Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1960 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1960
Page 25
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THlffiSbAY, JULY 7,1900 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY FIVE Words Come f And Go Time's Need MOMJ OLD WORDS By fOHJr W. ALLftft tkmthern flltmlt tMttntti Words come and go *» the need for particular ones pass. This became apparent on a recent "prowl" over southern niu nois with two young men. It began with the finding of a top buggy, a Sfiidebaker, with a set of single harness on the nearby rack (or should we say peg.) Throughout the day many other objects suggested additional words but It all began with the buggy. Neither youngster could point to the buggy's fifth wheel nor to Its reaches. They didn't know what buggy washers were, what they were made of, when they were needed, or even where to locate them. The very obvious buggy wrench hanging on a nail was hard for them to find. Where was the rub iron? After some guessing and puzzling, they located the whip socket, dash, foot rail, steps and the places for side curtains.' They also guessed the trunk lidj bows, and elbow*, but had no' idea of what a storm curtain was. A half dozen other terms ; peculiar to the buggy left themi cold. Plffins and Pokes Other objects suggested other terms and expressions as the: day wore on. A path went anti- godllng across a field. The term; caddies was around long before, golf. There were piggins and pokes and people spoke of pica-' yunes. There were lead horses \ and off horses, as well as agers and buck agers, or Just plain bucks. Wagons had stay chains, bolsters, linchpins and, some-1 times, drop gate* ' Butter was measured in fir- Kins. Housewives made much use of gridirons before schools used them for football. Fireplaces had their cranes, spiders, dogirons, pothooks and spits. Ricks stood in fields and about the barnyard, while shocks often dotted the farm. Worm; fences crawled up the hillside | and drawbars afforded a way through. Cows were breachy or muley, and horses were bridle- wise; some persons were refer-1 red to In like terms. Men carri-i ed artillery, and some wore; fried shirU. When madder was mentioned, it was not always a; reference to rising anger. Some brash youngster referred to calfslobbers and avidly ate the so-called preparation. "Crawl Vour Hump" j One in a great rush might ' burn the wind. Those wrought; up might dig up the hatchet ori erawl your hump. People had i blowouts before they had auto-; mobile tires. There were hair- trigger dispositions'and some; were hornswoggled. No homes was complete without a boot i Jack, frow, awls, gimlets and a last or two. The latch string hung out. An occasional person cut a rusty. Not all cartwheels were on carts. Paddies roamed the big roads. | Bundles of yarbs hung from celling Joists. The shank of the evening came before early candle light. Boys went sparking and braver ones bussed the girls, if the girls were willing. A Tain could be a gully washer, or clod soaker. There were tunes when all hands and the cook were needed. Boys carried Barlows, that is, if they could be afforded. Housewives clipped and saved "Arbuckle signatures." Corn was stepdropped, later laid by, often with the double shovel. Gluts wece used in rail making and bed warmers were useful on wintry nights. Calabash In tke Kitchen A careful housewife would have a calabash or two In her kitchen. Cattle had overbits, un- derblts and swallow forks In their ears. Some horses were blaze-faced. A confused person was woolgathered. There were apple, cabbage and potato holes in the garden. The kitchen had a noggin or two. Nubbins were fed to the cows and chickens. This could go on endlessly. As speech has become more refined and standardized, many of the words and expressions once in common use have faded into the background. They still remain of interest, however. The