Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, July 7, 1960
Page 6
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PAOftSDC ALTON EVENING TELEGftAPH THURSDAY, JULY t, 1WO Editorial Major Transportation Question Continued sinking revenue of the Citizens ' More and more pressure is being brought in Cotch Co. despite all-out efforts made by the art increasing number of communities to obtain under net? management po*e<s a serious government surxidimion for mass transport sy«- public problem. The City Council now faces that problem. terns. The question arises: Will this community be- Mafttger Roy E. Rrupp tells the Council in come so desperately ir need of the bus service a letter-due for consideration tonight that five- that it will be tempted? month revenues this year have been <.S,000 low er than for a comparable period in David Latvrence Says U.S. Has Surplus of One Billion \VASHINOTON-There's a big 1 piece of good news /floating To those who use the bines—and apparently'around heir, huf It doVsn't *«>m Sldta thev are mam. even if too feV to make them to have attracted much atten- He warns that the bus companv rmv be out j pay—the idea might appear attractive. tion. After a deficit of $12» a hil- of busmen w,th the close of September unless - One of our difficulties in the area seem-; to j lion a year ago. the Treasury of favorable action is obtained from the Illinois be that the existing bus system has had to fo1-|the United Sates has come up Comrnercc Commission on a fair raise proposal, low tm closely the traffic pattern of its for-! with a surplus of nearly S1 This presumably means he would like the city bears: therefore has been unable to establish a'billion for the fiscal year just to promise no opposition to the request for high- desirable program of transportation. ended. er fares. ! The systems of bus transport in the area! n takes a little while for all The Telegraph long has believed that fare in- should eventually be joined with a view to de- tnf , statistics to be gathered and creases arc not the answer to continued life of i signing their routes along lines more closely fol-lthe final figures to be tabulated. the bus company, but the current request is made in a desperate situation, should be granted. We believe it* lowing our needs. i An official announcement will This, in due justice to Citizens Coach, is' conip ^ Ha >' " ° w - W 1 ™ thc -f i j L • new f sea year began on .fuy 1, next to impossible under the circumsuncei. ..^ ^ Vf)r) « m pstima1es; • » * * • published in thc press that the m _ _ —s, _ treasury, instead of the $200- Bolder, Stand on f uba million surpm* which had P .- iviously been predicted, would The United States is increasing thc boldness j This action is being "sold" abroad as retalia- have around a $400-million or Of iti stand in the Cuban situation. , tion for tr- sugar quota move on this side. Butl pven a * 75 °- mi)li ™ »»n>h». ->r«ident Eisenhower said in his press confer- (it „„ be discounted . C astro is moving fast to|^ L'Te'IE ^'"S 1 ence Wednesday that tlvs country would act as j comp , etc tne organJ7iltion of i ^j^ state . UJ closer to $1 billion than fo any of; •M.C*. 25 and 50 Years Ago Juty?,19to Major butldtfig activity Hi AltflB HHhW tt noon when employers affiliated wWl fl» ers Exchnngf paid off their employe Tt>tmbtr« July 7,1935 <• A crew assigned by the IERC offtee began a work relief project on the Henry street park improvement program. The first work would he enlarging the existing roadway along the ! of thp unions affiliated with the Bu ™» r « {north and westerly sides of the park area, and \ Counril. Union members declared the J ;arranging for proper drainage. a lockout on part of the contractors. 1 S. A. Harrison, 93. Confederate veteran from Some of the important projects halted I Dent County, Mo., visited the site of the old i the I-uer Block store and apartment bufldltlg ;Alton military prison, where he had been held I and theater; Beall Bros, new building* at East (during Civil War days. He was visiting with j Alton; and the Wood River school. 