Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 8, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serebig ffce Alton Contwtntity for More Thtm 124 \ecirs PLEASANT SATURDAY: Low 68. High 88. (Complete Weather, Pate 1.) Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV. No. 149 ALTW. ILL.. FRIDAY, JULY 8. 1960. 18 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Preti Injunction Citizens Coach Company Denied in Track Case EDWARLiSVlLLtt-A perma- •rent injunction for closing of the Melody Lane motorcycle race track near Meadowbrook was denied today in an opinion handed down by Circuit Judge Seek Fare Increase "for benefit Jr., in after a Circuit James O. two- day Court. After a previous Oaring June Monroe hearing of company of $15.400. The fare Increases .sought aro estimated to discussion mean an annual increase in re- Counselor venue of $28.940. Total expected Belgians Terrorized., Flee Congo BRAZZAVILLE, Former French Backed by full endorsement transportation of City Council, voted in a ape- the citizens." cial session Thursday night, CH- Brought out in the izens Coach Co. will seek an In which both City emergency hearing by Illinois J. W. Hoefert and President benefit to the company for com- c j on K° 'AP>—Thousands of panic- Commerce Commjssion on an in- Knipp took part, Is that Illinois;batting its financial plight would stricken u-hftes. many women and crease In fares — an Important '• Commerce Commission has been be $44.340. children wearing pajamas, rushed step In a last-ditch effort to keep granting quick' action in enter- In thp foregoing estimates giv- out of the newly independent Re- flnanclally hard-pressed City geitcy situations, such as that en in its letter, the f»mparty public of Congo today, fearful of transportation service In opera- which ban eventuated here, and made allowance for a possible 10 assault and rape tlon - (that it is hoped that the fare-'per cent loss in children's rid Mutinous Negro soldiers were In a separate action, the Coun-'boott petition for Alton will itig. and a 1."> per cent los« in reported for some hours to be in 1 "voted approval to another'nave more or less immediate adult riding. effective control of t,eonoldvi11e, 15-Day Truce Asked In Italian Red Rioting n, Judge Monroe had Issued an I step towards restoring the bus, consideration. As summed up by the company capital of the former Belgian order temporarily banning mo- line to solvent operation. This Hoefert suggested that the city the ultimate answer to the prob- Congo. The city lies directly torcycle races at the track through July 6. when a hearing is a .change to 30-mlnute head- enter appearance, waiving lorn keeping public bus trans- across the way schedules for huses on air noticc - in connection with the up-'iwrtution in Alton "lies in get- Brazzaville, which is in autono- began (,n permanent extension the Alton routes plication of Citizens Coach to'the ting e,nough people to ride the mo us territory soon to receive its of the order, with exception of' Presently two of bus routes op- Stutp Commel «' Commission, buses to support A reasonable independence front Frvurcf. a scheduled racing program i crate on 20-minute schedules and * hllif " " lc a certification .schedule at reasonable fares." Thf , Bo|ginn EmbaKSV in Leo- June ,9 which .hrdgo Monroe!d«rin g peak traffic perlod«. .^tho .Jf^J^.h, "up- ^J^"^ _ , . poTUM. reported partial calm K'*rous with the white population nulhancc and a i rattle ha/md in rhe area. .Judge Mom..»> <li«the temporal •> injunction '" , lo ttevlst! *'h*dule« -iddition to giving time for had no.,,,,,,,,,. xv, ,««,«,«.,.„ r^, Q w ..»^.«« I* 0 '' 1 of lbc Company petition. In just testimony behalf oi mm- .tieHaowonjoK ™ :"" V"?-^; """ '^iJT Coach Co. which cited that un- last two years, having paid area couple, seeking an injuuc- ' f .'