Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 8, 1960
Page 2
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TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Meany Urges Economic GrowthPlank in Platform By OVID A. MARTI* LOS ANGELES (AP^-AFL-CIO 1 President George Meany pre- |dicl"d (o Domorratir convention philforni drafters tf)day that gov- prnmrnt unemployment figures will show a "frightening" .lump! jof nearly our million during..Turn*, i ! This increase, he said, would br [the largest May to June jump in; (the johlnss total since end of 1 iWorld Wur II. * 1 Urging government policies, eyed to stimulating greater eco-j nomic growth, Meany said thel Ike, Herter To Discuss CubanCrisis Some showers are pxpected for HIP coast of North Carolina and southeast Florida with scattprpd showers and thundcrshowprs over tlip northern Plains, the Rockies and northwest CONTINUED PLEASANT Texas. It will be warmer in New York and southern New England and the Lakes with some cooling for the northern Plains and the Pacific Northwest. (AP Wircphoto Map) No First Ballot Victory, Kennedy Backers Agree By JACK BELL Alton and vicinity — Some cloudiness but considerable sunshine today. Continued pleasant. the high in the low 80s. Partly i cloudy and a little warmer I night, the low in the upper 60s. Johnson of Texas, Sen. Stuart I increasing cloudiness and warm- By MARVIN I,. ARROW SMITH NEWPORT. R. I. (API-President Eisenhower and Secretary country is on the road to stagna-! 0 f state Christian A. Herter will tion. not to growth. discuss the Cuban crisis at a Other sources indicated they ex-i conference here this weekend, per! the jobless figure will jump James C. Hagerty. White House' j from about S'-i million to about j press secretary, today announced! 4% million and the unemployment i plans for the conference at Ei- rate to soar to about 5'4-per cent! senhower's vacation headquar- of the nation's work force. tors. Meany's criticism of present The meeting will be held Sun- economic conditions was made in;day or Monday, Hagerty said, testimony for a convention resolu- Herter, now on vacation at tions committee which has indi- i Manchester, Mass.. plans to re- cated it will endorse a plank | turn to Washington Saturday and promising to' stimulate the econ-jwill come to Newport from the omy. i capital. In similar testimony before the; Hagerly also announced the to _ | committee Thursday Walter Reu- j President will meet with Dr. ther, president of the United Auto j George B. Kistiakowsky, his sci- Workers said economic policies of encp adviser, and about 16 mefn- NEW KITTY AT HOME FRIDAY, JULY 8, I960 D/rer* From Sunken Blimp LAKEHURST, N.J. (APl-Div- ers started bringing up today the bodies of crewmen killed when a blimp crashed and san|| 15 miles off the New Jersey coart. The blimp, a 403-toot giant among present day alrahlp*. buckled in flight Wednesday and crashed off Barnegat inlet. Four crewmen were picked up then, but one died later. Seventeen others were missing and presumed dead. The first body recovered from 55 feet of water at 9:15 a.m. was that of Henry V. Godbold, ta\ airman, of Conway, S.C. Two others were brought up from the gondola of the sunken blimp in the next hour and a half. They were Steve B. Thompson, machinist mate 3.C., of Rt. 7, Box 28, Spartansburg, S.C., and Lt. (J.G.) Richard V. Hall, of Beachwood, N.J. The USS Salvager, a navy sal- vagf lifting vessel, arrived at thr scene from NPW York Thursday night and took over on the scene command of the salvage opera- lions from the destroyer McGowan. LOS ANGELES i APi-Rcalistic Symington of Missouri and thosei e ,. Saturday, the high in the up- suppWtcrs' conceded today they, attempting to draft Adlai E. pei . s 0 s. can't put Sen. .John K. Kennedy |; Stevenson may have won the first; of Massachusetts o\ci on the first : skirmish in what is developing- ballot for the Democratic presi-. into a fratricidal contest of major: Extended dential nomination. proportions. Instead, these strategists concentrated on a second roll-call A .^.... VMiT 0 „„,. ....... „,,,,,.„.,.«.