Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 27, 1957 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, August 27, 1957
Page 3
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EditorlGl-— President Reluctant to Wield a Political Club President Eisenhower twice won overwhelming election to the White House partly because he is "not a politician." Obviously millions of Americans were fed up with the grubby politics they were accustomed to seeing. They wanted a man above the battle and the turmoH, and they got him. Mr. Eisenhower not only was inexperienced in politics, but he saw himself as placed above the sordid struggle. Moreover, all indications were that he brought to his task an active dislike for political maneuvering. Since countless voters pretty well understood all this and voted j for him because of it, most of them are not likely to complain that in Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Tuesday, Aug, 27, 1957 by the fact that under the two- term limit in the amended Constitution he cannot run again, and thus the lawmakers foresee the end of his power and influence a few years hence. The President says he is disappointed greatly in the record of the Congress in 1957. Much'of his program has either been shelved, watered down, or beaten. But except for heavy pressures at times on behalf of his foreign aid and defense spending proposals, he has not usually resorted to the political devices which might have helped produce an opposite result. Possibly only the fine analysis of his nearly five years in office Ike: the detached historian, intensely familiar with the inner workings of this Congress and this admin' istration, can determine where the responsibility for this situation should fall. But past history suggests that has not behaved like a politician. Yet, whatever the advantages in this pattern of behavior, there would seem to be disadvantages as well. For most historians and political scientists agree that a 1 president to be most effective must, the president who is not a politic- be a mixture of an executive and i ian has more trouble than others a politician. in getting Congress to do his bid- Political power is the club any din S- ln staying above the battle, president can hold over his fellow | he finds that most of tne '^e he party men in Congress. If he does- 1 cannot command the combatants n't want to use a club but to per suade instead, sharp political understanding is the best lubricant. Mr. Eisenhower for the most part has not chosen to develop that j These things I command you, understanding, and he has gen-{that ye love one another. — John erally been reluctant to wield the who in theory owe allegiance to him. In Civil Rights Measure— Negroes Win a Clear-Cut VicfoM By JAMES MABLOW | Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON iffv-Negroes and the supporters of civil rights have won a clear-cut victory. Southern whites have suffered a definite defeat. This is clear after an analysis of the compromise civil rights bill which is expected to be passed by Congress this week. It's been called a bill to protect Negroes' voting rights. It goes far beyond that. It would have gone further, by letting the attorney general step into all kinds of civil rights cases. But Southern senators were able to get that part of the bill knocked out. As it stands, the bill would let the attorney general step into voting rights cases only. That's plenty. So is the rest of the bill, And for the first time in this century, the Southerners were unable to block civil rights legislation against such violations, as the at- contempt is intended to ttisfce torney general could have done comply while there is stUl. under the knocked-out part of the for him to do so. CrimlttM *<i^o^ bill. But it could expose. tempt action is taken WhWi] For example: The commission; too late to comply and isaJttWJS' could investigate the Ku Kluxi at punishment for flouttng'^n'Sr* Klan and the White Citizens Coun-|der. ' cils set up in the South to resist public school integration and Integration in general. The more the commission may- reveal—particularly about harassment of Negroes—the more could be the pressure for more legislation. And the commission would have power to hold hearings anywhere in the South. Because it could issue subpoenas, it could force witnesses to appear and testify But a court order can Cove|;;lk broad field. For example?; tf^jp 5 judge ordered a registrar Of'"Wp ers not to interfere with woutdrt^ifc^ Negro voters, the judge wo«l »;i§ probably make the order btadttflf§|- on