The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1896
Page 5
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'A Whirlwind of Prices! DANCE QUESTION DISCUSSED. Evangelist Cordnef Gives a Might to it and Expresses Radical Views in Opposition to the Dance. w have placed about 300 Men's and Boys' and Children's Suits in Oordm*ly'fi store, opposite the Courier office, to be sold regardless of cost. ' Our object in selling these goods at such a cut price is immaterial to you so long as you get goods at prices that no one is willing to duplicate, These suits are all flrstc ass, and everything sold in • •- < - * - -^- ^ If not satisfactory, your money back, We will put a price on everything that this store will have our guarantee with it. try and match them for 75c. ¥eckties that any dealer will ask you 25c and 35c, our price lOc. Men's shirts are worth 35c, and, many other great bargains to numerous to mention. This store will be known as the =O. O. 3D. OlOtHixig and will be open every day until July Fourth, Yours, Co. Ladies Waists. Special Sale for 15 Days Only. 100 Waists, regular price $2, $ 1.75 SALE PRICE • "" 100 Waists, regular price $1.75, 1.50 SALE PRICE ••••• • 1OO Waists, regular price $1.25, 1 .OO SALEPRICE •••••. 100 Waists, regular price $1, .85 SALEPRICE 100 Waists, regular price 9Oc, .75 SALE PRICE. We are over-stocked in these goods, therefore are compelled to make these cost prices for 15 days. Dorit mise this great sale. Jno. Goeders. Ask for. Chase & Sanbprn's Tea have no other. . and BEIEF LOCAL MENTION,' MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J- J- RYAN, Office over tho postofflce, Algona, la. (First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON \ 2nd mortgages, Collateral. GEO. 0. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIB & BRUNSON. MONEY TO LOAN! On improved farms. Farm Lands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E.G. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. MONEY on i Second Mortgages and \ Town Property, by HAY & RICE. Algona Residence I-ots For Sale! I have some nicely located, most any size except the "too small," unsatisfactory 4x8 rods size. My lots are 5 rods wide by 10,11,12, 13 to 14 rods deep. Some on sidewalk already graded and set to shade and fruit trees. Parties intending to build soon can get low prices and easy terms on these lots, J, E,-STACY, Try our brick cheese at Grove & Son. * Chase & Sanporn were awarded the contract to furnish coffee for the Wellington Catering Go, during the wor,ld' a fair after testing all other brands, WATER MILL FLOUR, Five cents off to who tafce at the mill or store those ijTibu saeta Backrest | pur, 80 cents M bs sacks B«cfcwbe^?lQU?, 55 cents convince yourselves dependent pn ny Bread, J. B. Winkel says there is one liat Grover can't veto, and that's bill Bill It was a windy day Saturday. Peole had to hold their hats on or lose liem. G. L. Minkler has been laying the oundation for a residence near R. A. 'aimer's home. Miss Kate Smith is preparing to give concert at Burt in a slwrt time. She will be aided by her music class. There is much call for residence louses to rent'in Algona. More houses ught to be built. This is a good time. Marshall Hayes did a shrewd thing n buying one of the Wigwam's hand- ome and comfortable surreys last eek. Contractors will notice the announcement by the school board in our adver- ising columns. Bids will be opened "une 12. Memorial day comes two weeks from aturday. The address in Algona will be by Rev. Stewart, of Britt, a very ine speaker. Monday next the ladies of the Relief orps will be behind the counter at Taylor's store. Remember the day and joom the good cause. The ladies of the Relief Corps will have charge at Taylor's Monday. It will be a good day to buy dry goods and millinery. Paste the date in your hat, Licenses to marry have been issued to H. W. Johnson and Anna Stratton, Robt. Pompe and Rose Lena Kressin, \, R. Wightmen and Myrtle Hunt, O. The Epworth League convention of .. * i • __j ! _.