Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 30, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1957
Page 5
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More Space, Comfort From New Home Ideas A family room, more than any ether feature, makes a house modern. It is the first major Innovation in home planning since the old-fashioned parlor was dropped. Loan Easier When Added To Mortgage Thinking of re-roofing your home, adding a room, finishing an attic, or making some other major improvement? If so, it may pay you to find out if you can get an open-end mortgage loan, one of the least expensive and most convenient ways to borrow money for home modernization. An open-end mortgage is one which enables the home-owner, after he has repaid part of the principal of the mortgage on his house, to borrow more money from the mortgage holder and have this additional advance made part of the original mortgage at the original interest rate. According to a study by the U. S. Savings & Loan League, lending institutions in 32 states can safely make an additional advance under an open-end mortgage withodt a new title search. Other States Liberal Four states — Illinois, Michigan. Ohio, and Pennsylvania- require a title search but do permit additional advances. The remaining 12 — Delaware. Tennes- 1 gee, South Dakota, Kansas. Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, and North Carolina—have no final legal definition, but court decisions generally are in favor of giving an additional advance the status of the first lien to protect the lending institution. One reason many original mortgaging Institutions favor open end- mortgage loans is that most home improvements, such as a new roof of asphalt shingles or insulat- i Ing with mineral wool, actually Increase the value of the house. Protects, Beautifies A new roof, for example, protects the house from weather, adding to its lifetime, and the colorful asphalt shingles boost resale value of the house by making it more attractive. Lending institutions are generally enthusiastic about a homeowner's desire to insulate with mineral wood, since this insulation helps cut down fuel bills, often as much as 40 per cent, and the savings can be added to mortgage payments. For the same reason, lenders favor loans for storm sash which help save heating fuel, make a house more comfortable, and increase its value. Combination storm and screen windows and doors of ponderosa pine are favorites with home-owners because they can be painted to match or harmonize with other exterior colors. Windows and panel doors for all types of remodeling also are available in ponderosa pine from building materials dealers. Own Work Project Beats 'Happy Pills 1 Reach for a do-it-yourself project instead of a tranquilizing pill. That's the advice more and more doctors are handing out today to ease the tensions of modern living. A simple home improvement project can be both relaxing j so. But its type of construction and rewarding. will determine how well it is go- A popular do-it-yourself project ing to fit your needs over the is home insulation. Installing batts | years. Advantages, Disadvantages Listed— ' ' Type of House You Build Is More Important Than Its Style In many newer homes, this activity center is pushing the more formal living room close to the status of a parlor. Fortunately a family room is comparatively easy to add to almost any existing house. Sometimes a breezeway can be enclosed, or a pack porch or garage converted for family relaxation, while a new patio or covered car- or blankets of mineral wool is light j porch is economically built. wor j c wn , c h requires no special; The location of a breezeway, skills, uses ordinary tools and the' porch or garage, near the kitchen climb. Housekeeping fatigue is reduced. The single floor reduces repetition of installations required in houses with more than one floor such as baths, linen closets and telephone extensions. An impressive length of front exterior is possible. Outdoor living areas may be placed off bedrooms as well as off the other rooms. Its low height provides ease of maintenance. Disadvantages of the one • story There are many styles in hous-; house: Bedrooms are not removed By JOHN WALLACE (AP Newsfcatures) The type of house you're going to build is more important than its style. You can visualize how the house is going to look and you can even make changes in its style later on if you want to do TbuM Herald, Carroll, Iowa Friday, Aug. 30, 1957 is ideal for an informal recreation room. It gives a mother easy supervision over her children at play and the room is unseen from the front door and living room. Time-Saver Modern building materials, such as 4 by 8-foot panels of