'his Rranddaughter, Mrs. C. A. Coppedge, in j Root of the controversy between labW end 'East Alton. He recalled that 6,000 prisoners J contractors, according to Norman ChaUaOBobe \verp said fo be there when be arrived In Octo- ; of the Plumbers local, was the qtietttittt •« her of 1864. Bunks were built up as high as i whether more than one boe* pWmbW <tf My nine tiers, with three or more men in earn tier. ! firm might do work on a plumbitfr Job, The Smallpox was prevalent. He had helped carry Builders' Exchange had set * tone by Whteh (out 20 .victims one night. Some prisoners at| tempted to escape by concealing themselves in i coffins. Food was unpalatable, crowding caused | hardship, and exercise was at a premium. Even (when they were allowed outside the walls for exercise, they were restrained by balls and i-hains. At close of the war when he was re- union men were to resume woflt on Jobl of Klunk A Heskett. When the ultimatum was dto- regarded, contractors laid off their men OB all constructional contracts. Roland Adams, business agent Of'Building Trades Council expressed satisfaction that the controversy had not moved to a stage Where it sees fit, if necessary, to protect its interests if Russia should establish a submarine base in Cuba. Moscow's plans for such a move have been conjectured by Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson, aspirant for the Democratic nomination for President.' Thc President took the added bold step of saying that while the Organization of American States probably would act in such a case, this country might have to act in its own interest. This apparently would mean the President reserved the right to move in case OAS failed to is doubtful that an on our part would have slowed him down. Lumps for Rumps mention- Render'n Forum Dav of Thanks in Order the figures previously ed in print. Important Achievement It's a very important' achievement to get a surplus after the big deficit which arose on ac_, , . . .. . . ,.. . jcount of the 1958 recession in The lumps given those Me Adams Highway lousiness.. It's news, of course, Wr nave Deen wondering if of paramount importance to ev-|the churches in Alton have of- last, we hope. [erybody. For it means that taxjfered up special prayers to thank I for the miracle that happen- 'ed to this city and its vicinity. Margie and her alarm clock are ruining my life. She has a crush on the boy that delivers the morning paper!" leased on .Tune's. 1865, he was given transpor- I union men called a strike. He was optimlttic lation to Rolla, from which he walked some 45 i of a settlement. At ati afternoon meeting i miles to reach his home. ; Bulldprs Exchange members decided to issue Expansion of the curriculum at Montlcello i a call for men to go to work Monday, July 11. i College required an addition of four to the i'nc- Announcement was made that H. M. ulty. Appointed were Dr. George VV. Beis- Schweppe would retire after 36 N*ears in the wanger, Ph.D., as dean of instruction and pro- \V. Third street clothing business bearing his lessor of the social sciences and philosophy: name. His Interest in the company had been The state division of highways should continuously to the job of straightening ,et a course of action quickly enough. Our ac- «•«' the »t details of right-of-way with the tion would be a stopgap as it was in Korea. Due credit must be given the OAS, however, for acting when the occasion demanded, and ac- Piasa Tool & Die Co. until it has the job complete, ready for the promised 1960 letting of the work. complishing the needed results in the highly vol- This area of the McAdams Highway has had atile Latin American world. '•»' bigger bumps, legally, than the physical Adding further stiffness to our own