*. i™ 4-f* V»j-» rtAlrl Or. There were a considerable number of Burt people down to the Cordner meeting Wednesday night, and they all seemed to enjoy the meeting, but ot course it was not for the reason that it was Algona that was getting the roasting. Jas. Taylor has secured Geo. Noble, of West Union, to take the place of Joe Misbach as salesman. Mr. Noble has had fourteen years' experience and comes highly recommended. His brother is in the employ of W.L. Mitchell & Co. of Corwith. The state meeting of the Epworth League is to be held at Clear Lake July 18 to 22, and the State M. E. Camp- meeting follows, lasting till August 1. Owing to the latter meeting coming within the district, there will be no Algona district campmeeting this year. The Reporter's suspicions are aroused and it says: "We are informed that Link Singleton f Algona's esteemed colored citizen, is busily engaged putting up a neat little cottage in Algona. We AVonder if Link's visits to Emmetsburg have anything to do with the matter? Last Friday Mr. Blossom received this telegram from the manager of the Iowa City Opera House: To manager Opera House: You cannot say too much for the Columbia Opera Company. Tne best that ever played in Iowa City.—PERKY CLARKE, Manager Opera House. Mrs. Rev. Southwell came home Friday afternoon from Correctionville, where she had been for some time. She was feeling much better than for a longtime, but Saturday evening she was taken suddenly worse, and has since been in a serious condition. She was better yesterday. Something that will please the people. The original Tennesseean Jubilee Singers will favor us with one of their fine entertainments Monday, June!l,at'the Congregational church under the auspices of the Epworth League and Christian Endeayor societies.. Jas. Armstrong visited his father at Independence last week and brought back word that he was making satisfactory progress. The Doctor will have a companion and will be allowed considerable liberty in visiting localities in the neighborhood outside of the asylum. Would it not be a good thing to secure a date in Algona for Father Cleary, President of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America? He is to speak at Garner, June 1. The REPUBLICAN believes in total abstinence and would like to have the eminent leader secured for an address in the Opera House. Sunday afternoon and nightthere were frequent heavy showers, and half an inch of rain fell. It was a needed rain, as the hot weather and winds were rapidly drying out the ground. The conditions and prospects for crops are certainly very favorable, and it has been a long time since crops got so early a; start. Jas. Taylor's advertisements have come to be looked upon as among the most newsy things in the local papers, and are eagerly read and quoted as authority in matters pertaining to dry goods, millinery, ladies' ready made clothing, etc. His May clothing sale of ladies' capes, skirts and suits is advertised this week. • Miss Barbara Schmidt, the daughter of a widow living near the Grant Benschoter place, died a few days since of goitre on the neck and her funeral was from the Algona Catholic church yes- All Religious Denominations Quoted Against Dancing—The Question is a Special Order on the Streets This Week. Thursday night there was a great audience at the rink to hear Evauerel- Cordner's sermon on the dance. The special subject had been well advertised by means of cards bearing the question: "Why are the Roman Catholic, Episcopal. Presbyterian, Congregational. Baptist, Methodist, etc., gational, Baptist, JM.GUUUUIOIU. Owing to his long illness, from which he is just returning to business. Dr. Studley does not attend the A. O. U. W. grand lodge at Cedar Rapids this week. Geo. Platt is attending as a delegate, and C. Byson will be a visitor on his way east. His Wife will join trim Thursday and go with him to New York, from whence in a couple of weeks they will take steamer for the Fatherland. Attorney Cloud's new buggy horse is making a record for himself. Saturday evening while driving near the water mill the horse became frightened and unmanageable and bolted into the river, upsetting the buggy and giving Mr. Cloud an impromptu bath. No particular damage was done except to Mr. Cloud's wearing apparel and a few bruises. Guy Mantor was in the buggy at the time of the catastrophe. Alf. Naudain returned from Marshal, Minnesota, Saturday, where the cheap land is attracting a good many. Land varies from $6 to $25 an acre, good unimproved land selling for $10. George Call, Marsh Stphens, D. A. Buell and Hardy Buell were there at the same time as Mr. Naudain. Mr. Buell and Hardy invested and it is understood that Mr. Call and Mr. Stephens will do likewise, simply as a speculation. People who lived in Algona twenty years ago or thereabouts will remember that Prof. O. H. Baker of Algona College delivered a lecture on "The Dance and the Dundank." "Whatthe"Dud- etc., churches' opposed to the clanceV" The speaker treated briefly theatre going, card playing and drinking, but gave most of his time to the dance. The