Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1960 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1960
Page 30
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PAGE THHtTY ALTON EVENING fELEGRAPM Cash Balances In Wood River Funds following ending balances in each!t$866.84): water division, $1f,- city fund for the past year fo!-|?«*22 ($5.407.05); sewer opera jlowed in parenthesis, with the rorifsproiding balance at the end of the '39 'fiscal year. General corporate. S26.2S1.89 '12.14.V94i: street and bridge, tions, $31.457.83, ($71,141.06); motor fuel tax. $26,120.21. ($28.595.30): sewer bond and interest! $8.576.04. ($11.709.121; library bond and interest. $2.483.26, ($3,- State OKs Plan to Widen East Alton Main Street EAST ALTON — State approv- $?.:<59.96 i$'294.761 : garbsge dis- 022.501; swimming pool bond ixwul. $in.«70.8K i$2,2L'4.30i; HUM and interest. $926.30 (S2.27a>: ,,,| f or widening Main street be- WOOD RFVKR - An annual njrjpa | bi , nc1 $2.677.96. ($17.- municipal retirement fund. $11.- (wppn Prn( , p and shnmroc k for financial rrport foi thr Hscstl O13.95i: pla> ground. 10.25S.31. 955.81. ($3.445.80t. tear May 1. 1959. In .lunr 30. i $2.736.50): swimming pool. $10.- Slntr frp fund. $8S0.01: fire- on the street widening project. Report Lights Otrt EAST ALTON — Street lights Banker Hill the new city halls location i were reported out on eight announced this morning by 1 East Alton streets last night by |.WO. submitted to the city conn- 371.39. ($3.967.141. public library, men's pension fund $3.850.49. M nyor Charles Vanpreter. |the police. «1 Tuesday ninht b\ F. .1. Star-$13.740.31. ($2.656.931: civil de-, ($5.375.18t. Thp st| , ppt wi(fc , n | ng appeal « was reported that street .key. city trtwurcr. shows the city fen«e. $1,969.76 (deficit last year Policemen's pension fund. w j|| De announced In next;Nghts '$ heels' Contest To Be Friday At Wood ftiver WOOD HIVER — The "Pret- jtlest Thing on Wheels" contest sponsored by the' city Recreation Department, rained out last!daughter, Denise Marie, weighing were out on St. Louis Jrith cash balaiKPs in funds. Starlcey's report showed the :if $516.73). $1 355.98. i$5.016.22i: library con huHetin. said Van- avenue from Broadway east to Belk Memorial Park. $1.539.77, struct ion - - 787.621. Open 7:30 if Adults 70c * Kiddies Fret it Starts Ou»k fund $2.860.45, ($4.- |)I¥tel '. n e also reported that the city limits. Lights were al- ,1ulv 25 at 10 a.m. was the date so reported out on 3rd. Ohio. Lin- .jui.y . __ »„ it r_ _!.!..«.*_„ tJ n ll nM lt;*w**4 Petit! New Lieutenant At ^ oo«l River , .. and time set for bids to be called i coin. Washington. Haller, Wood _______________________________ -River and Whitelaw sjreets. vacancy created by Petitt's pro- pup* pound Homes motion. EAST ALTON —Two mop- Police Chief James R. Buck- Kre i p ups were given homes by ThfM SATURDAY NOW ACTION! 3 Tops In Their CLASS HITS! ClNl COMEDY! THE WILDEST SNAFU th. Army ever kntwl MGM,..,«GLENN FORD RED BUTTONS TAINA CHILLS An EROS FILMS LTD. Production -A UNIVERSAUNTERNATIONAL Release WOOD RIVER — City Man- ner was also changed from hisjp o n ce Sgt. Don Hubach and ager Kraft today announced the status of acting Chief, given fol- \Vebb Largen, water department Inpiwintment of L. A. Petilt to lowing the death of the late Chief employe, after being left at the the rank of police lieutenant and! William Tiley. to permanent po\\ ce station Tuesday night by Floyd Brown to fill the sergeant chief, Kraft told the Telegraph. | a boy who said he found them. ! The dogs spent Tuesday night [at the police station before being i claimed Wednesday, and were fed by the women desk clerks. Jersey County Fair Friday Nlght-JULY 8th-8:30 p.m. FROSTY FOLLIES ICE REVUE FEATURING TOP ICE SKATERS OF EUROPE AND IN U. S. PLUS STAGE ACTS Saturday Night-JULY 9th-8:30 p.m. THE BIG POLKA SHOW Direct irom WGN TV Weekly Shoiv STAN WOLOWIC AND HIS POLKA CHIPS JUNIOR ZIELINSKI—M. C. POLKA' DANCERS IN COSTUMES STAGE ACTS AND HIGH WIRE ACTS Meet the Stars and Get Their Autographs