Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 9, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 9, 1960
Page 9
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SATURDAY, JULY &, 1WO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE Ann Lander* She Doesn't Owe Her Neighbor An Apology DfcAR Att* LAimfiMi My next-door neighbor and I are both expect™^ ft oaoy In a couple of month*. Our 4-ytar- oids are only .twu wMkt apart. They play together constantly. The neighbor's Httta fin has asked no questions. My Nancy Is a human question - box and nothing escapes her notice. L a • t week she ask' ed why I was wearing such a "fat dress" and t told her Aim Landers, what was hap* penlng. She was very excited at the prospect of having a new baby in the family. Yesterday my neighbor came storming Into my house. She overlooked? Or should my husband stay away from the wedding and tea them why later? MAN Oft Aft 40 Aft f Chances art your name was left off the Invitation unintentionally. Suggest that your husband mention it to the boss in a half-kidding way. It will save wear and tear on everybody and the boss will admire his bigness. Suggested statement: "Joan's name wasn't on the wedding Invitation but she's coming anyway. She wouldn't miss your wedding for the world." DEAR ANN: I visit a certain friend every several weeks. I've known her for years ind she always was the type who liked to put on the dog. Whenever^ I'm In her home. Upper Alton New» Events Returns from Visit To English Pen Pal MM. Witrrtn Howard, of Rt. 1 N. Rodger* awnue, has rtturn- tfd from a ttjrw week* vacation in England, most of which she spent'getting personally acquainted with a pen pal of l? yearn standtof. The North Rodger* mother 6f four children had never «wn Mrs. Arthur R. Beavers, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, until she slipped off fhe train after a weary fbur-hour rtde which was the more noticeable because nhe had whipped by jet from New •York to England In six hours. Mm. Howard found her pen pal charming; and wonderful and settled In a town neat the sea. She said the townsfolks thought the weather pleasant but the Alton-primed housewife thought It chilly. the pen friendship started with Mrs. Beavers when Mrs. Howard was In high school. It has continued through the Needs Them WALTON HOME Thin home at College avenue and Main street be razed soon to.make\tay for an antomoblle M»rvice station. The houw long was the residence of the late Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Walton. The construction department of the oil company that purchased the property wa» purple with rage and the phone rings and she apt* (yearn, sometime* getting Irree-, cou , d not _j v e a dat< , when thp w . ork „„ tearing down ,. AHA*. *«__ ._. J ii v._*.« ^.t «_._*.. AA|_I . .... .. 11 la f* hi IT a Itttatra Ml/*l*l*\«* • ••% I . B _ *^* ._. M . • j • m * * • « . • • the house will begin. It in one of the oldest houses in the immediate Upper Alton business district vicinity. —Staff Photo. screamed, "Your Nancy told my Carol that you are growing a baby and she wanted to know if I am, too. I had told her the stork story and now you've made a liar out of me!" She claims I had no business telling a 4-year-old about babies and I owe her an apology. Do I? UPSET' DEAR UPSET: You didn't mako a liar out of your neighbor. She made one out of herself. No apology is due. A mother who peddles the stork story deserves exactly what your neighbor got. Any child who is old enough to notice a physical change and ask questions is old enough to hear the truth. The story can be told io simple and beautiful language with no scientific or clinical detail. If a mother feels inept, she can buy any one of several fine books which outline a presentation for pre-school children. DEAR ANW LANDERS: My husband's boss is getting married soon. A church wedding and large reception have been planned. The invitation which came to our house was addressed only to my husband. We are not social friends but I did meet the couple a few times and they were pleasant. My husband feels bad that I was not invited and he is eeriously considering not going. I'm urging him to go without me rather