The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1966 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1966
Page 4
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WASHINGTON - The vast U. S. intelligence industry has been going through a wrenching reorganization. The Central Intelligency Agency, most lampooned and cartooned of all the world's spy outfits, has been rocked by more than 200 reforms. Military intelligence has been consolidated, with a great battering together of brass hats, into a single unit: the Defense Intelligence Agency. Still, many Senators are not convinced that the reforms have gone far enough, and are demanding greater control over the whole James Bond industry. The purpose of the reforms, of course, is to improve the quality of intelligence, eliminate rivalries, and prevent another Bay of Pigs-the CIA-sponsored invasion of Cuba which became a bloody fiasco. While some minor rivalries may have been scotched, however, a major rivalry has emerged. Our intelligence apparatus has sprouted two heads, the CIA and the DIA, which often get in one another's war. - o- - CIA VS. DIA- In theory, the CIA is supposed to be the final sieve through which all intelligence should pass before reaching the President. It is upon this information that he keeps abreast of world affairs and makes his policy judgments. Yet the DIA increasingly is catching the President's eye. Moreover, it is so dominated by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara that it has a tendency to produce intelligence that supports his views. Its reports generally have reflected his optimistic outlook on the Viet Nam war, rather than the pessimistic possibilities. Those in the Pentagon who disagree with an intelligence analysis, of course, are free to state their views as a footnote. But it takes a bold man to challenge McNamara's attitudes too frequently. -o- -SFYSHAKEUP- The Bay of Pigs, the blunder that came near ending all CIA blunders, brought a drastic change. The late President Kennedy fired off a series of secret directives to correct the CIA's faults. The DIA was established to end interservice rivalry in the military field. Thus began the great spy shake-up, which was supposed to end the free-wheeling operations, coordinate all intelligence, and prevent duplication. Instead, the CIA and DIA are now open rivals, competing to scoop one another with intelligence beats. On paper, the DIA is supposed to turn all its intelligence over to the CIA. In practice, it often by-passes the CIA and furnished intelligence directly to the President. Which of the rival, often overlapping, intelligence .setups is most effective ? The DIA has received less unfavorable publicity, has a better grasp of the military situation. But the CIA is better staffed and organized to understand the political subtleties around the world. Intelligence is vital to the security of any nation. It can at times be an ugly, no-holds- barred business. However, it is a necessary one, never more necessary than in this age of cold war. But it is the most difficult business in the world to control. - o - - AD AM IS NO HERO- Traveling around the country, I find that Negroes generally are ashamed of Adam Clayton Powell. He is the third Negro to serve in Congress since Reconstruction days, yet they are candid that his activities are not unlike those of Tom Dodd. They do not consider a critic of Powell to, be anti-Negro or a racist, as Powell now alleges. I would be the first to know, because I was the first to expose Powell's operations. The record is a long and sordid one, showing clearly that the House of Representatives does not police the conduct of its own members. Some have claimed that no action has been taken against Powell because he is a Negro; yet the House also flagrantly ignored the conflict of interest case of Rep. William Miller of Lockport, N. Y., when he was 1964 GOP candidate for Vice President, and slapped down Rep. Don Edwards, D-Calif., when he proposed a resolution of censure. One defense that Negroes make regarding Powell is that he isn't really Negro, that he masquerades as such in order to get Harlem votes. It is quite true that no one would ever recognize Powell as a Negro. In any Washington ballroom he could pass off as a Spanish grandee, or an American Indian ibrave. He has charm, a brilliant jmind, bares himself with distinction and when he wants to jwork at the job, can be an extremely efficient committee chairman. Generally speaking, Powell had a good record during his first eight years in Congress. Then, in 1956, as Eisenhower came up for reelection, this column reported that Powell faced income tax prosecution; and had gone to Vice President Nixon with an offer to switch to the Republican party if Dee in turn would soft-pedal his tax case; release his secretary, Mrs. Hattie Dobson, from jail; give his assistant, Fred Weaver, a federal job; and raise money for various political expenses. The deal was sealed and both sides faithfully carried it out. Powell went down to the White House, and under the smiling aegis of Sherman Adams and Jim Haggerty announced that he was campaigning for