all others too. Thus, a whole community wftudf^^ be ordered not to interfere. Ke$rt> registrar complies, but othwixg don't, they could be tried W -'f ^^m judge without a jury for civil. caA? tempt. If it was too late for compliance Thoughts Under the bill, the attorney gen era! could ask a federal judge for > and the judge wanted to try them a court order to stop a voting; for criminal contempt, he tfould rights violation. Again, there!do so. provided he did not impost would be exposure. For once a j a sentence of more than 45 dayi judge issues such an order, he!in jail and a fine of $300. would hold a public hearing to; If he wanted them to face » That may mean more chance j bring out the facts in the case, j penalty greater than that, he for more civil rights legislation in; And the bill leaves untouchedi would have to let them have a the future. ! the judge's traditional power to: jury trial. If convicted by a jury* The. bill calls for a commission! try and jail—without a jury—any- i the maximum penalty for criminal to investigate all kinds of civil | one in civil contempt of courts for j contempt under the bill would be rights violations. The commission ; disobeying his order. 'a $1,000 fine and six months in would .have no powers to act j Action against, a person for civil jail. I aniAM AnvilioKv j tersen's birthday were Mr. and' About 30 Attend Legion, Auxiliary \ Merlyn Lenz and family of Aoout au Attend Of Crawford County ivaii. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lenz and Loudenback School Hold Joint Meetingi ^^'X^dKrU ^iPicnie at Ralston <Tlm«i Herald N>w» RfrvIrM i 15:17. weight and many similar condi- ip'LL C t-\w\rv\cm¥ tions also may lead to a state of; DlPlc VwUmmem A Prophet's Helper The heart of htm who t r u 1 y \ sugar is a possibility chronic fatigue. Diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis, vitamin deficiencies, low blood pressure and low metabolism are among the! disorders which are sometimes re- j By wiLLIAM E. GILROY, D.D. I words of Jeremiah in a time of consisted of accordion solos by ; land left for Wyoming August 21 sponsible. Abnormally low blood j An interesting study would be of; great peril to himself, showing not Dorothy Vetter, a junior member, to attend a family reunion and Namanny and family. Mr. and WESTSIDE - American Legion ; Mrs - E ? rl J*'* 0 " and Mr and Mrs " and the Auxiliary held the Craw- j Helmuth Wenzel. ford County joint meeting in the | ' ~ Legion Hall at Westside Monday Mr$. JOCK Holland evening. Commander Don Bom -Ajui . ;j iu._J. hoft and County President, Mrs. i VT ^ esTS,ae MTTen ° 5 Pete Voege, opened the meeting.! Reunion in Wyoming Wanda Jans served as pianist for ; the advance of colors^ and also the i <rim ™ v "" national anthem. The program! WESTSIDE — Mrs. Jack Hoi- club. Consequently, Congress often j loveg is a par a d i se on earth; he i the extent to which the glory of! only devotion to the prophet, but! a s well as Wanda Jans. Pictures j celebration of her uncle's* 85th has defied him over thp years. • has God in" himself, for God is Now the problem is aggravated; love.—Lamennais. Convalescent Mamie Faces A Strenuous Fall Schedule When a definite physical condi- > g re at men and women, in charac- 1 a belief in his words. Moreover, by Carl E. Koepke, American Le-' birthday tion can be found, the Proper; ter and achievement, has been, he showed a deep courage in writ-! gion member of Carroll Post, i M r an( j Mrs William C Delph treatment can be started. Each shared, or ought to have been j ing the prophetic words at the were shown of his various trips an( j daughters Shirley and Linda disease must be attacked by the ; shared, by someone in the back--; prophet's dictation a second time j around the world. Many pictures: 0 ( Indianapolis Ind returned measures which have been shown ground. For examples: a secre- when a wrathful king had burned! were of Japan and the Holy Land.! f rom a tr j p to ' Wyoming where to be useful. ; tary or a disciple, or some devot-ithe first writing (Jeremiah 3fi: The twn groups lhen had the ir' thev visited relatives of Mrs. Hol- The proper balance between j ed follower or active supporter., 20-32) and imprisoned the prophet I sepa rate meetings. The Legion land and enjoyed some trout fish- work, recreation and sleep has to; The glorified assistants have been: The people of the Kingdom of: held installation. Charles E. Smith ing in Yellowstone Park. They be worked out. Change of occupa- > active in history, even if the glory, Judah were undergoing the trag- o{ Dow city was installed as coun- stopped in Westside for a visit R.nnnniQHBWN I u-poWe Mnih nnnthnr m .M «,h,vh i tio " lS -" ot oft ,? n |; ecommended be " j has not always sh( ? ne upon khem " 1 edy , that ^ s , s0 .. f ,°. ften b . es * 0th , e ty commander and Barney Old-; with Mrs. Delph's parents. Mr. iSJ^SVSJt^S ^t S?fi~L^ ln our own recent hislor y- Pres " Pe .