Don't Forget the Drum and Bugle Contest on Sunday Night, July 10th, 8:00 P.M. Harness Saturday and Sunday Afternoons RED& WHITE FOOD STORES ' "HI NAYBOR", take a tip from me and try the many varieties oi fine quality and tasty foods that have been created to save you time in preparing your familys meals. Red & White Fancy Bartlett Halves PEARS v. 35' NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT Serve it with fresh fruit 12Oi. Pkg. 23* SUNSHINE SUGAR HONEY GRAHAMS I Lb. Box 35' SUN SPUN. Tender Cut GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS . £„"" 25' RED & WHITE GREEN BEANS ---- 2 x c«r 37 RED & WHITE Deluxe Whole Kernel GOLDEN CORN ... 2 37 RED ft WHITE CREAMY SMOOTH SALAD DRESSING Quart 39 1 Guaranteed to Please Krej All Aleut Large BOLOGNA . . Krey Hoblt-ss Thick SLICED BACON . . PURE LARD . . . . Krey Boil Ui Bug BARBECUE PORK . Krey Mhlget Canned HAMS . . • Lb 49c 2 «• 99c 2 35c ' > 2.89 RED ft WHITE VIENNA Ideal lor a hurry-op meal SAUSAGE 2-39 FRESH FKUITS & ViGETABLES CORN 5. 29 BANANAS I. 25 PLUMS ,J5 NEW APPLES 3.49 TIN LIZZIE WINNER The winner ol the '» scale 1910 Model T was — THOMAS INGLIS Currlt's Rtd & White, Divtrnen, Illineif Till* name uu> drawn h> Hev. J(ubi-rt Hollar, Uli'hlield, ill. &. WHITE 1.") Of. Can SPAOHETTI • MEAT BALLS , , 20e 3 £±29° HUIII'S RIO ft WHITI Ml Belle Ait*u lAIUY'f MAIKIT •ail tieatral Ms¥tt> F. F. HOFCRIN 806 MoC»ii»nd Eait Alton IDNA'S MAIKIT * gUto Wood Klvef RIHIIIN'S «ROCIRY Ml E. JMinUiyi, Wood ttivw llcktrdt'i North Alby Mkt. \ll>) st. ttoad QoUfroy DOTY, FAY C. . IU. IRIOHTON MERC. 60. FB S-I4U Brlfbtoii Cons NOLTI'S RIO t WHITI f hoa» Moro HllftUT ftROCUY IURNS MIRCANTILJ Ora/tm, IU. nffl Mrs. Mary Diltlait) 91, who resides 'at the Tower View Home in Banker Mill, is a patient at St. Francis Hospital Lltchfield. Mrs. Robert Aaron is a patient at the Carlinvllle Area Hospital She was admitted Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meehan are announcing the birth of n An Arithmetic Club, said to he fie only one of its kind anywhere, ta* been formed in Pretoria, 7 Ib. 9 02.. at 2:18 a.m. Sunday at St. Joseph's Hospital in Alton They have two other children i Dianna 6 and Deborah 3. week, will be held at the three municipal pnrks at 11 a.m. Friday, it has been announced- Leroy Emerick. recreation di-| ~" rector, repotted that ribbons will! be awarded for such classifica- from east to west - or ln &* °PP° tions as: "Most colorful," "Most slte Direction froln mpst solar satellites of Uramis move Modernistic." "Most Original in Beauty." and the entry "Requiring Most Work." Children participating can ent- bodles. Detroit was the capital of Michigan for the 10 years be tween J83? and 1847, when the Firemen to Inspect Homes At Wood River WOOD RIVER — Members' of the Fire Department Monday are scheduled to render additional service to residents in the] form of a free Home Fife inspection Program. Though the inspection is voluntary on the part of the people Fire Chief Pinkerton has urged that all citizens take part in an effort to become more aware of fire hazards in the home. The firemen will call at each home and explain the program. After being granted permission to make the impartial examination of the dwelling for possible fire hazards the firemen will ask the home owner to accompany them. A check list of any potential fire hazards found in a home its left with the homeowner when the firemen leave in hopes that the problems will be corrected. Those making ,the inspection will be quipped with portable two-way radios so that in the event of a fire call at the station it can be relayed to them and they can take the truck and go directly to the scene from where- ever they might be inspecting. Inspecting will be done from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and will begin Monday in the Ladd Addition on 14th street. Bunker Hill Homecoming er any items with wheels includ- capitB , was moyed , 0 Ing bikes, roller skates and oth- _ er methods of transportation in- tournament' will be held at each corporating the use of wheels, j playground. Emerick said. Croquet is -a major phase o Instruction in the skills and) the sunnier program, Emerick regulations of croquet started at!reported and though attendance the three playgrounds Wednes- ' at -the playgrounds recently has day and will continue through i been. light due to inclement Wednesday July 13. | weather he said it is picking up At 1 the end of the course a mow. THURSDAY, JULY 7, I960 _,. ..