Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 26, 1957 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1957
Page 10
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Iowa Below U.S. Average For Income Plan Adding 2 to Road^ Commission Legal Staff Timet Herald, Carrell, Iowa ! Monday, Aug. 26, 1957 j By O. K. HODENFIELD WASHINGTON WB-Personal income in the United States last year reached a record 324 billion dollars. This was an average of $t,940 for every man, woman and), f . child in the country—before taxes, 1 that is. The figures came out Monday in a Census Bureau report that showed, among other things: Delaware's $2,858 was the highest per capita income in the country, 38 per cent above the national average. Mississippi was low with $964, less than half the average. Indiana hit the average almost on the nose with per capita income of $1,946, Fifteen states and the District of Columbia were above the average. Thirty-three states including Iowa and Nebraska and Hawaii were below. Iowa's average wasi $1,651 and Nebraska's $1,588. The report covered all sources of personal income, including wages and salaries, net income of unincorporated enterprises (including farmsi, net rental income, dividends, interest and such items By HARRISON WEBER to call the lawmakers into special (Iowa Daily Press Assn. Writer) session when income taxes are be- DES MOINES — Attorney Gen- coming due and a primary elec- eral Norman Erbe plans to in- lion is in the offing, crease the legal staff assigned to' jthe highway commission from two C. J. Lyman is the assistant attorney general assigned to the highway commission office at Ames and he is assisted by Dan Flores. Erbe said another lawyer Loveless at Rodeo Governor Loveless greeted reporters at his news conference one day last week by saying: Must call me Tex." After a series of questions, newsmen discovered that the governor had visit relief and veterans' . pensions and benefits. The 1956 total income of 324 billion dollars was 7 per cent higher than the 303 billion of 1955. The per capita income of $1,940 was 5 per cent higher than the $1,847 of 1955. (Separate reports indicate that per capita income this year is running over $2,000 a year.) Connecticut followed Delaware in per capita income with $2,673. Then came New Jersey, $2,443; California, $2,419; Nevada, $2,413; New York, $2,393; Illinois. $2,383 and the District of Columbia, $2,371. will be added to the commission 1 e d lne Sidney Rodeo the night be- legal department about Sept. 1 f ore an( j had led a parade down and another member will be as- ma j n s t ree t wearing a borrowed signed a short time later. shirt and a 15-gallon. hat astride a A bill passed both houses of the; beautiful horse. recent legislature which would! have enabled the commission to I C , OSE RC , ATIONSHI have more than one assistant at-, T . , T „,„„, a , r h „.„.,L„ ,.,u„ torney general. However. Gover-. J;< ToRm ^y ) ™" lp *°"' * h ° nor Herschel C. Loveless vetoed • «• *• <poc> Nebergall the measure. Hence, Erbe is just as nea ? ° th « s ate cri l™ al bu " (assigning these lawyers to the !reau onnvcstigation, sa d he ex- legal department instead of mak- ! pe , c, , s to have the closes possible inl them assistant attorneys gen-i JJ^J™ hip wlth law offlcers in eral. ! At the last highway commission';. " We have a training course 1 tor our field agents and as a result of that we will be able to offer them (sheriffs and other law enforcement officers! better service," he said. "I personally plan to visit the law enforcement agencies throughout the state in order to bring about the best relationship," Mason City Man Charged in Theft Of Two Horses MASON CITY (^-Sheriff Jerry Allen said Monday that Virgil L. Cox, 34, Mason City, would be charged with larceny of domestic animals in the theft of two valuable horses from the Nora Springs farm of Milt Lewis of near Mason City. Cox was arrested early Monday at his home here. Allen said he admitted taking two silver chestnut ponies from Lewis' pasture and taking them to Eagle Grove where they were sold at a Sunday auction Atomic Fallout Peril Is Cited Again in Reports WASHINGTON W-rThe period of atomic fallout has been emphasized again in separate reports from opposite ends of the nation. In Washington Sunday, the Senate-House Atomic Energy Committee released a cautiously worded