Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 9, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 9, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 150 the Alton Community for More Than 124 \earn etoutnr StfNBAY: High, 85: Low, at, (Complete Wwtfttr, Pit* ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY, JULY 9, 1980 18 PAGES 5c Pet Copy Area Will EDWARDSV1LLE — An estimated 14,000 water users will receive refunds possibly totaling $500,000 under a decision late Friday afternoon by Circuit Judge MOSCOW (APj-An James O. Monroe Jr. in the Alton Water Co. rate refund; ''harglng U.S. pilot Francis Gary case. Powers with espionage in the U2 er by the r-ourt. a master to-XZ?^ ^ .T" ba8i ,beeti Bent to the Soviet Supreme Member of The Associated Pratt In the ruling, prefaced by a lengthy statement of reasons for the trial court's declsiqn, the court announced he will enter summary judgment holding Alton Water Co. liable (under Its $270,000 appeal bond) for the £s. -^ ^T UI ^^-^«* guide to the court, were invited Tllf; "^^ "Ke nrv said th.f in-i with special emphasis on tbo| dlclnieW went to (hp country's least expensive accounting pro-! mllifnr y collegium "for consider-! • 1 »lHrt«" ntiot* Mint** 0XfM*»*IJ«. «.ff! I endure. atlon" after state security off!-, •inlfi had' completed their investi- dlfference between the old wat-; Refund Period or rates and a 47' 2 per cent in-i To avoid multiplicity and toj KaltonH ' ml ° th crease collected under an origin-prevent "any further uncertain- snot dwv » ">" H Sovipt missile al Illinois Commerce Commission j ty for either consumers or tin- las ' May '• order effective Jan. I, 1958. which j water company, the court also "Powers was held criminally: was set aside by .Fudge Monroe invited counsel's suggestions re-!responsible in accordance with| on Nov. 25, 1958. garding further rates, supple-i article 2 of the law on criminal The decision hande*d down lateimentary declaratories or other i responsibility for crimes against! Friday, allowed a motion oflrclief "which might be in ord-'tho state CespionageV Tass! plaintiffs for summery judgment jer." .said. i as to liability of the water com-! The judge's statement and de- A date for Powers' trial hasi pany to make ref'tnds to con-jcfr.ion were dated Wednesday.'.vet to be set. Informed sources! sumei* for the difference be-1 Advance copies had been sent'said recently a trial bad been; Ivveen the old fate and the 47^, to opposing counsel before the'planned for early July but was: per cent increase in water rate i decision actually was filed short- ! postponed because many foreign-i charges for the extended period, jly before 5 p.m. Friday at the!en*, including some from thej The decision also held that con-j Circuit Clerk's office. , United States, had applied foH| sumcrs were entitled to interest! The motion for summary judg-j permission to attend. at the legal rate (customarilyjmenl. filed by Kastman.'schafl-• Soviet officiate at a diplomatic Soviet Premier Nikita addresses schoolteachers in j per cent) on the rebate siimslly. & Godfrey, on behalf of the| reception said last week Powers'! *' le Kremlin today, warning that "Soviet artillery"— they are entitled to. water consumers, was argued trial would be open to the public! meaning rockets—can Jilt America if. tile United Common Fund .June 2 before Judge Monroe and and he would be given fair treat- States moves against Cuba. He pledged all-out sup- The court authorized counsel•briefs were submitted before'ment. The maximum penalty is t1 "** 4 '" r '" K "'"'»-»•«- »««i~i™- i?!-i_i /-<... .A — / «.» for Alton Brick Co., plaintiff in i the court took the motion under-death, the minimum is eight the "class suit" filed on behalf;study June 14. years imprisonment, of industrial, commercial and' Refunds arc due. under the de- ! The agency said Powers had residential customers of Alton, dsion from late 1958 until a new i been arraigned on the spying' Water Co.. to prepare a formal .legal rate is established by the! charge but did not say when, it judgment order for his approv-! Illinois Commerce Commission, added: al and signature. He directed! The court last Nov. 25 set aside i "The indictment with regard to: that the order may provide tor aian order of the Illinois Commerce j Powers has been endorsed by uv! "common fund," from which j Commission authorizing the wal-1 U.S.S.R. prosecutor general awl Threatens S. in Cuban Crisis Taken Here as Evidence o, «j Use of Threats, Not Talks WASHINGTON AP) — Soviet Berlin brought an immediate ao'co could not rnniain indifferent. 