than create had feelings. Do you think this was poor manners, and should be involved In long conversations ular but alw «y» picking up (at least 30 minutes). It's us- Mrs - Howard at the start of thej uHlly her daughter-in-law or Correspondence was Elaine Ed- another friend. , wards and Mrs - Beavers WHS; In my opinion it's plain rude ! Lllf> - v Wri S nt ' , for her to leave me sitting '• Their letters reflected gradua-, alone while she yaks about tri- 'tions. marriage, children. new flew. It seems as if she inten- | houses, new appliances and tionally drags out the conver [small qnd large set hacks. So !whr?n the women got together !they had Io talk over the whole :17 years. Letters, it seemed. ;dldn'i cover the matter well i enough. 1 The continuous verbal exchange between the pen pals rated comment in a newspaper RACE COVRSE FOR SOAP BOX DERBY sntion to irritate me. Should I sit there like a hump on a log, or "would ! t be better to teach her a lesson and leave? IGNORED GUEST DEAR IGNORED: It is extremely impolite to carry on a friendly 30 minute telephone conversation while a guest Is present. An emergency call is different but there's no excuse for casually fanning the breeze. The next time you're in her home and the phone rings toil her you know how much she likes to chat on the phone and if she's going to be longer than five minutes you'll conic back another time. Give her'ten. . . and if she's STILL on the horn -- leave. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with you rrequest 20 cents in coin and a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be <?lad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-ad- dresed envelope.) <O I960. Field Enterprises Inc.) SEAMS TO ME (5v Patricia Scott article about Mrs. Howard's in the Lowestoft press. i The reporter was interested in ja couple of things which were j rather predictable. Do the women in the American household wear the pants? And what appliances did she have in her American home? Mrs. Howard flunked the first question as far as the American men are concerned. She said the "women wear the pants." This, no* doubt, pleased the English readers who get their odd i ideas about American life from JTV serials such as "The Life of Rlley" and Hollywood movies. The fallacy is perpetuated by the English press and magazines. But on the appliance question Mrs. Howard must have bowled over the English, many of whom, it is understood, still are trying to reach the central heating stage. The Alton housewife j reeled off a list of handy help- jers about the home that meas jured a couple of inches long in .type. These included refrigerator, deep freeze, power mower, washer and, dryer and on and on — topped off with a station wagon. The Alton housewife was enthralled by England. She especially liked the fact that yards were all fenced and dogs did not roam at will. She spent time with Mrs. Beavecs visiting the sights in the home area. They saw castles, sea ports, attractive residences and best of all, beautiful churches, Mrs. Howard said. The Alton woman spent two weeks with her pen friend and vthe last week in London before returning home, arriving last I week. , Mrs. Beavers is the mother of two daughters and her husband w-orks in a factory and is a lay j reader at church. Some day she j hopes to make the trip to Alton jto visit Mrs. Howard. I Mrs. Howard is ready to go jback to England any time. STUDENTS TOUR ALTON STATE Some 25 students from The race course for the Alton Soap Box Derby, • Sunday at 1 p.m., will be west on College avenue m front of Alton High School. Persons wishing to park in Rock Spring Park are to enter the park from the upper entrance on Holman street, and those wishing to park in the high school lot should enter from Crawford street and go behind the school. The drawing shows the locations of road blocks. College avenue and Rock Spring drive will be blocked off. Bethalto Boy Scouts Back From Catnp Similar to Alton Idea Decatur Park Board OK's Work Plan for Men on Relief BETHALTO — Eight scouts from Boy Scout Troop 103 re A p i an to use relief recipients turned from a week of camping j as workers on park projects at at scout Camp Warren Levis, iiiDecatur — approved Friday by was reported by committeeman'th e Decatur Park Board -- was Dan Kilmer. j noted today by Alton officials The troop is sponsored by the:who currently are studying aj Methodist Church in Bethalto. i similar idea. ! Scouts who attended the camp; A , aw passed by the specia j \\ere Bob Shepard, Bob Sim- Bob session of the General Assem- Man Killed In Auto, Truck Crash Too often the importance of using different seams is overlooked. Of course, you can make regular straight seams on anything, but when working on certain fabrics or styles, you'll find the end result is not satisfactory. In giving instructions, I often say "use a French seam," or "a slot seam gives an Interesting effect," completely overlooking the fact that many of you readers may be left tn the dark. So, to make the sun shine again, here are just a few of the many different types of teams used. French Seam: (A) This is a seam within a seam and ii used mostly on sheer fabrics; Place wrong sides together and stitch H" from edge. Turn seam to the inside and stitch on regulation seam allowance. The raw edges are completely enclosed. Never use this on a curved seam. Flat Fell Seam: (B) Used on tailored clothes such as men's shiits, pajamas, etc. On garment outside or inside, stitch a plain seam. Turn side seams toward garment back. If it is an inside armhole seam, turn toward garment. If an outside seam, turn toward sleeve. Trim the under allowance only. Turn the raw edge ol the top seam allowance over the * trimmed side and topstitc-h "close to the turned edge. Corded Seam: (C) A pretty and delicate finish at necklines, sleeve edges, waistline etc. on blouses, childrens dresses and lingerie, Cover cord with strip of true bias. Stitch close to the cord, using cording or zipper foot on machine., Insert between seam edges with cord extending beyond seam line toward garment. Baste and stitch, using cording or zipper foot. Slot Seam: (D) Mark with a basting line a strip of fabric which has been cut the length of the seam to be made. Press under seam allowance of two pieces to be joined. Bring the two folded edges to meet alone the basting line. Top stitch an equal distance on each side of the folded edges. This seam adds Interest and a quality look to simple dresses and suits. Welt Seam: (E) Most often used on slipcovers, bedspreads, cushions, when light or medium weight fabrics are used First stitch a plain seam. Then trim one scam allowance Press tht wider allowance over t it. Stitch about 14" from seam line througn double thickness of fabric. * * * * Miss Scott Is happy to help SKAMS TO ME readers wiih their sewing problems, with questions on and fashions. However, cause KO many ai* the Alton SIU Center toured Alton State Hospital Friday as part of a special study in educational psychology and mental hygiene. The students heard a welcoming address by Dr. Abraham Simon, superintendent, in the hospital staff room. Dr. Endre Komlos, assistant superintendent, followed with a brief outline of the treatment program. A final talk was given by Mrs. Edna Westover, supervising therapist, who spoke on the activities therapy department, The group was later divided into two parts for tours to the wards and various working areas. MR. AND MRS. OOBLE MOVE TO LOUISVILLE i Mr. and Mrs. Gary Goble and family, 2478 Sylvan lane, have moved to Louisville, Ky. Goble was employed by Alton Box Board Co. at Highland and has been transferred to the Louisville plant. The family, Including twu boys, moved Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Goble were born and rear- led here and lived on Sylvan lane for the past four years. STATE BAPTliT FIELD UlNUTHB TO BPBAM HEBE The R»v. Charles Hartman, southern area representative of the Illinois Baptist State Convention, will be in the pulpit Sunday morning at the Upper SMITH HOME This home, too, may be razed to give added room for the automobile service station. It was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Smith who moved last week to Springfield. The couple had resided in the house for all of their 33 years of married life. Mrs. Smith is the daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Walton. A representative of the oil company that Hill erect the station Said it was not certain whether the Smith house will be razed. It adjoins the Walton home on the east.