summary of testimony suggesting that continuance of nuclear tests at present rates could endanger future generations. In Palo Alto, Calif., a group of experts said the peril point could be reached in J 970, and may already have been reached in some The sheriff said Cox received a >P arts of the world. check for $846 for the two. animals. Lewis said the ponies were valued at $5,000. At the sale, one went to a Webster City man and another to an Emmetsburg man. Cox denied taking a $300 riding horse'and $400 worth of saddles and bridles from the Eldon Reed j farm near Mason City. Reed's missing horse was found Monday meeting a delegation of Minnesota Bureau of Public Roads officials explained problems Minnesota has encountered under the Inter- as social security benefits, direct j glate system Qne Minneso ta official pointed out that between 95 and 98 per cent of all land obtained for highways is through condemnation. There are 17 full time lawyers assigned to the Minnesota commission to work on these condemnation cases and other legal questions. the new bureau chief added. FLAG RAISING CEREMONY (Tlitim Hrrnlrt Sewn Srtvle.ri Gordo County. The saddles and bridles have not been located. HOW TO STAY YOUNG . . . This may look Hke an awfully nerveAvracklng way to stay young, but It sure has worked j well for this daring "young" girl on the flying trapeze. She's Elsana, nn acrialisl with the Sarasanl Circus. Elsana Is 53 years old, but still performs dangerous stunts like this one, hanging by her heels 240 feet above the ground at the International Construction Exhibition I "° er ™ rs ; ] " th ^ se ? ond S ame > ; Bayard edged Schleswig, 2-1. Bay- Point Up Controversy The reports pointed up the controversy over the known and unknown dangers of fallout—the deadly shower of radioactivity thrown out by nuclear explosions. Members of the American Institute of Biological Science, meeting in Palo Alto, said American, British and Russian nuclear tests lowori and 2 Girls Die As Car Burns CHICAGO MV-A Cedar Rapids, Iowa, father and his two daughters were burned to death in their automobile Sunday night after a collision with two other cars near Route 83, in suburban Du Paga County. Deputy Sheriff Edward Otterpohl identified the dead as Virgil Spear, 30; Sylvia, 11, and Patricia, 9. Spear's wife, Carolyn, was seriously injured and burned but was rescued from the flaming automobile. An unidentified man who rescued Mrs. Spear was burned on The committee also said there \ Ihe arms, is no such thing as a "clean" nu- j otterpohl said Spears was driv- clear weapon-a subject of some | j ng wes t w hen his car and another discussion during the hearings. j auto collided, knocking Spear's car Administration spokesmen and ! into the path of an east-bound car. vations about the limits of human resistance to radioactive strontium, one of the most dangerous elements in atomic fallout. Subject to Question It said 100 "strontium units" of the bone-seeking element strontium 90 has been taken as a safe level for absorption by the population. But it added this is subject to "serious questions and limitations" as an acceptable figure. One hundred strontium units has been calculated to be four times as much as is likely to result from continued testing at the present rale. some scientists have said the' United States can produce an ab-j— « • LA solutely clean weapon—one with- j CVQ HSOQ I© AAOH MS«W PO „ inc „„,„.! now are spreading about 10 mil-1 out fallout — if testing continues fhf vfiw g „f Fmnrv in r™ ,ion tons of radioactive material for four or five years ' the village of Emery in Cerro • _ . hp pnrth „ vprv vpar i TOURNEY OPENS MANNING — Manning defeated Gray, 2-0, in the opening of an invitational softball trounament Sunday night. Manning got 2 hits and over the earth every year. ( The figure was given by Dr. H. The committee report said, how„ .. ,,. . . .. , ever, that much could be done to Bentley Glass, a Johns Hopkins control , he amounl o{ radioactiv . University geneticist, in a news conference in which several other specialists participated. Dr. Curtice L. Newcombe, of the Navy Radiological Defense Laboratory in San Francisco, said it ity produced in a nuclear explosion. Drowns in River WATERLOO CJT»—Lyle James Parson* 27, Evansdale, Iowa, drowned in the Cedar River here Sunday while fishing. His boot fell in the water