- -... •••• ""•"•" South Africa, to help Mi ffltmber adults to master the lifflpta W<*» of everyday arithmetic. Phone CL4-?88t Week IJayt Continuous ffmti 7 P.M. Sun. Contlnitottg from I P.M. No Parking Problems at RoftBita MI..SAT..SUN..MON. David Nlvpn—Mltri Uaynor "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" 0:10 Jerry tawl*—Joan Blarknmn "Visit ti • Small Flinit" 7:46 Selected Shorts TONITI Open 1-M Atari Dmk —2ND BIO HIT— tMt Stars in my Crown Is Friday BUNKER HILL - The Bunker Hill Homecoming, sponsored by i the American Legion, will be hf Id Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at I the Legion Park. Friday night the F6slerburg Municipal Band will present aj concert, Saturday night entertain-1 j ment will be by Fiddling Willy [ Key and His Western Band, and Don Tucker and his True Tones of Bethalto will be featured Sun- jday night. The American Legion Auxiliary | will be in charge of the food stand and the Volunteer firemen will serve fried fish. Many white farmers are leaving Nyasaland. Salisbury. Rhodesia, reports, because they are convinced that any outcome of recent racial troubles there will not favor the white man. Open Daily 0:30, Start 7 |i.m. Adult* 5(U- Kiddie* 35c TONITE CluuiU'tte Frwl Colbert .Miu-Murruy in "THE EGG AND I" Shuun at 8:4.i Full Length Colur "HANSEL & GRETEL" Shown at 7 p.m. 3th ChupU-r — "/orro'i, Fighting FRI, thru MON. Frl* but. * Alon. at 8:30 Kim. ttt 3:34, 0:15, U!88 ly&loife ""DAY or IOUTIAW iplMUHBI Aluu. ttt 7:14 Sun. at 1:14, 4:88, 1:08 YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN TONITE STARLIGHT : ROUTI !40, COUtOf AVI. • ALTON, UtlNOM : BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 7:00 FIRST RUN SHOWING! ill Thru TUESDAY HANNIBAL and his fanfosf/c elephant army that VlCIDR, MATU PLUS SECOND KEATURK OF ABILENE 3 FEATURES FRI. AND SAT. LATE OWL SHOW ERROL FLYNN IN "The BIG BOODLE" Plus Our Regular Program t Buster TWO CARTOONS — CHILDREN ADMITTED FREE Fire Trucks, Live Ponies, Merry-Uo-Rounil, Suing*, Slides, Auto and Train Ride* In OUR FREK PLAYGROUND! ADULTS .. TUNS CHILDREN BSe *0e 35e MATINEES DAILY—12:45 QRANP 1 HI > HI I HIM,I » / llfll TODAY! ENDS - SAT. Christian Andersen's SNOW ^^•jio^ — — m 3:20 4:50 7-,'iO 9:45 2ND FEATURE: Giant Thrills! Giant Adventure! ClN«im*«eOPg JOHN HUDSON • LVNN BEKNAV • gp NCL«ON 1:10 3:40 6:10 8:.SO Princess Wood River Wildley TONITE! DOORS OPEN 6;30 NOW IROUGHT TO THE SCREEN PROM THE PAGES OF MARY H. BRADLEY'S BEST SELLING NOVEL 8ONVA WILDE JAMBS PRANCI8CU8 FOR WHITE V, DATING! ' SHOCKINQ1 PHncc»»-Wood Klvcr—8:50 PLUS: Wiliky—8:30 STEPHEN CRANE'S SUSPENSE THRILLER Princess & Wood Kivcr—7:25 Wildey—7:00. 10:00 Ground-in grime... or simply soiled... KV /"* '/ "i > <*!; 'XK'&f*?'*'^ ^-, „ '-, f • •; "• ;, •* « .STftfT^vt^ you need CLOROX to get out dirt that suds leave in! Never doubt it. Suds-proof dirt sneak* into lightly soiled washloade, too. Example: the stubborn soil inside shirt collars or blouses. Worse yet, it's a build-up of this same kind of dirt that makes entire washes gray. How can Clorox get out such dirt when even the best detergents fail? Clorox cleans in a way suds can't. Detergent will loosen ordinary dirt But stubborn, gray-causing dirt is locked in too tightly to be loosened. This dirt demands the special dissolving action of Clorox bleach. Cloxox literally melts suds* proof dirt away. Next wain, ground-in grime, or^imply soiled, discover it for yourself... C/ww actually diuolvtt sud&'prwf dirt that makts clothes frayf NEW BOHLE! PITCHER-HANDLE! NO-DRIP LIP!- A

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