° Ple '"A 8 A ttle . la ? d ° Pal " fleldas ad ) utant - I™*? offi- and Mrs. Jack Holland. , J J it _ , „ . , W^KCT!SK P ?MS?JT AC W li i \™J 1 Many people need to learn how to ; ident Wilson had his Colonel 1 cstine, and that besets Israel even cer was rj on Bornhoft assisted by: Mr and Mrs Delbert Scott and ! L 6 "^ THE D ° BSON , FATNILY P ' CN C WASHINGTON - (NEA^- u As i Wrt wanted to know what was rela>: when they have the chance. H ouse; President Franklin Roose-: "day the tragedy of . not! John Cross of Dow city , acting' LA 7 RV s „ e nt wXesday a n d * unday ,n P " k 1 left a i on e to work out their own • uarry speni weanesaaj a nu Al , ,— ITImM Rerild N>ws SeirlM) RALSTON - About 30 attended the Loudenback School picnic in Ralston School Park Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Dobson returned to their home at Smithland Tuesday. Their little granddaughter. Geraldine Burdine, accompanied them home for a few days' stay. The following members of the South Birthday Club held a picnic supper in the Scranton Park Wednesday evening: Inez Knight, Dottie Cook. Emma Boulware, Zelma Raygor. Mabel Watt, Myrtle Johnson. Grace Wilcox, Olive Plumley, Maude Epperly, Minnie Emmeck, Grace Tuttle. and Gail Herman. Otis Knight and Harry Epperly also attended. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Dobson of Smithland were weekend visitors in the Verne Dobson home and at- soon as it was determined that • going on. , Mamie's operation was a complete! In addition to Mamie's ability as success everyone from the The adoption of a balanced diet veil his Harry Hopkins. I suppose! ?" a '°™ 7TW» «n Tw m i ser * ean t of arms uw „t ..A ic Konofi. «ni„ n, a f..»,.r S u ,ni rovoai hnw » {e a nd destiny. There, in that lit- „ .. . , the Scranton Park. Others from this vicinity attending will reveal how cial' where the abnormal fatigue is large a part Sherman Adams is eie in aaaiuon w mnue s torn y as . h j f vjtamins , g benefi- only the future last a housekeeper she.has_a great tal-, . v ^ ahnorma , f B t iffUe «. lar „ - Dart sh Thursday at Lost Island Lake. j were Mr and Mrg _ Elmer Dobson tie land that offers every allure- President Mrs. Voege presided Mr . and Mrs. James Quandt of; and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur conflict between Babylon and Scott- oming. Mr and Mrs Claude Silbaugh, Egypt. Westside was the recipient of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walker. \ Leona. Luetta and Mary, attended , , . . ... . • , .. * A « ' Against Jeremiah's prophecy'"the thing" for the past year. | Diane and Ronnie of Detroit.; the Borders family picnic in the short time that Mamie; Abnormal fatigue is not caused ble example of the glorified as- and counse i t h e king of Judah VVlt " the beginning of a new term i Mich., are spending this week in by the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kock. The Walkers are friends of the Kocks. Scranton Park Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Esmay also attended. There were about 46 present. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gregory, Mrs. Helen Kernen, Randy and aides was overjoyed. . j probably ac-1 be 3« tive mansion has won her the deepj Just the short time ..ic,., t . , r . _, . . . . . _j affection of the whole staff. i was in the hospital the staff could! by any single factor. The prob- ststant. He was the secretary and . choM f0 aUy h t m s e i f with a new package was received Every day during her stay at tell the difference in the Presi-; lem always, therefore is to try to assistant of the Prophet Jeremiah.. Egypt imposJng heavy tgxes to Kiron. Walter Reed Army Hospital almost dent's mood. He has a tendency to j fmd what is responsible In each Everybody knows about Jeremi-, satlsfy Egyptian demands. As the; The annual Woodward picnic every White House employe sent be snappish, anyway. But in 1 case. . ah, even if tney are not lamiiiar, prophet warned| ne made a bad was canceled this year, but each her a personal card or note urging: Mamie's absence he roamed "™——-—•------«---—•———- j with ms propnecy or Know uttie oi: cnoice Tne hordes of Nebuchad-' unit will remember a child with a a speedy recovery. Every time | around the White House living! C/N TUEV SAY 1 Ike drove out 16th St. to the hos-; quarters frequently in a state of| • Hfc I I j His name is perpetuated in; tians and carried the Jews to ex-; on the picnic day. Mrs. James Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. " I numberless Jeremiahs. But w h o i j] e j n far-off Babylon. ; The Junior Auxiliary picnic was Dixon are employed by Mr. and The Western powers are trying! knows about the secretary, Ba-: Glory and tragedy have been ; planned to be held Sunday, Sept. I Mrs. Don Aschinger of Nemaha, to substitute control for the whole; ruch? : the lot of the "chosen people." 