plywood, hardboard, insulation board and gypsum wallboard, save time and | labor in the conversion of existing space. The Construction Research Bureau recommends conventional framing with 2-by-4s spaced 16 inches on centers. This not only meets building permit requirements for wall framing, but also conforms to the sizes of standard wall panels. "Furnishing of a family room should be kept informal and serviceable in harmony with the purpose of this room," says the bureau. "Cheerful colors and tough surfaces should characterize material used. Since flooring naturally gets the most abuse of all building materials, a durable vinyl asbestos floor covering such as Kentile meets a maximum of tests for the family room. Factors to be weighed in planning a family room include: (1) material cost; (2) economy of installation; (3) resistance to wear, moisture, indentation and noise; (4) ease of upkeep; (5) pleasing color and design. Built-Ins "Bullt-ins can be used liberally in this room. In many cases a music wall is practicable. Grouping of built-ins may include TV, hi-fi record player and radio, tape' recorder, a pull - down movie ; screen, storage for card tables and ] a niche for a small piano. "When the kitchen is Hot part of; a family room, or adjacent to it, j as in the case of a recreation room i on the garage level of a tri-level house, a built-in countertop hot j plate for snacks can be a much- j used convenience. Running water j at a refreshment bar is another luxury as is a small refrigerator. finished job will mean more year- around comfort plus heating and air conditioning economy. ( The following diagrams show how mineral wool batts or blankets should be installed in areas accessible to the home handyman: Walls. For greatest comfort, wall insulation should be thick enough to fill the space between studs to its full depth. Fit blankets of insulation neatly in stud spaces (1), and cut batts to fit odd shapes. (2), Always leave flanges of vapor barrier at ends for stapling at top and bottom of wall. Keep the vapor barrier on the warm side of the wall and staple every six Inches along stud. A staple gun makes this go faster. Work the batt or blanket behind small water pipes (3), leaving vapor barrier Intact. es — ranch style, bungalow, Cape Cod, Tudor colonial, early American and Georgian, just to mention a few. However, there are only four basic types of houses. Each basic type can be varied to suit a particular style. Also each basic type has certain advantages as well as some drawbacks. This should be considered when you're deciding on the type of house you're going to build. The following guide can be helpful in selecting the" type best suited to your needs. The One-Story All of its habitable rooms are on one floor. The roof usually is pitched low because there is no headroom requirement between the ceiling and the roof. The roof height may vary according to the desired exterior design. The roof also may be constructed as a flat deck. The ceiling may be flat or it may follow the lines of the rafters. Advantages of the one - story house: There are no stairs to from the living and service areas and the bedroom windows are close to street eye level. This reduces bedroom privacy. Construction costs may be higher because of the size of the foundation and roof required and because of the additional land required for a greater house length. It is costlier to* operate, because of the heat loss in winter and the close proximity of the roof and sun to living quarters during the summer months. The Slory-and-a-half Here habitable rooms are on two floors, one above the other and the roof usually is high pitched with the eave just above the first floor windows. The high roof houses the second floor and because of its pitch the room area under it is smaller than the room area below. The room arrangement usually follows this pattern: the living and dining rooms plus the kitchen, bath and one or more bedrooms on the first floor; two or more bedrooms and a bath on the second floor. Advantages of the story-and-ahalf: There Is a saving in construction cost. The foundation size is much less than it would be if all rooms were on one floor. Exterior wall framing is minimized because the roof does two jobs;, it is a cover and it forms the second floor living area. The second floor takes advantage of heat j which normally would be lost through the roof of a one story ( house. Some bedrooms may be removed from living and service areas to permit privacy and quiet. Disadvantages of the story and a half: The housekeeper must climb stairs. The height of the roof is such that it gives a top heavy appearance. With heat coming up from the first floor, it is more difficult to cool the second floor. Maximum