stand bumps it presents to motorists attempting to on the Cuban situation is Congress' action ^giv- , drive over it. ing the President power to reduce the .sugar Now the long, rough drive for the state di- quotas we accept from Cuba at virtually double vision of highways is nearing an end—if the the world price. highway division will keep at the job during the Fidel Castro's cabinet has authorized seizure next couple of weeks. And by fall of 1961 a also that inflation has been temporarily checked, or at least that the main cause of inflation — past treasury deficits — cannot be considered for the immedi- |ate future as- the basic cause of any inflationary trend. Decreases in the purchasing power of the dollar due to inflation usu- ially bring demands for increased wages. Everything depends, however, on whether the surplus is just a one-year affair or whether it is to be maintained also in the future. Homer Ulrich, for six years a member of the purchased by L. J. Hartmann who for a number Chicago Symphony Orchestra, as head of tho of years had been active in management of music department; his sister. Miss Miriam the store. Ulrich, a soloist three times with the orchestra Directors of School District 123, which had before she was 20, as teacher of pianp; and been cut into a half-moon shape by annexation Barbara Page, exponent of the modern dance, of North Alton to Alton, were ( supporting a Forum Writers. Note Writers names must be published with letters to the Headers Forum. Let- trr* should be concise and legible. All are sub- jpct to condensation. as director of physical education. committee v Inch \VHS uriing that Alton be con- The Rev. William C,. Webber resigned as vi-rted into a c o-oxt<>nsi\v city-township. They pastor of the Curdle Heights Baptist Church. unjed this slep. with a small annexation, would Deaths listed were those of Albert Richny. solve the problem of better school facilities for 49; Mrs. Katherine Stille, ,'J3, Moro; Huge Meri- llio area immediately outside the westerly and dith McCombs, 60, and Mrs. Ellen Daubmun northerly bound/me* of Alton city. Alton Ford of Alton; and Mrs. Theresa Vahle, 50. srhool board had just ratified a $1,000 contract .lerseyvillc. with District 123 by which about 60 of its pupils Thirty-tjvo golfers were entered in the first would again be accommodated in the McKinley matches at Rock Spring Country Club and Washington buildings. K. H. Taylor and ' It was a miracle that, the fury) of thc elements, while so ser-j iously devastating, had spared! us the additional sorrow of lossi of life or limb. Material possessions can be replaced. But not'To our surprise the voice at , l I ii if u i in i uniuiitrr* a i ixcn^r\ oj*i iu& v-vum-a ^ viuu CT«IU ».««.•..... M i".. a —- — — - * °"! i^ °'*! !^ll±^^ Alton district amateur golf championship J. W. Boal. were seated as new member, of one lost can ever be recaptured. )Dit exc jt e d as' he said, "Never' That only leaves heartache and what is on th e outside . H ave tears that only the mere healing balm of time can or does ever soften. l- vou in. the house?" That: !was the first knowledge we had tournaments. D. F. Giberson, J. M. Duncan, the appointive Alton board. and M. W. Ritlenhouse turned in low cards in Richard Fleming, 40, long a clerk with t he qualifying round with a 75 each. Illinois Terminal and Illinois Glass Co., died. of all American property in Cuba ana 1 payment smoother drive should be available for the pub-' Unfortunately, there are some for it with sugar money. ', lie up the riverfront. disturbing signs on the horizon. Yielding to political and group As for ourselves; we have an!of what had happened. Then, onj i added feeling of gratitude and j the following day ! thankfulness. What happened j rnanv of QUr frjends aoout tne We weir in' ' , ,. pressures, the Democratic-con- i trolled Congress has just over- j ridden a presidential veto of a I $750-million expenditure that was Alton now is advancing to the crucial point i fall on the Threde Tract, and authorized a calljnot in the planned budget lor the Crux of Urban Benowal of its urban renewal program. i for bids on ttie housing project. Wednesday night the City Housing Author- I This housing program is a necessary part of new fiscal year which has just begun. This is the second time a . o D i i • L '• • j veto bv President Eisenhower uul n° sless wa8 ^UBCIK-- * « uc .; mg O ur vacation at a summer re- ity referred to its attorney, Theodore, an thc Urban Renewal plans, inasmuch as it is de-jj^ 0 ^ JJJJJJJJJ; }„ congress AU of ' them decided - inasmuch sort in Michigan. While it was ene. en, on ^^ . -- /-< » J wr heard from! Drew Pe*iriMW s 'Merry4ro-Kouna Precedent May Be Broken left us a bit Chicago and were to return! home on Monday the 27th. our ; 'ws they hart gone through. suitcases were in the trunk of \Ve just can't imagine what WASHINGTON — If either oflperance used to br quite active in) Kennedy Resisted the Lobby {he car, and our hostess, whose we uou id | lave done. We are;the two top Democratic candi-!lobbying; while various Catho- Sen. John Kennedy's record of guests we were, was driving us asnamec j lo a( i m ji w 'e arc afraidi dates ' Sens - Ly™ 10 " Jonnson or "'c groups are both active and|late to the Union Station. of storms. The only violent storm " ' There we met my nephew,, we have ever seen happened Aaron, and his friend, Eugene, many years ago. We were spend- Our hostess was Eugene's wife, i j ng O ur vacation at a summer re- The evening started out' authorization to prepare UJgal forms and docu- signed to increase the community's overall su P-!both"oY\vhTch™^ il was nice havln 8 us around C aIlwi n farm, the only thing mentation under which the Authority can requi- ply of living quarters and compensate for dis- itravagance and not an absolute j aTld we were no * ce rt a ' n how they really catered to were sum- ' sition $10,000 of $33,642 made available by placement of families in the area to be cleared.:necessity. The increase, for in-!? oon we woujd be back again, (mer guests. . the Housing; Home 8C Finance Agency for Ur- '• Thc East End Place should provide a highly stance, in the federal-payroll ex-' il ' wou | d be Detter " we sls * yed One evening we went on a hay ban Renewal. ; desirable industrial site—for either expansion of; pense just authorized by law ! w \, ""^ u ^ to ^llmi-adiT- ' The $33,642 would be applied to planning ! the existing plants in the neighborhood, or as a "mounts to about 7' a to UO P P1 'j o| ^ e wm ev(n . c , xp)lljn lo mern and surveying the site in East End Place which i place for new industry. 'through' foe S^-S^^Stesl* 0 "*• I The road went through it is proposed to clear for industrial develop- The earlier effect, of course, will be one ofj has advanced less lhan n ppr J There wus a bit of argument, land. Suddenly the sky became; ment. 'dislocation. The final outcome, however, will' t . en i \Ve gave our reasons why we'overcast with black clouds. Thei The Authority last night approved plans for ; mean employment for more Alton people— the 100-unit housing porject to be started this j something the public will find desirable. has been the opposite. j Jack Kennedy, be elected presi-i powerful today. They have call-'Though he was soft on Sen. Joe dent, one of two historic prece- ed on the only Catholic mem-i McCarthy, and though his father dents would be broken. Kennedy her of the Supreme Court, Just-i counseled with and contributed would break the precedent that!ice William Brennan who, how-'to Cardinal Spellman and Mc- no Catholic may serve in the ever, has scrupulously voted hisiCarthy, young Kennedy has been While House. Johnson would I own convictions, not those of his! strong in resisting Catholic pres- fhe 100-year-old precedent chtirrh. And they have been both .SUIT. no southerner may