question announced for discussion seemed to assume the fact that all the denominations named were opposed to the dance, but the speaker did not assume it. In the case of the Catholics he quoted the pastoral letters of the archbishops and bishops of that church assembled in the plenary council at Baltimore in 1866, in which they warn their people against "the fashionable dances, which, as at present carried on, are revolting to every feeling of delicacy and propriety, and are fraught with the greatest clanger to morals." Ihe Pope of Rome was cited as having declared against it. Prominent Episcopal bishops were quoted, as were the vows assumed in baptism and confirmation. The Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Congregationalists and numerous other churches were given their say. The Presbyterian larger cata- chism and the Methodist discipline added their adverse injunctions. One of the church declarations quoted was that adopted by the annual association of Congregational churches of Iowa, held at Spencer in June, 1895, as follows: "Resolved, That in the opinion of this association the practice of dancing by members of our church is inconsistent with the profession of religion and ought to be made a subject of discipline." The speaker showed that the Mormon church, which for many years encouraged dances and-opened them with prayer, had discontinued and prohibited them. Mr. Cordner treated his subject on general grounds, quoting statistics showing the ill effects of dancing, its expensiveness, danger to health, etc. Mr. Cordner has very radical views on these as on other questions, and he is aggressive and very outspoken. He is not unlike other evangelists in this particular. In the gener- IN A MW Limtf* Wesley Reporter: Evangelisf ' _, ner pulls.down the screens to. lei tra|' people take a peep at the "dysi&dfielSi?* of their town. His X rays peiUtfftffr through their "tony club" and feveaT| downright depravity, aM as several ftl the leaders are good church many are shocked at his and are not slow to question k the ottt* come of evangelistic meetings. Tp£ evangelist spares neither saint nqf sitt* ner, giving them all the devil i& atife season. Sunday afternoon the Reporter scribe? took in his meeting "for men only.** 1 Fully 500 were present. It was a plain- presentation of facts, and if the advice^ given was only followed by the finale portion of any town it would work ft revolution of reform. Courier: The evangelist stated Monday evening that a successful revival of religion would be of more benefit tp Algona than a state normal or a million dollar factory. As we have no- good prospects of getting either of the two latter named, we hope that the revival will be a success. DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS LOADED.; Britt Tribune: One of our'Bdtt citr izens took a card home to his wife one evening stating at the same time that he had taken out accident insurance and that it would be necessary for her to sign the application. She accorti' ingly signed it and n, few days later was taking him to tusk for some f ancieo sin of commission or omission when he produced his "card:" Permit:— This is to certify, that I : the legally wedded wife of do hereby permit my husband to go where he pleases, drink what he pleases and when he pleases 1 , and I further- nor more permirffiim to keep and enjoy the company of any lady or ladies he sees fit, as I know he is fi good judge. I want him to enjoy life, as he will be » long time dead. Signed: And when she saw her own signature affixed which had been duly acknowledged by a notorial seal she fainted. Try our Royal Blue Mocha and Java*, coffee. LANGDON & HUDSON. Capt. Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego, CaL. says: "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, is the- first medicine I have ever found that. would do me any good." Price 50c. 2 Sold by Frank Dingley. ^^ to be held at Rev, Southwell the Algona district is Dows June 11 and 12, was distributing the program yester^ day, ' The Algona, Dancing Club bad the best attended dance of the season Saturday night at Clarke's Hall, Prof, Lassano, the Sioux City harpist, furnished the music, , Weather observer 0, D, Pettibone's rain record shows that for the four months' of January, February, March and April 8.05 inches of rain feu, For 18? 