°™^ vnSf "'« * W " te 1™ immediate emergency re-'dividends. He said it mm ... lion io ,-|OM> DM- track on ni.toe eiiecme anei a '"^ lief may he had the .'oach line hniely breaking even " alanned at reports of assaults and must cease operation Au«. I. All' members of the Council ra '"' s of wllitf ' xv " mrn The communication showed were present at the special AP correspondent Lynn Heirr- that the company ha* used up meeting and rules were suspender! zerling. in » dispatch from Leo- all cash reserves, has exhausted to make possible the actions tak-'poldvnlle. said bayonet - wielding previously issued and dismissed fu " notic ' > tfj blls Patrons. Krupp the power to borrow money for en soldiers stopped Belgians trying to thn case! explained, time will be needed to.operations, anrf can rely only on In a n?|K>rt distributed lo mem- take the ferry to Brazzaville In all. eight wjui,-Hsev if-sij. revlw: the schedules and have:income presently insufficient lo.bers of the City Council at their! But he reported 3.000 to 4,000 fled for defendants in the ca«ei!"!£ J ime cards P rinted for d)B-;keep it going. special meeting Thursday night,!Belgians, mostly women and chil- -including owners of property triTbu "°" amon 8 ™ ridcra " relief can be obtained by jCity Manager G. \V. Watt review-! d ren. managed to get across be- on which the track is located endorsement of the Citizens,Aug. 1. through reduced head-led the problems that are com->fore the traffic was halted. The defendant* denied that op- 7°^J^l apP 'S"!!L,j 0r MT" 3 "V !?* increasc ' th ,<;! ^f^, * he *?"%* of ^ , ,. . ' Idre mcreabe — primarily a 5 ; letter said, the company williClark Bridge to the State of Illi- eration of the track constituted ren( |K)OS< fro)1) J3 to ^ (y?n ^ in jcontinue to operate* until Sept.'nois citing as the chief obstacle a nuisance Hther through noise adu ,, ( .^ fares _ tnr Council'» at which time it will review the $90.000 unpaid tax bill stand- or other disturbances alleged. , )assed a resolution "to join" the results of these actions. ing, against the structure, or from dusi or traffic lia^rrts «ith the company in its petition "If the results reasonably ap- 'Hie taxes constitute a lien on on roads In the area. 10 *e State Commerce Commis- .proach the expected increase in the bridge, and Illinois statutes Judge Monroe indicated, how- sion "for an emergency hear-: revenue and reduction of op- prcvept the state from accepting ever, in his five-page ruling per-!ing" of its request. crating expense by Sept. 30, we a conveyance of any real proper- niltUng the motorcycle track to Increases sought and set teel the company will be able ty encumbered by a lien, resume operation unhindered by!torth in the supporting resolu- to continue operations. If not, The situation recently was re- injunction, that in event the!** 011 are: service will have to be discon-; cenlly discussed at a - meeting track's operations should ex- ' A) Passes, valid for 30 days tinued." it said. between the GAAC street and from date of issue — (1) Chil-! Revenue Jjevline highway committee and city of-! »e arrested, -e Belgians had been but mat there was no ceed reasonable hours of racing and practice sessions eacb week, or should conditions involving noise, dust and fumes or traffic congestion reach a point causing great inconvenience to residents in the area, a new injunction complaint would be entertained by the court. dren through age of 12, $1 for 10-ride ticket; (2) Children over age of 13, $1.50 for 10-ride ticket. (B) Cash Fare — (1) Adult, 20 As told in the letter, and orally explained by Krupp last night, the company has had a revenue decline averaging $1, ficials, as was reported in detail in the Telegraph at the time. Given Careful Study Watt's report states that .~, *.««», »«. c — ti, nuuu, .;„ j revenue orecw^i. averaging ji,- wans report states that pre- cente; (2) Children through age J100 for the first five months of j liminary legal analysis of the tax of 12, 15 cents a ride. ^1960. i problem by attorneys of the The flow of refugees started about '2 a. m. The European settlers of Brazzaville turned out to care for the stream. Most of • the women and children had fled their homes in haste. Many told of seeing violence. With almost no formalities, the refugees were taken'in charge by soldiers, police and Europeans Bloodied .