serve'active and successful in in- 1-ast winter, several Catholics, in thc White House. fluenring the No. 2 member of'among them Monsignor McGow- s are" 10 house of representatives, an and Bud Considine, Washing^ political Jonn M (1 Cormafk of Boston, ton representative of the Nation- facing• iwjth men. For'Democrat, who at one time last^al Catholic Welfare Conference, the ls thal Favored Increase Every presidential candidate I bill and has vigor- Stales the onsly opposed any aid for teach- j s ers' salaries — a stand taken by the hiersnvhy of his church. Another frank torrhbearer for The Allen-Scott Report To Inspect Thor Bases Abroad WASHINGTON — The Joint Congressional Atomic Committee has become so concerned ov- Cone disclosed under question-|at these Thor bases, actually oning: More than 60 Thor intermedi- er Oie handling and safeguarding i a t e range (1500 miles) ballistic of U.S. nuclear weapons on to- missiles are now poised on reign bases that it has named a launching pads at four British special subcommittee to conduct (bases. on-the-spot inspections. Heading this select group is These U.S. - produced IRBMs, aimed at vital Russian and other ! ly seven men are required to the missile. Some 200 instruments and controls monitor .every step of the preparation and five-phase countdown The Joint Committee closely, questioned the Pentagon and AEC officials on (1) the possi- for the construction of pri- thought we should go home . r0 ad ahead was pitch ,black.j rea ' lll « • ls Imtl IIM>rc ' s - J, 1 ",,,;" hi^^v " of "his'VhJrrii.' KennVTuT^them'down. jThcy won out, and we stayed I Lightning and thunder seemed; Much more open and publu- ' ' torf . hbf . wr for The Catholics next approached .. _ .. .. . . Ion. ITiey took us to a very un-| to rend the sky apart. It was a'» the opposition to a southerner Anothw fwnk tor nixarer tn, McNamara (Mich) a on the Democratic fide natural-j usual place for dinnei . Alter- m0j st terrifying, fascinating I running for president usually ex- *e so-r-alled Catho ,c lobby lsf ^Llk and J^mnL Soloh ly felt he had to be in favor ofj wa ,. d ^ wald]ed me Bucking-i sight. 8 1 pressed on the ground that he i Congressman John J. Rooney of. ^£ v ^™"£.5£ ^ the increase, and there were) })am Memorial Fountajn in Grant ' Tho drf (|v admonished i would lose the Negro and north--Brooklyn who for the past twojM«£' Vlr gm a a^Bapt,st. Both group pressures which helped p.,..u anvei t,tntij .uinionihiiea, nheral vote years, has lovally inserted a 1 " 6 **™ °"' 'tn<my sen wayne to sway members of both part-' ,„. u, me horses. They, sure-footedlyj '' ' $50,000.000 appropriation f o r • Mora ' 1 of Ore « on was Persuaded It is of Georgian marble and; continued in the storm and we 1" my opinion — and I havci n jn thf> ''' rja(jons ljjl | to introduce the amendment ;is sui-rounded by a formal gard-ifound refuge at a hear-by farm I known botli candidates as long ^ Q{ o|hpr s jsh n)jlj ; On the Senate roll call, Kenen. The central Column of wat-|house. 'as they have been in Congress ( ( u . t nedy was tne on i y Catholic Who ljps a sign of what's coming in the future, especially K a Democratic president should „ hplpfid us to becomp less each would lean over backward- tan 1 aid. be elected who goes along with disp i ayed , jn (;olor as it was on J rno "cnnMHinnr* r»r'f»nliintmu f\f\ . . _ . * erected by Miss Kate Bucking- a|rajd of slorrnSi but some of ham for her brother. It is a titai /ee|ing Q[ /ear Js „,„ there beautiful sight to behold when' We have lpamed not to ( , uestion voted against the amendment. Representative Chet Holifield, j i ron Curtain targets, are in the Calif., who will assume the]physical possession of the Brit- chairmanship of the Joint Com- j s b airforce. Specially trained mittee next year if the Democrats retain control of Congress. Another ranking subcommittee- RAF officers and approximate-, ly 1,000 troops per