5 there were 3,34 ' terday. The interment was in the St. Joe cemetery, where her father was laid to rest a year or two ago. Two sons mourn with their mother the breaking of the family ties, Mrs, Lenette Butler has a cactus in bloom that makes probably the most ank" was we did not know before, do we remember now. In fact we of the innocent majority who do know much about either end of Professor's subject. We hold, with the great thinker who declared that "Where ignorance is bliss 'tisfolly to be wise." . Lieut. Geo. S. Foster and bride are expected home to Algona the . latter part of the week, when they will begin arrangements for housekeeping. They are this week visiting the groom's parents and friends in Humboldt. The bride was Miss Elizabeth McCarthy, daughter of Daniel McCarthy, of Ames one of the old and respected settlers of that city, and the attachment now happily consummated dates from Lieut. Foster's college days spent there. The bride is a neice of Auditor of State McCarthy. Eobt. Kuin fell with his horse Wednesday and had one of his legs broken about three inches above the ankle. Both bones were broken clear off, and when the young man tried to lift his leg the foot hung by the muscles. He was brought to his father's home in Algona-, where the limb was set by Dr. Kenefick. He is reported to be doing as well as could be expected. He has rented his farm to the Peterson boys, sons of the stone mason, who are ambitious and will make good farmers. On Monday evening the Fort Dodge Presbytery met in the Presbyterian church of Algona for the purpose of or daining and. installing J. W. Innes as pastor of the church. Rev. Wm. Greenshield, of Burt, presided, Rev. J. Milton Greene, D. D,, of Fort Dodge, preached the sermon, Rev. W, A. Me- Connell, of West Bend, delivered the charge to pastor, aad Rev. J. W- Waite, delivered the charge to tha people. The different brethren who had part in the exercises sustained their reputation as preachers of the word. Dr. Greene's sermon was especially forceful and appropriate. He took as his text 2 Cor. 1:12, "Godly Sincerity." Says the Courier; "B, W. Haggard was in the north part of the county last Monday on business. He drove over what is known as Union Slough, He says that a numbefr of temporary shanties have been built there and at least twenty-five teams are at work breaking, Geo. Holloway got hold of 3,000 or 4,000 acres of the slough this spring and has disposed of at least half of it to actual al positions he assumes with respect to these matters he t is in acf-ord with the v.- rt :i j««-vTi/iTTTrt'j-vP /il-* iiY»/»li Vinrl ipft wit".n«- prevailing views'of church bodies with- are I out distinction, not the too, PERSONAL MENTION, EflflS, MflENIISSIIirS ICE WAGON will deliver ice any time. Orders left tvt Hamilton's ivill have prompt attention. TELEPHONE NO. 4-*, Doxsee & Foster, ABSTRACTS OF TITLE, EEA2+ ESTATE, LOANS, AND INSURANCE. ALGONA, lOW-flt- Statc street. Beacon; ' • thelervicesof a i sel-acting *w Bbgar4us kicker on account of a recent generous contribution to a boom writer. The trouble is that most towns in web. mat' ters depend top much upon hindsight. Theschopl board lopked pver the ground Wednesday with a view to selecting a site for the new school house, but nothing definite was done, A .number pf architects are expected here Tenigbt tp submit plans fpr the n«w temple Pf learning. James Taylor has arranged with Mr. • fojctne e*ten$ipn of bis store That will give him a, ,feet. The work will to-at present,'as it would inoon^ »Mr, Taylor just now. put pro.: |Bfourth, which Mr,.Taj • *** " of celebrating magnificent flower show of any single E lant Algona has seen. On Sunday it ad eleven blossoms, each about six inches in diameter, and of a brilliant acarlec. Owing to the strong wind that prevailed Saturday, it could not well be brought, up town, which, *Mjs, Butler Wished to do, ^ ,^ ^ ' .,,* 5 r >,.. 4 qla*' in a^nuneh of ^bananas Saturday and figured that he had had a narrow escape frpro a horrible death until be learned from the encyclopedia that its bite is not deadly poison. Art Alien fovind a wieked Jo, oking tog in a bunch of bananas the same day. This fruit as to be a favprite resort for bugs reptiles from the topics. The democratip opunty c meets at the epurt; npuse to-day at one o'clock. It is expected that Boies and free silver will be bpomed this year- The Algona delegates are: First Ward ipr/Tnbon, Max Uerbst, S. P. Christenson; Second Ward-A. Rutherford, sr., A. E. Worster, Jat, Cowan, I- M- Fiunell; Third Ward-J. W. Sullivan, W, p. Nugent, «[pnn Grove; Fourth Wsr4-Jas. Taylpy, J- J- ?