Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1960 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1960
Page 31
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JULY 7, IMS The Telepraph'g Daily Radio Chart TRTTftoDAY USD (MM) Wft* (MM) MtKC fit 10 Rfrt unto WOKE in* to Com* ii H N: 9 [OtfM p. oortm 1: I N; M«M« Nit. MU,» •i •» iff • t »t Amoa-Andy EHSI S: JmMM 8. JtnMnt si»n Slgo Oft T« the O«v*l *i *t « c. Cloakroom 8 ; jenklM . JMkln* N: JenMM B. N; UfltM S.nd c<mc*rt N J . R. - ecofd N; R. 1 Record She N MempHM .t. Buck tt ft Record She* S: R. Sh«£ RiOOfd anOB N: Metmr mAfnOfnM Memories; M FRIDAY H Ounthtr N H Ounther N: l»tr» vote) Ptm N: wuiieme' G. William* clockwtteMr N G. Newiome Bob N: Gunther H Ountber N N: rtnn T. Oall«y N: Daliev r. Daliey N: W Re* Dertt Ooekwatcfttf N; Newtomt r>. Newcotne N; Newtome G. Newtome N. pay 9; D«y N. Day Bob Day World N N: Dalley R«x Oavtt N: Newnome N is nther • r Dalley inlher N: Dalfev nther nalley; N lion F-xeicliet l«on Unity: Hvmni r,. r:«nfreii H rhrlstlin lion H tatt Club lion || || son N. Dtller noon 1 DaUey N: Datley " Dcllev: N N Firm • Pty. vo«»i P«rm rinrkwitcbet »t N cioikwatcher tt N. Godfrey A. Godfrey " •• N : Party Htmseoarty '; Moore < "rosBy-Clooney N . Headline* .1 McCormlek O N: (i. N: <; N. <• N: fi N : (, N: O. N, <i N: G. Ncw*otn* Newiome Newtome Ncw«ome s>w«ionie Newdome Newnome Davit navli Davit Davit Davit Davit Davit Divlt Davis Davit Bob Day tt tt N. Walter H. Waiter reiio Quu R . Benton N: Bentoa R Bentoa tl H N: Time cty nme M oalnet N Farm MM. llie World 2 N«xt Door Rt. to Hap'neit N: Davis U Davit A. Orace Club Newt IN; Party N: Witt • P'hou-ie Party D. Wilt I " " N. Witt " Wilt: N whitperln* Stt. Ma Perklnt Dr. Malone Mrs Burton N: .lenkina B JiHiklh' N: Jenkins H Jcnklnt £ Day Hob Day >• » B counter OS .IS a I N: Burke .1 Burkt D Win N; Witt Witt: N N: Best Seller Beit Seller (',. Wllllamt N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jcnklni N; Palen J Palen ' N. Burke : J Burke D. Gordoa »« •* N; Gordoa Gordon: N N; Buck .1. Buck N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard N~: Palen J Palea N; Burke J. Burke Burke; N N, Go.ooe O. Gordon N. Gordoa Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck Buck; W N; Richard K Richard N; Richard K. Richard v Palea J Palen TV digest with John N. Jones 5:50—^4) 6: 00— (4 1 6:30-(4) 7:00— (4) KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBCt 5, KPLR 11. Bold (ace denotes highlight - (R) Repeats THURSDAY EVENING 6:00—(2) Huckleberry Hound (4> (5> New* Reports 5 : 10_(4) Weather: Fontaine (ai Weather: Arraand 6:15—(41 CBS News: Edwards (5) Sports: Ingham 8:2&-(5> Spotli^it with Nancy 6:30—(2t Steve Canyon: While enroute to Istanbul to Pakistan Canyon runs into serious trouble to "The Diplomat". (4) CB8 Report*: "Upp man <w Leadenriilp". 'Walter Uppman is Interviewed by Howard K. Smith oo the world'* heads of rtale. (Film-60 min) (5) Convention Previews: (Special) Coverage of political activity in Los/Angeles before opening of Democratic convention. (11) Bold Journey: "Jungle | Farm". 