Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 27, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, August 27, 1957
Page 5
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lowan Determines Sex of Baby in Third Week PALO ALTO, Calif. (AV-The sex of a baby now can be determined as early as Its third week of development inHhe womb, a scientist from the University of Iowa reported Tuesday. This shortens the time of recognition by about a month, and brings scientists closer to the point where they may be able to detect the changes which produce children with outward physical sex abnormalities, Dr. Emit Witschi told the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Sex reversal, the process which changes an individual from male to female, or the other way around, is l?nown to occur sometime in the early weeks of pregnancy. At least some of these changes come about because of degenerative processes in the germ cells, such as overripeness of the egg at the time of fertilization, the scientist said. Dr. Witschi, using the technique of Dr. Murray Barr, a Canadian! nerve specialist, was able to iden-! tify the sex of embryos less than an inch long. He did this hy' taking samples of the embryonic skin and nerves and finding differences in their chromatin, a substance which plays a part in cell division and growth. If researchers can find the very beginning of sex changes in the The Daily Record Timet Hereld, Carroll, Iowa Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1M7 development of the embryo, they may be able to do something about preventing physical sex abnormalities, Dr, Witschi reported. One possible way of treating \ them, he said, might be to give antibodies to the mother during pregnancy. It has been theorized, he added, that, a cause of these abnormalities in male children is due to reaction of the mother's system against the male cells of the child. It is possible that this j reaction can suppress the develop-! ment of male characteristics, in: somewhat the same way as the! blood of a RH negative moth- 1 er forms antibodies against the) RH positive child she is carrying. | An antibody might block the sex; reaction, Dr. Witschi said. How-| ever, no such antibody has been discovered. MAYOR'S COURT "•^JS^RII^*.. A*.* «' 25 hi « ner - choice and p rime Ernest F. Ballard was fined $5 enXA frnm tn . M . tnr r. n . butchers scaling 200 to 220 pounds brought $21.50 to $21.75, the practical top. Slaughter steers sold steady "to Merchant Prince Filene Is Dead at 92 and costs on a charge of failing to stop for a stop sign. ST, ANTHONY HOSPITAL Admissions- Kent Weible, Rt. 1, Manning. Mrs. Raymond L. Stock, Wall Lake. Ben Schulte, Breda. Philip P. Knaack, Manning. Everett C. Carlson, Carroll. Rietta Ann Julius, Ft. Dodge. Mrs. Monroe Hagen, Saginaw, Mich; Mrs. William Richardson, Saginaw, Mich. Mrs. Anna Thompson, Hope, Mich. Dismissals- Mrs. Louis Hugeback, Carroll. sold from $24.00 to $27.50, the top, (USDA) — Salable hogs 7,000; moderately active, generally steady to 25 higher on butchers; sows steady to 25 higher; No. 1-3 mostly 2-3 200-280 lb butchers 21.00- MARSTONS MILLS, Mass. W- Lincoln Filene, 92, dean of Ameri Red Jets Flight to U.S. Seen as Bid for Business and Propaganda EHec 21.50; several lots 1-2 200-220 lb j ago from his position as chairman 21.50-21.75; larger lots mixed 1-3! of the Federated Department 325-400 lb sows 19.00-20.50. I stores, an organization of large WASHINGTON UPl-U.S. officials said Tuesday Russia may be bid- can retailers and last of an era dmg for more of the worlds com- _ ^ _ _ n ^ of famous merchant princes, died ; mercial air traffic with the pro-- gald it wou)d not permil lne planes Tuesday at his summer home. j posed flight of two Soviet TU104, to land at any of the three air . , , .. ;iet airliners' to New York next Filene resigned a few months 1J in the New York area The New York Port Authority