base have custody of these Thors — under inan it Representative James j the agreement placing them on Van Zandt, Pa., who will be-1 these bases. come Joint Committee head in But (he nucjear warr ,eads of the event the Republicans take these IRBMs also on these Brit . the his party in Congress, then maybe the surplus which has just been achieved will be the last • — - -- - ----- _-.. t i ft. • r ti • L 1_ »v*v^4 (A*b«A 1 1 in i nit. a to be fair to all .segments of the Lobbying lor Spam has been Camoljcs yotj tor population. Johnson, in my opin- oqc of the most consistent and ^^ , Conn p , ion. . , would give the Negroes a- successful objectives of certain I L ( . h Mansfield too much, but to take gratefully tiie mercy of God that often (President, Witty of the all-important war-| tor to come head keys being taken from thej ,., small U.S. contingents by "force >So1 or trickery," and (2) the firing hepn mechanism being armed by this Monday evening. On Thursday as per schedule i comes to us mysteriously andj entrained for home. When unexplained. Like our staying on (Mont, i, McNamara i Minn.», (Mich.), better break than any previous ! Ca ™olic clerics over a period partly because he °' V™*- And some congress-, McCnrth , Mi M ^ je the south. n^n have turned complete som- ;(Majnel * and Past ; rc (RJ , Jy would make surel^auKs; as a result of Catho- pajred fof ^ amendment Wfiie we an-ived in Alton it rained in Chicago until Thursday in- mat he did not Iavor hls own! P res>sure - three olhei-s: Chavez (N. Mex.i, furiously. There was a short it-stead of coming home Monday. ' church or its members. Let's' When 60 members of Congress Murray (Mont . )) o'Mahoney the country has not| cm in me Q^ago papers about j The bad storm was the night I examine the record on Kennedy,: sent a telegram of congratula-, UVvo , Congress. 'ish bases, are in the hands of a A startling admission by top j small U:S. contingent. Except Pentagon and Atomic Energy] under certain extraordinary con- "short-circuiting or some other tampering." The witnesses admitted this could happen, but is highly improbable. as responsive lately to the argument for an economical administration as it was a year ago when the big deficit of the previous year was in the public mind. As the budget begins to be i balanced, thoughts in Congress a storm at the Alton area air-i before we left Chicago. port, but nothing alarming. We We arc humbly grH teful that; _. _ .. „ , .. got into the house and turned-, he ppople o( Allon and vjdnilvj »" 2S?" C ^ ; and, in a subsequent column,! tions to the Loyalist Cortes in its j| is because the church i« the that of Johnson. Unjted stateg on the lights. escaped the loss of human ?;verything looked as when we lives. We are also grateful that had left. However we noticed some Unseen Power was watcli- the street light on the comer ing over us and saved us from opposition to Franco, the con-, biggest in „ igressmen were so vigorously iberausc some of iU ieadeniTo -e is i condemned by Catholic loaders^ p ressure thal th ^ re ^ u^,.. "Tlmnivilifallu it io nnscihlo " i see m to tlim toward Spending ineoieilLdliy ll is pOSSIOie, . . ., , . . , iu-a«i out IIP I <> r r n i- nf an anfi-v ami ., , not only the sui^lus but a good!" llul> " 1L l ' ' "' 01 d " *"*»>* ana i Ideal more. As we have done before, we stormy night. conceded Secretary Gates, National Catholic, Welfare Con- i( j id . ltc Bul ' _ _ ference described the telegram | precedent aga j ns " t a "cathoTic tne in it's extremely unlikely." Representative Holifield's spe- Commission officials was behind| dlti ons, only this small Ameri- Kepresenta ive Holifield s •!»