been guests for Educational Prizes Awarded At Jersey Fair JERSEYVILLE - The educational division flt Jersey County mimity Srhool Unit 100. Top awards made In this department were: Nature eollec- „ __. several days of Mrs. Ward's brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Tlapek and family. tions. Mary Campion; dlssec-j En route here they visited with tion projects, Jerry Lawler: human anatomy system, Bobby Mrs. Ward's mother, Mrs. C. M. Hanes, a patient at St. An- Frankhhad IB Livsey: comparative anatomy, ithony's Hospital in Alton. Vicki Wilson; specialized or-j Bp n la^7n Bans. Barbara Plato: conse, -VB- j 1)mt ,. rrs anri fion. Shernll Freesmeyer; can-: .- ___ _ ______ i PI-. Marilyn Davenport; diets. Phyllis Goeman; life processes. Janice Nimerlck. In general science, the atom top award went to Norbert Fessler. and Marguerite Klueg won first in earth science exhibit. Linda Terrell won first in life science. In chemistry and physics divi- New Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Mort Comfort FASTEETH, ft plMiant BlktllB* (non-acid) powder, holds ftlM teeth more firmly .To eat and talk tn mor* comfort, Ju»t sprinkle ft little FAS- TEETH on your plater Mo gummy. gooey, pasty taste or feeling. CbMM 'plate odor" (denture breath). (M* at a&r dni« . Longmeyer 2nd. Urge marigolds, potted small leaf begonia, Mrs. "I know one place where that ol' credit card isn't any Mrs. Rollie Ruyle. Roekbridge,: Sanders 1st. Mrs. Kenneth Cum-; 1st. Helen Longmeyer, 2nd. Small imins 2nd. Potted large leaf Be-; Zinnias, Mrs. Frank Wagner, jgonia, Helen tangmeyer 1st, Mrs. j Rockbridge 1st. Mrs. Rulye 2nd. ! Leslie Landon. Jerseyville 2nd.. Poppies. Mrs. Ruyle 1st. Vi- Potted hroadleaf fern. Mrs. nita Eddleman 2nd. Daisy var-j Landon 1st and 2nd. Other pot-i ietjes. Vinita KddU-man 1st. Mrs ted fern. Mrs. Sanders 1st, Mrs. Wagner 2nd. Nasturtiums. Mrs. Landon 2nd. Potted cactus. Vi- Sanders 1st. Mrs. Wagner 2nd. I nita Eddleman 1st. Mrs George Six Rose blooms, Vinita Eddie-'Sanders 2nd. Potted foliage icolc man 1st. Grace Karr. Jersey- us>, Mrs. Floyd Isringhausen, ville 2nd. One rose good — with the ice-cream cart man!" Garden Awards Made At Jersey County Fair .IKRSKYVH.LE — Agricultural .«. r .„.. -.„ .„,< blooms. 1 si. Christina Lyming 2nd. Pot-, ami garden products at the Jersey Christina Lyming. 1st, Vinitajted Green Philodendron, Mrs. County Fair wore judged by Eddleman 2nd. Six Salvia. Mrs. Vincent Heitzig, 1st, Mrs. Levi Ro«w Randell and Paul Erb was BVi Little. .lerseyville 1st! Mrs Little 2nd. Potted .variesaed Phil-1 in rharge of the division. Collie Ruyle 2nd'.- Small Phlox odendron. Mrs. Ralph Heisler,! The best booth display of Helen Longmeyer 1st, Mrs. Ruyle : 1st. Mrs. Aloys Heitzig 2nd. Three j 12 agricultural and garden pro, i 4 ..._i ^i *.. *«..„ rr*» n ., i^»,.«** r?n/>*K u'av HiKnmven hv Mrs. Levi Rollie i potted plants. Mrs. Tony Krueg- Six large phlox, Helen Long-jer. 1st, Vinita Eddleman 2nd. meyer 1st, Mrs. Rollie Ruyle' Wild Flower arrangement Miss small coxcombs, Frances Davis, 1st, Vinita Ed- flower 2nd. Three Mrs. Frank dahlias, Mrs c Wagner. Six large |dleman 2nd. Cultivated rs. Wagner 1st Mrs. arrangement Mrs. Sand Sanders 1st. Sanders 2nd. Six small Dahlias. Mrs. Roy Hall .2nd. Dish gard Vinita Eddleman 1st, Mrs. Ruylfe.[en, Vinita Eddleman 1st, Robert 2nd. Single petunias, Mrs. Sanden 1st, Vinita Eddleman 2nd. Six double petunias, Mrs. Bert Cummins 2nd. Corasage in cellophane Evelyn Hartman, / Carrollton, 1st, Vinita Eddleman 2nd. PRESCRIPTIONS at are • CAREFULLY PREPARED • SENSIBLY PRICED • DELIVERED FREE Alton's Most Modern Pharmacy 2510 State St, — North Alton — Dial HO 5-5313 FREE PARKING NEXT TO STORE durts was displayed by Mrs. Robert Mowen of Jerseyville, with Mrs. George Sanders of Medora 2nd and Mrs. Frank Wagner ol Rockbridge 3rd. Blue ribbons were awarded as follows: Soft wheat 1960, Paul Isringhausen Jerseyville; Hard Wheat 1960, Maurice Meuth, Carrollton; Clover seed 