1 1, at Denison. j Lena Meyers spent the weekend This mood probably reflected problem of disarmament. — So- < There is. of course, the present-; who have not always honored Mrs. Scott gave a report on the j in the home of Frank and Minnie concern for the First Lady'siviet disarmament envoy Valerian day unofficial statesman, Bernard God's choice. Jeremiah and his state convention, which was at- i Dobhert of Odebolt m i urn- o A- health. But her natural, gaiety is|A. Zorin. I Baruch, whose character a n d, helper. Baruch, shared both glory ; tended by Mrs. Voege and Mrs. | Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kroeger: tne ^ are -»u th , mfl T? e the best balm known for the Presi- 1 achievement have won him a | and tragedy, daring to write and i Scott. ; and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kruse . H° me ^!« w" i "i*ff 1 j «^ They (Russians) will start a worthy place among his fellow ci-! speak the truth that was in them, j Mrs. J. R. Dieter of Vail receiv- 1 were guests Wednesday evening in ' ' war only if they know they can ! tizens. But his name is a family though it brought upon them the ed the door prize. j the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leland win. They know they can't now. name, not a Christian name, as i hostility of king and people, who; Mrs. Herman Vetter entertained Kenest of Botna for Mrs. Kruse's pital he and the Secret Service j some irritation. He displayed the men would be asked to deliver, Ike temper in the office, too, more some special cake, a little gift, or j than usual, a bouquet of cut flowers from the White House garden which some member of the staff wanted Mamie to have. She got a great kick out of this!dent's disposition, spontane'ous expression of affec-j A relatively quiet summer, plus tion and sent a special message of the Newport, R. I., vacation, are thanks to each donor. ! going to turn out to be good tonic Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dixon and Cindy of Nemaha are visiting | p' am ela"attended"the ¥artwigsen nezzar utterly defeated the Egyp- gift as has been done in the past; this week in the home of Mr. and | f arm i y picnic in the Scranton Park ' ~ " " Sunday afternoon. There were 65 in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brudine and children of Austin. Minn, were visitors from Thursday until Monday The public demonstration of sympathy for the First Lady has put a staggering burden on the White House mailroom. Thousands of letters have been received from all over the U. S. and abroad. for Mamie because she has a strenifous fall and winter season coming up. —Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff. There were times when 1 wish- and Mrs. William Burdine and the Lester Burdine family spent Saturday in Omaha at the Jack Morris* sey home. Myron Gregory accompanied a group of Glidden men to Nebraska the name Jeremiah has been in i sought pleasant words rather than j the Monday Bridge Club Monday; birthday. Others present were Mr many Christian baptisms. ! warnings. I in her home. I and Mrs. Robert Hinners and But that other Baruch, about! The end of the prophet and his Mr. and Mrs. Harry Segehart: family and Mr. and Mrs. John Ke„ _ r . , inerc WBre „„,„ „„ riI , „,„„. whom only those well versed in helper is unknown except in leg- i and family and their guests, Mr.! nest of Manning and Mr. and i Thursday. They returned Sunday The visit of England's Queen |ed i wou i d d j 6i j was so afraid.! Bible lore would be apt to know I end. The probability is that both : and Mrs. C. E. Parsons and fam-IMrs. Elmer Kenest and family of night. Mr. Gregory purchased some Elizabeth II, and her husband the j Mrs ^ nn Fro'mbert. 