„, blitz they believe will deliver thelhave enveloped a majority of thei a " ove t h e Eisenhower administration be rs O f the Science Advisory Com-! have slowed industrial growth tojmjtti.p m . x t Tuesday. Hagerty de- a point where the nation's future i scribed that conference as routine. I is threatened by a more rapid: Hagerty did not elaborate about; Communist expansion in this area, the forthcoming discussion of the Meany's unemployment forecast; Cuban crisis. He said Eisenhower California Vote* Illinots ~ Temperatures will ;and warnings of possible further and H erter also will talk over; Kennedy's outriders appeared to i avora K p unenr "0™™ to 3 de " i downturns took platform attention ot h P1 . international problems. _u „,„ Normal j f or tnp t j m(1 being from a EAST ST. LOUIS, III.—Nancy Lynn Drake, 6, (left) and her sister, Sharon Jean, 10, with their 7-month-old 40- pound Cheetah. The yellow and black cat arrived from Africa last week at Mrs. Everett Drake's home in East St. Throughout the night, divers de- normal. prize in the party convention powerful 81-vote delegation from opening Monday. California. There were disput- And if they can't snaK the goldi c( j reports that Gov. Edmund G.j the second go-around, Brown will lower his favorite son 15-?°' hlUnday The President and his wife ar- i ., „, souh ' NVarm ring on they were saying they can outlast any of the other contenders even if a half needed. dozen countdowns are This possibly significant change: in tactics indicated Democrtic Leader that Senate Lyndon B. Rockefeller Urges Tests BeResumed NEW YORK (AP)—Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller wants the United States to resume underground nuclear testing *as a step toward armament control. in nnrth taT tal potenlla " y PX P lo " lve tU8sle wer a rived in this New England resort '."..T* 1° ! 2 ,! n ! «vil rights plank. a ,, ea from Washington late ^ urs . A parade of nearly 40 witnesses, day aftcrnoon . ^^ hopp to stny appeared before the d r a f t e r s ;) ' mont ), Khrushchev Hints Soviets R - *• Cwieel Mav Sign Separate Treaty and A little! Monday. flag in favor of Kennedy's candidacy. Kennedy's lieutenants were said io have penetrated the Pennsylvania delegation with the result 'that he might get a sizable share) of that state's 81 votes on the first j ballot. i i Constant observers said Mayor I Richard Daley of Chicago would j ibe. ready to deliver all but about; i 14 of Illinoi^' 69 votes to Kennedy. '• |The Massachusetts senator was! i credited with about .100 of New! j York's 114. j But when they added up all of these victorious forays, Kennedy's staff strategists agreed they had not destroyed the main body of the enemy represented by his rivals for the nomination. Warming trend Tuesday and Wednesday. Precipitation will total less than one-half inch in Thursday to demand that the party pledge itself to use of full powers of the federal government — VIENNA (APi—Nikita Khrush- question." chev hinted today that Soviet Un- The United States, West Gei- They had vacationed here in j 0 n may sign a peace treaty with j many and Italy all have protested; 1957-58, so they are anything but showers over the weekend and j , egislative and exe cutive as well! newcomers. The reception they * i ..I***..i _•» I •*-o*™* " ! :..—Jl»,r*.«« «-lmiU4 itVtniit f V\r»r No Headway Specifically, they seemed to "The primary necessity for any successful negotiation of arms control is the correction of today's military unbalance ju^order to make the deterrent force of America truly secure against destruction," the Republican governor says. "The vulnerability' of this force, along with our inferiority to So-, viet forces in specific areas, places America near a posture of ! have made no headway in their attempt to win over three favorite sons —Govs. Robert B. Meyner appealing, ing." rather than negotiat- again abost Wednesday. Parking Restored On Belle as the oburtB-to eliminate racial! iweiwd left no doubt about that, discrimination in schools, em-: "'hen *<* »* to Ft ' Ad «™' ployment, housing and other fields \^ naval «*»« summer White £ { , i{e House, the President and his lady , This'demand brought a grave |«» kpd <"™ s ** <™Jked in «« I but calm warning from Sen. Spe S -j latp . a{tcrnoon sunl 'S ht across a I sard L. Holland of Florida that a spacious to the summer Communist East Germany in;to Ranb against Khrushchev's at- Louis, sent by her sister, Mrs. Daniel tended into the 55-foot deep wa- COX, Whose husband is on teaching ar- i ter as searchlights played on the sienment in north Africa. Dogs in the j scene. neighborhood are steering clear of the The other t hree ZPGSW typo new "kitty". (AP Wirephoto) blimps in Navy service were grounded today by the command— --..