7:00—(2) Donna Reed Show: Donna rebels when she is constantly reminded that she married a "wonderful" man in "Lucky Girl". (Hi (5) Bat Masterson: Bat saves a reformed gunman who has been falsely charged with murder in "Wanted-Dead". (R) (11) Don Cunningham Show 7:30-,(2i Real McCoys: Grandpa and Luke are caught hunting out of season by their neighbor who has just been appointed game warden in "The Game Warden". (R) (4) Johnny Ringo: Ringo saves escaped prisoners from ruthless bounty ijunters. (R) (5) Producer's Choice: (4) 8:15— (2) (4) 9:00— (2) <4) Claudette Colbert stars as a widow who fears she is losing her mind because of strange happenings in "Last Town Car". Kent Smith. (R) (II) Movie: Anna Neagle. Trevor Howard: "Odette" (1951) Drama 8:00—(2) Jeannie Carson: Jean- nle gets a job as operator of "The Donut Machine" in a Broadway shop. (4) Zane Grey Theatre: Anne Baxter stars as the wife! of a Union Army purchasing! agent who intends to keep money j 10:00— (41 that has been earmarked for! (5) purchasing supplies in "Hand! 10:30— (2) on the Latch". (R) (5) Bachelor Father: Peter's grandpa visits and has a habit of taking things he likes and leaving an "item of equal vaule". (R) 8:30—(2) Untouchables: Dan O'- Herllhy stars as a master bank robber wh'o is trapped by Ness' team of agents in "Big Squeeze". (R) (41 Markham: Roy searches for a supposedly dead author SYRACUSE, N. Y. WP»-Skin diving members of Syracuse rescue squada o longer have to struggle like women shedding rubber girdle* after deep-water missions. , That's because sympathetic members of the Syracuse Skin divers, especially the women, have been making safe, more comfortable suit* for the police and sheriff's departments. Mrs. Olive Klaver and friends went into action because pressure almost glues some types of suite to divers who have been down 60 to 80 feet. Toe suit* are custom made. The diver, dad in bathing suit, lias on a aheet of heavy paper whicb 1| out to »!M. .The suits are made of thrat•Kjuartat'-lnch oeopren* fo§m rubbw. All gaanwtJ* .Minjnifd and reinforced. About IW worth of ma> terUU 8°** to 10 **** ••*"• re- 4 auwy pud* by ttae nartroaat ol interior in UK veali that I ptr cent of ail erman and 8 per cent of oil hunt ers are 65 yam of «g« or more. in "13 Avenida MuerW". (R) (5) Tennessee Ernie Ford: (Color) 9: 00 — (4) Convention Preview: Coverage of poltical activity in Los Angeles. (5) Best of Groudio: Summer repeat series opens. 9:15-01) Jack Eigen on th Telephone. 9:30— (2) Ernie Kovacs: Corned ian Mort Sahl joins the panel tonight. (4) To Tell the Truth: New time period begins. (5) Four Just Men: Viet torio de Sica stars in "Crying Jester". (11) News, Weather, Bowl big 10:00-(2) Rescues (4) News: Spencer Allen , (5) Interpol Catting (U) Movie: Joan Leslie Forrest Tucker: ."Flight Nurse" (1852) Drama 10:10-(4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15-(4) £ye On St. Louis 10:30-(2) Movie: Orson Wells, Nancy Guild: "Black Magic" (1949) Drama (4) Movie: Dennis Morgan Joan Leslie: "Two Guyc from Milwaukee" (1946) Comedy (5) News, Weather, Sports 10:45_(5j Jack Paar: Alexander, King guest. 