and when, he went to retrive it he apparently was swept down- steam. in West Berlin, Germany. He is survived by his widow and Prof. Stewart *• Of ISC Is Dead AMES (A —• Services were pending Monday for Prof. Lowell O. Stewart, 62, head of the civil engineer department at Iowa State College, who died in Chicago oflj an apparent heart attack Saturday. Stewart was kt Chicago interviewing propsective staff members for the college. A graduate of Michigan State College in 1917, Stewart came to Iowa State College in 1924. He received his master's degree at Iowa. State in 1927 and was made head' of the department of civil engineering in 1938. Stewart was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Society of Engineer Education and the Iowa Engineering Society. Things to Watch Will Des Moines have a postmaster shortly? . . . This is a nice political plum . . . The political influence committee is reported to have ah internal problem among the Republican members. Could it be that one of them leaked out information? BUYS RESIDENCE (Tlntp* Herald New, Servicel had one error. Gray had 5 hits and! has been calculated that about 50 j LAKE CITY - Dennis Gray „„„.„„„„ Parc „„ nf u/ nc u million tons of fallout material has Purchased the William Coins'; father, Lawrence Parson, of Wash- been released in U.S. bomb tests' dwelling house and moved it burn. ard had 3 hits and 3 errors;, to date. Thursday to the lot in the south~ Schleswig had 4 hits and 3 errors. Newcombe said it also has been I west P ai 't o[ Lake City where the SEWS NEST WESTSIDE—The American Le-! LENGTHY ECLIPSE ! There will be two games nightly.' calculated that 70 million tons is j Grays' house was demolished by; The tailorbird of India gets its gion will be in charge of flag! Theoretically, it is possible for Scheduled to play Monday night I the theoretical safety limit. • Uj e July 4 tornado. Mr. Coins name f rom jt s habit of eislcngno raising ceremonies at the Ar-Wc- 1 the sun to be hidden for as long are Roselle and Halbur and West-i The congressional committee's P Ia "s to build a new house. j name from its habit of enclosing new ,va High School in Westside Mon-' as seven minutes 40 seconds in a i phalia and Templeton. report was hedged with many sci- its nest within a large leaf, which day morning, at 9:15 a.m., as an-; total eclipse. It must occur when j i entific reservations expressed in; Cuckoos place their eggs in the it sews together at the edge. It nounced by William Meggers,! the sun is farthest from the earth' Fiber flax is processed in the \ conflicting testimony taken in fall-: nests of other birds, first throwing j uses its bill as a needle and sews commander of the local Legion ! and when the moon is closest to j United Slates only in the William-! out hearings last May and June. | out the contents belonging to the j with strips of silk or wool thread, post. 1 the earth. ' ette valley of Oregon. The committee expressed reser- rightful owner. oi vegetable fiber. State Day \ Wednesday is state day at the Iowa State Fair here and political chatter will center along two lines; —a special session and candidates j bidding for support \ Governor Loveless in his press j conference the other day made a; statement in a jocular tone that; perhaps a special session would be called in April or May. Although reporters laughed at the; remark, it might be that Loveless: tipped his hand. j The figures requested from Comptroller Glenn Sarsfield show that the governor can get through j the biennium without a special session. Loveless has also stated; that the question of a special session is more political than economic. The governor possibly believes •hat it would be to his advantage PENNEYS SHOP PENNEY'S FOR BACK TO SCHOOL . YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO! go back to school with this terms smartest togs... from Penney si ATTENTION! WISH rue WOULD COM! ON AGAIN IS THIS$ YOUR HOME! IF SO READ THIS!! Now You Can Hove C.A.G. . (Continuous Air Circulation) : t With All New General Motors s - Gas or Oil Furnaces Sold by Drees Heating Co. W DELCO Product ol 0«n«r«l Motor* THOSE HARD-TO-FIND RUSTIC COTTONS Some tailoring talent when you can get that wonderful rustic look in washable denims. 24 whirling gores. Self- belted. Charcoal, copper, turquoise, rose, blue, more! 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