Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 3, 1957 · Page 16
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 16

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1957
Page 16
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r——Juntor Iditoi* {Jufsr PENGUINS t1m*« MetttoJ, CsrwR, tow* Tuesday, Sepf. 3, 195? MK€ f R16NOS QUESTION: How c»n a penguin hatch oggt on th« Ice? ANSWER: Unlike most birds, penguins cannot fly. They can waHc very well, however, and swim like a flash. By swimming under water, they eaten the fish on which they live. Some species hatch and brood their young in the dead of the Antarctic winter. Resting the egg on their feet, they envelope U in a sort of pouch where their bodily heat keeps it warm. When the young have been hatched they are kept together in "nurseries" and attended by all the adults. In a blinard, the old birds crowd around the young to shield them, but even so many may die. FOR YOU TO DO: Go to a TOO if you can and s«e a penguin. They look like little men in dress suits. Meantime color the picture let you will remember better how the penguins look. Are the Ant•retie penguins enjoying summer now, or winter? (If you have a good question for Junior Editors, you may win $10. Send it to Violet Moore Hlgglns, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: What do Indians carry in their medicine bags?) • LEI You can convince a man, persuade a woman, but yon have to Ignore a teen-ager. The husband and wife in the! Nobody wants to listen to a hus- habit of bickering when they are j band-wife argument, with others should realize that • It's both boring and embarrass- they are being downright r u d e. i ing to those who have to. TIZZY By Kate Osann CARNIVAL By Dick Turner eut OUR BY J. R. WILLIAM* 1 WI5H THSV'P PUT THAT OtC> FfWfc OUT Ikl A COUWTRy PASTURE.' HE'S A WRECK A WEEK AFTER A free, TRVINS TO BE VOUN6 AfiAlW; BORN THIRTY YEAR* TOO SOOW MWJSI .MAJdft AMD N6W, F&.L0W 0WLS, A £Nt> MY DI5 COURSE--u-Yajg HUM8LS. .X.JA-, C0AMN© '"*^ * 1HAl /A MUSE SUM OF WHICH /MEAMS I'LL eMOOW A PALATIAL 6LJITE CLU8f?OOMS,vJlTM A LIBRARY, KlTCMEM.BAR, ART GALLERY AND 6ED- ALSS AMD WE'LL^FARM WIT . . HIS ITS THAN" I THOUSHT BUGS BUNNY Scooped! THAT LAZY SVLVE§TEf?'S SLEEPIN'ONTH' JOB AGAIN! 9-2. PRISCILLA'S POP Her Witness BY AL VERMEEft rn.ttt.6et. ra. tm. (& 1«T to DM StraiM. talk 'I'm involved in so many summer romances it' me until after Christmas to end them II probably take alll" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Th«t economy wave musfve petered out—the cigar butts are 9«tting longer!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M. «.f. tM. fit OH. © 1M7 b, NM S.rti« •<© 1SK? bj ME* SnviM, IK. HO, HO! YOU CAN MAKE A HOUSE OUT OF MY BARN/ I'LL SELL THAT FOR ONLY $1100.. BOTTS-iiTl WAS ONLY YOU'VE < KIDDING. 1 MADE A lYOU DON'T DEAL r£ WAVE A I'LL BE HAPPY TO AVE WAZEL EXT DOOR AGAIN/ ALLEY OOP Cheer Up, Doel . T. HAMLIN WHAT'S THIS BUSINESS, M3U RUNNIM 1 AROUND PRMN 1 INTO TH' PRIVATE LIVES OF BIRDS, FOR CAT SAKE? J'VE AM NOT. PRYING/ . ALWAYS BEEN INTERESTED IN BIRDS... AN' NOW THAT I'M OLD AMD RETIRED, I'M TAKING IT UP SERIOUSLY/ AW, M2U'RE NOT A D\Y OVER FIFTY- SEVEN.' WELL, ALL RIGHT, THAT'S TIME FOR A MAN TO SUCW DOWN, ISN'T rr? MORTY MEEKLE A Blaster! "You might as well go home—Schulti is taking a nap!" Words WiHi Wings Answer to Preylout Puzzle ''I only want down to buy a new lipstick—then a marvelous ld«* rtruek met Why not a hat, a fall suit, handbag and shoe* to match" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ACROSS I Winged insect 5 Wise ones with wings 9A"blind"oae with wings 12 Verdi opera 13 Russian river 14 High note in Guide's scale 15 Sweetheart 17 Fall behind 18 Fevers (coll.) 19 Removes objectionable matter 21 Parachute (coll.) 23 Container 24 Man's name 27 Comfort 29 Shield 32 Shoe parts 34 Gully 36 Meal 37 Redress 38 Inspires with dread 30 Glut 41Jewel 42 Legal matters 44 Painful 46 House servants 48 Layer 53 Age 54 Tenure 56 Hawaiian wreath 5? Indigo 58 Unemployed 59 Light brown 60 Sanctified 61 "Bad—— to you" DOWN IPace 2 Number S First man (Bib.) 4 Pounds down 5 Pronoun 6 Ruins 7 Tardy 8 Slope • 9 Possession 10 Wing-shaped 11 Labels 16 Willows 20 Sift 22 Endures 24 Emanation 25 Spit out 26 Relate to 28 Poetry muse 30 "The Gloomy Dean" 31 Appear 33 Artist's stand 35 Opposed to * 40 Attack 43 Biblical word 45 Moral 46 Girdle 47 Plastic ingredient 48 Nevada city 50 Was borne 51 Troubles 52 Fruit drink* 55 Furtive BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Or a Bus Maybe? QEE/IDIDNTTHINK VOU COULD HIT A NOTE THAT LOW ON A TROMBONE f BY MERRILL BLOSSER WATS JUS CLEAW- EST, soupier s UTTLE CAROM THe tor.' HE'LL Lov/e ir/ SALES.OFFICE §C^ Me- LI*CE- SIZE LA&6ER? ;N A- <S> \vn i» nm gtnto. tec. TJH «»g THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE About Widows Speaking of Liiabtth— ^WWKTru.CMJLVOO.'' BY EDGAR MARTIN n.K iwwi,, P •i.n.iM i«w«l V f /? ' MLSaJtLfttifi COME IN, MARTHA, vou'ee JUST IN TIME TO SEE WOVEtlST EVENING, AND WIDOW I 6ABRIEli?CW?KOM l CetEeRITy INTERVIEW", HER BUSINESS PACTNER.. BY WILSON SCRUGGS IWATV WiaSOOMBEANATIOWOF BUTTON-PUSHINS, PIU.-$ULPIW<S. A(<OHiV-HClARDIN6 WIDOWS/ CAPTAIN EASY No Deal •»JKVTHAT,|MO$BU&i SHAU. I TURWjT NQ PIP/, 1 1W TO HEAR WHAT HIM OFF?jnfflllr ELSE HE HAS TO SAV.' BY LESLIE TURNIR

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