Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 26, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1957
Page 7
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unfor Idftors Qui* oti- MERMAIDS Tketee Herald, ««rro«, low* mm Monday, Auf. W, 1W / LITTLE LIX If you are invited to a dance and cannot go, be sure to let your hostess know ahead of time. Even when the invitation does Nowadays office workers don't consider themselves late unless they miss the first eoffee break. not ask for a reply one should al ways be made If the invitation is not accepted. TIZZY QUESTION: Do mermaids really exist* ANSWER: Ever since men started sailing the seat there have I tales of sailors sighting mermaids. According to the reports, mermaids had bodies that ware half human and half fish. They would sit on tha island sands singing and combing their goldtn hair with golden combs. One legend says they carried a magic cap which they would slip on the head of the. man they wanted and then would eerry him beneath the sea. The cap enabled the man to live under I enter. I A few sailors also told of seeing mermen, who captured mortal maidens and married them. • Scientists say that such creatures exist only in the imagine-1 Hon. They say that certain sea animals like the sea cow resemble! human beings at a distance and this may explain the mermaid stories. The sea cow, which is like a seal, sometimes stands upright j •n its tail in the water. FOR YOU TO DO: Cut out thk picture of the pretty mermaid, peete it on cardboard and eolor It. (A $10 prize goes to Pat Corrigan of Bay Village, Ohio, fori this question, if you have e good one, send it to Violet Moore Wig- 1 « ins, AP Newtfeatures, in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow:' (het (s I.«. Y.?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "fit have to admit, Profeeeor Berliner, music does something for a person—it made a pretty good neighborhood fighter out of Dadl" SIDE GLANCES By Katt Osann By Galbroith OUT OUR WAV BY i. ft. WILLIAM! Wh* AVY vto£D,;jAi«.'8 ,'r /v\ CAPTN ATSD BYtHCtOMHOPTHlS DSPARTUPS, PERHAPS YOU'LL. FIND IT AWKWARD TO CARRY' >wX MAY SV5M 0L )Y IT F&O/H Y0O ~ MAK-KAPF/ «~TO MA JO* Bern Pi TT , BURDESl THIS LerrjEff.AMOiSfM. BEFORE BUT t Slafb SOME SPANISH PADfiSKi 5AV5TMAT iNSTeRMSnSll WAS'MADE 0V Att 8y1 TALI AM MAIL'S <9P= , ^ StffATS^S-T-^A-^-Wwl ~ WHOEVER THAT |D«A ? 0 $AAYB& SOME 60NOOLJER WITH LOTS Of .SPARE TiMEr? HMt *i*U ier^e. h*. t M. •««. U.fc til o51 BUOS BUNNY Ail's Serene ^^WiSflSSlS'^i "I've ueed up three kiesproof lipstick, and I still don't know if it worksl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadin* Seltzar i TRASH -y- %iZ ^J~&^ T.» ••( U« 1 1 V • ^~*»««, TRASH -y- %iZ ^J~&^ T.» ••( U« 1 1 V • ^~*»««, Pour It On? I FROM TWE^v^ ™E ^ AN AGENCY FOR , THAT.' I WOULDN'T^ . THINK OF ASKING THEM FOR MONEY. BY AL VIRMEIR 1 WAX I HEAR THOSE POOR SOULS ARE f 275, OOO,000,000,IN DEBTALREADY/ ALLIY OOP , ' Hl><> M NO RBAKSON TOl*' m '*\ I ^ I KNOW HIM, FRET ABOUT / PROB'LY H ^HEU. NOT BE "WBLLWE MAD«\HIM-.1Q57 / SWMGING A \ DOING THW 116 H0M6 ( PICK OUT IN TW \ V6RY LOUS... '•TO HIM, \ QOLDRB-DS 'YOU KNOW.V SOMEWHERE' BY V. T. HAMLIN "i don't ear* if my house is a short cut toi the next street— you can't walk through I" • Fact and Fiction Answer to Previous Puiilo "We'll he •eHi" have to reerult somebody eht for our card game—sinet a father i'guess the ride home is the only sleep he AOBOM lPeorod*a pat i —— Bunyes) 8 Dickens' character IS Eddie Cantor's wife M "Ood's Uttie M the ReeV Norse navigates* |fi Moccasin ie Hairiest 18 Enamored NKyes luigeeUvetr 11 City In Yugoslavia 22 Persia S4Brl«t)o 26 Anticipate 27 High (music) 30 Worshiper 32 Closer MFace 18 Sign ot the sodiao NA«ilo«Bejtos) letter 27 Knocks .19 Bad cry 40Lap dog 41 Bother . ^31 Sol^e^ttO(P 48 Italian laeV 48 Interpret (1 Dengeroue Moflrew ItTiUe 82 Arabian gulf MBupertative tufllx 88InUmldates 81 Impudent 8V " Stoops to C^oquor" ooww \ Drinks slowly 2 eve's spouse • Apple 4HUtori« 8 Pain 8 Muse ot utfonomf f Support 8Condeeoend 9 Russien oMf 10 Oet up UBookof Btbk 17 Small beeri 18 Crown 11 Circle* 24 Rescue 25 Revise 88 IT False aril* 44 Volcano m 88 Singer.—* Sicily Home 48 Bird's erop 88 BssebelUo 44 "The Little Speaker —— Prlnee" 81 Herons 4 «3 Passage la the ISWithloroe brain 18 Horse's pose 4? Skin disorder 40 Window parts 48 Poker stake 44 Deputy 80 ot hjxuif FRECKLES AND HIS FRIINDS Sure, Dadl BY MERRILL lLOSSlit TFlAfifCS LARO. Yt>ti WEpe A 6R6AT HCI/» nflrM me PAIKW6/ Vn ^sWtT SHOULD BE wm AM AUOVVMOE FOR UFR DAD/ WA MlNUTEi " Youfee NOTFizee •ftu. ^txi Heup pur * ^THoSkaS AWAY/ ^ £a TAks TUsT ^3 LAOOCR—You see THAT THE BMMT CANS ARE POT |4 Luther's ift the Act, Too BY 100AR MARTIN THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNB OFC44nRV)lUL(30UHER fT^OMSQM BARMS* fOiaOTOpOTtf PORHtfUHU Fight for Survival BY WILSON SCRUGGi CAPTAIN 1AIY To the Doctor BY LESLIE TURNS* I 40 TM TOO OtO Ti> WOKK l»OB; TW 5LW6 -0RWIW6 CRAtf.fHf WILL. TVS HAP ABOUT ML 01* OLP 5N8EP I CAN TAKE I IF I KW6W ANOTHBR; 30B— WHATJ8 rwrf CH> I »M IT WGHTUB S6EKI My HEART, I'SA TO $if WV PPCTOR AGAIN TOPAV fcUYWAILTO «ST HIS KBWRT OM

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