—Staff Photo. GRANITE CITY, HI. An mons, Bob Copeland, Delbertj b]y permits tne use ^ em jLamkin, John Dawdy, Jim Bas-: ab]e reljef claimants in .. ;sett. Tom Burgess and Randy ; snips that receive state a id. | automobile transport truck and 'X'^SS,™ M?%- **« "*>"*• Alton officials in;« car collided headon Friday I sion. Godfrey Girl to Attend National FHA Convention Mary Freeland, 16, Rt. 1, Godfrey, will attend the National Convention of Future Homemakers of America, in Washington, D. C., July 11 to 15. i Mary will be one of 32 girls ifrom Illinois at the conference. JThe girls wil] be accompanied | by their state adviser, Catherine A Carter, Springfield. Mary will serve as a hostess Accompanying the scouts was! ! Schoeneweis. of Mayor P. W. Day ; »ight on the 'east approach toi ..heard Miss Elizabeth Venardos.ithe Chain of Rocks bridge, fa- district representative of the!tally injuring the driver of the Illinois Public Aid Commission,!car. committee meetine will bei explain the su g8 ested Program! Donald Dueker, 28, of Collins. and T Monday^ 11 pmln> r P rovldin * employment for ville, died in Barnes Hospital in a c on ivionuay HI i p.m. ui ... , - ' . Alton Baptist Church. The minister is guest speaker during the absence of the pastor, the Rev. Robert Cochran, who is on vacation with his family. uate Achievement, Inc., at a meeting at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Graduate Achievement, Inc., is a newly established non-profit i organization. Its purpose is to held on Monday the Methodist Church. Resigns Position BETHALTO — Richard Helmkamp resigned as president of the senior Walther League at the Zion Lutheran Church and was replaced by Eugene Helmkamp it was reported at a meeting of the league. Richard resigned to enter the; armed services. W. B. Bryant will be the lead-j aid in development, expansion, er of the services Wednesday, j growth and operation of Junior 7:30 p.m. The Rev. Kenneth] Achievement. Those who belong Estey. of the Shurtleff Founda-jare past members of Junior | L ea g u ; ^~ as ar^ouncedTt the able-bodied men on public as-'St. Louis early today of a head sistance. • injury- He was first taken to St. i At that time, the emphasis; Elizabeth's Hospital In Granite was put on "clean-up work"'City. within the city — the type of' Dueker's car was sliced open jobs that would not interfere or|by the impact. He formerly liv- supercede the duties of regular employes. any ed at Centralia, HI. Harol* Lee Merry St. the of Mayor Day told the Telegraph,Charles. Mo., driver of that some meetings are ; transport, escaped injury, to be scheduled to further cxa-i nuno . g gtate poli(;e said two ______________ The seniors will enter a teaml mine tne ldea — but tnat no ac ''cars slowed suddenly ahead of in the State Hospital Softball ! tion has been taken locally thus, tion, will be guest speaker next Achievement. Sunday. 10 METHODIST YOUTHS LEAVE FOR CAMP SITE Ten young members of the Main Street Methodist Church left Friday for the camp site at Little Grassy near Carbondale. They will take part in "Older Youth ^Weekend" which started i meeting. All members of the ssistance Supervisor Ste- Phen B. Kennedy has given transport, that £ in ^ n e and wePstbound lane PINOCHLE CLUB HAS MEETING The Thursday Night Pinochle club met this week at the home of Mrs. Joe Robertson, 225 Fifth St., East Alton. Prizes were won by Mrs. Gertrude Durham, Mrs. Robert Mc- church are eligible to play in i support to the movement ex-. Qfter striking tne rear of a car ;I . taring the possibilities of using ahead Q[ him Dueker - car and last night with a rally. Donough, Mrs. Marie Porter ! and Mrs. William Garner. Rein other news: jfreshments were served by the Fred Hamel will be the solo- j hostess. 1st at the Sunday. 8:30 a.m.,: The next meeting will ^ at services. His selection will be ithe nome of Mrs Sherwood "Art Thou the Christ?" At theJLewis, of Wood River. 