Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 7, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAffi FRIDAY: High 82; Low 08, Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 \ears A % *•/ Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 148 Tax Bill Is 'Bug' in Transfer of Clark Bridge to State Prime legal stymie to transfer Clark Bridge from Missouri tu Illinois still remains the 530,000 taxes encumbering It. ALTON. ILL., THURSDAY, JULY 7, 1980. 36 PAGES CLOSED TIGHT 5c Per Copy Member of The Anotiattd The information was brought uut in a meeting of the Greater Alton Association of Commerce's roads committee Wednesday. The committee met with Mayor P. VV. Day and City Manager Graham W Watt to ex- The attorney general's office has been studying the pi-objem for some time. And, the group conjectured, the death of Attorney General Beardslee may well have delayed its solution further. chunge information on the prob-! Discussion at the conferenLf> lern with them. i '(-entered around information It was the former chairman of whlch Owl"nan Malcolm Dim this committee. Rolla J. Mottaz, and GAAC executive director F. an attorney, hud 'researched on the subject. M. Kaar who inteivened in the . Ofrer ' t Ald city-sponsored receivership over Dmi and mo «> m »»«ee voted Uie Clark Bridge and rwo years 110 o[f<!r thcir assl»tance to the ago succeeded in having it dis-! c1ty Soven.ment in getting the solved. matter straightened out oi .1 ., , „ ,. ''"or, hinging on the transfei to«e then the public using the ;of )jUe ,„ |hte ,. nd of (hc brjd bridge is estimated to have sav-^, Missouri „„ , * ed more than a million do liars. lo U]inojs . „ pl . t . paraUon Si2?" ? <r lof '"* s for ™* build »« of - »j,iw pei aay. system of new approaches intei- To Plan AppruafhiM connecting with the city's streets | In connection witli Ihe ivceiv-, an d the proposed Levee Bcrm ei-ship's dissolution, Uie state ifieJUine along the riverfront <o highway division pledged to tin-'Wood River deilake planning of new ap- Both Chairman Durr and At-, proaches as soon as it obtained;tomey Ronald Moltaz, a com-! title to this end. through anjmlttee member, plan further re-i agreement with the state pf Mis- : search with a view to assisting! *>°un. -.the city's corporation counsellor/ J low-ever, undei Illinois law,; John W. Hoefert, in advising the the state highway division can'City Council, accept ajj interstate bridge, or I Monday night the council is* part of it. only when the span is scheduled to confer with FJ. W. in good condition and repair,, Riefler, district* highway and free of legal encumbrances, neer for the state. Ike Cuts Cuban Sugar Quota 17 Missing in Blimp Crash Fell Into Ocean Off New Jersey B.v IHHNiaL H. MI'LLKN I.AKKHURST. N.J. rAPi—The Navy began salvage work today in an effort to raise a'giant blimp thai buckled i n the air and 'crashed into thr VPH off the New Jersey coast. ! Seventeen nu'ii arc missing and! feared entombed in tiie gondola of the wrecked airship. Another 'crewman was killed and three others rescued in lhr> disaster •Wednesday. A Coast Guuid cutter placed an anchor into the wreckage today, fhrec Navy salvage ships were on the way lo the scciif 15 miles off Barnegal Inlet. (.'apt. F. N. Klein Jr., .com-, n lander of Fleet Airship Wing No. 1,-said the wreckage is in water 33 feet deep and that thr currents are shifty. He told a news conference that part of the blimp's gondola is still believed attached to the 403-foot bag. (UK*! U outlier Klein said one of the survivors, A.E.M. 3 Antonio Contreras of; Geronimo, Tex., told his rescuers! that the blimp was flying at 300 j feet Ln good weather when he' BENSON, Ariz. (APi — About The trap- door was lifted, re- heard a loud noise. Contreras said 100 members of a small religi- \ealing another trap door, locked!'