1'renwT Nikita Khrushchev's!ctisution by the United States Fri-jllr said "it is 'not a matter of warning that "Soviet artillery"iday that he «as substituting! trade . . it is entirely a social could hit (he United States if;threats for negotiations in a-'and human catastrophe." Says Soviet Missiles Can Reach Here MOSCOW TAP i — Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev warned to- I America moved against Cuba wasMempts lo influence world politics. The State Department had in-i day _. thnl " iSoviet artillery^ _— ! taken here as further evidence of; Herter is expected to be broughtiiniiml of the Mexican (his substitution of threats for tie- up to date on that situation as i dor < got inl ions mf>aning rn '' kets — «>uW frit the ! American mainland if the United i Khrushchev's latest threat, cou-jitu; | pled with a pledge of full support|rea and at the foreign j 2" 11 ™ 3 " 1 '"«""«'" " me ^ well as Khrushchev's new warn-ioffice in Mexico City whether the; S(atps moved "gainst Cuba. for Prime Minister Fidel Castro's Cuban go\-ernment, came as Sec- iit Soviet rockets could America 1 if Intervention moves were made against Cuba. Also ii|) for review at the confer-i mediate answer. government supports a pro-Castro! "' a bristling speech, he pledged stand taken by another leading I all-out Soviet support for Cuban Mexican legislator. It got no im-1 Premier Fidel Castro and warned port to Cuba's Prime Minister Fidel Castro. Wirephoto via radio from London ) (AP expenses of the plaintiffs in the'er firm to collect water rates at!the case of the charge against water rate litigation, extending a 47^i per cent increase over i Powers, in a«™rfatir.p «**», *,.. back extending than three years, are Congo Riots Spreading East; Capital Is Quiet 'the United States to keep its retary of State Christian A. Her-jence will be the rioting in the Con-i The legislator. Emilio Sanchez '-"ids off that Caribbean repub- jter prepared to meet with top-level Igo Republic. State Department! Piedras. a Congressional spokes-j li( '; aides for a thorough going over'reports are that all of the 2.000J man for Mexico's ruling party said; Amid cheers, he told a meeting iof the Cuban situation 'U. s. cili/ens in the Congo have* In a speech Thursday that his na-jof school teachers in the Kremlin | Herter returned Friday night]escaped injury. lion is solidly backing the Cuban|that this month's missiles test in- 'froma week's vacation at his sum- The State Department was stilljpeople against the United States, j to the Pacific showed that the Sonier home at Manchester, Mass..•awaiting; clarification of the Mexi-jThe U. S. Ambassador in Mexico.!viet Union had rockets which ;to_geta firsthand report from Un-can government's attitude on the i Robert C. Hill, made inquiry of j could hit targets accurately at a ; del-secretary Douglas Dillon bofoiv U.S. row with the Cuban regime j the Mexican foreigrt office while; distance of l.t.OOO kilometers Dillon leaves later today for n Eu-,of Prime Minister Fidel Castro.;Assistant Secretary of State Roy, (about X,(X)0 miles.) This would ropean trip. A statement late Friday night-by <R. Rubottom discussed the sittia- enable them to strike the heart- The new threat by Khrushchev a close friend of Mexican Presi- tion here with Mexican Amhassa-' land of the United States, was certain to be added to the list dent Adolfo Lope/. Mateos wasld^or Antonio Carillo Fibres. ->f mv (|)o Unj , ed Sla|es fs not of topics for the Herter-Dillon dis- certain to raise further Questions. Hjll reportedly was instructed h\ so uiirt-ach-iWr th was expected to prepare Herter Moreno Sanchez told newsmen in for a policy meeting Monday with 1 Guadalajara that Mexico must pro- increase over (Powers,, in accordance with ar- o l. the prior rate schedule. The de-f tides 9 and 16 of the military payable as well as the refunds cision was appealed to the nil-1 tribunal statute, has been to the ! LEOPOLDVILLE. Congo (AP) 1 mutiny spread toy to the eastern Congo as quiet , i — r j- ———-— — -—• **•!_ »*.&* • u *uu*tut otckiui^, 1100 L/CT-ll IU UJU : rJ^™\7 ? '"/^f 81 - nois Supreme Court, which af-| military collegium of the U. S. S.