-- - - pr , Naval Air Forces Atlantic Fleet, located in Norlfolk. Va , pending a determination of the cause of the crash. His order wns a formality. The commarider of the group to which the ill-fated blimp belonged has kept her sister ships on the ground since the crash. All three Russell R. Casteel. vice prepare based at the Naval Air Sla- ident of Olin Mathieson Chemi- tion here. tacks on them during his visit. ;<•«' Corp.. East Alton, was eleot- will tell you a secret" O" e correspondent asked the ed to the board of directors of Khrushchev told correspondents 1 Premier: what is "your message" j un j or Achievement of Mississ- in Vienna. to the Democratic party conven.: JDDJ Va ,, ev _ Jn( ._ a< a rccept September. "I West Germany that the West Ger man Federal Parliament may to the tion which • next week? j in Los Parts of the blimp were brought to the surface Thursday night. They included a piece of the port ; engine, the t op engine cowl and the Khrushchev' replied that he did (stockholders Louis. meeting in St ., en gine outside the gondola. Parking again .nissable on the Belle street between W. 3rd and W. 4th today. The ordinance to restore some parking on the east side of Belle became effective following the official publication period, and dual-headed meter standards for of New Jersey, Herschel C. Love-i four parking stalls were install- plank of this nature would drive | many Southerners from the party. ! In another facet of the econo- i mic situation, President James G. Patton of the National Farmers Union called for a farm plank became per- pledging to boost agricultural east side of prices and income. He recommended a return-to wartime and postwar government farm price supports and crop controls. Patton's program — which already had been written into an advisory group's tentative draft of the Democratic farm plank- is in sharp contrast to thai of the whltp Hou on the shore ot Nai - less of Iowa and George Docking of Kansas. There are 88 convention 'votes represented in this group. Neither did they have an assurance that Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota would join their camp with the 50-odd votes he still seems to control despite his with- ed Thursday afternoon by the meter maintainers, James 'Stroud and George Reynolds. The Belle street ordinance eliminates a bus stop on Belle, permitting its transfer to W. 3rd at Belle, and also eliminates two parking meters on W. Third at Belle. ragansett Bay. Ahead of them was a 19th Century frame residence, cream-colored and trimmed in white, where they had enjoyed an Indian summer two years ago. Thirty minutes after arriving, the President was off to the Newport Country Club where from 4:45 p. m. until dusk he flayed 18 holes of golf. On the 18-hole round, the President played with an old friend, in West Berlin in Septan-• not think tne D « anocrat8 wanted ber. This is another provocation, i an - v , message from him. "It would be tactless if we, in. "We will consider with our ;tWg t momem wou]d take j friends Otto Grotewohl and Walter) initiative," he added. Ulbricht whether it would be DOS-! ,., t algo would ^ an _ _ sible to sign at this time a peace ence to ^ internal affairs of the treaty with the German Demo-j United States We have t re . A«r.4.: n Y>«*11« /C*«rt4- r^M«*>Mnn*f 1 '* spect for the people of the United cratic Republic (East Germany). "This," he continued, "would mean that all members of the West German Parliament would have to ask for a visa from the Re-elected as board chairman for the forthcoming year ya.