* Wlls not an explosion, ous sect remained in their un-from below. Persistent knocking! Contreras reported the ship; derground bomb shelters today i brought an answer from the head went into the water at a 45-de- awaiting what they say is a of the house. Glenn Scott,, 36. Igree, nose-down angle. He heard prophesied nuclear attack. Peering up at the officers fronr" 0 "ditch" alarm. Members of the Full Gospel As- | U - S lo-foot-deep. concrete-lined After escaping through the aft AuuraKakm , „. , „ , , - sembly took rehige in the shelters shelter, tho annoy.Kl Scott said: c-argo door, Contreras said he saw Appiaihak on personal property of business and profession* beneath their homes on the out- .,,,„ . ,, . . ,,„..£ rtfhpl , „„.„,„ in .,,„ WHtpl . „„ in areas annexed lo Alton since April 1, 1939, have added a little :sUrte of this small southern Art- w '!' te " >° U *J>' «£ «e here., Jour ^J 5 ^ 1 ^"^.^ 1 ' He than SI million to thn Alton Township pei>-onal properly : zona town Monday night. mentor °toW a trTd" 1 'in th< " j taking ah ictl<'e**part in civil de- Asked engi- ; KJKNSOX, Ariz.—Sam Player, editor-publfcher of the weekly San Pedro Valley News, reads a small notice on the door ol the Full Gospel Assembly Church in Benson. About 90 members of the church have be«u barricaded in their tightly sealed homes for the past three days, apparently awaiting the destruction of civilization by atomic attack. The sieii on the door ._ _• il ^t t • » i > ^- ^* . - - - . _ - And it can do nothing on the ap- City Manager Watt had been proaches until the encumbrance .instructed by the Council to in- reads, "Closed for two weeks. Camp nieetinK." (AP tangle is straightened out. vile both Riefler and Chief High- Wirephoto) Thus, it \vas pointed out at the way Engineer R. R. Bartelsmey- mecting, the tax lien against the bridge has set up a vicious cir- er to confer with the Council and both clarify the state's plans cle which it is necessary to i for the bridge and explain delav break through. ! 0 n the approaches. New Areas Give City Personal Tax Boost Arizona Religious Sect Remains in Bomb Shelters LAKEHtKST, N.J.—Tliis was the scene off the Atlantic coast of New Jersey where a U. S. Navy blimp crashed Wednesday. Coast Guard, Navy and fishing craft look for survivors shortly Leslie P. Chappee of -'4U8 Tib- New Moves Considered By U.S. WASHLNGTON (AP) — the United States is considering new moves against the Castro government of Cuba to follow up the costly cutbacks ordered by President Eisenhower in Cuban sugar sales to this country. Eisenhower d e c r ee d late Wednesday a reduction of 700,000 tons in the Cuban sugar quota, thereby almost eliminating it tor the rest of this year. The estimated loss to Cuba in U.S. sugar subsidy is around 35 million dollars. Actually, sugar authorities said, the cut amounts to 856,000 tons, because the law under which Eisenhower acted also takes from Cuba a lati.OOO - ton extra quota Cuba would have gotten under the old law. Secretary of Agriculture Ewa Taft Benson was ordered to buy sugar from other sources to make up the deficit. Officials said there are now ample supplies of raw sugar available for purchase, especially in Brazil and the Philippines, and neither a shortage nor an increase in price here is ex- -Ipected. Policy of Hostility ; Eisenhower said the govern- 1 mem of Prime Minister Fidel Castro "has embarked upon, a deliberate policy of hostility toward , the United States." He declared 1 tliis made Cuba an unreliable sup- ! /plier r .of a niajor.Jood product especially 1 with CJuba committing _„,, 0 . . _ , "increasing amounts of its sugar . ..... 1 he b. S. cut in imports ol Cuban sugar sent i a , op to ^^ with fte Gommunist Mael Castro into a boiling rage today, bul the wild-eyed Prime ibloc " Minister did not disclose immediately what . American property! while the reason thus slated for CRASH RESCUE EFFORTS alter the big blimp went down. One crew member was killed and 17 are missing. Three survived. (AP Wire- photo ) L. Chappee Castro Furious at NewDe P ut ? Ike, CaUs Rally Coroner By KOBKKJ BUKKKLLKZ .,....,.. HAVANA immediately he intends to seize next in retaliation. This was disclosed today in the report of Township Assessor James P. Gorman which shows a total increase of $1,257,875 in the assessment of Alton business ijersonal property for the 1960 year. For the Alton area exclusive of Uie last year's annexations, the increase exceeds $200,000. In closing his books on personal property used in business and in professional offices, Assessor Gorman found that his 1960 assessment totals $21,289,405. This is a little more than 6 per cent Furniture Decreased about the situation for more than Office and store furniture andi a a authorities fense preparation." Fuming with anger. Castro ap- Madison County Coroner Pealed to other Latin-American few hours after k'israliowei 1 had slashed 700.000 tons off Cuba's Scott said that he and his 1 * investigation is' Chappee is an employe of Gent! a , launch an atomic attack'against! with search warrants.! 