- nnnii ,„«„ „ .„«,...,„ —firmed Judge Monroe's ruling JR. Supreme Court for considera-i The court sel hi the case views of coun- retuned cltal of ° e newly independent Congo Repub- as to how the;and the case was remanded to*tion amount due consumers in the!the ICC. form of refunds should be de-! A motion of the water com- termined. and how the fund j pany to dismiss the refund suit should be administered—wheth-ivvas denied June 2. with the mutinous soldiers. In Brussels. Belgian Premier Gaston Eyskens declared the Congo situation was worse than Friday and ordered a second corn- mission, which in some respects Mexican Senate Leader Manuel the State Department to express-'.Speaking figuratively in case of ""•" ° v ~""" 1 """ """-" °—•— "" " - to the Mexican government Presi-'necessity, Soviet artillery can sup- dent Eisenhower's personal inter-.port with their rocket fire the Cu- est in maintaining friendly rela-jban people if aggressive forces lions with Mexico on this as onjj n the Pentagon dare to start in- President Eisenhower. vide Cuba with oil. Moreno San- Khrushchev's brandishing of theichez said Cuba is facing a "social danger of a September crisis on^and human crisis" and that Mexi- other issues. Firmer Fee Base Set By Lawyers 627 Recipes \ Submitted i , ForContest I a news oispatcn irom tiisaDeth-1. A total of 627 recipes has been vUlc ' lic ' VVith a wealth of copper, the I submitted to date in the Alton! These were the first deaths i province is one of the richest in 1 Telegraph-Union Electric Co. re-1 among Europeans reported in thej mc Congo. Its leaders are said cipe contest. disorders mat erupted last week' 10 {ear th p central government Kennedy Breaks Into South, $40 000 Gets Support From Sanford A wa rcl e cl to I tervention against Cuba," Khrush- ! chev 'ans were killed in (pany of Belgian troops flown to the new outbreaks, and more'the former colon>. A government refugees streamed out of the'spokesman said disorders had bro- °7S- . , , . , , . . 5,°"' fe- -ierfr" ^ "" L ° S ANGELES tAP. - Sen..of a triumphal entry to Los An- A Belgian lemtonal admm,.stra-; «*1] -«• the easte,-n Congo. Johl| F Kennedy Qf Maaisachll .; geles during the day . Hjs forces tor and a Portuguese settler were; Independent Stale set t s broke into the South today I obviously intended to trump the! killed in noting at Kongolo in Ka-| The Belgian radio said Katanga, as he pinched tighter an encir-1 rousing "reception given Johnson tanga,Province of eastern Congo, i Province, scene of mutiny and dis- j c u ng cordon ai'ound his rivals for | when he swept into town Fridav Trirwfl nfltonc* \trat*ct intitt*aH crairl i rtrHtn.c- r\1nv*»u-is] *«. co * . ir . „ »4r,*,n Iji*^. ,. .1.1 ! . < . *" sei up a state | the Democratic presidential nom-lwith the pronouncement that "I'll a news dispatch from Elisabeth-(.independent of the Congo Repub- i ination. Batteri down ^ f o7 an in the mention ob . Madison County Mental Health get it"—meaning the nomination. fClinic. 3220 College Ave., has Sen. Stuart Symington of Mis- i.been awarded a $40,000 grant from I souri was following his advance i state and federal menial health' guard into this cauldron of boiling j funds, according to announcement Klirushchev charged that the 'Uni'ed States is attempting to (.strangle Cuba- with an economic ' blockade and added: "We will help our Cuban brothers fight an economic blockade, and the blockade will be a fail- •ure." The Soviet Premier charged ; "the people of the Latin American i countries are living in poverty bei cause American monopolists are in richness." ttacked New York Rockefeller for There'll be Madison County henceforth. A scale of minimum fees was adopted by the Madison County Ba» Association, meeting in the Library of the Circuit Court at Edwards-ville Friday afternoon, Recipes were submitted by'" 1 the Congo after Negro troops!^ 11 take 'over most of the prov- the >n!jJ«.BA*>. , I— A 11. TT*_ . i i «, • tvn^l «...*<••_£ — J A— .>..£._....,.. -I I.. . 1 f^£P C \VPcil(Il While- Leopoldvilie was brought government lead- a filTnei' floor under attorneys' fee8 in'residents in Alton, East Alton,: had mutinied to enforce demands; ince 's wealth. i' hpnppfni-f h iWood Ri%'er. Cottage HiEs, BeuV fol ' more pay and the dismissal Mul*-' L«>o ( cent of amount over $100.