74, Duluth, j — who was he? And what is his s died, or met death, in Egypt. j ily of San Diego, Calif., and Mr.! Deloit. j feeding cattle. Duke of Edinburgh, in October, j Minn., lost in dense woods for j claim to honor and fame? j But the books of the Prophecy.; and Mrs. Carl Segebart visited Mrs. Raymond Peters and chil-| Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Wheeler of When informed of the avalanche J will launch Mamie's heavy sched- {our day8 of mail she cried, "Oh dear, that's: ule for the coming months.. Thej too bad because it means that I• royal pair will be staying in the! Hc ( A | ger Hiss) has a mind like can't answer each one personal ly." Mamie has been the most prolific letter-writing First Lady in history. When it's humanly possible within her crowded schedule she insists on answering every letter she gets personally White House itself as guests of the a sponge( a memory i ike an e le- Eisenhowers. instead of across the nant _ R . Andrew Smith presi . street in the .official presidential I dent of company for w „ich the guest house. This will necessarily. cause Mamie extra work, which she will love to do. She's naturally gregarious and likes company. But she convicted perjurer now works. In spite of the fact that Mamie j also insists on tending to such I and Ike have been spending much j White House details in person, to time at Gettysburg she hasn't re-j make sure there are no slips in laxed her careful attention to the (the hospitality, details of running the White House. \ No decision has been made yet For example, when she returned! about an official White House from her recent trip to Denver she winter social season. Last winter saw a maid at work who was sup- there was only a limited budget posed to be on vacation. for official receptions and dinners. Mamie's Inquiry revealed that j It'll probably be about the same the maid had traded vacation this winter. The sky makes a wonderful covering ih the good old summertime, except when it leaks. Though he was not himself a I Jeremiah and Lamentations, live j Friday evening in the home of dren, Dennis and Debra, are vis- 1 Auburn, Neb., were weekend visit- prophet, he made public the on. jMr. and Mrs. Alex Segebart of iting Mrs. Peters' mother, Mrs. ors in the home of her mother, , j Carroll in observance of Mr. and \ Esther Compton, at Mount Car- j Mrs. Emma Blackley. They were Sidereal time measures the ac-! ^ rs - Alex Segebart's birthdays. ' mel, 111. i en route home from a visit with tual spin of the earth, separate i Sunday evening visitors in the j ! Mrs. Wheeler's brother-in-law and and apart from its orbital rotation home of Mr and Mrs Wil,is p e-i He is a very smart man who j sister, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Leder- about the sun. j tersen in observance of Mr. Pe- won't.brag that he is. I er in Milwaukee. Q — What nationality was the famous Jewish author, Sholem p j |*St" PhotOS • DR. JORDAN SAYS * Sy IDWIN P. JORDAN, M.O., Written tor NIA S»rvle« Cause of Chronic Fatigue Is Usually Hard to Find The pessismist is surprised when ! "f ™f ^ mfle " 1 ' flnher rPpefl f eRri f he isn't disappointed. ' ™recht, important to Great Brit- An Indiana man deserted his wife and seven children and police likely can find him at some nice, quiet place. A wife sued for divorce shortly after her 50th wedding anniversary. Maybe she thought it a golden opportunity. Remember Way Back When One of the most distressing and | feels below par all the time leads a miserable existence. A letter received from a common conditions I know of is chronic fatigue. The person who Daily Times Herald Daily Except Sunday* and Holidays By The Herald Publishing Company 105 West Fifth Stoat Carroll, Iowa JAMES W. WILSON, Publisher HOWAKD B. WILSON, Editor Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Carroll, Iowa, under the act of March 3, 1879. Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for repubHca the local news printed In this newspaper as well «s all AP dls- tion of a this ne\ patches, Official Paper of County and City Subscription Rates By carrier boy^ellvery^per week I -.85 Carroll, Adjoining Counties per year , ^. Carroll, Adjoining Counties, per month Q — Why was the gerat inter- settlement important ain? A — The Peace of Utrecht marked the beginning of Great Britain's colonial and commercial power. Q—What Is sidereal time? A — Sidereal time is star time. It is measured by the rotation of the earth in relation to the stars. Asch? A — Re wag a and became a naturalized States citizen in 1920. Q — Are crawfish akin to lobsters? A — Shrimps, prawns, and crawfish are allied to the lobster, the crawfish often being called fresh-water lobster. native of Poland Y^-f +Ko F/Hcdl ituralized United A-/I IMC LUOCl Progress seldom ends until person is completely