1116 United States within *e nextjnwj' be used in an emergency. ;two open the rear door few Conti-eras said Lt. Joseph J. jdenl in This, he indicated, was revealed 'Saniuk O f Lakewood, N.J., andji s so said deputy coroners Alton "Because iraffic'' a oligarchy." Hu meeting the cut- ordered by President Ei- was evi-j sennower wou ]d not halt his left- thereii, some above the for 1959. corresponding figure 140. Net receipts of fire and insurance, $179,280, decrease' of $16,353. Shares of slock in banks, 52,- 133.U60, decrease of $12.240. Telegraph and telephone companies. $2,292,900, increase of $282,475. Omaha. Neb., skipper of the!times. He added, it is necessary 'a trap door in the floor of a closet!°. v divine prophecy. ._ f |in Uie master bedroom. "All of us are in good health "' bUrai>1 was *" command at tlle 'to have an alternate in an'area^tuniditv™ e said, "if we are not out by time of * e C1 ' ash - ° f "'is size so that when one I . . * i • A trt'i nl Eisenhower acted in a "moment of hate, degradation, insanity and Inside Musis EDITORIAL . . . PAGE « SPORTS PAGE 14 COMICS PAGE 1U lie Continue Search cannot be reached, the other! : All other personal property, Property ; including money, rnartgages, The 1960 appraisal on business } imtss - ™<1 Capital stock, $708,870, liersonal property in areas an-i incr ^ se "f $40,190. uexed to the city and township! ..... between April 1. 1959 and April I, I960, breaks down as fol-j lows: Godfrey Fire District, 5112,-j 560; Milton Fire District, $737.-! 685; and Wood River Township Fire District, $737,685. Listed on the Alton business, TJle HoUy Hin . 0 ii ve Place san- personalty books, said Gorman, j itary sewer _ first Alioa gevm . are 1,012 businesses, including for whicn Uie recently-developefl public utilities, and 147 insurance! " SOCIAL . . . RADIO * TV CLASSIFIED OB1TUABV . MARKETS.. PAGE 18 PAGE 31 PAGE 33 PAGE 32 PAGE 32 Holly Hill-Olive Place Sanitary Sewer Okayed ik e Heads Saturday, you can look in every vuuuuui- .^«,i-n , — • »-^ w... tl , ,. . house you want." Helicopters and blimps hovered ! wi " be available. These deputies cauea "It was the only thing we could'overhead as ships continued to' navc Jurisdiction in Uie Alton do." said City Atty. Fred Tal-' SCOU1 ' tn<1 al ' e a f or possible ;area on) >'' ne said madge. "At least txvo husbands •survivors. \: Thf other deputy coroner in were concerned about their fam- The Navy said ii was mystified! AIton area Js Thomas J. ilies who are insido the shelters, as to Uie cause of the disaster. what this was O no of thr survivors said a j in Madison County helium lino may have ruptured —————•»_ Talmadge later said he was;causing the sausage-like bag to satisfied with his investigation collapse and ordered Dolirp to maintain . ^ a.m. temperature Yesterday's ano oraereq police to maintain. The £)oris May m readled u^.: today 68: -. High 81 Mow ss tiU'CC miOUt6S 3ltci" tllC J Rjvcj 1 siugc bfcJow Precipitation blimp fell limply into theij 1 ^ 1 j*^ i^m. 