-*«« this unusual Joint Committee! ran force has the authority Io dal committee, in addition O j*e " action. . I-employ" these cataclysmic Vlslting the four Thor bases in i keep Defense Secretary Thomas [weapons. Gates and AEC Chairman John A U.S. officer has the McCone acknowledged at a clos-jkeys that arm these nuclear ed door meeting, that it is pos-j warheads. average man fact that on a .sound basis if Britain will also inspect simi-j" e doesn't have money enough lar installations in Spain, Turkey 11° meet his current expenses, j 'land the Far East. Their on-the-! Th e government's position as a 1 s! reported it to the Electric Co. Fish Tolt MARY BLUM Answer to Pravlpui Puzzle Some Catholics deny there a Catholic lobby in Washington.!that all but 17 retracted. When; eov(? r" resentment against~Ken- Bul there is. Most church groups Msgr. Michael J. Ready of the| ne(lv O| . any otnei - Catholic can- do operate lobbies and have a ------ ~—--••- «•-«— right to .as long as there's nothing secret about it. As far as lias ."incredible," even Congress- Jj, e \\-hite ifouse is lilted," know, the church of Vice Pres-|man Usher Bui-dick, father of oljc rese ntment will continue ident Nixon (and mine), t h e j the • newly elected senator froni |and ajso Catholic pressure. You Quakers, is the only faith which North Dakota, meekly announc- | )ave to lift 0|je Io ei . age y, e registers under the lobbying act ed that he had made " a serious 0( j ieri The Methodist'Board of Tern- • mistake" in signing the telegram, i ( ® 18tf()/ BeM syndicate, lac.) spot inquiries will include roc'k- Bible, although highly improb-i He alone is empowered to per-i cte and other nucleai< wea ' )0ns ' able, tor U.S. nuclear warheads j form this lethal function. ' '€> i960, The Hall Syndicate, inc.) held in readiness on foreign! "Then the situation is one,"! on bases to be "inadvertently" fir-i said Holifield, "where this U.S.! ed, or seized. I officer acts only on orders from Unannounced Session 'Washington, while the control Confirmed Theory Discoverj' of Africa's Lake borrower can similarly be af-j fected adversely if deficits are! continuous. Indeed, huge sums I of foreign gold are on deposit! in the United States and dan bei withdrawn by their owners at) Victoria by British explorer!any moment if American fi-| At this unannounced session, 10 ' tlle launi>l ' in i»' of these Thors held expressly to probe this om- ! j s Lves « ed in ;' n « AF °« icenr ™ h ° .._, ., inous problem, Gates and Me- takes hls ort **r* from the British,^ ,, e Rlve| . _ , _____ .government. That means the ef-| " " lvcl - 'fective use of ihese missiles de-! entirely on the smooth! .lohn Speke in 1862 confirmed i nances are not kept in good ord-; 14 Verbal his theory that the huge body er. qf water is the source of the l»Mu-s Warning Such a drain would cause ' ica : ,and full cooperation of the White ,,,,.., QCt ,. ..oahiut \tn Published naiiy by Alton Telegraph Hflll .. n .„,., ii.-hin.huii •• i protests against lib Prlntins Company * Hous(> • ind \\hiteliall. 9. 9- COUSLEV. Publisher and Editor Jed that WHS correct. 8||b»crtpiion Price 30 cents weekly j Fearful Keyhole frl^Xs^uW^^n?!!..:! The ' Mud iub»cript)on« not accepted Ipinucleur warheads fit individual! j loi . ks on each weapon . _ ... , . , . . serious dislocation in the money i Dub.n was advised rom Amer- Present that unless Ireland heed8l EiHonhoww . .^^ & ^ ^.^ towu. where ^rrjer delivery of hoii>es to the Continent, many ,^ C ?" P . an(1 Uht °! acknowleds "iAmerican tourists might cancel their bookings this year. Today's Prayer Eternal Father, Thou Who These sepai sic locks are label- UJVf . st peace mat pa sseth hu- I "P*»Hi'e" ^iiH "W»i- " '.. j . ,!