insulation is required for the upper area because of its proximity to the roof. The Two Story In this type habitable rooms are on two floors, one above the other, and its floors usually are of the same square footage. All bedrooms usually are on the second floor. Its upstair rooms usually 1 have level ceilings, and the roof •sits on top of the upstair rooms. Advantages of the two story: • You get maximum square foot liv- . ing area for the cost of the house; i the foundation and roof are just half the size of the over-all square footage. All bedrooms can be removed from the living and service areas for quiet and privacy. Heating costs are reduced because the second floor gets the ad vantage of rising heat first floor. This type large house to be built on a mod est sized lot. Disadvantages of the two story: i Its tall, narrow exterior appear- j ance usually demands an addi- > tional expenditure to "dress up" its facade. Exterior maintenance ! is difficult because of the height : of the second floor and the roof, i The housekeeper must climb i stairs. Resale may be difficult be• cause statistics show that the two- 1 story house is not the preferred type of home for the average American family. The Split Level Here habitable rooms are on three or more levels, each level being about a half flight up or down from its adjacent level. The grade level, with its concrete floor, usually is occupied by the garage, a play or family room and other areas for informal living. The living and dining rooms and the kitchen are on the next higher level. The next level up provides bedroom space and. occasionally, still another level above offers additional bedroom space. Advantages of the split level: The various areas of the house can be set apart effectively. SUir climbing is held to a minimum because adjacent levels usually ,are only half a flight up or down. Garage cost Is reduced by having an area within the main strife* from' thejture for auto storage. Many posri- permits a j bilities for interesting exterior design are offered because of tlje different roof heights. Disadvantages of the split level: Construction is more costly,' because the various levels complicate framing and break • up continuous finishing. Heating installations are complicated because of the length of the house and the various levels; insulation becomes an important factor. Exterior grading of the land is more involved. REMODELING? BUILDING? NEED REPAIRON FLOOR COVERING or COUNTER TOPS? WE INSTALL • Inlaid Linoleum • Formica • Wall Covering • Floor Tile • Carpet WE REPAIR Wall and Floor Coverings FREE ESTIMATES Large or Small Sample! shown to you your homo, In Dial 4175, Alvln l^etnrlche or 9923, Matt Furniture MATT Furniture Experts Defied by Mystery Material j Wood is one of nature's most ] mysterious materials. Although easily worked with simple tools, it will last for a millenium if properly protected. In Oslo, Norway, the 1,300th anniversary was recently held of a church of timber construction. Even the pegs holding the timbers together were wood. A temple at Kyoto, Japan, is a venerable 1,350 years old, and generally conceded to be the oldest wooden building in the world today. There are homes built of wood along the eastern seaboard which go back 250 years, probably the most famous of older homes being Mt. Vernon and Monticello. Out along the Pacific slope where 100 years span the life of an empire, the West Coast Lumbermen's Association reports homes still in use that were built of stout Douglas fir lumber 80, 90 and even 100 years ago. To insure your home's lasting for generations, the lumbermen urge homeowners to exert reasonable diligence in maintenance. An occasional coat of paint will protect outside walls. Roof and gutters should be kept in repair so that wood walls, windows and trim do not become water soaked. Ceilings. With vapor barrier down on warm side of ceiling, fit insulation tightly In place between Joists. No stapling Is necessary, but ends of insulation blankets should fit tightly together. For the most effective Job, the mineral wool should he a minimum of three inches thick. Six-inch batts are recommended for air conditoned or electrically heated homes. Water Heater Vital Equipment in Home | The water heater Is one of thei most used pieces of equipment in j the home. For this reason it; should be chosen carefully fori size, efficiency and durability. No one knows exactly how many j billions of gallons of hot water are! used daily in the nation's homes | but, during the past few years,; the amount has been increasing by leaps and bounds. We use 80 per cent more hot water than we do cold and, according to surveys, turn the hot water faucets and valves in the typical home on 140 times, or