airliners month. The State Department Monday made public a note authorizing Salable cattle 6,000; calves i 200; \ retailing organizations which he : the flight sto bring the Soviet dele- HAS SURGERY Lanny Seaton of Indianola, formerly of Carroll, underwent surgery for mastoid Saturday morning, August 24. He is in room 455, Iowa Methodist Hospital, De s Moines. Lanny is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Seaton, who moved to Indianola from Carroll early this" summer. Mrs. Leonard Halbur and baby, | and commercial bulls 16.00-18.00; Maple River. i standard to choice vealers 17.00- Diane Catherine Duffy. Carroll. ; 25.00; some mixed good and choice Mrs. Vincent A. Riesselman and , feeding steers 22.75-23.00. baby, Carroll. William A. Simons, Glidden. Nancy Ann Cleveland, Carroll t slaughter steers fairly active,! helped found, steady to 25 higher; heifers and j Filene, born while Abraham Lin- cows fully steady; bulls slow, weak j coin was president, was associated to 25 lower; vealers and stockers I with his brother Edward in build- and feeders steady; choice and i ing up in Boston the William Fi- prlme steers 24.00-27.50; few loads | lene's Son Co., which calls itself high choice and low prime heifers I the world's largest specialty shop. 24.75-25.25; most good and choice heifers 21.00-24.50; utility and commercial cows 13.50-16.50; utility Nations General Assembly opening Sept. 17. At Military Field Apparently the Russian jets will p.m. they were addressed by Mildred Middleton, county coordinator of curriculum. have to land at a military field; stood to lose, whether they' s«ld';^yes or no. S$x> Had permission been denied, u«''' A '*f S. y authorities would b^>.fd)t |f «|s against American proposals made ports it operates—Idlewlld, La-! at the 1955 foreign ministers" con--?» ; Guardia and Newark-in view offence at Geneva for wider ex* , a long-standing ban against jets j change of East-West air traffics because of their noise. (Also this would darken the ChaneV ... • J L . i .. J ' es °f American air firms winning The authority added that it had Kremlin approval for direct flight* received no requests for landing! t0 M OSCOW permission either from the State! But permitting the mght9 may Department or Russia. The de -j be p)ay j ng right lnto a 8jick Sovie t partment did not indicate where : publicity stunt, the planes might land. j The Russians are certain to fo- Russian military planes have on'cus the world's eyes on their sleek : They apparently hope to ney, high school principal for the remainder of the morning. At lia few occasions landed on U.S. I craft soil. One landed at. San .Jacinto, j cause as much commotion in New Calif., in 1937 after a nonstop \ York as an American Globerriaster flight from Moscow. j did at Moscow last spring when it Special guests at the breakfast I The State Department said the called to pick up Ambassador Wednesday morning will be Roy! first TU104 flight was fixed for Charles E. Bohlen for his last Burns, president of the school some time about Sept. 3-7, the sec- j trip out. Bohlen since has gone to New Teachers At CHS Confer Six new teachers and two student teachers who are joining the £o~«.d"' ; Larry Jung, president of: ond flight for about Sept. 13-17. j Manila as ambassador Jf h £ X; !E S5 i faCUlty th i S year mC V° r I the Chamber of Commerce; and i American personnel will go aboard fully 25 higher; other c asses fully inary con f e rence at Carroll Public charle , E Knoblauch manaaer of^he craf t. possibly at Gander, steady; choice and prime spring Sch00lSi Tuesday. A breakfast! UianeS *" M0Dlaucn - 05 1 • • • • - •• IOWA TRAFFIC DEATHS By The Associated Press Aug. 27, 1957 447 Aug. 27, 1956 463 Beverly Wiederin, Rt roll. j Births— ! Mr. and Mrs. Lorin Poeppe, : Lake View, a daughter, Monday, j Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. N i e(land, Rt. 2, Breda, a son, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Ram- aekers, Scranton, a daughter, Tuesday. The Russians are believed an_ _ _ xious to expand the service of l Car- lomh. mM ,w fpu , ------.,vr iTTJi 1 th® ChambeVor Commerce, "siipt. I Newfoundland, to navigate over U. their "aeroflot" commercial air- 1 ££i y I^'M H UAU ' »n M X" I meetmg °J a , H te , aChers wlU bC he,d Forney will preside. After break- S. territory. line. It now covers the Communist lected prime individuals to 26.00.. in 1hesc hool cafeteria at 7:30 a.m. j fas , e i ementary and high school j state Department approval of; Woe from Easterni Europe to Red Wednesday. School will open for; teachers; will meet witn tneir re ., the flights was necessary because I \? m : and touched P°»nts in Scan- the new year at 8:30 a.m. Thurs day. THE SCHOOL FASHION ® STARS ARE at DUFFY'S Boyi' Wlnj Ox T fo P rd. I1">^i- Brown or /jfr. Black. $6.95 MORE KIDS ARE GOING BACK IN DUFFY'S SHOES • Wo fit H M>I» (or foot actio* '|, DUFFY'S BOOTERY "Put 1/044 *4 *11 3H %ufc'l &Uol" Carroll Marker! ; spective principals and will be there is no commercial air agree- addressed by Miss Middleton in: ment between the United States i and Russia. Only Ones In World The big new TUl04s are the only GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 Corn, No. 2 yellow Oats - RETURN FROM TRIP Mr. and Mrs. A. A.> Hen ning returned Monday from a 1 At the Tuesday meeting of new 1 t " h ~e afternoon Bankers Life Presidents Club trip teachers were J. E. Dandsdill, \ ' to New York City, won by Mr. Garher; Mrs. John Throckmorton, j Henning for the third year. They : Carroll: and Mrs. J. Howard Mc- 1 RESET PARK DEDICATION saw the Ethel Merman stage I Elhinney. Carroll, who will teach i COON RAPIDS — Dedication of commercial jet planes operating show, "Happy Hunting," visited in junior high; Noreen Connell, S l be recently - renovated city park ; regularly in the world today, the U. N. building and many oth- 1 Storm Lake, homemaking instruc- 1 nere "as aga'" been postponed byj The Soviet request to fly the er places. Mr. and Mrs. Henning, tor; Mrs. Roger Nielsen. Manning,; thc weather. The next date set isiTUl04s to New York put Amert- who were away for a week, stop- third grade; Marilyn Fuller, Corn- j Thursday, August 29. 1 pan officials over a barrel. They ped in Chicago Sunday, returning ing, girls' physical education mmmmm ———————— dinavia. 3 More Days Until LARRY ARRIVES .... $2.15 home from there. _ 1.17 .58' Chicago Grain Thete Market* are tarnished by the Humphrey Grain Company GOODWILL TRUCK The Goodwill Truck will be Carroll Thursday, August 29, Carol Hopper, Sioux City, and Ro- 1 bert Sayre. Scranton, student; teachers from Iowa State College, \ Ames. I After a briefing by Supt. W. Paul • WHEAT Sept. High Low Prev. Close Close Dec. Mnrch May CORN Sept. Dec. March May OATS Sept. Dec. March 316% 322 H 225 H 221% 215V4 221 223 T* 219% 126 125% 125 *4 130 ^ 133% 125 i oq 132 216 216 »i 222 222 H 225 H 225 H 220 \ 220Ti 125 H 125% 125 »i % 129% 4 132 *J May f BEANS SO Sept. Nov. Jan. 66 hi 69 Vi 71 71 H 242 238 V t 241% LARD Sept. 12.55 Oct. 12.77 65 % 68% 70% 70% 239 236 «4 239% 12.37 12.60 66% 69% 70% 71% 241% 241% 237% 237*. 241 241 M 12.52 12.72 12.75 216 221 \ 221% 224 s 4 224^ 220U 220% 126% 125% 130 133% 133% 65% 68% , . ,. . , , ... . Fornev, elementary teachers met pick up discarded clothing and • Re de . household items Donors are ask- princ ipal. and high school! ed to bring their articles to the t _ 1 uh * j Howard McElhin- i Clyde Bayliss home. 1005 North teacners witn j. nowara Mcainin ; Crawford Street, by noon of that day. CHANGE BOARD DATE Because of the Labor Day holiday next Monday, the September meeting of the board of directors of the Carroll County Farm Bureau, usually held on the first | Monday evening of each month, j will take place at 8 p.m. Tuesday, j September 3. 