= F. Spoehrer of Spor- Valve Co. Also re-elected j was Wayne Lutyens of Arthur It also would be an interfer- i Andersen & Co.. who is presi. dent. Junior Achievement is a business education program designed, to teach youth the fundamentals of American business under the free enterprise sys- 2 Divorces jU ran ted By Judge Si East German government in or- j elections." der to return to West Germany.' States and we believe the people do not need our message, especially at Jhis time when they are getting ready for their presidential j tem George E. Allen, who accompan- i Earlier Khrushchev had em- ied from Washington; How- ; phatically declared that he con- Eisenhower admirtisrrattofL The i ard ; ^^ushing, president of (headers West Berlin to be on the latter has worked toward lower ' Newport Country Club, and Jim- [soil of East Germany. drawal from the nomination con-| This majies it possible for all test after two primary defeats at the city Buses to stop on W. 3rd, Butterworth ithe hands of Kennedy. ; In their pitch for this j bloc, the Kennedy forces thereby vital j transfer providing point for supports and fewer controls.''-' SIU Announces Guidance Tests EDWARDSVILLE — Students uniform]planning to enter Southern Illi- passengers, nois University this fall may mie Fljjjfl&ififcthe club pro, son of; Khrushchev compared Chaneel- i Johnnie, 'orif.of golfdom's greats >J 0 r Konrad Adenauer to Hitler ' a. generation 'ago. i At the nine-hole mid-point of the i round at the edge of the Atlantic, Gushing dropped put of play and was replaced by Jarnes C. Hagerty, Eisenhower's press secretary. "They clobbered us," reported Cushing who had been playing with Allen against the -President were! There now is an 85-foot bus-stop take guidance tests at the SIU again and said the West German leader would be smashed "if he attempted to touch" any country in the Communist bloc. Khrushchev blasted Adenauer in answer to a question at a news conference in the closing hours of his nine-day state visit to Austria. He apologized to Chancellor Jul- Officers are Ed Paynic, vice president; Wes Eberhart, secretary; George Paynic, treasurer. on the extent of the drubbing. marks on Austrian soil but saidi Rhoda is the Greek feminine and Farrell. There was ho detail I jus Raab for making such Alton's Junior Achievement Genter is located at 502 E. 6th During the 1959-60 Junior p* Yj- 1 "D 01. i<ruuiiK "ic lutiu-w tjuiuuL b rey Heads JtOtary Achievement year there were 17 d t -••¥» '•'•' 'Junior Achievement Companies ub at KoXana ,i n operation at the center. . ROXANA — Sidney W. Freyv Mutineers' Descendant* *" was installed as president of the; T ne inhabitants of Pitcatrn Rotary Club at the Wednesday j island are said to be the de- evening dinner meeting at the First Presbyterian Church and. following the dinner, Frey conducted an assembly and appointed officers. scendanls of the mutinous sailors from H.M.S. Bounty, who landed on the island in 1790. Two divorces were granted Thursday at the mid-week session of Alton City Court conducted by Judge 1. H. Streeper. Mrs. Evelyn Sansone obtained divorce from Gus Sansone of 1223 Washington Ave. on grounds of cruelty, and under the decree was given cus tody of their son, 12. The plaintifl is to retain the household goods, and the defendant is to keep ar automobile. Mrs. Marion J. Tutt obtained divorce from Hanry A. Tutt of 3310 Leo St: on a showing o! cruelty, and her former name <X McKinley wa» restored the de cree provides the plaintiff retair .their household goods, and that the defendant retain their aut* mobile and- a television set. friend. Chairman Frank O. Prior President John E. Swearingen. Effective Jan. 1 It would take effect Jan. 1,1961. The officers said the new company, combining product refining, i fhn * hm . 'said to have held out the bait of! zone on the north side of 3rd,'center in East St. Louis on SM-i The President and Mrs. Eisen- it was his "duty not to evade any'name meaning "a rose." bv a vice presidential nomination for,east of Belle; and there is ajurday. ihower landed at Quonset Point. -'- -- — andi Gov- Orville L - Freeman of Min-j 100-foot bus zone on the southj Designed to aid faculty mein-|R. j., anc j got an enthusiastic wel- nesota. Humphrey's best political! side of 3rd opposite Belle. jbers in counseling students. the! come f ror n a crowd of about 5,000 A long mid-block loading zone and ng brand name American. Its headquarters would he in Chicago as would Standard's. Purpose of the reorganization, the officers said in a letter to stockholders, is "increased profit- So if there is to be a second j a i so is established on the east ballot, Kennedy's friends said! s id e of one-way Belle. It is des- they are ready. It is on this count j i gna ted for joint use of all busi- they hope to crack open the re- ness establishments in the block UO.U.HU.