-;^ to ' Brj ghton. South RoKana,;of white officers, and t Mond ; Keilned ^ s]j d acro 7 s | politics. Gov. James T, filair of by Gov. William G. Stratton. - 'Mi^ouri rn ' suggesting b)0 ckade line erect- ' •**«*- ••*•»- -w* *-*-v running Interference. ' This money is part of the op-, . . . * • " I la $300,000. Estate values over $200,000 are not covered. Graduated fees are provided economic reprisals Khrushchev said . ;ed by his chief opponent, Senate I said with a show of conviction, orating fund of the Madison! ZwtumlM STI ^ amP ' e 0/ quiet,jD emocra ije Leader Lyndon B i " r believe we ean nominate Stuart, County Clinic which has offices' niemaJiry. 5100.- > mw - Br isMon. South RoKana,;of white officers. "^ ot new violence against- tJohngon of Toxas to g,. ab \Symington." Jin Alton and Granite City. Main-.' olus tliree npr! Godft ' ev> Hartford. Roxana, Jer-i An official report by the Ka- wn »«»s brought government lead-! t . North'Carolina i The list of scheduled arrivals I ly the money is used lo hire &'•'.,. u P _ ~.^':scyvfllc. Greenfield, Bunker Hill, langa provincial government said e" out into the street to see that - T Sanford Democratic I also included Adlai E. Stevenson, staff for the clinic. ciahst camp ,s mightier T^.lv«m «««!„, I.OH ««-. M ..order w«s main.ainerl - n • North !who has had two successful shots^ It is u supplement as far as! 6 '' bekH<e ' , >* °" sa - v . thatdes P' te °PP° s ' tlo » ) cent of amount over $100,000 upj Worden. Doi-sey. Can-ollton, Dor-1 Negro soldiers had fired on a orde ' P was maintained. according to Sam Xanders, secretary of the organization. ! in foreclosures on mortgagee A minimum of 525 per hour I ant; like actions, along with fore- \va« set for office consultation,'Closures on bond issues. along with office services in-i Ihe Madison County Bar's;ings. 81; vegetables, 33; casse- chester. Litclifield. Michael, Gran-1 crowd of Europeans massed at a ite City, White Hall, Edwards- i wharf trying to flee, killing the ville, Rockbridge and Arcadia, Mo. — a total of 24 communities. ; across the upper Congo River. Entries in the various cate- j Farther norm, in Kivu Province, gorics were: salads and dress- two Europeans. About 420 Euro-; corners. The troops appeared to peans fled in two river boats , ibe thoroughly enjoying complete Mihtary jeeps-packed with rifle; Carolina endorsed Kennedy fori at lh{1 nomination and seems in- salary funds 'are concen troops careened around (h(i nominatjon ^ nlord to]d a | creasingly eager to accepu a draft i the $20,300 which is raisec control over the whites. A large crowd of Congolese concerned to raised local- news conference he expects hisi that thus far has shown no signs |ly. The staf,f consists of two state's 37 votes to be split hvo| of blowi "g °P en convention doors.! time psychiatric social workers, a mutiny by troops in the area gathered «« *e£c to of Goma sent whites fleeing eluding drafting of legal docu-i ftl "' iedu ' e - said Xanders, is theiroie dishes, 54; meats, 49; fish j ward British Uganda. rnents and pleadings, office «ndj?. cme ™ *** a ^ opt l d eDarlier ," „ .Jtlic .St. Oair County Bar. i., t library work, and generally allj acUons followed recent approval services outside court. A $12.50jby the Dlinois State Bar Assoc-Uo. iof lood supplies for refugees. .I • , , , i this morning to sop the ex- thirds for Johnson and one third i for Kennedy. also got of Belgians, who began flee- CIO vice president, Bierne said Truniiiii ExpeetHl When former President Harry hail from! 55 ' Tl ' unian arrives Monday the jcast of major characters will be complete. Truman changed his mind Friday and said, yes, he will itwo part time clinical psychol- riot by mutinous Congolese troops. minimum charge for less than I tat ion Board of Governors of a The contest opened June '20 and' A Belgian officer and Kivu pro- ; Ministers of the new government i halt an hour's consultation was; recommended schedule of fees, will close July 30. set in this respect. For services in court a mini-; mum tee of $250 per day was 1 set for services in trial courts j (except justices of the peace,j police magistrates, and in mat-' ters listed under special services). This scale also applies toijtty JOSEPH J. DBOMGOULE matters before raaster-in-chan-i , AttMktant Editor eery, referees, commissioners,! "Dad," said