satisfied. Reader Seeks Answers to Questions About Women Nineteen Seven— The Presbyterian S a b b a t h t School will meet hereafter at | ———• 12:15 o'clock or immediately after; "Why is it," asks a man who the morning preaching service, -says he always reads this column beginning next Sunday, September i during his lunch hour, "that-a 1. woman ... Nineteen Seven-- ; ! "Will take at least 15 or 20 min- Cyrus Mark has just returned; utes to lead up to her reason for from a two-week trip to Chicago! making a telephone call to anoth- and Zanesville, O., where his sons I «r woman? Do women actually Clayton and Anson are engaged in | consider it bad manners to come mill work.;Mr, Mark is interested ; right to the point when making a with his sons in the manufacture < telephone call? Will claim she hasn't a thing "housewife" is typical. She says, in part, "I am always exhausted and though my mind is willing to do things my body is always weak. The slightest exertion brings on such fatigue that sometimes 1 want jto •give ••*tip everything. I am only 32, but (eel like 80. As long as •! sit or He' down (of'wrought iron gas pipes and ae- I feel all right, but being on my i cessories. feet any length of time makes me j Nineteen Seven- . . , LL ,-. , 4 „ IUBQ . u ie tired again. I am irritable most of| Joe Judge.Is at the State Fair | ought to be pleased to wear his to wear when her closet is full of clothes, yet figure her husband TU only be a minute,' she probably has in mind that she won't be gone longer than an hour. Corrects Him "Is determined that she and her husband will never be the first to arrive anywhere? Since somebody has to be the first to arrive at any party, why is every wom­ an'determined it isn't going to be she and her husband? "Gets such a sense of accomplishment about just talking about reducing? It would seem to a mere man that what counts in dieting is The long awaited Edsel, newest car in the Ford line, made its debut today at a series of press •conferences across the country. Aimed at the /'medium price" .market, the Edsel will have 18 models in four series — Ranger, Pacer, Corsair and Citation. At right Is the driver's eye view of the Instrument panel and "Tele- touch" push button transmission controls located on the steering wheel hub. The speedometer Is drum type. Heater, defroster and ventilator are operated by a single control, right, .center. Front and rear styling are shown in photo below of a Citation two-door hardtop and a Citation convertible. The car has a vertical grille and concave sculptured sides. Horizontal faHlights blend into the flight deck luggage compartment to provide a solid bar of Illumination. Each bar hat two segments. Turn indicators and brake warning lights are In outer segments. the time and if I had a mint of ;• this • week with eight choice head; three.year-old blue suit and tell j the pounds lost. But women seem Elsewhere Ji» Iowa, year._ Elsewhere in Iowa, month- utelcje fow», year, 'e ,«w«i won! 10.00 4 money I would gladly trade it for a sense of feeling better." identification of the cause of chronic fatigue of this kind is usually difficult and what to do about it even more so. A true .disease is sometimes at fault. For exam* pie, an anemia often shows up by lack,oi' pep, *, .' People who suffer frorjischrpmc infections or disturbed bodily functions, are also likely to feel tired «M ifci tyne, Brofcea arches, over- of Shor\horn Durhams, the prod- j her how thoughtful she was to get j to get a noble feeling just from uct of his farm located northeast, it cleaned and pressed? i letting everyone know they are on ,of Carroll. One animal, Clear-the-j "Never seems to mind having j a diet. Way, valued at $35,000. took first [her husband comment on another "Thinks that marriage gives a woman's intelligence — unless the | woma_n the right to correct her woman also happens to be good \ husband and thai when her mem- looking? iory of just how a thing happened "Always has to change herjdoesn't jibe with his memory is clothes before she can leave the bound to be at fault?" house? | Care to try to answer this man's • -- "Hasn't the vaguest idea of! questions, any of you women church now i/i course of construe- J what a minute is;? When she says, I readers? tt<W ' (All WfWp *«#«v «i, NBA Servtee, too*) premium over- all of hit class at the State Fair last year. Nineteen Seven—' • i , (Edward P. Olson of Sioux Falls, ,S.'D„ was In Carroll yesteVday on his way to Maple River to do the finishing wort in the new Catholic

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