'j* hrs. to 8 a.m. water. ' °" e ' A giant labor rally has been ln a lloal ' se voit -' c - Casti-o de- clai-ed "Cuba will show the rest of the exploited Latin-American people tliat Cuba can march alone — that it is possible to march ahead without you (the United States)." He asserted the United States would gain nothing by cutting Cuba's sugar o^iota to "ingrati- Tht- other deputy coroner iUie Alton area is Thomas Jr. These deputies are two of 16 DATA AT THE DAM "the Cuban peoples' unity in the! "At the same time you take away Cuba's quota to give to his action was primarily economic —that 'fe, the uncertainty of the U.S. sugar supply from Cuba— the effect of reducing the sales quota is the same as if the action had been taken for political reasons. The significance of the stated cause is that to take such action f.r a political purpose would constitute an economic sanction which by treaty the United States can take only upon agreement with other American countries. Suctions Possible Such sanctions, however, are guanos. tro is expected to use his mass meeting lo dramati/e his announcement of how he intends to strike back at the United States with his new power to seize any American property in the "national interest." Castro appeared at a post-niid- night closing session of the Metal- :someone else," Castro declared, '"you are telling them that you want them enslaved and that when they want to be free and defend their interests, you'll take the quota away from them as you' did with Cuba.". ; Castro again accused the United i now considered entirely possible assuming tliat, as authorities here expect, Castro continues to follow a course of increasing hostility toward neighboring states. Home Adviser jStates of being an "accomplice''! Nfiiti/Jf] III fluff ill and "profiteer" on the side of "<* mea JUdge III Dictator Fulgencio Batista during! and have an ordinance presented i July 13. companies. Alton, with 879 business and , pmposed 145 insurance assessments, shows a gain of 10 business and decrease of 4 insurance company appraisals. In "Alton proper,'! Gorman said, 58 operators went out of business but 68 new businesses were established. Godfrey district has 5 business places; Milton district has HI; and Wood River Fire District area has 17. The listing of businesses includes public utilities. Balancing Books ' Gorman and his staff now are balancing Uie individual personal property books, and he hopes to have them completed this week. The completed business personal books were to be turned over to County Treasurer Dan McGee, ex officio supervisor of assessments, today, and the individual personal books will be sent to Edwardsville as soon as Uie balancing check-up is completed. About two weeks of work remain for completion of the Alton real estate awewunent, said GOJ> man, The Alton business boobs show the following categories of personal property assessments, ao. cording to the assessor's report: automobiles, 3U, valuation of S362.7SO; increase of 48 In number and $43,8M in up- the Board of Local Improvements Wednesday night following a pub- lie heating in Qty Hall attended ~m-\ Uie next council meeting, I f< QJ' White House Of easements and land needed; for the lagoon, is estimated at $44,7B. Relocation of Cut Street Railroad Crossings Will Cost City $20,568 lurgical Workers Congress only a Castro's revolution to overthrow 1 ithe former president. Several time-consuming details [the two new crossings and also WASHINGTON (AP) — Presi- ; remain to be worked out follow- jtimation of City Engineer Thorn-j port, R.f. today for art extended e jas F. Grifi'ln Jr. might range [ vacation of golf which could be , I fj'Om $450 tO Sfctf). ir.lrmHml hi, I,.™,Moo ,,,ith n'.l... merce Commission apportioning the cost of new Cut street rail- uuses, nud awl 1380,430, iwettJW ol toaitm-e and fix- tui-eti, 141,470, inciraibe ol $3,530. by about 1) of tiie inteVested pro- 1 Cost **'' lot ' hl *»'«»«"«* as-j drat Eisenhower travels to New-! ing an 1 ° l>der . of Illinois . Co . m r -~ .. w* M.v. ...^.VQICU |'i«-||j nifll j nn „, fvt., n' : r.., I . „ . . , . . ntarff f'nilllTlKicinn nnnni-Hnninn petty owners. The lagoon disposal plan, Uie property owners were told, would be only temporary. It would beL.. Poi ". led used tor disposal of the sewage only until the city's major sewer plan is earned out and an interceptor line is provided as a permanent outlet for the sewers in the Holly Hlll-Olive-Oak- be 'mmedlately benefited. to $650. i clouded by troubles with Cuba. road ^'' 0b . sin S«. * out was Uiat Union! Tne President and Mrs. EJseu-l" ge1 ' Gn f"'" Electric Co. tract may be link-i howe '' arranged u midoffemoon , y !. fetl " U0 , pest _j i. u. . . . . r , , , . !