10:40 a.m. service, Ray Wenzel 1 will sing, "Sometimes the Light t ATTEMPT BREAK-IN AT ;the league. Nominations for district officers include Don Gusewelle for vice president and Elaine Helmkamp for treasurer. The Walther League counselors retreat was attended by Pastor Kolb and Elaine Helmkamp. Free Wrestling then ramm ed each able-bodied relief recipients non-conflicting cleanup jobs f° r Qther the city. At Decatur Friday, park dis-i trict officials said the program Injuced When Panel .... .• * * ' will not cause the removal of finyone from park district payrolls. It merely wil] provide! Truck Overturns BETHALTO — Free wrestling | manpower for work that, other-, When a panel truck he was ™ 1 . -, . •* 1,1 ' *-l«»iT*Mrv A*ri^n4-«1%*MMr4 MM ^^lll*% laM4h be featured at the Annual Festival of Our Lady Queen of could not be undertaken driving overturned on Gulp lane for'lack of funds, they said. at 12:30 a.m. today. Charles W. the district will have about;' relief workers available *<•' injuries. He was taken in Smith ambulance to St. Jo- Surprises." The Rev. J . ohn Henderson. E. BROADWAY TAVEEN A de i ayed re port of an Peace Church scheduled for When the plan gets under;Brake, 28,Rt. l^Alton, tacurwd July 15, ife and 17. it was re-; vi (ported Friday. : 1; ' i Wrestling will be held all three iniphts of the festival. Rides and ! concessions will be provided on the grounds for the public. They will work only a fewi^'ph's Hospital a month, until they nave, 1 wined today, earned the equivalent of their! Brake, employed where he re- ce said at Laclede quet. She \\ill be a senior student at Alton High School this fail. Her FHA affiliations are: president of the Alton High FHA; past president of Section 4 FHA tnat covers Madison, Clinton, counties; and she is candidate for a state office. Other school activities include the pep club and varsity cheerleading. Mary is majoring in Home Economics. She likes all types of sports, especially swimming. Mary is president of the Jerseyville Sub-District Youth Fellowship of the Methodist Church. Greenfield Rainbow Girls Plan Boat Trip GREENFIELD—The Greenfield Assembly Order of Rainbow for Girls is sponsoring an excursion on the steamer, "Admiral", July '20. Reservations are open and may be made with any of the Rainbow Girls. The trip to St. Louis will be made by bus. Miss Bonita Hamilton and Miss Sandra Strang will attend sessions of the Supreme Assembly of Rainbow for Girls in Miami Beach, Fla. ne# week They will join other Illinois girls for the trip, which svill he made by chartered bus. Miss Bonita Hamilton, her mother. Mrs. Willard Hamilton, and Mrs. Claude Linn, mother ad< umpensation from public pastor, will speak on the sub- tempted break in at the Little " ,, u if' Youth Fellowship will meet at i Amazon Plain aid Steel Co., had been en route j visor, were awarded the Grand -home from work at the time of I Cross of Color degree for OMt- Faust Tavern - Broad- 6 p.m. and the evening service i £ j ay was rela d to ]jce Fri . will be at 7 p.m. ALLEN CHAPEL MYF SETS SPECIAL SERVICE tnat tnere nad Deen an attempt The manager said he discov- lered when closing up last night The Methodist Youth Fellowship of Allen Chapel Church will hold an early morning service Sunday at Rock Spring Park. Franklin Johnson will be in charge. Anthony Henderson, a student at the University oMIU- to force the back door. The door had two locks. One of them had been opened with a key. S When the other lock stopped | the would-be burglar, he attempted to force the door but failed, police said. the sec °nd lock on the i do011 after the ke y g to the nois, will be the speaker. ' The-manager said that he had Breakfast will be served the park after the service. Transportation will leave Al-! wer f o^ '<* his possession for a len Chapel at 6 o'clock. public is invited. MRS. ETHEL SMART OUT OF HOSPITAL Mrs. Ethel Smart, 3416 Robin Ave., has returned from the Normandy (Mo.) Osteopatnic The Selva is the thickly for- ; , 0 In Alton, an estimated 15 to.'he accident. , 0 men wcmld be eligible for (standing work in the Greenfield i Assembly at the meeting of the ested plain of the Amazon Val-j t , program Kennedy said at A| trtll : aM tn \farL- !O»li iGrand Assembj y » Chicago ley in South America. It ex- lu , t !,•.,,,„ '«*•„„ AltOllian to J>Jark lUtn Miss Brenda shi . Hs _ last month's