™«,-.«»... -> ; .....j, i trpmi f rft w d t e l would be known as American Oil . ,, , , . ana tneir patrons, Co. Its gasoline, would carry the take Humphreys forces into! One-hour parking Js permitted camp ' |at the four new metered stalls Bundwation | on the east side of Belle between Even if Kennedy fails to reach j 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday the magic total of 761 needed for!through Saturday, but is forbid- the nomination on this second)den on Friday evenings, the test, some of his strategists said;weekly shopping night when i they don't think any other candi- i (;r owded traffic prevails in the 29 to Be Drafted tests are used as a basis toj headed b y Rhode Island Gov. award scholarships and to sec- j Christopher Del Sesto. tion English and mathematics j ability." The proposed prop-am will be | date can come close enough to one-way block, submitted to a special meeting of u p set tne bandwagon they believe The new ordinance provides stockholders, probably next Sep-! stil1 W 'P bp rollin s ^ them on no loading or parking shall be tember. subsequent counts. permitted on the east side of the L. W. Moore, now president of National Chairman Paul M. strcet there from 6 to 9 p.m. on American Oil, would continue as! ButIer Predicted the nomination Fridays. chief executive officer and presi-j wl11 comc in not mmv tha » tnrep dent. Swearingen would ibe presi-i ballots dent and chief executive officer of Rob( ' rt G &*ker, secretary of Standard. The office of board j the U.S. Senate majority and a chairman of Standard would be Johnson backer, expressed confi-j In July. August HiK/vtntinnad AMP 2S nmn the re- dence the Texas senator will pulli oisconunuBU Aug. AI upuu uic ic-. . __ , ,, . , vn\VARTic\;n i IT A tnJoi ni tirpment of Prior within 25 votes of Kennedy on the M->«AKDJ»vlLLfc. — A total or u* .. ™, wrr . PH« y* -»- - - K -• - * l n ^, —, J- •-- ^±"3te •bS!,, Pa S : 0" »» »•» » U. *„,„„,!«rri«. hMawrtm hm dun* to concentrate on overall policy 'Johnson himself said in San Fran-| Ju| .v and August for induction into guidance, coordination or opera> i8t> ° «»« Kennedy had "lost more; lh«- _armed for.-os. i tiow. evaluation of performance !«*«* »• the last week than he Sixty-onv young men will report j and planning for future growth. 'P ieked "P )n the ha "dful of con-.during the period for physical ex-j ••Since all assets are wholly '• tested Pomades he entered." animation. j owned the value of each stock- "' *"***** «»< the delegates LViu-s the youths will i«portj holder's equity as represented by' uri ' a litt|p tirpd of havi "g their!'m induction are: July 21, foun hib shares of'Standard Oil stock )nmds mftde U P for the '» '" the.lrom Kd\vards\ille and foui- Tn ; will ivmain unaficcu-d by the 'headlines," Johnson said. "This is t'ities area; July 25, seven from i c-haiiijc Increased efficiency and; on( ' ba «dwagon that is going in Alton area; August 22, one from: ntlucwl cosls will result." " : ivu-rsc." Kdwardsvillc Tind seven from Tri-! classes; according to Dr. Howard V. Davis, director of student affairs for the university's southwestern campus. Beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m., the tests will be held in room 113 of the SIU center, 909 Ohio, East St. Louis. The tests, open to prospective freshmen whether or not they have applied for admission to SIU, will be given at the Easl St. Louis center again on Aug. 10. and at the Alton center on Firemen Extinguish Automobile Blaze At 2:35 this morning an unidentified person passed the home of Sheldon Trout, 127 E. Elm St., and noticed that Trout's car was on fire. Trout was awakened and told he should call the fire department. Engine Company No. 3 responded to the call and extin- July 22 and Aug. 20. guished the blaze. Firemen re- Taking them in advance wMl!P° rt * d dnma B e to tne ir nt seat expedite matriculation, Davis !