70' 239% 240 237 237% 241 Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (in— Butcher hogs and sows were up as much as 25 cents ; in moderately active trading Tues| day. 1 Several lots of No. 1 and 2 grade CONVENTION DELEGATES (Time* Herald Newt Service) GLIDDEN - Rev. E. W. M. Brewer and J. W. Loeschen are delegates from Peace Evangelical . Lutheran Church, Glidden, to the 12 to! Iowa District West Convention of ! the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, which is being held at the; Walther League Camp on Lake i West Okoboji from August 25-30. The burner with a BRAIN VISIT IN NEBRASKA (Time* Heruld New» Service) GLIDDEN — Rev. and Mrs. E.W.M. Brewer and David spent from Tuesday .to Friday of last week calling on relatives in the Schuyler, Columbus and Albion areas in Nebraska. The Rev. Floyd A. Brey, S. J., of Milwaukee, Wis., spent a few hours Monday with his brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Polking. He was en route from Armstrong, Iowa, to Chicago, where he will attend a three-day educational conference at Loyola University. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hansen and daughter Karen Kay have returned from a visit of three weeks with Mr. Hansen's brother Keith Hansen and family in Las Vegas, Nev. On their way home they spent the weekend with Mr. Hansen's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hansen at (Fremont, Neb. $39zs Fed. Til I IK I. for Her— HCIM JULIA CHQICEl Sunburst cist dMi|n. Hadley tubular expansion bracelet. for Him— HOIK STANWOOD Clean, maseulint food looks. Hadlty eipaniion band.^ $i A WIIK CT) HOIK wllii lb* Owroeletd Unknot- aU« DUKAPOWII MAHKMMe Loehr & Shriver JEWELERS 107 Wait 5th St. GO AUTOMATIC ...WITH NO "2l&Xlj Simply dial the h «nt you want Tht automatic top burner heat control raises or lowers flame to maintain selected heat. No warm-up wait} no hangover heat. Every pan becomes an automatic utensil —' foods won't burn! Enjoy true top burner heat control. Be modern — "go automatic gajs" — lor cool, clean, last, modern cooking. gas division IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT and POWER • _ v Company , t > I fl f lj"„ '^w-iA,' ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thursday August 29 8:00 p. m. Carroll HI Auditorium SPONSORED BY THE LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE - CARROLL Ramblin' Tommy Scott and His Smokey Mountain Jamboree Smilin' Bobo - The Georgia Hep Cot Rock ond Roll Country Style — PLUS — The World's Youngest Rock & Roller Scotty Lee - 3 Years Old with the National Rock & Roll Band Along with 10 carloads of Western TV and Radio Stars — TV's Original Masked Rider with his Bull Whips; Tho Great Ken- oryaT Juggling Gus; Diablo King of Fire; Sandra Yvette; Luke Mctuke the Talking Doll; The Old Man ol the Mountains —THE COUNTRY'S BIGGEST AND FUNNIEST 2 HOUR VARIETY SHOW, - . Ticlfoti Available at Moose Lodge or at the Door of the CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM on Thursday. Admission J Adults 90c, Children 50c P ENNEY S A I WAY S FIR 5 T Q U All 1 Y f- XMM^4 *^£T> * ™ V ^^I^^1J^|W ••'3;" ^^^^^ poUsbed Mack iBJ AH wool "Bolivant" P 100% wool «Luatrosa»' button front S! P lus . h - Reprocessed «ned. Red beige rovS' M wool interUning. Rose- rosewood. 8 to^' || ^ 39.95 m- 29 ' 9 5 • Penney'f thoppii over ITS Top Makers lb bring you thest" great new values...designers' prize silhouettes in the newest fabrics from top mills I See ffie results of months of market work today!... See th# (results of Penney's high standards in expert tailoring, fine construe** tion plus the very latest styles and excellent fabrics I • Look tnt O the terrific advantage Penney's Lay-Away gives yovt l .. first selection, aasy payments, no extra costs,.. and your new coat ready when you want it[ • Whether you wear a misseu, junior 6«r half-size, SHOP PENNEY'S FIRST FALL COAT EVENT-.,.YOU CAN'T, AFFORD NOT TO! /—

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