the boy, "I'm boards, legislative committees, commissions, administrative agencies and their representatives. •vincial officials were negotiating '" w>nti-ol only since Independence Jum , !of leaders of AFL-CIO unions fa- the Massachusetts senator. ogists and two part-time clinical Shaking of Uie entire Soviet he said: "We on our side best to support Cuba, succeed in strangling Uie Cuban people." The Soviet Premier, who re- psychiatrists. Secretaries are on duty hours each week at both Alton and Granite City clinics to sched- turned from a visit to Austria Pri- jday. led into this section on Cuba by denying that his speeches in Austria attacking the West violatr *i*»ju *j.»v*i* ( j' LUIV* aaiU| JCD» lie win -—•— «»*»*.».,*. •••••tj' wtuti\^o LU auiicu* 1 A * ' attend after all. Previously he had u'e conferences for prospective T |^" S ^" CTonehUQ ^ K^ said the convention was rigged for I Patients. Payment for service: ^ *""" Kennedy and he wanted no part! 0 * the staff in based on the pa-i i .. il_ .- —I I ilnt*< *nn1~£l!4-_.l_ : in the show. Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, who* jtient's ability to pay. This charge had been, made by the United States. "If somebody is interfering in affairs of another P. B. Cousley Rounds Out 67 Years With Telegraph: Started in 1893 ready to go to work." The boy went to work. That was 67 years ago — and he's j still working. The JP fees were set at $351 The curly-haired l(j-year-o I d! minimum per case. who stood in his father's offfcej Those contemplating divorce might take note that the retainer fee prior to preparation oi' the complaint or answer — to be credited to the total fee — is MOO. As oases get more compli celed the fee rises, but the scale starts with $250 for a defaul involving no alimony, support money, or division of estate. Fifty dollars IB added for each additional appearance, and a per diem charge of $200 is set fur contested cases. The contested adoption proceedings is $200. Fees for bankruptcy matters start at $250. Minimum fee for drafting will "in simplest form" Is $30, but a will with testamentary trust and execution starts al $125 and estate planning starts ai $60 with the hourly charge added for all In excess of two huuro. Minimum for drawing a deed ib $20 under the real estate hnading, and a one-per cent of uule price fee is set for all services in connection with real as* sales. Under services in estates of decedents, the minimum to* settle fttarte it $250 lor to •«• valued at $3,000 or IMS, to $260 plus 5 per lint of amount over $8,000 up to then $5,100 plus four on July .10. 1893, was Paul Bliss) Cousley. Two weeks Before hej had been graduated from Al ton High School (then a three- year' course in the present Lin coin building), and had gone to a farm to work as harvest hand. (For Uie most money he had ever seen, he now says, $J.25 a day and board.) Young Paul Cousley became the news "staff" of the Telegraph. His father was the editor and publisher. He also solicited advertising, collected bills, kept books, and when necessary, went to the composing room and set type. But he hud one great and abid- PAUL B. COUSLEY er as editor. In 19^5, the Telegraph purchased its last competitor, the Alton Daily Times. Through the years, with the in- ing love in newspaper work — idustrial growth of the area, Uie gathering and writing news. (Telegraph had grown. After pur- flecause the boy took over much | chase of the Times, the growth of the news burden of the newspaper, the elder Cousley could the crowd. Four Congolese soldiers tried to break into Uie U. S. Embassy Friday night but failed. Military police guards later were posted in front of the building. 40 Entered i In Soap Box Derby The second annual Soap Box ot the publishing company, and j Derby in Alton will start at 1 Dav June liO. drove to the ferry K , appeai . ed [ ob( , e | os j ng ihas the 31-vote Minnesota delega-^'i Novem with mihtar,v police and broke up , . • " .,. fa (inn ,..,,I M . i,;.. .„:„„ ,.,ir,^t ^ffihave been the ornwri l every avenue opposition can- noil unaei jais wing, wiped off; luv f "een didates might use to stall his drive for a quick decision in his favor. No matter where they turned, Kennedy's astute opera- lipstick bows planted on his' b ? l ' s of the clnic stall. The Gran- Since the Alton clinic opened,! ., , , , November. LOG:' interviews' try ' "'' deda|ie d. "then it is the conducted by mem- Umtwl S ' !