11:3(MU> BedUme Stories: GUI bert Roland and HjyllJa Thaxter oo4tar in "Toe Ardent Woodsman" QM4) Movte: Faye Emenon. JuUe ilibop: "Lady Qangater" pratua (U) New* Night Court News Weather Report Home Digest Kiugdutn of toe Saa Ute N»ws Roundup Give Us TIU» (4) (5) 2;35-ia) (8) l:Qu-(4) l:(B-(4) 1:15—(2) Daily Word ^FRIDAY, JULY 8 5:45—(4> Give Us This Day News: Tom Brooks Town 'n Country P.S. 4: What to Read Morning St. Louis: News-Weather 7:05, 7:20, 7:45. f.r) Today: Newscasts al 7:25 and 8:25 am. 8:00—(2) Camera Two News: Grover Cartoon Time Capt. Kangaroo Jack LaLanne Show Red Rowe Show: Final of series. "December Bride" mo%'es into mis time spot next week. (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30—(2) Romper Room <4> On The Go: Final of series. Next week "Video Village" moves into this time spot. Play Your Hunch I Love Lucy Price Is Right (Color) Topper December Bride: "The Clear Horizon" new daytime drama series starts in this time Monday. Concentration Mr. & Mrs. North (4) Love of Life (5) Truth or Consequences U:30-(2) Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You: (Color). ll:45-<4) Guiding Light News: Hayward (Tl) Morning Chapel Noon—(2) Restless Gun (4) News-Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (U) Cartoons 12:05-(4) People's Choice 12:30—(2) Love That Bob! (4) As The World Turns 12:50-(11) News: Daust 1:00~(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle 4, (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie: Jon Hall, Maria Montez: "White Savage" (1943) Adventure l:30-(2) Susie House Party Loretta Young Day in Court Millionaire Young Dr Malone Gale Storm Verdict Is Yours From These Roots (11) Mickey Rooney 3:OQ-(2) Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day (5) The Thin Man (U) WUd Bill Hictok 3:15—14) Secret Storm 3:30~(J{) Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Yancy Derringer 3:45-111) Capt. ll'b Showboat 4:00—12) American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5) You Asked for It 4:80—14) Movie: Jimmy L^don: "Henry Aldriuh Haunt* a House" (IMS) Comedy (5) LUeofRUey 5:00-12) Rin Tin Tin (5) Wrangler's CJub; first IS minutes in color (U) Sgt. Preston News: (11) Suffi«UHevUle 5:40-(2) Weather: Huyward 5:4&«a) Cartoon Time (5) Huiit|py*B''UihJ? > y Newi> (U) lluree 8louge§ (4) (5) 2:00~(2) (4) (5) 2:30-(2) (4) (5) ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SAVINGS COUNT WATGH'EM MOUNT SAVING OH IT ALL-WITH OLE PAULS *—PORK BUTTS... 29-* BONELESS!! 3f FINE FLAVOR! CHUCK BEEF STEAKS... 39* Ib. Round! Swiss! T-Bone! OPKN DAILY HtOO A.M. "TH 8:»0 P.M. Sharp! OPKN FBIDAV «:nn A.M. "Ifl 9:00 P.M. Sharp! Alwn.v* ('loii-tl nil Sunday*! Payroll < hork« < a«hed FREE Only U Ith Order* Over $8.00. No IVrsoiml Check* at All. nvuiiMi 9wi»»« i-Bviivi OBBB ^Bk «••»« 9ir*a»wir«i «nW.BVB*** ^p^ ^Rfc. STEAKS...79°- STEAKS...69°• RIB! SIRLOIN! SHOULDER! It's Purr!: GROUND BEEF.... 3 pound .S I Tray* I If'» Purr!! Fit'thi: \Vr have 'em Too!! GROUND CHUCK ... 3 pound .S I RA tray* • •W» T Olir FainoiiK First*!! CHUCK ROAST .... 39c Fancy Veal Cutlets. . . . . . Ib. 89c Fancy Veal Leg Roast . . Ib. 49c Fancy Veal Rib Steaks . . Ib. 59c Fancy Veal Shoulders . . Ib. 49c Fancy Veal Panics Ib. S9c Fancy Veal Stew 3 Ibs. $1 Hunter's Famous!! ALL MEAT WIENERS . . Pound Cello Pack . WIENERS 2 89c Olio Puck FRANKS . . . . 