/*»>» M. H. - ,1s* Tke$aJS!.Fnve^ipn will be wees settlers who are now at work on the Jand% it has been but a few years since the buHrusbes were growing in some E arts of the slough from five to eight set high, Geo. will make a good stake out of the transaction and the pur- will have some of the ilcftes^ lands to be found, in Eminetsburg Democrat: J. J. Byan was over from Algona Wednesday looking after real estate- matters. He is a hustler in this Ijl-npnand-- has perhaps made as much money at the business as any other man in tuis section of Iowa. Although he does not; quite agree with- Horace Boies on the silver question, he says the Waterloo statesman will carry Iowa in spite of all opposition. Joe Misbach, who has been with Jas. Taylor for several years, has accepted a position with the Western Fur. Company, of Des Moines, as traveling salesman in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. Joe has made many friends in Algona who are glad to know of his advancement. He takes up his new work June first. Swea City Herald: Surveyor Tellier, assisted by Jim Eandall of Algona, has been establishing corners in north Kossuth during the past week ...... A. D. Clarke, of Algona, was looking after business matters in this part of. the county Thursday of last week. Leader: A. D. Clarke of the county metropolis was at the north-end metropolis Thursday. His land interests about Ledyard are better investments than a slice from Mr. Cleveland's last batch of bonds. Mr. Clarke knows it too. Bert Matthews was over from Spencer Saturday night for the dance, and spent Sunday with his brother, Elmer. All of the young people were glad to see Bert, and to learn that he is prospering in Spencer. Geo. C. Call and Marsh Stephens paid a visit to Western Minnesota last week to see whether there were any good land investments out there. They ound land as high as in Kossutb. That settled it. Mrs. L. M. Mann aud daughter, who spent the winter in California, were jxpected home before this, but the last etter said they had decided to make a onger stay and visit the Yosetmte Valley. Ralph Miller was up from Stratford over Sunday, and Monday afternoon Mr. and Mrs, Miller and their child left lor Waterloo, for a visit with Mr, Mil* er's parents on their way home. Mrs. G, E, Williams, wife of the ever' pleasant State Bank barber, is visit' ing with her parents atPomeroy, Iowa, and Bert will be a guest at the Thor* ngton HPUSO for several weeks J, H, Cobb, a West Bend man, was. jn,tQW.n Mpnday on P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer of and dealer la Harness and Harness Goodie, : ' ALGONA. IOWA.' . Christcnsen'sold stancl^oppbsltc Teniwui* House. owyer, —Dealer in— Jewelry, Silverware, ... Watches and Clocks,- Finest Line and Largest Stock. Kepatr- 6J> ihg n Specialty. We employ only coin- las' petont workmen. Call at our new quarters in the Boston Block. E, G, BOfYER, - Algona, Iowa. Good Paintins Lessons in oil painting and pastel 3, GOODNBB, North Podge St. Jlrs, 0. A. Adams 6th and Martha Sts M Oniaha Neb. writes, "I had l grippe Hnd then malaria, indigestion, ft severe headache and blind and dizzy spells. Your Pr, Kay's Renovator has ctjred me." 350. and $1.00 bottles, SpJd tiy W, J, gtudley. Algona, la. / 3Presh vegetables and strawberries daily atkangdon & Hudson's. JJr. Kay's Lung; Balm cures every kind of cough- Pleasant aud safe for See ad. blood, constipation, an4 £t '- rel troubles are eur^by tlUJa. S I have been In Algona 12-years andmy work done during that timo speaks for itself. I am still prepared to give the same first-class service as ever, an* solicit your patronage. House Painting and Paper Hanging- I devote special attention to and also do carriage painting, kalsomining.etc- on Call street. GO TO THE Dr. L, R, Baker, clerk of the conrts of Humboldt cpunty, is in town toTday, The -*DPC," has many friends in AJ- gpna- ' Crpse was in Algona Tuesday evenng of last week, returning Wednesday morning- Rev, Laidley came down from Bancroft to attend the Cordner meetings Thursday. Miss Jennie Ifughspn, of Sioux City, is a gnest pf her sister, Mrs. S, S. Sessions. J. J. g«rtis an4 wife, pf Greenpsstle, Indiana, are visiting their daughter, Mrs, L. J. Rice. S.W. Barger came in from South Dakota last week to visit bis daughter, W, Rist. Cowles visite4 For warm meals at regular hours, also short orders at all hours, .Regular meals for 26 cents, WE ALSO CABBY Fine Fruits and Confectionary We have the finest ice cream parlor in the city. Ladles'entrance on the east side. We have : taurant in the L. M,. ing. Saturday. ._>*-...S: -..>.. Northwestern Elevator, ^ioiV*ne ^Sfff T)^ W figTytfw fjf^f^^tf'iff 1 Vs^F

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