< "" ! "' Pllh " " • the, American policy . cheeks by "golden girl" ereetersjite City clinic office has been I of having bases M a) '° und and observed that the results of!°i»n since January. 11 " ot "'"" the grunts. Paul S. Cousley, assistant general manager. • and with other'ex-< ecutives. He talks to members; of the news staff. Consistently hei brings in a good story, or asks; questions which prompt a search! for one. Always his remarkable, memory is available to editors, j and- reporters. j At the Telegraph the name! Cousley continues in toprank prominence. Paul B. is president is general manager and editor. His son, Puul s., general manager; is assistant uis granddaughter, Miss Hope Cousely, is a vacation employe of the news staff, just now on Uie social desk. A nephew', Richard A., is classified advertising manager, and recently elected a vice president; and Richard's son, Sfeve, "s a vacation-time reporter. p.m. Sunday on College avenue hill al Alton High School. Forty entries will compete for trophies and prizes. The Alton winner will receive a lurge trophy and prizes and will be en- terud in the National Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio, Aug. 14. The Alton Junior Chamber oi Commerce and Reilley Brothers' Chevrolet are sponsoring the derby, Richard Martin, chairman oi the derby, said the program Includes a parade, an opening ad PAGE EDITORIAL . SOCIAL ..... PAtiK 8 SPORTS ..... PAGE 11 RADIO & TV . . PAGE IS COMICS ..... PAGE 14 CLASSIFIED . . PAGE 15 OB1TUARV . . . PAGE 15 devote more of his time to executive duties. The paper began to do a little letter. The additional news writ- tan by the boy, boosted circula- ion. Advertising gained a bit. Jul it was a tough and a long haul. Allan had two daily newspapers - ttnd at times three; and two weeklies. But young Couslev pert>ev$rad<' Time cam* when the number of papers was reduced to two, rj maiued at two. in 1913, he e• > was accelerated. Meanwhile, the staff had grown. Mr. Cousley was president ol the publishing company, and editor. His associate, the late John D. McAdams, same years before hqd come from the Alton Republican, and united with the Telegraph. Tliat com- binaUon carried on — Cousley us editor, McAdums us business manager, uitjl the death of the tetter. At (MUttt Every Hay Today, at the uge of 83, Paul B. Cuubley cuiues lo Uie office every day. and remain* until lus fath-iuuou. He conlci's. with his ton, John A. Cousley, then a young printer, joined the Telegraph in 1858; so as Paul B. Cousley ended 67 years, the Cousleys. father _ ... and son, had completed 102 dress by City Manager Graham years on Uie 124-yearold Tele-j\V Watt, an oil can derby (a j race between three businessmen i, anil un appearance from Gary Hemler. St. l^otris, winner of lusl .sear's Alton derby. Members ol Martin's committee art 1 : John Merry, clucf illJspwtor: Kenneth Titcluiel, „„ , While he lias been on the news «ta« 87 years, Paul B. Coualey has hud longer working time yet on the newspaper. For six years before becoming a reporter, he wus a carrier. Mr. "Well, I am years today. His time at than that of wv at the T«l*frapb. - gevity of emtUoyninJutae one wiiu pens these u, WSi jj^ Juw been at toe Tetograph a mere 41 yeui'b and 7 months. manager: Charles Sheppard, track layout; Charles Walters and Alviii \Vimuan, flagman at the finish line; Harold Miller, Robert Miller, Fred Czerney, and L. Allen Klone, committee nvem- bers. Women Irom Ihe Jaycee Auxiliary will ojiertite Uie refresh* ment staudb. Boy Scouts will wurk with Alton Police and the AUtjl Auxiliary Police in directing ,1raff it- lors already had made their ef-j seem unpredictable, fective calls. ! As the acknowledged front run-| III Side MuStS ner, Uie Massachusetts senator—' due here today—could point to banked-up support in every area still regarded as political open range in advance of the convention's formal opening Monday. If the platoon leaders of delegations from California, Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania consented to turn their ranks loose, there seemed little doubt that Kennedy would gaUierj a substantial majority of them into his camp. Five Slate* These five states could provide: 203 of the needed 7bl votes for! the nomination. For a