«'•* LOSER a or 10-ride tickets for The corporation, it said, bad through age 12 pre-ja deficit of $48,563 as of May 3L to no "easy solution," and stages > ge ,!f GAAC committee have pointed i Tests Show Most Cars Defective Forty-six per cent of the 1.039 vehicles inspected last month ini Alton safety lanes were below' the safety sticker standard, ac-: cording to Keith Jones, general chair-man of the Mayor's Traf- HOM Passes children ™ ai ?L a ?? ™..'* a{ ? ^wer age'improvement*;/made in buses;the matter is jUso being given j, i,. i«, Hwi' Yii;«,.;.. „; it and directed toward schools, army camps, the homes of Europeans, and hastily set up shelters. The president of the French Congo, Abbe Fulbert Youlou, named a committee to care for the refu- tribesman, _ is led Xway from scene of tribal feud in Leopoldville, capital of nen Congo Republic, last weekend during celebrations of Congo's independence which was granted last Friday. The 12 are $1, Present cash fare 4ori since last the bring have failed to^cai-eful studv * the »— c of Congo got its; .from. Belgium June; Since that time part of the < L. H. Butterworth 241 Acres To Head 12 Plants i Added to The Action Expected , us DUS diiva-s are the lowest* ter concludes, "that there is lit•* , • < 2T.';J! resolutfon recites .paid in this area. tie that either the city or the 'that in the financial crisis" now: The reduction in operating costs Illinois Division confronting the coach line, the i from the reduced headway sched- > can do pending « Mte »' d « MBtel ™ re ^ disniissal ° f a " white ° fficers ' under 8 ^^ -..anizationj •ity desires to assist it to re- ain its system of city motor-bus utet> (approved last pected to make a saving to the comDtetfon^of »-v»*#f«*ct*w** w* Buttenvh's Buttenvorths appoint- the legal studies now underway." There are about 700 Americans I roent came as the result of the in the Republic of Congo but the reorganization which waits ap- Mexican Says People Back Cuba Against U..S. Castro Rejects U.S. Protests State Department said it had no reports of injuries to them. j The Republic of Congo got its i independence from Belgium June 30. Since that time part of the 'proval of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Standard Oil stockholders. Commenting today on the ef- By JACK ICl TLKIHitC CTY HAP) - A for ,so was certain Mexico, to find sugar favor •es (APi—Prime c-ountry has been in turmoil asjfects of the "parent company" troops demanded more pay and reorganization on the local re- dismissal of all white officers. |finery Butterworth told the ToJe . , graph operation would remain to supply the UrtHed protest against In his final report of the com . mission, Jones noted that points;"* 8 ' ruli '« Political party says!States between; 173.000 and of inspection were lights, brakes, the nation is solidly backing the; tons of the 700,000 tons of sugar i muffler, steering, tires, exhaust. Cuban people against the United President Eisenhower lopped off glass, wipers, rear view mirror, st ., ((?K Sp|)u , ors and deputi( . s Ravc Cuba's quota for 1960. Mexico's and horn. .. . . him rousing cheers. Most defects were detected in ,...,„, the steering mechanism, he point- Presidenf Adolfo ^ Mateos ed out, with 251 cars showing a was Sllent °" lne statement made, deficiency in this respect. In b - v KmiUo Sanchez Piedras, chair- place were rear lights man 0 ican and British oil refineries in sales to amounts • year. lhe United States now ! to about <%•<**> ^ns a and charged the foreign oil companies were trying to o colonial economic Minister In Brussels, _ Prime Minister; | n( , sanl£ . Gaston Eyskens announced that; two companies of Belgian soldiers j , , , „ L . ... . of about 300 men each will leave £ hanges P lanned to , r , ^ c W °° d River refinery would be made lnrt f r ta f K -„ y g ° in northern Katanga, and at Ki- of the merger, he regardless , tona and Banane at the mouth of return Up Congo River Abom 2000 ,„. "Day - to - day operation of i 3,000 white Belgian soldiers are' the Wood River '^finery will ! already there ; continue the same as it has Raul Roa ac-! The Belgian radio reported Utat' been '" Butterworth said. i-ujc-igii uuiuBicr rmui noa ac-. f^p Belgian radio reported that ouiierwunu sum. cused the United States of being Congolese soldiers controlled Leo-j The refinery will become part "false, hypocritical and malevo- poidville, capital of the new