meeting. ley tends from northern Brazil to southern Venezuela. Dis was the Roman name for Pluto. Greek god of the hades. Koch and Walters are retired farmers. Some months back Mrs. Julia Arbuthnot moved to the Johnson street address. Walters, her father, resides with her. It was! then that the friendship between' CHICAGO. Mrs. Edna Oakesjdepartment at Wood River. Koch and Walters was renewed.!Simpson. Carrollton, congress-j Union Tank Car Co. owns and Walters is bedfast these days j woman from the 20th District, j operates a fleet of 56,000 rail- jCongresswoman i Simpson Holds Convention Post Year With Tank Firm j Duane Temple, 622 Anderson St., AJton, will receive a special service emblem, July 17, marking his 10 years of service with I Union Tank Car Co. Temple is employed in the methods and standards section of the company's mechanical The'week. Police are seeking the marv who had the keys. and spends most of his time reading and watching television. He does not require eye glasses. has been named to the Republican convention platform committee along with Charles H. road tank cars. Miss Brenda Shields, a past worthy advisor, was named Grand representative of Nevada in Illinois; Carmen deQuevedo represented the state of Mississippi at the assembly; and Sandra Strang served as a Grand page; members of the choir from Greenfield were Marilyn Jouett, Judy Hutchison, and Marlene Ford. A family fleeing across the Hungarian border into Austria is shown on a new World Refugee Year stamp issued in Vienna. Hospital where she was a patient for six weeks. Mrs. Smart underwent spinal surgery about a week after entering the hospital. Her oondi- her auistance, Miss Scott «iks readers to ptoaM limit their letters to one question. Sand your question to Patricia Soott in care ol this newspaper, en clewing 0 stamped, Mil-ad- drewed envelope for reply. FRIENDS IN YOl TH, OL08TER0 BE-UMTEO A couple of men who spent most of their youth together have picked up the friendship now that they are living in the same Alton neighborhood and some 70 years have passed. George F. Walters, of 2205 Johnson St., at 92 is the senior i member of the duo. The other is ion is good. HARTHA OUNTEB NAMED | Ben Koch of 1050 College Ave>i ACHIEVEMENT BOARD ^ who is 88 and lives around the Martha K. Gunter, daughter | corner. rf Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Gunter; Both men attended the Salem if 1637, Rock Spring Dr.. has Presbyterian Church on Semin- )een elected to the board oljary road and went to the old lirectors of International Grad-1 Bockstruck School together, Now Open at Our NEW LOCATION Balbillo ImunnM Agtncy John Mull 111 Ntrtbtairlt Formerly at III N- IaU«u*uUt>iit f Mrs. Arbuthnot said. i Percy, camera company presi- Koch drops by to visit his]dent from Chicago, friend but in late times this I Mrs - Simpson was elected las been complicated because Walters has become hard of tearing. But the oddity of the two old timers getting back in the same neighborhood in heir retirement the years of is enough to draw them together despite the handicaps. congresswoman two years ago to succeed her late husband, Sid Simpson, who died suddenly of a heart attack while dedicating a post office at Plttsfieid. Her twm expires in November and she has declined to seek the office again. f7legrap~h~Want Ads ' 'CLICK" VACATION NOTICE DUKE BAKERY wUl be cloted for vacation •••MI., MONDAY, JULY 11 THURSDAY, JULY 21 A SICK BODY IS A PRISON You must live in it the rest of youj 1 life. There- tore, it'ii jusi ordinary good senne to keep your body healthy. Let us help you maKe >our body a happier pltuv iu live in. We have a complete stock of health-aids io keep your body more comfortable. And, should sicknensi evur attack it, our drug stocks urv complete so w? can compound uny ph.\ sician's prescriptions. YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE' US when you need a medicine, Pick up your prescription it chopping nearby, or w« will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great many people tn- tru(*t UK with thtir pjratoriptioni. May we compound yoursf Pboue HO 2-0678 Milton Pharmacy 1988 MUtau Bout

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