™ d smuke damage to the inter- snid .or of the car. Asst. Fire Chief Warren Gra- There are more than 250 ski resort areas in the United States. hie suid the fire apparently started from a lighted cigarette. Tn (imlimif \uinr "In the East and South,' the lellfi continued, "our uniqut unleaded premium gasoline will con tinui- to IK- branded Amoco In lj Midwest states the pareni company has for many years uuned the right to the exclusive use of the Standard Oil name \\e will continue to use and protect I hi; Standard name by murkctinK in the ftfldwent through a Standard OH division of thf American Oil Co." Standard Oil <Iitd.) is a leiiuei, tramporter and markelar of pet roleum products in 15 Midwest ttateg; Utah Oil in 5 northwestern «t tat, and Auiwican Oil in thi 28 ranalaing contuiwiul vtatet> of Honduras is with a population of SO,I Bella-donna is nightshade herb. 1 reverse. There was speculation lliat if Citu-s area; ;loinier l*iv.sident Harr\ S Tru- truin Hie Alton area Miian changes his mind and attend* next week's convention i he ulitiiiiiitr tienefici<iry nl this visit might bc> Johnson. Truman, who is backing Sym- iiiKiun. bowed out as a Missouri delegate and said he would not attend the ixih Angeles party meeting becauw he contendwi it was riKK«i for Kennedy. Bui House Speaker Sam Rayburn ot Tevus, phiKKin« for Johnson Ujld a news cunfwemv Truman had hintwi he might change his mind and In- on hand for the cumeniion. Supporu-rs <>l JnliiiMjii and Sym-j in^ton have I>M'II bus> conterniijj 'Ilieie were re|joi'l>, liiat Johnson's mwi were mging withdrawal of tilt' Miktioui i senator in Johnson's favor. and August 31. si\; a poisonous TREAT YOURSELF TO liundry-Uvfly Shif Ru|t! You'll bt tickled! CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE ON DAVID BRADLEY CHAIN LINK FENCE HEY KIDS! Tom Thrift .. sends a special " invitation to all boys and girls who are member^ of the Germanja Savings G-MAN club, to come to a boating party. TIME: 10:00 to 4:00 , DATE: July 9, 1960 PLACE: AHon Motor Boat Club (on Piasa Creek, near Lockhaven Country Club) ; BOAT RIDES .. REFRESHMENTS ... AND A U)T OF FUN FOR AIX. HAVE YOUR PARENTS BRING YOU. Tell your friends to join the Germanla Savings G-MAN club, so they can come too. Everything is Free, just bring your G-Man membership card. $22,OOQ£QQ C (..II U«Jn y <J< I MtP IE. 00 ft.lt77 f PHONI lit Sears Roebuck and Co. Alton ^MtUJiOMfa t^4Ujfa0A ^ ^I^WW^^W^l^WIPlHWHr ^^f^HNN&^&^HItNF li^» iOAN AIIOCIAIJC Broadnay TIME FOR DECISION WHAT IS MEANT BY PACE SETTING INVESTMENTS? Simply this— Gifts of extreme generosity. Much larger contributions than were originally intended. All successful fund raising campaigns have a large number of contributors who were' not afraid to . give generously. Others were quick to follow their example. Volunteers risk their very lives in physical combat. Man stands noble and exalted during times of physical stress. He steps forward courageously without thought of whether his fellowman will do likewise. Ho shows the ways and others follow. WHY? He does this because man is basically generous. In our current undertaking, designed to raise e MINIMUM of $1,250,000, generous, unselfish contributions ore necessary. Citizens, corporate and individual, who will be generous to an extreme—in short PACE SETTERS. EXAMPLES OF CORPORATE PACE SETTING INVESTMENTS IN THEIR YMCA BUILDING FUNDS Croslty DIv.—AVCO $ 30,000 InttriMfional Harvtsttr 20,000 Ltnn CwporaHon 35,000 Cltvtland, Ohio RtpuWte Stotl 200,000 Stwriwd Oil Co. (Ohio) 70,000 Ahmteim Cp. of Aimrlca 40,000 Anwkan $tt11 «nd Wirt 11,000 Nrtf M«tM eomjNHiy 71,000 fitatral Utctrie Co 40,000 0)tnrnvl M«ton 200,000 St. Leuii, Me. Uniwi lltcrric 60. 20,000 Charlotte, N. C. CmCoto lorHI«9 Co 15,000 LcHict, IHC 75,000 Hartford, Conn. United Aircraft—Pr«t» ft Wbiteoy 116,000 hilltr Iruth Company 20,000 Chicago, III. Standard Oil of Indiana TT ,0,000 littrMHoMi Hffvoiter 100,000 U.S. Steal 100,500 Oroonvlllt, 5. C. Dwlol Co. -» 100,000 Irlt, NUM. •antraJ Wt«tr»« Co 71,000 ftalaUHMBaMHaVltt IlLaUB^aW ftA AAA Rofaoiter, N, T« la*tma« Kodah 150,000 liiiiort thf YM6A lull.lQI Punt 1

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