Afri- of a 12-refinery system known second place were rear lights man of the permanent cornmis- tltat illuminate the license plate. si °" «f Congress. Either one or two lights were Sources close to ihc President found not operating in the rear said they felt the statement repre- of 130 cars. sonted the view of a spokesman Other points defective listed j for the legislative branch and not were: Front lights, 88; tires, 84; the executive, which is responsi- exhausts, 75; wipers, 73; brakes, j ble for Mexico's foreign policy un- B5; glass cracked or broken, 49;ider the constitution. But his horn inoperative, 7; rear view:speech was billed as an explana- mirror missing, one. ; tion of the basic policies of Lopez One member of the commis-JMateos' government, and it sion asserted these figure^ pre-i seemed most unlikely he would sent a picture of what are the!have spoken without consulting "better" cars on the road, ap-1 top government officials, patiently, since only 10 per cent I g,,,,,^ p^,.^ to|d ^nxies-, of the registered Alton automo-j slona , caucugi , <u appears % lat; biles were represented and these QW norti)ern ncighbor g e United were likely to have been cars that owners thought were good enough to pass. The commission heard the conclusion drawn that the average car on the street is in worse condition that those that failed to pass Inspection. Many of the cars inspected bad as many as three defects listed and almost all had two. A loeal effort to recognize the mechanical hazards of motoring was reported to be in the Inquiry stage, as one industry has queried the commission about establishing an inspection lane on its employes parking lot. . «"*' '"saying the refineries were j can na , ion which Belgium freed EDITORIAL . . . PA(>K 4 COMICS PACK 6 SOCIAI PAGE 8 SPOUTS PAGE 18 OBITUARY . . . PACK 13 MARKETS .... PAGE IM <'LA88IPIP;U . . PAGE tl RADIO ft TV . . PAGE 18 taken over illegally last Roa also rejected a British protest against the seizure, but only the note to U. S. Ambassador week - but soldiers were blowing Belgians to leave as American Oil Co. The refinery is currently part Cabinet In Danger Of Collapse : By KIOKNE LEVIN i ROME (APi—Senate President |Cesare Merzagora appealed today I for a 15-day truce in political riot- ;ing and strikes. He said the fu- iture of Italy was endangered'and his proposal won some early sup- iport. 1 Earlier the government had threatened tougher police action unless the Communists halt the wave of violence which has cost seven lives nnrl injuries to 750. Giovanni Leone, president of the Chamber of Deputies, an• nounced his support of the truce, and similar indications of approv- ,al tame from parties of the cen- i ter and right, and non-Communist {unions. , The pro-Communist Socialist ; party of Pietro Nenni approved jthe truce, "provided the government afterward does not revert to the same police tactics." There was no word from the Communists, or the Red-dominated Confederation of Labor. Merzagora said he was motivated by "the gravity of the situation and the realization that the jmost sacred values of the consti- Jution had been compromised, and ithe future of the country en- jdangered." ' Violence erupted at Palermo, j where demonstrators hurled pav- |ing stones at police and ripped | boards from a construction proj- ;ect to barricade a street. Premier Fernando Tambroni .accused the Reds of using anti- ifacism as a front for an attempt jto seize power and warned the government would do its "Ml die ty" to restore order. The Communist-led Confederation of Labor (CGID called a nationwide 10-hour general strike this afternoon in protest against "police brutality." Non-Communist unions charged the CGIL with striking for "political motives" and said they would' ignore the call. A Red-called walkout flopped in j City Sanitation supt. Leo j Rome Thursday. But in the Com- I Fitzgerald -said today that he isjmunist belt around Reggio Emi- jcompleting a revision of refuse!Ha, Bologna and Modena it j collection routes to include not j brought commercial and ind,us- jonly the territory that became! Wai activity to a standstill, part ol' the city today, but also! Tne wave of rioting, in which TRIBAL