1959, Mrs. Frank Wagner. Rockbridge; Popcorn yellow, Mrs. Wagner; Popcorn red, Mrs. Lawrence Moore, Jerseyville: Popcorn white, Mrs. Ola Walker, Greenfield; Best bunch of alfalfa, Lee Nail, Jerseyville; Best bunch red clover, Mrs. Sanders; Best grass legume, Lee Nail; soybeans. Mrs. Frank Wagner; Soybeans Clark, Robert Mowen. Jerseyville: soybeans HHI-OSO.V, Evelyn Hartman. Carrollton; Soy beans all others Helen Longmeyer. Roi-kbwlge; White potatoes. George Erb. Jerseyville; 'Green beans, Mrs. Ola Walker; (Wax beans in pod, Mrs. Wagner; Yocom. Jerseyville; six sweet peppers, Mrs. Ruyle; 12 hot peppers, Mrs. Wagner; four tomatoes red, Mrs. James Moran, Medora. The largest egg of any color! was exhibited by Mrs. Rollie! Ruyle. Helen Longmeyer exhibit-! ed the 2nd largest and Mrs. Frank! Wagner 3rd. Firsts in other class-1 es were one dozen white under 24 oz, Lee Nail, also one dot. white 24 to 26. one doz. white 27 and over, George Erb; 1 doz. brown under 24 Helen Longmeyer; one doz. brown 24 to 28, Mrs. Wagner; one doz. brown 27 and over. Mi's. Orville Guilander. Kane. Cheney Top Winner In Horticulture .TERSEYVILLE — Many new exhibitors were found in the horticulture department of the Jersey County Fair this year. John Surgeon 'was superintendent of the division which was judged by Roscoe Randell. G. W. Wieneke, veteran orch- Fieldon 12 heads cabbage. Mrs. Rollic 'Ruyle Rockbridge; six carrots, at ' dist ol the Fieldon vicinity, I Mrs. Wagner; two slicing cucum-1 wno nas been an exhibitor and ibers Mrs Frank McKinuey. Me-! neav y winner in this departIdora: six red beets. Mrs. Ruyle; ! nient for ma ».V years, did not en- isix red onions. Mrs. Ola Walker, I cr exhibits this *«"'• ialso six yellow onions; six while j P- D. Cheney, Jerseyville, was I onions, George Erb; Bunch ra-j a successor of Wieneke as top ! dishes red, Frank Yocom. Jersey-j winner in horticulture this year. ville; Bunch white radishes Mrs. | He received ten firsts and ten Sanders; Chinese cabbage. Mrs.! seconds. I Wagner; Leaf Lettuce, Doris Get I tings Fieldon: Koloraba, Helen Florida Visitors Arriving JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and "Your family doctor guards your physical health Ifour family lawyer can guard your legal health j Longmeyer; six turnips, Truman [Mrs. Otis Butler and son, Jelf, of Leesburg, Fla., will dferive July 15 to be guests for a few days of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mundy. 1 Mrs. Butler was formerly Miss i Florence Hanley of Jerseyville. , (liven KniergHiuf.v Treatment ' JERSKYVILLE — Raymond | Thorp, St. Louis, dropped a cultivator on his left arm at 4:45 li.rn. Friday in Hardin and suffered a laceration of the left arm requiring sutures. He was treated at the Jersey i Community Hospital and dismissed. Mrs. Ralph Isringhausea, Jer- |!>eyville, sprained her left wrist 'Friday afternoon when she turned quickly while leaning on her a rm. The accident occurred at Henson's Lake. She was brought to •the Jersey Community Hospital and returned home after treat-; iment. | Richard Roberts. 8, Jersey- i ville, incurred an injury to his lleft side while playing with hisj ! brother at his home Friday al-j j ternoon. No fracture was sustain- ( ;<>d and the patient was released after treatment at the Jersey i Community Hospital. IBIKII IIA\ K UOrBIJK STAN'IMKI) ON TAXKS An interesting paradox regarding income taxes has been turned up in Dublin, Eire. The "(Employer's Guide to Pay a* You Karn" is obtainable tree lioin the Office of the Commit-< isioners of Income Tax, it is i (jointed out. while the "fcju- iploye's Guide" costs tour cents at i he Government's Publica: lion Oil ice. If your family u like moat, you hav» • good family doctor who look* after your health. But do you have a family lawyer? Just aa preventive medicine is often the beat way to avoid illneaa, preventive legal advice ia the beat Way to avoid aerioiw legal problems. 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