more, each day. A lot of the increasing use of hot water is due to our awareness of hot water's value as a means to a cleaner, healthier life. We bathe once or oftener daily and wash dishes and clothes more often with hotter water. The introduction of labor-saving automatic clothes washers and automatic dish washers is also re- Here's How to Modernize Old Bathtub An old-fashioned bathtub can be readily modernized by the home craftsman. Storage space is provided by extending the enclosure leyond the end of the tub. If the tub is one with exposed pipes, install a door, for easy access to the plumbing. The framework is made of 2 by 2-inch lumber. The paneling is made of 1 by 12-inch lumber or tileboard. The base of the frame | should be positioned on the floor so : the dimensions can be determined.; When fastening the sole to a wood-i en floor, use 8-penny nails. For tile j floors use an adhesive or drill holes in the tile for expansion an-, chors and screw the sole in place. Cut the uprights 2% inch shorter j than the lip of the tub if paneling' is used. Assemble the uprights to ; the top plate. Slide the completed sections in place under the lip of ! the tub and toenail to the sole and to each other. Attach the paneling, i Apply caulking where the tub and paneling meet. Make the door, planing 1/16 inch from all edges for clearance. Hang the door. Add door pulls and friction catches. Recess the hinges. oc STOCK •moral LomtHr RtamfietiirtM taoeliUM Asphalt Shingles Handy for Motoring A few asphalt shlngVes tossed into the trunk of your car now may get you out of a tight spot next winter. Placed under the rear wheels, the shingles give good traction when the car is stuck in snow or on ice. This traction comes from the mineral granules embedded in the surface of the asphalt shingles, giving them the rough toughness of rock for long service on a roof. The granules also give the shingles color, for pigments are fired into them by a ceramic process before they are applied. Build a New Fence for Privacy and Protection DAMPEN SANDPAPER Sandpaper will last longer, work better, and resist cracking if the paper back is dampened slightly. Homes Rate as Smartest Buy Homes are the nation's best arid most useful investment for a family, a national authority on home construction reports. The reliable West Coast Lumbermen's Association says a homeowner can generally get his investment back when selling a home, after having it nearly rent free for the time he has lived in the home. In many cases, owners have sold in excess of purchase price. This observation followed announcement of the U. S. Census Bureau that home ownership was on the increase, up from 44 per cent of family spending units in 1949, to 54 Rer cent in 1957. Homes owned by occupants increased from 20 to 28 million in the same A handsome fence around your yard or patio will let you live alone when you lijce it. Besides adding value and privacy to your property, these two fir plywood fences are so easy to build that the aver- Maurice Cochrans Leave on Vacation Trip to Colorado (Timet Herald New* Servlee) LANESBORO - Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cochran and Gayle left Wednesday for Colorado on a vacation trip. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis and children spent a week and two days in Kansas where they visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoke and with other relatives. . Mr. and Mrs. Merle Dial and sons and Mr. and Mrs. John E., ... . . , Toyne and daughter returned j shelf for P °A te . d . p l? nts ' age do-it-yourself fan will have no I trouble with them. \ The most ^difficult part about j building these fences is digging j the holes for the fence posts. The j ends of the posts which will be' underground should be soaked in j wood preservative, and all ply- \ wood edges should be thoroughly painted. An important point to remember is to choose only exterior type fir plywood with its completely water- . t proof glueline. j T-l-11 Fence The fence with the smart verti- j cal grooves fs made with Texture j One-Eleven fir plywood, which has deep shadow lines already sawed into the face of the panel. This | fence is simply a framework of! 2x4's which has panels of T-l-11 nailed to the framework in sections. Alternate areas are left impaneled on one side to provide a j SAVE LAUNDRY SPACE A sturdy platform to hold a clothes dryer above a washer solves a space problem in small laundry rooms. If both appliances have front openings and controls the platform is ' built directly above the washer, using v 4 inch plywood for the top, and legs made out of pipe or by 2 x ! lumber. New Modern ELECTRIC FIXTURES For Your Home 150 Smart New Modern Styles IF YOU'RE REMODELING OR PLANNING