BATTLE his Today the Belgian radio reported that the native population in Leopoldville is driving all white settlers out of the lower Congo region around the capital. (AP Wirephoto) Alton's latest annexation — ; that • of the '^41-aci'e area to the north of Upper Alton — became fully effective today, and City Manager Graham VV. Watt announced that weekly municipal garbage collection will be started there on Friday of next week. three other siTiatl areas which City Council in a special meeting more titan 500 demonstrators and 200 policemen have been hurt, be- six-refinery system within . local i Rosewood' Heights, fast Alton. of a!sTAM)AUl> TO BWOMK next Monday is scheduled take into the city. All these new areas are to have Friday garbage collection service, .starting next week. The start was set for Friday of next week because two of the tracts to be annexed Monday can be included with the 240-acre area t 0 gan two weeks ago and "reached jits bloodiest pitch in street fighting Thursday in the northern industrial city of Reggio Emilia. Five rioters were killed and one policeman was critically wounded in an exchange of gunfire. About unmolested after checking their Standard of Indiana organization. identity papers. 1 Philip Bonsai was made public. \ In an earlier broadcast, the Bonsai and British Ambassador!Belgian radio said that the native Stanley Fordham -protested on : Tuesday against the seizure of . the American-owned Esso and Texaco refineries and the British- Dutch Shell plant, population was drhn'ng all white settlers out of the region around Leopoldville, but the Belgian gov-l The exact date eminent's report indicated this i worth will go to In addition to Hie six Standard plants there are five American Oil refineries and one Utah Oil Co. refinery over which Butter- j company handling broad policy worth will be in charge. COMPAXV CHICAGO (APi - Standard Oil in a single collection route revision program. The small tract* to be 20 others were injured. Police said they fired machine- guns into the air after the demonstrators used firearms. Authorities suM about 2.000 diehard'dem- an .jonstrators fought from behind bar Co. find.) has announced a reor- j nexed next week include some rii;a des and on rooftops, hurling stones and homemade gasoline ! bombs. Fists flew ganization plan under which it| subdivisions on both sides of Oil would become exclusively H parent Humbert street, also a part of i?r-!comnanv hajidlin? hmnri nolir-v AI».,., m_i. .-,.1... , -., . I matters and coordination of sub- was overdrawn. that Butter-jsidiaries. the Standard! Its direct operating assets in the Alton High which are School lo bt tract, all of annexed so repeat to the same attitude 14 Killed in Landslides TOKYO (AP) - Heavy downpours get oil landslides and flooded homes along the inland seacoast of western Japan today. Unofficial reports mid were killed. 14 p*rsoui DATA AT THE DAM ^.mtiapmiuw ^ Mow y'» low 24 brs. to 8 am Nor Mone. States) is 1 closing (he dopre of its friendship and understanding in the face of the yearnings of the Cuban people to live in liberty and economic independence." "We, the representatives of the people of Mexico, Cuban people our of solidarity," he continued, "and we wish to tell them that we are certain that their right to live in social justice and economic liberty will have to prevail in this; continent in the hope of peace i and reciprocal friendship." He made no direct reference to, Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Cas-i tro. , • The congressional leader said he I was speaking for the Party of Revolutionary institutions (PRO, which has an overwhelming majority u> Congress and runs almost all phases of Mexican political life. Lopez Mateos is officially the leader of the PRI. The atatemeut appeared qartain ' to cause coHcern on the U.S. government, part of fhj U.S. offices in Chicago has not been I Midwest and its two wholly-owned set. His successor as manager is | subsidiaries — Utah Oil Refining Co., Salt Lake City, and American York — would be a single company management und STEEL FOR TWELFTH STREET CHURCH reflected the meut's otficlal policy. govern- «wu. firiekmii* UOH wUl l«l- to be named. Butterworth has been mun-| 0il Co - New oger of Standard Oil Co. at U'oodi L ' onibill£ ' d '» River since July 6, 1356. 