„_ * XL... ; ed "Peace" and "War. M Mcond CUM nuu»r *i I i»O*t office »t Alton III. Act Of CoogrMi. March 3, 1878 MEMBER OF TUB ASSOCIATED PRESS It exclutlvely : for publication of Jj credited In thl* tn* iOC»l newt puD- man understanding, grant that Each has to be unlocked tO( W(li -rj,y children, may be in jarrn the wuittads. Even then s( ,. llment(i ^ fe&ce in our da M. y )Uiet>e weaponh will not detonate i until certain acceleration, height, velocity and other conditions have been attained. These rnea-i t>urtt> are designed to prevent an explosion through malfunc- THB AUDIT BUREAU ; tion over '« e » d 'y territoiy. "nee launched, these Tlioi'b B«te* and coo-i c «*mwt bu stopped 'Hiey we not pilcatloo office i ff K*iion»l Lot equipped with so-called "destruct" device* to destroy them by re/note control. Although more thun 1,000 U.S. and British troops are stationed \ and never instruments of strife. We pray for Spirit-controlled lives that make us tolerant of one another's faults and keenly aware of our own. An Thou has dealt mercifully with us, teach us to be merciful toward others. In Jesus' name we pruy. Amen, —Mae K. Hunter, Nashville, Teun., staff editor, National Baptist Publishing Board. (O (WO by the f Eductttion, Nalli „ Churche* uf Cnrlit to ing on May 3 in a message to Congress which is even more applicable to the nation's financial situation in the coming month* than it wax at the lime he delivered it. He said: "For America's sake, we must resist the temptation, this year or any year, to overspend the taxpayer's hard-earned dollars and overcentalize responsibilities in the federal government. If we fail in this, we will weaken our hope of ever controlling federal extravagance and will indefinitely postpone debt retirement and tax relief. At the same time we will debase our currency, invite the resurgence of inflationary forces, undermine local and erode away America's strength state responsibility, and thus erode away America's strength at home and in the world." I960 N. Y. HentUJ Inbuue, lac.) ACROSS 66 Rod and IWwt Indian game flth .,,,,, 5 Elongated nib WMakelact • European WA Ugmlnti crprinoid flih ^^ IStop 2 Maiculine app*llatioo S Unke«l»d 4 Man's name 5 Clutch e Atmotphtre 7 Bulwark* > Portal 9 Takt Into cuatody -iin r^i «yr-j i iibj "^r ;iriin?i[ " MIRROR OF YOUR MIND 13 Narrow inlet IB Poker itake 16 u "P* r Ash 20 Father 22 Kaat (Fr.) 38 Tbt whalt harpoon i* S typ* o£ ™»^ UObferve 9« Trial 11 Playi hot to 10 FlbM- knots 12 Powerful •Kploiive IS Snakelikt flsb 14 Perched 35 Appeared 18 Thickened part of milk 41 Biythc«ie *M| form) 24 And (IV.) 27 Dirk 28 Aleutian UKnd 21 Aireeablo lOFrencb winter 3 s Vendor retort 36 Expunger 11 Puff up 17 Decigram It Venerated (ab.) 21 Sandy (coab. 99 Cbecke4 40 Put oo 41 Rent 43 Smallest amount ; 46 See nurnraali I 47Bowialightty 48 Girl's name 02 By way of the cuvwo 48D,ee*uff By JOSEPH woramor cise about their calory intake. Whether a rat diet i* predominantly fat, oils, sugar or alcohol, (bey maintain the same total calory intake day after day. With access to both alcohol and water, they subsist on water but may take an occasional 'sip of diluted beer, gin or whkky. Mould children be forbidden to light? Do wont people buwr who they uwf Anuwvr: Ves, but people buve widely different ognctyts of thsroseiviw. In one study, repotted In Today's Health, pfy. cboio&is|8 H^kffd hundreds of Mr- sons the question, "Who are you?" Maoy gave tbfir names; others said they were lawyers, salesmen, etu,; mm others wanted to know why the quwtjon was (Mftkjd. In following up the Aiutiier: Rats apparently are. rftpUfM tt Wftf ftN|IMJ> Wftt No. Dr. Maurice Linden, University of Pennsylvania, said recently that parents should acquaint children witi) wholesome outlets lor ag> so they will not be wholly suppressed, Constantly telling youngsters to be good and avoid fighting may suppretis wholesome aggressive which could be to the child's pewonality , _ „„ velopmant. Stilling a chiid's og> In probing pomible causes of al- who total tfytOMatvoj ,jn ttrois gressive drives may lead to shy* cohollun, Or. C P Richter ol ol their naniee mm tbt hip- nws, anxiety and impairment to Johns HopJd' 18 Hosuital to,und pie,st and had the be«t-a4iiut' competition. these animals to be very p*e- ed pertonaliUM. • Are Mime iMituuUs diet

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