2 "»89c Finn for Barbecue!: POLISH SAUSAGE . . . 3 pound $ I pack I DINING CAR ROBUST COFFEE 59 NO LIMIT ROYAL GEM FRUIT FLAVORED DRINKS 39e Half Gals. O'CONNOR'S Famous for Flavor COFFEE 59 NO LIMIT Tiny!! 1 'i to '! pounds avg. t>p«th SPARERIBS ... BBQ • 69c Small!! 3 pound* down!! FRESH SPARERIBS I.h. 49c Mfiilyi; 3 to 5 poimil* a\R. FRESH SPARERIBS . l.b. 33e Bin lh< Stark!! FRESH PORK CHOPS Mi. 39c Fresh Fiincy!! WHOLE PORK LOINS U). 39c Fri-Mh Fanry!! PORK TENDERETTES . Lb. 49c Fresh Sparerib Tips ..... Ib. 29c Fresh Sliced Beef Liver . . 3 Ibs. $1 Finest Potato Salad Ib. 39c Fresh Cole Slaw ...... .Ib. 39c Macaroni and Cheese Salad . Ib. 39c Fancy Ham Salad Ib. 39c Slk-etl Jumbo BOLOGNA . . 3 '-'^ $1 PREFERRED Whelt Bean COFFEE 49 NO LIMIT MEADOWGOLD'S FINEST ICECREAM 69: REG. 79c SAVE lOc n^V V2 Gals. \VaTrr BOILED HAM .... KL 79c. A ll<>H4l.v to Knt!! Knll Shank HALF HAMS . . . , ll««iul> in Kflt!: Full Butt HALF HAMS. . . . . Lb. 49e Rriidy to Knt!I O»nl«-r!! FRYING HAM ... . ™ By MiiyroM'!! SLICED BACON ENDS Norwood! f THICK SLICED BACON 2 pound 70A boxes fww Thompson Farms!!, First Cuts.'! SLAB BACON ....... " 39c ITi Flavorful!! SLICED BACON . . . 3 pound $ packs Dry Salt Bacon . . . . . . . Ib. 29c Hickory Smoked Hock* . . Ib. 29c Thuringer Cervalot. . . . . . Ib. 69c 'Ektra Hard Salami lb.89e Meadow Gold's Gurn-Z-Gold No Limit! No Tricks! 4 HALF GALLONS MEADOWGOLD'S ORANGEADE LEMONADE GRAPE ADE 4 29c Single HALF KOOL-AID Assorted Flavors VAN CAMP TUNA ... 5 1 SALAD DRESSING .. 3 * PORK 'N BEANS * SPAGHETTI • HOMINY • PEAS BUTTER BEANS • NORTHERNS NAVIES 9 LIMAS SHOESTRING POTATOES MIX or MATCH 10 ~ *1 $2.35 Straight Cat* of 24 STARITEOLE0...6 2( u. 3 " M SAUERKRAUT MUSTARD GREENS TURNIP GREENS GR, BEANS with SPUDS SLICED BEETS $3.05 Straight Case of 24 MIX or MATCH 8 s $ 1 SHURFRESH SALTINE CRACKERS... £ 19' AMERICAN BEAUTY CAIID 1A No. 1 $4 TOMATO or VEGETABLE OUUr IV Tint I FOOD KING HEAVY SYRUP J 2V, $4 . . . 4 Tins I SPINACH SWEET PEAS CREAM STYLE CORN SHELLOUT BEANS GREEN BEANS $8.96 Straight O«»e of 34 MIX or " 303 MATCH Swift's Empire Imitation CHEESE SPREAD .2 ,u 59 ROYAL ARMS TOILET TISSUE 4 ROLL PACK 29c I ROLLS 20 C&H PURE CAN! SUGAR 10 & 99 BANQUET FRUIT PIES RIG. 3f c Each SST2S, IBCWTS .HJ2.J5 $3.45 COM of 41 POINTER f|AA CAAI) OUU rVUM T!« PIT MILK OR CARNATION $6.95 A Tall Can of 4i 0 Tins BUTTER . . . 3'99c Banqyet Dinners . 49 Your Choice I Walermelons" 59° Radishit or OrNR Onioos. . fitsw J'aokl! DOLE SLAW , . ,. ROXEYDOGFOOD...13V,VJ MILNOT £?«« 10rM PARTY-PAK DEI ICU S WT. PIC KLlllC LlOn • • • • LEMONADE 5^,49 Your Choice! Giant 27 Silt Canleloupes '.«•• 19 c Trul* lively!! FRESH PEACHES ... 3 BS 2T FANOY BANANAS , , . -3-29c STBONGHEART... 10 K 95* TOPIC.. S 78 Cost of 41 PICKLES . . . Strawberries . . 5 >fr *| Youn| and T«nd«r! Sweet Corn . . ^ 39 Vt*ry Fiuevt MUSTARD PREENS . . . ^ \'«ry flunmt OOLLARD GREENS , , . ° PAUL F. DAVIS & SONS WINDS BLEW - WRUKID HI TOO — NOW «f|H lAftK

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