Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 28, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1957
Page 9
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Junior Editors Quti on- HOBBY QUIZ Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa g\ Wednesday, Aug. 38, 1957 *f A mother complains that when she drives teen-agers to her house, few of them ever stop to offer to help carry In packages and sacks of groceries. She says she doesn't mind being a chauf- LITTLE MX What you don't know may not hurt you, but It sure makes you act pretty stupid. OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS . with feur, but she hates to be turned into a bellhop, too. Sow about watc'iing such small but important maljbrs of courtesy, teen-agers? - QUESTION: What nation first uatd stampat ANSWER: Great Britain wai the first nation to print postage stamps, starting the practice In 1840. The United States followed trltain's lead and Issued Its first postage stamps in 1847. However, many stamps were In use throughout the world before that time. As early as 16S3 persons of high rank In England at lathed private stamps to their correspondence. And in the 17th century the Dutch started a trend by Issuing tax stamps. These revenue stamps were put on various items to show that the tax had boon paid. The famous British Stamp Act of 1765 was one of the direct causes of the American colonial revolt against Great Britain, Today stamps are issued by almost every country, eolony and Island in the world. International postal regulations are set by the Universal Postal Union. FOR YOU TO DOt Thousands of persons collect stamps as a hobby. Start your own collection by consulting a stamp dealer. (Ricky Smith of Oakland, Calif., won $10 for this question. You, too, can be a winner. Send your question to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: What was the first newspaper?) CARNIVAL m By Dick Turner it T.M. M» U.I. P*. M $ IMT ky MtA UnH: ht. "You een baby sit or not as you please, Miss Jones, but your charge that we're giving him 'pep pills' Is totally unfoundodl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith TIZZY By Kate Osann OUR BOARDING HOUSE 6 AY AMOS A PAL \MCOTF-^ <S y. 1TAR,/ t*" , T'^ A CHEAP, ffrr.jwpa, * PAL «^ INSTRUMENT,Of* £ eat tw&TAVew MAJOR HOOM.1 Mfc OFPBRtN" AM IMPORTANT A gUILDiNS Pfl03£C< ^ ALL 1"D HAN& TO "DO IS TUf?^ OM THE WATER ^ TUfe M0RNIN6S AW OFP AT eaUlTTItf TIAMB/— 8LYT X'M ALL. OOTA SEAhiS* XWB 60TTA <5RAB A ^TAkS.' INSTRUMENT, eoUfWMT ^MCYi»<me fqii I'LL ^THAT STRAP* A» •GOT IT* •6*lBfer- A geOTHSRi E$| ft-56 ft tW* >y i»~<*» tm fu. iiy, t 'A. *»t M SiiST A MICE eROTHSfiLV PROPOSITION* BUGS BUNNY Competition THIS IS My 5PESWIAL PEK T'DAY,, ELMER ...OOPS! oow: TRY AtV BRUSH, 5I(?" ' I'M SURE IT WILL PROVE MORE DURABLE THAN THE ONE YOU'RE USIN.6! PRISCILLA'S POP That Would Do It BY AL VERMES* "Ifs no fun talking to Gertrude—If someone asks her to keep a secret, she keeps itl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer Tt)U 'AND THOSE BLONDS5VOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED ALLEY OOP Ifs Lockedl BY V. T. HAMLIN ©EVERAL DKVS HAVE PASSED SINCE OUR TIMS TRAVELERS RETURNED FROM THEIR LAST BONDER WHAT DOC'S GOT UP HIS SLEEVE FOR US TOO NEST? VENTURE MORTY MEEKLE How's That Again? BY DICK CAVALLI "You, too? Political Talk ; "oh, I adore our new housel And just think—it only cost $7,000 more than It's worthl" ACROSS 1 Former political party 8 First ' politician • Musical direction 12 Go on the bandwagon 13 Russian river 14 Ugly old woman 15 Political purists 17 Wood- chopping President, Lincoln 18 Weeping 19 Narrow body of land 21 Asterisk 23 Watch 24 Indistinct 27 Bound 20 Spill over 32 Determines newspaper political opinions 34 Close again 36 Political columnist's pride 17 Ancient Urfa 38 Narrow cut 39 Deceased 41 Pigpen 42 Faucet 44 California tog 89 Show approval 60 Inferior 61 Superlative suffixes DOWN 1 Legal paper 2 Secrete 3 Notion 4 Mechanical devices 8 Fourth X N p R I 7) e? u -r A Kl I ft te ts Ki a 6 ki A A B 1 ft A I 6 T + ta R I 4 1 T f as o •» P Eft A 1 f b 6 H b k e 1 i Eft IN 1 B i_ m L o »» ft 1 6 6 w 4 i R B 1 1 E R * & T T A 1 a A A p. U I S A 1 u A i A Fl 0 LI I d si f k T t D 6 B A lie u B N B si f k T t D 6 B R t & V SL & « p A T 20 German district 22 VentUated Arabian caliph 24 Famed 6 Wish 7 Insects 8 Spars 9 Brazen 10 Forbidden 11 Middle 16 Sir Bulwer 36 Taro roots 40 Natural fata 43 Fig tree 45 Incline Socialist 46 Hurt politician 47 Preposition 25 Pastoral poem 48 Swing around 26 Operated 28 Reverie 30 Hops' kiln 31 Drama 33 Giant 50 Burden 51 Shoo, cat! 52 Lampreys 55 Teetotalers <ab.) 1 i r r r 7 r i 10 ir r A N r #' r 1 i r P ST » JT i U a IF F III r IT 1U 9 B n t n r u REMEMBER NOW, NOT TOO FIRM, YET NOT RUNNY. THE WHITE WELL COOKEO, BUT NOT BURNT. A PINCH OF PEPPGR, AND NOT A r ORAIN MORE... J* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS It Worksl BY MERRILL B LOSS BR THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Reprieved BY WILSON SCRUGGS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Shoes, Shoesl BY EDGAR MARTIN H lEC ,Umi10ME /tVE OOTVQWUEfiSPMVIBD ASA1NST TUB RAJUHS. EXTBiOMVUANOS TDSOU.BU«EUP/lS SIOWLVASMDUOKI, AWDOtUkBTHEW/ J CAPTAIN EASY IW/C A CK3ARET.' THE WAV /W HANDS ACT SUAWW6, THOUGH, NOU WW HAVEJO UOHTITVOOftSBLF/ 3 TOXMELBAKMC^ :«1 He Must Work On BY LESLIE TURNER

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