'wl* unified Before that be had been |they can be included in Alton township voting precincts. They are subject to annexation because they now are wholly surrounded by the city. The Coun- jcil is slated to act ar a special meeting so the annexations will us- common trade marks and brands. be jn effei;t befoiv l)le Board ance by the Internal Revenue Service und stockholder approval, (Continued on Puge 3, Col. t.) jot" Supervisors makes township precinct line adjustments, at a recessed meeting ne\i Wednes-|democracy. again in Parliament Thursday night when word reached Rome of the new violence and deaths in Reggio Emilia. Tambroni, who is jailing at the head of a shaky stopgap regime, shocked the Chamber of Deputies into silence when he charged "the government can prove that the Communist party is conducting a pre-planned action, both in the national and international fields. aimed at subverting order and day. Mrs. Carrie Holland Dies At Age 97; Funeral Monday The Communists and leftists have insisted their demonstrations were aimed at the fascists. Attempts to Meet with Mi,, sistant manager for • several The Proposal, _ subject to clear- monllis. BUtterwortb, a graduate in chemical engineering at the University of Iowa, joined Standard's research department at Whiting, Ind. in 1937. He was, transferred to the manufacturing department there in 1942 us, an assistant general foreman. He served .first in the Light Oils! Finishing and laler in the Crude! • Vll; " Carrie Holland, native Mrs. Holland WUK a member L LOS ANGELES (AP>—Dr. H. Stills Department. In 1947 he wus-iand life-lout; resident 'of Alton, of Evangelical & R e I^ r m e d[Bernard Finch isn',t giving up in promoted to assistant general'died at :>:ir) a.m. toda> in si. t< ' lull ' l) un(1 il charter member|W* attempts to meet with Carole superintendent of the company's j, w ,,n n ' s Hospital at (lie aee of;"' " V AIm ' illH ' l '- s l^tee and be-jTregoff. Casper, Wyo., refinery. < ' ' ' longed to the Pioneer Club. Shej Finch, rvfusud by the State Su- In m> he joined the general! . ' "" nospitali/od i, a il been active in fraternal or-jPrenie Court in his plea for a office manufacturing depart-i"'" 1 '" ' ••' whl ' n sho sutle1 '' Kuni/ations uncl clubs during her|Private cmtference room with no ment at Chicago as manager «fi ed u h ' 1 ' lrilotuie ei "'ly '''«' ""d bud served aslRtwrd* present, asked Thursday operations and cost control, re-' ^''^ "°" ulld " as I ** W|| W ul •!«••«'*•« of the Mm-abeeK. to meet with shupely Carole in turning to Casper as Ke iiei*l " K " al a nurK "' Sui>viv "U{ art- two sons. Uroy, tin? imirtroom during noon iv- superintendent in 1953 '" u home ' al the tinie sht ' suftei '' ulld Jul> "' Alton; u s ' Klt1 ''' Missicesses. H the hip Injury. She hud been;Catherine Baudendistel. Alton;' His attorney. Uram B. Cooper, patient there for two years. ;10 grundchildren, und 13 great-;said United Chest cam- jaign. He Is a member of Wood tiver Rotary Club, Wood Riv«r Township Chamber of Commerce, Greater Alton A«aociatlon of Commerce, and of executive ward oi Piasa Bird Council, aod Buy Scouts of America. He is married and resides vith his wife, Shirley, and their ive children at 'M Shady Ln.. Mrs. Holland hud returned all her faculties, and hud been in good health for her advanced yea it*. The former Carrie Buudendis- The tfl. she svut> born Sept. 6. 1862, where John \\illium, died in May ot nesses are needed. The judge i» W26, and a son and daughter considering the request. prt-cedi'd her in death. also body is at Gent Chupel the Rev. Leonard Todd, a daughter of the late Mr. and j pastor ol Kvangelical & Reform- Mrs. Hallentine Thi' greater part ried lilt 1 was spent Ninth street areu fantU^ »a.s reared. Buudendistel. ed Ciuucli. will conduct rites o»- her niar-jMunduy at 1 p.m. Burial willj rwv*r in the West where her be in Upper Friends may alter 7 p.m. Saturdu Alton Cemetery. visit the Chapel TODAY'S A college education hurt anyone who was to learn something wards. ir«» Cwp) FMbir

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