|i>]o(!Hhrin nvnipft City Man- f- ld to ; Cul street 70 per cent of the cost of signal protection. The GM&O and the New York Central together are to pay 10 per cent of the cost ol signal protection. The State ot Illinois, from its ed to the project in hand, and Uiat some other near properties may be assessed for outlet benefits. thus lowering cost to lots to departure by jet airlines from Andrews Air Force Base in nearby Maryland. relocation project can be put j grade crossing protection fund under construction before cold is to pay 20 per cent of the signal- weather of next fall. It's about an hour's flight to I , A C °P>' ol tlle Juiie ' jy order j 30 "- ization, but not more than $2,- from the two railroads easements for two highway storm- di'ainuge sewers at the crossing sites. And, in final completion right-ol-way arrangements for Plan Way to Stop House Inspection The "I refuse to answer" ofiproacb come up today as the Cut Street relocation, the! | means ol obstructing any pos- City Council must complete en- .. . . slble house programs wood area. Under the Jugoon system, C. H. i Shepard, city project engineer explained, sewage is collected in a pond where algae, with sunshine, effect a 90 per cent or higher purification of the sewage, The pond would be virtually odorless. Would Serve (i? LuU The lagoon proposed tor the projected improvement, directly serving more than 87 Jots, would be about an acre In extent, he said. It would ue located immediately east of Holly Hill subdivision and south of the new Belt Route. No direct objections to the planned sewer improvement were voiced, at the hearing, and number ol the interested property owners urged the speediest BOB sible start on construction. At a meeting after tfae hearing, Uie board, composed of Charles Katt'ltnek, Councilman Naval Air Station at Quonset Muy start lu Full Chairman Kalelinek voice concern whether Uie construction of the sewer coujd be started : Point, R.I.. across Narrangansetl from Newport. From the aii station the Eisenhowers will go el' Uier by helicopter or by presiden- before next spring. Engineer tial mbin cr ^ Ke1 '- the Barbara Sheppai-d expressed the view dial construction may be under- r 00 Ne «T«» >l : Anno, to old Ft. Adams, part of Base, llje M. and Q. . s. K. Hutcniiuon voted to recommend the project to Uie council taken this coming fall il final Sunmiei> White House — occupied shaping of the project can pro-! by £is «'>i'ower und his wife in ceed witlj all possible expedition. 1 193s ~" il!i ttt ^ Adams, Close by City Counsellor J. W. Hoefert is tllp NenI P°rt Country Club golf explained mat after an nance is enacted for Uie project, a court ordered usscss- ooul ' se - Tne President is planning at a month's stay at Newport, . . ment must be made and ap-' lultil ufler tlle p^niocratic and proved belore th? job loaches jRepubHcaij presidential nomin'a- tB'6 stage of a call for bids. Aiid i lio " Conventions. Katelineb asUmated tliat in regular routine procedure this may require a minimum of 16 weeks. Hie temporary lagoon plan of disposal WAS proposed, City Engineer Griffin explained, because it would avoid costly ex- P«o«e of a lift itation to outlet tfee sewage flow into the near- art available interceptor stww. Ortttu ajui Sheppard Ue in name detail now the lagoon system operates. But aides report Uiat Eisenhower will be keeping his fingers crossed because of mounting troubles with Cuba's Fidel Castro TODAY'S CHUCK1E Old-timer: One who remembers when the moon inspired only romance instead of space travel of the state commerce body ap-! And the railroads will be ob- right-of-way. actment of a loading zone ordi- i inaugurated by Uie city. nance, now pending. The loading! Mrs. William Petersen, legis- itone is part of consideration to : lative dialrman for the Veter- ittte Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. forians ol Foreign Wars Auxiliary portioning construction and sig- nuli/ation costs of the relocated railroad crossings was received Wednesday by Manager j Watt. ; ligatecl to provide for maintenance of the