man whose bitterest enemies concede him around tiOO on the first ballot, Kennedy regarded any delegate-freeing action in this group with high satisfaction. To keep Kennedy from storming Uie nomination fortress on the first •convention tally, Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas and other aspir- antii counted heavily on Minnesota and New Jersey from these five. In addition Uiey hoped that Kan- viet Union, totaling! _' lljlstead of liquidating them," are forthcoming convention now! These stah „.._ I $1,206,000 for the fiscal year be. j Khrushchev said, "they (ginning July 1, I960, show an j sti>e ngtJiemng Uiem." I increase of $1G2,994.19 over sim-i Mucn of llis s P ee '-'h was devoted • ilar grants for the previous year, i to what ne described as the sue- j cess of the seven-year plan intend- f'g rurirK-r i? | led to brint ? Soviet industry up to Alton Dentist Travels 155 Miles in Sailplane Dr. Joe rJmnus, Alton dentist of Mil-Spring Addn., Godfrey, Thursday in his Laister-Kaufman 10A sailplane soared from Gumbo. Mo. tu Marsh field, Mo. a distance of 155 miles. "As far as we know," said Mrs. Emons, "tins is the longest souring flight made Iran 1 Lubmusler airport at Gumbo." sas, with 21 votes, and Iowa, with 20, would slick with favorite son aovaiwini unlil there was a clmncefoi- a realignment after the iiiitiul roll cull. They professed to believe that Kennedy would lose supporl in indiuua, Mainland and Ohio on a second countdown. But U they had any other major reserves on which to draw, they were unable at the moment to point them out. Theirs was at beet hope that something might turn up quickly which* would drain away the Imposing lead Kennedy had built up. 'i'rlmupluU Uulry Kennedy scheduled what prom- bed to* have all ol the trappings „ Mrs . Rt ' * builds * >IMOIJK "' "*"' uw ^ beneath , hei> li su| l )lane and was °" »' during the six- hour flight. Dr. Emons achieved the distance by taking udvuirtage of thermal updraft*. At one time he soared to 7,200 feot. Al tukeul'i, Dr. lit)ions sailplane was towed to 2,000 feet by u Super Cub single-motor small plane, tie was released directly over Lobnmster airport. was near Aurora, Mo., 186 miles from Ihe takeoff nt. He came down 31 miles rt of the goal but, neverthe- >, staged "au «\ceijlionaJ la par wlU) that of the United Sign in the back window ] Slates. He conceded the spring of of a small, foreign economy j I960 had been a difficult one becar: "Quit honking! I'm I cause of bad weather but instead pedaling as last as 1 can." j urgent replanting would assure a <© I960, General Feature* Corp.) jgood crop 'M ., f . .•,.--.- :' In discussing the range of Uie new rockets, Khrushchev told the teachers Uie rackets can go 30.000 kilometers or 18,640 miles. Someone apparently called his attention lo Uie fact that Uie distance is 13,- OOU kilometers, or 8,077 miles. "I want to correct this—the distance is 13,000," Khrushchev said. flight," sailplane said. enthusiasts "This speech is being broadcast.' He said he wanted the correct Dr. Emons is u member of the j information to go to the Pentagon, St. Louis Soaring Assn. iand "13,000 is far enough." Mrs. Emons said her husband j is attempting to complete a ; ISi-mile flight to qualify for thej National Soaring Contest to be staged in Odessa, Tex., Aug. 1. Length of a sailplane flight, i Mrs. Emnns said, depends un the weathei. A day favorable to u long Ilight is one where "puffy, cumulus clouds" can be Brings Capture Of CHARLESTON. \V. Va., (AP) — observed in the sky, with under-/A slim lead — police «uid "am 1 surfaces flat, caused by cul-jof the worst" — led to the cap- unuib ot rising warm air. Sail iture ot un unemployed bus driv- planes, she said under uood con- f' ^'hu luwiwl usvuy about (350,- u'ill glide from Ihennal! 01 ^ oi stale money froin a for(to thermal. The international record sailplane flight has been established by un Arlington, Tex., pilot who stayed up long enough • to travel 335 miles over Texas, she ires*like concrete vault. State Police Lt. E. L. called the caih recovery one u/ the biggest from any crime in the nation's history Mia. Kiuoiui, who duos no pilot u sailplane, works in partnership with hei husband. "I am Uie ground crew and very «o- UiusiubUc about Ihe-fciwii," - h » said HAT A AT THE DAM

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