few given here will suggest many others to those who knew the everyday speech of two generations ago. MALTESE PARTICIPATE IW ALL-MIGHT VIGIL More than 100,000 Maltese recently took part in an open-air night vigil of prayer «nd pan'•DM aimed at twinging about • spiritual revival of the Roman Catholic fa** on the Wand. A 13-mlto torchlight procession-to • ipot outside Valletta, where LBQO yew* ago St. Paul was raolMd, opened the event, was celebrated by Malta's Michael Goitfl, who to worried about the religion Want Adi "CLICK" FOR SHORT-CUT SUMMER FOODS iroqer O Register Now fnr Free Drawing .,. $30.00 IN WOMEN'S APPAREL WILL IE flIVEN FREE IN EAOH OP THE I MOfttR STORES ALTON PLAZA, 1148 I. Irootwoy $30.00 SILK IVININft DMSS MONTICILLO PLAZA / $30.00 IIACH INSIMILI WILSHIII MALL $30.00 APTMNOON DRISS INSIMILI PrlMi on Display In Each Stora Courtaty at CUAD DOWNTOWN ALTON 9f1\lr MONTICELLO PLAZA Drawing in loch Sfort Saturday, July I p.m. SCOTT TOWELS I5» Count 94 Rolls li t SCOTT A3ST. NAPKINS 8 80 Count *tf A A Pkfr*. IsUU SCOTT LUNCHEON NAPKINS 6 50 Count $4 fl(\ BO\M sft • W U. i. dteiee Tender*?. AN •enter Cute Chuck Roast Lk. 39c MCM Item* At U. S. Choke Tenderoy. lit te 5tfc. Rib j • i Rib Roast U. 79« U. S. Choice Tenderoy Chuck Steaks u. 49c Rlfht To Limit Beicrved. Pflret ttut>4 thru Sit. Rita, JaJ* Mk, Top Quality, On* Low Price Golden ripe Bananas U. U*. S. Qietee TerieVay. Well trimmed, we werte Arm Roast *• e • • U. 49e VALUABLE COUPON K 50 Extra Top Vilut Stamps ' with 3-Lbs. or more Ground B**f or 2-Lbs. or more Ground Chuck This Kroner coupon expire* Sat. nilr. July tth V. Hi. Choice Tenderay Hth and 7th Kill Rib Roast - -59* *; U.9. Ohoie* Tead«r»T Arm ShonM«r Steaks - 59« MbrroM, WfcoJ* *r HaM. • to S Mi. •»*. Shb Bieoii Krefe*. Vitemin Rich lamb Shoulder Roast'" 49* {•III 0' lamb........ 790 Look for Lamb Cooking suggestions in Post Dispatch, Thursday', July 14th A real treat! Comtek Game Hens -^ ^ 79* Kroger Vein X Shrimp "- U. S. No.1 Washington Lerge Sweet Meet Bing Cherries California. Rod. Ripe and Juicy Nectarines . . Id. California Thompson u. Fresh, Tender, .Golden Bantam 39c 29c 39* Kroger Fish Sticks 3 va $1 Seedless Grapes "29* Corn on Cob 5 29' California Jumbo S Sice, Ripened on the Vine California* Honeydews . ... '59* Strawberries . . (Thuri. * Frl. Only) We Give Large Denomination New m New VALUABLE COUPON IOc Coupon On the purchase of— Yuban Instant Coffee Tomato Juice 4 46-01.$ Cans I TV Stamps Thlf Kroner ranpun expin — -MI nil* July Hh M laby Midget Longhorn Cheese Deliciou* tand.v Fruit Salad Mix Avon**!* Kidney Beans CUUMUMH Oilp *r Batter Cookies M-Oft. Bag 39* Atidni 9 1-Lk. Cant Sweet Pickles "~ 39* Wit* tasty tomatp sauce! Derby Tamales 2 "^45* Royal » • Pineapple Juice 3*^89* Atkiiu SweetChipPieklesS "% 89* Attuns Sweet Pepper Salad 3 -89* 34* « In package, sandwich or B«y ll-oi B»l Kru|cr Italian Ure»iiUf ml 3tt and Get 8-ot. Bll Krnfer Sep- •rtinf Frmeb Orciilni lor le Both For Wiener Buns 2 — 39* BO Extra Top Value Stamps hi bo*. Apple Nei'iur Cef fee Cake —49* Old Fashioned or Nropolitan Ejg Whip Cake 3 ~ «1 Single Cake >Se Special Valut SpUight Coffee '*49« Kref er Froscn Onngo Juic« Thit Kr«««r c«upuu rxplrss «ai. nlt«. July till Seoltest Frozen Dessert Qillmt V <Sgf M-tii. ikmkk Hrmpvi wnp^v J(nw*r. W4uM« Kernel. Vacuum Pack hM* Him | flmBfrtM*! K*W •rafsMNNM MMM -••-••• • CMS yii'O^y ^•^»» ^••^•^••^•W ••"»'-- »» • - •—- ---v/. *— an Hi BsUst IMIsris 7 No. 101 Csnt IVJT'JI >"\f tff |fc« bath flWlflH SUP Kind I* your ku4«: lju OJutsir ................... 2 * * (lut MM 41s lust Us rital Mi«ugt ol wdi! wWwP Wii^V^»N| •^Mv^sWP ~ « « » Ort iHb Wbils «r fink Oaihmw Bouqutt Soap 3 Dtodorant riorsl. Spies, Mist, Piss io r.,:: J1 ti fc rvf »r fruit aruifr SsilHtl MkiU or flak Gashmtri B»*ui> to»r 7 No. Ml f I CMS if i No.»*l CMS Sssp i £! 2I« 8 b IH 2tt£IT* i-ivtbr* I!C 111 1

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