signals, estimated at $50U u year. Flashers Approved The order, obtained on appli- wiil be shared by the city, i cutio " of lllt ' eit y last April 18 for u division of costs, also authorizes Uie relocation of the crossings, approves the type ol flasher signals proposed, and also approves the crossing-approach grade as provided in the project plans. ;er Walt said thai with of Uie commerce body's order, the last big hurdle oil the route to construction of Uie Cut-Broadway-Main Improvement has been surmounted, Plans were long ago approved by tlie Division of Highways, but there arc several matters still to be worked out that may take extended time. First, details of an agreement between the state, railroads, und the city in implementation of Uie order must be worked out und approved by all parties to the project. Next, Uie city must obtain here, said today her group had Must lie Approved discussed the possibility Wednes- All these final details must be '• day night. completed und approved by Uie; Only, said Mrs. Pelersen, Uie 1 Division ol Highways before a j answering applies to the door, 1 Mrs. Elaine P. Weudler, Mud- cull ior bids may be issued. 'when an inspector might culljison County home adviser, has the two railroads, GM&O and New York Central system, und the state through its grade crossing protection fund. City to Pay sao.JUH Total estimated cost of the new crossings is $24,467, and under Uie provisions of the order the city would be obligated for approximately $20,568. The city's expense for the Cut street project is being financed from motor fuel tux funds. Of Uie estimated cost of the protected crossings, suid Manager Watt, signal protection amounts to $12,995; construction ol the New York Central crossing, $7520; und construction ot the GM&O crossing, $3,952. The order of the state 1 commerce commission, he said, provide* Uiat Alton shall pay 100 per cent uf Uie cost uf building "But," said Watt, "if all these,rather than to questions, matters can be accomplished with Her suggestion was, when an reasonable expedition, it should; inspector called, to simply tell | been selected as u member of Uie judging committee lor the still be possible to gel construe tion started before cold weather intervenes." him: "I refuse to answer the door on grounds Uie evidence] j obtained might be used against Tile so-culled Cul street pro-jme." ject includes not only Uie relo-! She said she hoped this might cation of Cut street to intersect E. Broadway, opposite the foot Of Main street, but also com plete reconstruction ol the street Intersection. Cut street it, to be relocated and paved with provision for right and left turn lanes, Broadway is to be widened for turn lanes, and the revamped intersection will be equipped wiUi electric traffic signals. The present Cut street intersection with Broudwuy will be eliminated. The project hud been plutmed as the major city improvement under MFT funds tor the pmeot year. f I raise u new constitutional question that could lead to an appeal before Uic United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court recently voted 4 to 4 an an appeal from a challenge to the Dayton, Ohio, housing inspection ordinance. Tliis, in ejfei-l, upheld Uie lower court's ruling sustaining uouKUtu- tionulHy of Uie OAxlitiaiu-e. Currently a proposal (or un Altun housing inspection ordj. nonce remains in Uit City Planning Commission, where it was referred by City CouacU whose pftyttHifti*BitiQn of tfae nAAAUKM stirred up a storm of Alton Co. recipe The contest opened June 'JO and will close July 30. £n&f» may iu> in aiiy ur ul] of the vege- ten categories of salads, table*, and soups, fHi't meat, fish and poultry, dessert*, cakes und cookies, pie, bratdj, und outdoor cookery. Mrs. Wuudler attended MacMurray CoUege and Iowa «tttt ColJege, in Aam, tow«, reoeiv. ing her deg>-ee in 1M7. Fi-oin 1WT to 1948 she «etv«d as assistant food production manager at the University of BU- In 1949 she attained b*r present positiou as Madiwc County home adviser. Mrs. 8bell Weadter was married in on Dec. 31, 1M& The Edwardfcvillt

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