TO BUILD. You'll want to see these cheerful modern fixtures. They'll add charm to every room. Also Early American or period designs. Prices reasonable. — HEIRES ELECTRIC CO. sponsible for additional water con- j pe , r j oc * sumption. We take hot water for granted and expect, at the turn of a faucet, to get it instantly in the right amount and at the right temperature. Fuses Blowing? Heed the warning, your appliances are overloading your wiring system. ir Could Bt Serious! ^Better let us check into it. Modern Living Needs Modern Wiring Coast-to-Coast Give Your Home A Well-Groomed Look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE PAINTS for * Low Cost i Low Upkeep » Durability Rettenmaier Drug 118 W. 5th -~ Diet 280$ Most consumer goods, the lum bermen point out, depreciate in \ corah value, but not homes. This is especially true of automobiles which may lose two-thirds of their purchase price in two or three years. What do you look for In a home? Homes with the best resale value, the lumber association points out, are built of wood. They are framed in a sturdy long-lasting wood such as Douglas fir, and are sided in attractive lumber of many patterns in either fir, west coast hemlock or western red cedar. Inside the home, nine out of ten U. S. housewives ask for wood paneled walls, cabinets and built-ins. home Thursday from Wyoming, where they visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Toyne. Roger and Kathy Tapps are spending the weekend at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leone Tapps, in Richards. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Launspach returned Tuesday night from a trip to Racine, Wis., On their way back they stopped at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lass in. De- where Connie and Jean Launspach stayed for the wee k. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Launspach drove to Hampton, where they had a picnic with Mr. and Mrs. Lass and were joined by their daughters. Mrs. William Merritt and daughters returned home Friday night after spending a week at the cabin of an aunt and uncle at Winona^ Minn. Mrs. Melissa Whelan returned home from a week's visit with her sister, Mrs. Francis McCoy, in Des Moines. She also visited other relatives there. Moke' Fence | The name of the Moke' fence ] comes from an obsolete English \ word which means to weave. This type of fence allows some breeze to filter through, but it still maintains the privacy of your yard. ; It's constructed by cutting a pattern into the exterior fir plywood panels and inserting a long dowel. When this decorative pattern is slit into the plywood with a keyhole saw and interlaced with a wooden dowel, it forms an eye-; catching enclosure for any type of yard. \ A free plan which shows how to j build both of these fences is avail-; able by writing Douglas Fir Ply- i wood Association, Tacoma 2, Washington. PLIERS STAR DRILL AID A pair of vise-grip pliers is an efficient and knuckle-saving a i d when drilling holes in concrete with a star drill. The pliers hold the drill firmly, make turning it easier, and keep hands away from possible misses with the hammer. One Gallon SEIDLITZ HOUSE PAINT with purchase of 5 gallons SEIDLITZ House Paint or Primer OR buy fewer than 5 gallons at $1.00 OFF per gallon! Reg. Price $6.95 Gal. GREEN BAY LUMBER CO. Carroll, lew* ATTENTION! IS THIS^ YOUR HOME! IF SO THIS!! Now You Can Have C.A.C. (Continuous Air Circulation) . With All New General Motors Gas or Oil Furnaces Sold by Drees Heating Co. To ftt your needs ... CM Delco offers a complete line of gu or oil-fired eondl- tlontlr* . , . warm air, hot water and ateam hatting system. • Prepare) now tor thooe first chilly fsB days. Be equipped to enjoy the oom- fort and pleasure of quiet; even automate heating. General Motor* Delco engineered heating system* assure you the right temperature automatically without annoying variations ... provide years o( low-cost, trouble* free service. Every Delco Coaditionsir is designed for adding a Delco residential air conditioning unit, easily ... any time ... at low cost. Enjoy double savings from initial cost and low monthly fuel bills. You can easily afford the finest in nationally-known modem heating equipment with low monthly payment*. • pmum home beating survey. Call us today. IT IS NOW POSflBLi TO HAVI. • • A Modulated Flew of Warm Air Coming Out of Ivory RogUtar 24 Hours « Day With tht Modtrn Mill 99ACH Comfort Control System, Join tht Thou, lands of Comfortablt "PALM $tACH m Ownort ly Having Us Install tht "PAUH 99ACH' on PRESENT Funsca. SEE A FREE DEMONSTRATION In the Office of FIDE EC HEATING lef ItEEiaT COMPANY 409 North Carroll — Carroll, tows

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