Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 3, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1957
Page 7
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1 M J Tlm»t Herald, C«rrolj,Jowa wg> Tuesday, Sept. 3, 19S7 The,Joy of motherhood It whit a woman experiences wheat «H the kids are in bed. • don't want passed along." Don't make any exceptions when you promise to keep a secret, if you want others to trust you. .. By Kato Osann OUT OUR WAY BY .1. R. WILLIAMS QUESTION: What do Indians carry in their medicine bast? ANSWER: Many North American Indian* still follow the old I tribal custom of carrying a medicine bag to ward off evil spirits | Mtaf might bring illness or bad luck. These brightly-painted bags, usually made of animal skin, eon- rain herbs, drugs, small statues carved of wood or bone and charms | such a* an animal tooth or claw. Such things are believed by the Indians to be the temporary I homos of a supernatural spirit or power which is capable of protecting the bearer against harm. FOR YOU TO DO: Many Indian medicine bags are exhibited fn museums. Next time you visit one, look at these bags. (You may win $10 by submitting a good Junior Editors question. If you have one, send it to Violet Moore Hlggins, AP Newsfeatures, | hn care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: Who was the youngest American ever to command a naval ship?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "I dpn't like Freddie's looks—he's always directing them at new girls!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Stltxer TKRwOAfttoai "Spending $34.50 for tranquiltzlng pills! You got better results when you just bought a new hat once in a while!" Radio Songstress Punt* SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith 1 "Now remembtrl No fights! If you along with the other pu* pHtyou might be president of the senloe'clas* In hl 9 h ichooll" ACBOBft I Radio songstress, Betty—V She is a versatile—«•» 18 Oxidising enzyme H"Llly maid of Astolat" 15 Demons 16 Ohio city 17 Worm 18 Russian storehouse SO He gave and consecrated M a gift <ab.) 81 Those who seethe 93 Secular 36 Crimson 27 Apple center 81 Quecbuan Indian 82 Incursion M One who (suffix) 34 Essential being 35 Italian city 36 Sorrowful W Solar disk €0 She has appeared with Pat 48 Recede . 4* Tire part 47 Powerful explosive 1 SO Root of the mouth saAnchorer fMk l^wjNBsl ^^jj^m SBReech destination 86 Swords WLimfcoltae birds DOWN } fashion 8 Drinks mad* with malt t Reverends (•b.) 4 Oriental porgy 6 Small island 6 Squatter 7 Percolated slowly 6 Sicker 9 Negative vote 10 Secure 82 Shriek 83 Speech deteot 24 Against 25 Frosts 28 Hops' kilo 11 Geraint's wife 28 Get up in Arthurian 80 British legend 12 Peruse 18 Reverential fear 84 Dung beetle statesman 86 Emphasis 37 Goddess of infatuation if Plays 41 Absolut* 42 Embellish 43 Epic poetry 44 Banki, British India 45 Tattle 47 Journey 4B Flrn 48 Very (Fr.) 51 Malt drink 83 Boundary (eomb. form) . AW****'' I LEARNED HOW BEES MAKE HOMEU HOW HUMBLE BUSS MAKE HAY, AMP STUDIED ALLTHE SON<SS OF BIRR£ I LEARNEPA LOT EACH BAY. BUT WHEN VACATION ENDED AMD BACK IN SCHOOL WET? F*RK, THERE NEVER WA&A FATTER HEAP THIS SIDE Or NOAH'S ARK. OUR BOARD I NO HOUSE . i . with . . , MAJOR ESAQM ARTTM A /YOU ARE l«PH£T^BL-ug L p vfoj utf£i (?AtL? TH0SS OWLS' . OAV CLAMBAKES, t TEMPLES AtteAKJ % " SUSTAINED A MILT) SiW 'r?« STILL IN m&&eem BUS St MAPPfeH« fiVSRY V6AR5J BUGS BUNNY Proof Positive I SEE YA SIVIN' MER TH'FLOWERS...SHE ^ CLOBBERS YA AN'. MY CRYSTAL BALL DON'T LIE, PORKY! PRISCILLA'S POP Okay With Her I BUT $UOO FORT BY AL VERMEE* ALLEY OOP MORTY MEEKLE Who? "I said, de> you know whet happens to people who play with flrer BY DICK CAVALU, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES A EXPERIENCE FOR. YOU, FRECKLES/ THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Bad News "C* ——« Y Yes,youe. ALLOWANCE WILL START POP- ABOUT My ALLOW-i At4Ce IN A<SAN WHENVOti XW0RKIN6/ BY MERRILL BLOSSB4I f WELL, £U- NEED A RAISE M OROER.TO COMTTMUe (H THe MA> WHKX £VE aecown ACOlSTOMeO/ b| MCA tfr*», bfc TUjfc *»» KS. g»0*, Low Opinion BY WILSON SCRUGOt NTHS HOME OP EDITOR DfNSDALE BARNES, WHERE ] MARTHA WAYWE VISITS.. „ _ _ I MP0RRXM)H6A^ WR.TRU81 ICP^'T TH\KJK OP* K >P .VVETVAWi Too Late, Luther BY EDGAR MARTIN CAPTAIN

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