Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 31, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1957
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

t Junior Editor* Quiz on- BIBLE QUIZ QUESTION: How old was Jesus when he preached in th« temple? ANSWER: Jesus was only 12 when he amazed the wise men of the Temple of Jerusalem with His knowledge of the things of the spirit. Joseph and Mary had gone to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. On the road back to Nazareth they discovered Jesus was missing from the company. They returned to Jerusalem, and after searching for three days, found Him in the temple in the midst of the learned doctors, astonishing them with His questions •nd answers. Joseph and Mary were surprised, and the Bible records Mary •a asking: "Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? Behold thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing." Jesus answered: "How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that > must be about my Father's business?" He then joined a puzzled Joseph arid Mary for the trip to Nazareth. FOR YOU TO DO: Cu out this picture, past* It on xardboard •nd color it. Add it to your collection of Bible drawings. (A prize of $10 goes to Linda Sue Richey of Ht-nagar, Ala., for this question. If you have a good one, send it to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, In care of this newspaper. Monday: How do penguins hatch eggs on (ce?) fanned MAKE f RIENDS Times Herald, CarreH, lew* Saturday, Aug. 31, 195/ LITTLE LHX ft* Nowadays the pace that kills is any leisurely stroll across a busy highway. It is just as poor manners for a person always to insist on picking j his part, but he is also willing to up the check as to be slow about j let others do theirs, reaching for it. The person who is i It is a fault not to let others gracious to be around likes to do have a chance to, be generous, too. TIZZY By Kate Osann p CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE Imogen* lust loves her new formal—she bought it with money she worked out of her fatherl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraitk 51 8-31 «•!. U.». P„. ail. CHS) by WEA tirv.ti.lnc. ?Thls is the lest Hme I'm coming up here for a checkup, Doe till you promise me you'll go away for a rest!" "You know, I don't think Eddie Is serious—he said I could only keep his friendship ring for two weeks!" By No dine Seltxer "She did not spend the day cooking—she got It out of the freezer!" Pacific Isles Answer to Previous Puwl« T ACROSS 1 Wilkes and Peale are its sister islands in the Pacific 5 Howland, Jarvis and Baker Islands areU.S bases 8 Island is on the westerly edge of the Hawaiian group 12 Martian (comb, form) 13 Card game 14 Range 15 Islands (Fr.) 16 Collection of sayings 17 Russian news agency 18 Moor 19 Bestow 21 Born 22 Scoff 24 Leaves out 28 Sea eagles 28 Silkworms 29 Low haunt 30 Order (ab.) SI Shoshonean Indian 82 Novel S3 Discoverer of radium 35 Gastropod mollusk 88 Communion plate 39 Novices 41 Social insect 42 Machine parts 46 Consume 47 Pace 49 Exist (0 British princess 51 Withered 52 Contend 53 Row 54 Formerly 55 Sprite 56 High cards DOWN 1 Homeless children 3 Feminine appellation 8 Sharper 4 Goddess of the dawn 8 Winged, 6 Hebrides island 7 Horse color 8 Arabian shrub 9 Muse of astronomy 10 Sets anew N its 11 Facilitates 19 Salutation 20 Violent streams 23 Withstand 25 The Islands are in the North Pacific 27 Dirk 28 Eternities 33 Horse's gait 34 Speaks 36 Peaceful 37 Borrower 38 Antiquated 40 Those who (suffix) 43 Roof edge 44 Seed appendage 48 Kingman's is under control of the U.S. Navy 48 Fondle 50 Indonesian of Mindanao tT'f, fcfcc,y TO SEE WWV Wft.TfcU* \$ , SUCH s^p, A Name? BY EDGAR MARTIN TVAfVT iitii MT IA*T\ THE FIRST OP THE UtEVv $PfcC\fcS I'VE YvORKEP MOW \* I COUU? THVUK WRfc OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS GOODNIGHT.' I WALKED ALL THE WAY TO THE STORE AMP BACK AND POR&OT TO ©ST SOAP/ CAM SOU IMAGINE THAT 1 COULDN'T t EVEN REMEMBER FOUR X, THINSS "1 MUST BE \^ETTIN\DUMB/ OUR BOARDING HOUSI . . . wl*h ... MAJOR HOOPLI ESAO, MARTHA/SOON YOU'I g£ ABLE JO 6ANI6H OBNOXIOUS BOARDERS TO TlMBLlkJTU/— 'I'VE MADE AN EPOCHAL MUSIC DIS- kroviERV, AND THIS LETTER. VlILL ef ?IM6 OUR. P0GTUNE5 TO FLOOD TIDE-/—UA\ HOW ABOUT A VACATION LOLLING THERNlBRA OR IM A, POMArJ VILLA | I'LL "SETTLE- FOR A RIOTOU4 EV&NIM0 AT THE- MOVIES, „ A1I6TER CROBSOS/—I KNE\AJ| SOMETHING WA^ IM THE- WlMD RESIDES THE- LAUNDRY ~- VtoU'VE SEEM AS CAGEY A$ A MAM CUTTING HIS, M0&EV BEHIND A TWEE/ u-fljrr THE5& BALLOON HAVE A WAV OPjrfrfTA ^AT.'f tljll no CHINCHILLA . COAT THIS TIME ? 8-31 BUGS BUNNY / SURE THINS, ELMER! SIT DOWN AN' I'LL SHOWYA! BtKSSVS •• SCHOOL UNLAX! I > JUS' WANNA 80RREE VER SHOE! THERE 1 ! NOTHINJ' THROW.' FETCH IT, ROVER! •WATCH 'IM GO' PRISCILLA'S POP His Move BY AL VERMEER THAT NEIGHBORHOOD IS SETTING SHODDY.' IT'S GOING TO POT/ ALLEY OOP NOT ANY »^DON'T TELL) MORE, BOTTS. 1 ) ME THAT' IT'S QUITEJg* I JUST 1 NICE NOW.'W MOVED , . „ _„. . PROM • „ A Bird? BY V. T. HAMLIN OH, HE'S UP IM THE HILLS LOOKING FOR WONMUG... PROBABLY CAUGHT UP WTH HIM 9/ NOW. MORTY MEEKLE WELL, WMKT THE HECK DID NOU EXPECT TO SEE, A SHERMAN TANK? The Efficient Boss 8-31 BY DICK CAVALLf VOL) KNOW OUB RULE ON PERSONAL PHONE CALLS/ MEEKLE A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Smart Boy' BY MERRILL BLOSSER SEE, DADDY? BA70O OOBS MAV6 ENERfiy ANP AMBITION/ MMMF/MEP BETTER. &e CAREFUL , WITH NEW POWER MOWEg./ ALL CUr/ NOW I'LL TURN ON THE SPRINKLERS.' IT'S WORTH IT lb GET IN GOOO W(TW DAISYS PAD/ M PLEASE,SIR—I'LL DRV fT—POLISH" IT— OIL IT--- ANYTH/ NO I THE STORY OP MARTHA WAYNE Into a New Future CAPTAIN EASY BY WILSON SCRl'jQS WOWMILE ..JS ^TORTABL ^rA LOT MOsTl , aHBjaajpjaijaM licV CiMinu9y5Ai _ t •j^RCARK^gOMKXrABLB THWJVOUft HEWERS Wia BE w«EMX(Ser v\ 31 Despondent BY. LESLIE TURNIK KNOW WILL ffJUAMPIR

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