Eisenhower. - o - -FISHING AND WOMEN At about this time, Adam's attitude' toward his job in Congress changed. Jack Anderson reported, Sept. 1, 1965, how Powell had written Army liaison officer Capt, Florence Nicholson to send him full fishing equipment to Berchtesgaden, Hitler's former playground, for the Congressman's use while he was Frank Heinen Of Algona To Navy School Algona, (la.) Upper Des Moinot Thursday, October 6, 1966 To Negroes, the two most Important bills in Congress are civil rights and anti-poverty. Yet Powell had been absent for both. - o - deeply involved in Viet Nam Walt Rostow - as his chief adviser. In fact, Johnson has promoted him from the State Dg- partment to the White House. FRANKLIN HEINEN S/A Franklin T. Heinen, USN, above, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ferman A. Heinen, Algona, has recently finished his boot training at San Diego, Calif. He has been selected for electronic school for 32 weeks of training at San Diego. supposed to be inspecting European education. Fishing and women then became Adam's number one concern. They still are. At least they rate ahead of his duties in Congress. On Sept. 4, 1962, this column published the now famous State Department cable on behalf of Powell ordering American embassies in. London, Paris and Rome to get theater tickets, night club reservations, counterpart funds and a special speedboat in Venice for the Congressman from Harlem and two female members of his staff, Miss Tamara Wall and Miss Corrine Huff. Junkets abroad continued right up until this summer when we reported (July 26) how Powell had been traveling abroad while other members of his committee readied the anti-poverty bill, and how Powell, returning home, got angry and side-tracked antipoverty. - LBJ'S INHERITANCE - Johnson, of course, inherited the Viet Nam war. But he did not improve it by also inheriting and promoting the No. 1 hawk adviser of the Kennedy administration. In the fall of 1961 Kennedy sent Walt Rostow, his foreign affairs adviser, and Gen. Maxwell Taylor, his military adviser, to South Viet Nam to recommend what he should do about the minor war he had inherited from Eisenhower. Rostow studied the situation, and wrote a report recommending that Kennedy send one whole division to South Viet Nam. At that time we had between 1,500 and 1,800 troops in Viet Nam, some of them disguised as mountain technicians in order ostensibly to stay within the 1,000-troops limitation of the Geneva Treaty. President Johnson now has the man who initially got Kennedy ALGONA TUESDAY - WED. OCTOBER 4 - 5 Paiimounl Pictures Presents EllflS PRESLEY w HawaiianStyl TAKE HER TO A MOVIE TONIGHT REPORT OF CONDITION OF "IOWA STATE BANK" of Algona, Iowa, a member of the Federal Reserve System, at the close of business on September 20, 1966, published in accordance with a call made by the Federal Reserve Bank of this district pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection $1.308.936.06 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 2,545,561 25 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 73246140 4. Securities of Federal agencies and corporations not guaranteed by United States 22990000 5. Other securities (including $15,000.00 corporate stocks) . 15 000 00 7. Other loans and discounts 330370859 B. Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises 97748.25 11. Other assets 12'.897.05 a. TOTAL ASSETS .$ LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships. and corporations „_ 5454050.00 14. Time and savings deposits of individuals, «.i«i»-"«u partnerships, and corporations 1.204 77294 15. Deposits of United States Government 78627 15 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions ...."". 711 37297 IB. Deposits of commercial banks 4463979 19. Certified and officers' checks, etc 9 MI ii 20. TOTAL DEPOSITS (items 13I to W)""""""-'""-"" 2 ' 89U4 (a) Total demand deposits .$6,108,881.09 (b) Total time and savings deposits $1,387,472.93 25. TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .$7,496,353.98 I?' 250.000.00 30. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ......................... 749.858.62 31. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ....$8,246,212.60 SWJWft £ y BS A. F. Agena, President t We -l,!. he "wterslflned directors, attest the correctness of this rotvu* of condition and declare that it has been examined by ua and ta 1 ^ best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct F. L. McMahon) David A. Smith) T ?' L c< » w . an > Directors. J. C. Mawdsley) ALGONA STARTS THURSDAY OCTOBER 6 A hilarious romantic misadventure! CRUSOE, USN. TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY 8 through 13 enter our free PUNT, PISS & COMPETITION! OCTOBER? IS YOUR LAST PAY TO REGISTER! WIN I Distinctive Medal of Achievement awards . . . trips to NFL games. You compete only with boys your own age—so anybody can win! FREE! Helpful booklet on punting, passing, place-kicking ... and an attractive. PP&K pin when you register. Bring your mom or dad or legal guardian when you register at... TAYLOR MOTOR CO. ALGONA

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