Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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Saturday, August 24, 1957
Page 8
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Engine Out Governor's Plane Lands SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. tit - An Iowa Air National Guard C47, carrying Gov. Herschel Loveless and other lowans to Casper, Wyo., made an emergency landing here Friday afternoon because of eh- gine trouble. The plane's right engine developed an oil leak about SO miles west of here. But Col. Robert S. Hadsall, the pilot, and Capt. Dar- rdl C. Powell, co-pilot, both of Pes Moines, brought the plane safely to the Scottsbluff Airport with one engine functioning. Nineteen other lowans, including state Treasurer M. L. Abrahamson, Des Moines Mayor Ray Hills and several newsmen, Were board the plane. They all strapped cn parachutes as a precautionary measure. Another Air Guard plane flew here from Des Moines and took the governor, Abrahamson and John Adams, Des Moines Chamber of Commerce secretary, to Casper. A second C47, which had brought 12 other lowans to Casper, returned here and picked up the remaining passengers. The two planes left Des : Moines' Friday morning; The group planned to attend Governors' Day ceremonies of the lowa-Nebraska Air National Guard training at Casper Saturday. Couple Killed in Iowa City Crash IOWA CITY MP) — Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Frazier of .Palm Springs, Calif., were dead Saturday as a result of a traffic accident on U.S. J Highway 6 west of here. 1 The Fraziers'.station wagon collided with a semitrailer truck, which, authorities said, jackknifed on a curve, causing the trailer to swerve across the highway. Truck driver Chester Stephensen, 33, Salt Lake City, and a passenger, * John F. Tervot, Payson, Utah, escaped injury. Highway Patrolman Paul Foster filed a charge of failing to yield one-half the roadway against Stephensen. Trazier, 69, was killed outright. Mrs. Frazier, 66, died at an Iowa City hospital. A car driven by Arlo Verens of Lineville apparently was unable to stop in time to avoid the pileup and skidded into the Frazier vehicle. Verens was not hurt. Ernest and Miles Mauney Senators Accuse Teamsters Boss on 48 Counts— Denounce Hoffa as'Disgrace to Unionism Hoffa had just denied any memory as to whether Dio had supplied him with tiny recording devices with which tb eavesdrop on a Detroit grand jury investigating Hoffa in 1953. He said he could not recall, either, whether he used them to listen in on various labor and political meetings. McClellan called these incredible answers, and the committee voted on the spot that it was useless to try further to get informa- j tioji from Hoffa now. It agreed, however, to try again later. . . . . McClellan then read his state- quarters Friday night, and joined • ment u s t j „ g 48 accusations • negotiators in a labor dispute i inst Hoffa McC lellan accused which had tied up Detroils three! Is . M__ . major daily newspapers for six! days. Several hours afterward, the strike was reported settled. | The dismissal from the Senate, committee witness stand came* aft-1 • I er Hoffa said he couid not remem-! A new arrival expected in the! Midwest Iowa Civic Music Associ-ber whether he joined with New j family of a husband and wife pi-jation, has received word that Nel -j York racketeer Johnny Dio to en- j <n Hrtlournpd ano team booked for a Civic Mu-json and Neal, piano duo, will notihancc his own position in the un- j sesS | 0n at /{ he Board off ire in Car- sic concert in Can-oil this fall has! be able to perform here in No- inn and give Dio a foothold in the j l" u \l^ (]l „™ n ^ ust t 5° r i957 made a change in attractions ;vember as planned. ! Teamsters. | T m,°purVuanV*to*iaw, the rules 'of By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON Mi — James R. Hoffa was returned to his Teamsters Union duties after being denounced by a Senate prober ^s a •'disgrace to trade unionism" and accused of 48 acts of misconduct. The charges against Hoffa, a Teamsters vice president, were spelled out late Friday by Chairman McClellan (D-Ark) of the Senate Rackets Investigating Committee as McClellan abruptly dismissed Hoffa after four days of testimony. Hoffa flew to his Detroit head- New Piano Duo Booked to Play Concert Oct. 12 8 Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa * Saturday, Aug, 24, 1957 i 1 1 i Hoffa of conflict of interest In borrowing $89,500 from employers with whom the union bargains, and from union subordinates. And among "questionable actions," the statement listed the handling of some $300,000 in union funds. •Unfit'*. tves Sen. Ives (R-NY), the committee's vice chairman, released a statement calling Hoffa unfit for the Teamster presidency and a man whose record was a "disgrace to trade unionism." Thus ended four stormy days on the witness stand in which Hoffa often talked back but seldom told much. Prior witnesses had named Hoffa as the man who engineered the formation of seven phony teamster locals in New York, staffed by Dio henchman as officers, but without any members except some supplied later by Dio. The locals nevertheless produced enough votes to swing a close 1956 union election in New York to Hoffa's candidate, John O'Rourke. McClellan has termed this a key move in Hoffa's rise to union power. the phony locals on President Beck and John McNaraara, one of bis close friends. Friday night in Seattle, Beck denied he Issued charters to the locals. "I personally did not know anything about the issuance of those charters until after they were issued," Beck said. Hoffa acknowledged only' a •'friendly acquaintance" with Dio, but conceded he had agreed only last month to "look out" for Dio'a family while the racketeer is in prison. Dio is awaiting sentence in ! New York on an extortion convic- I tion. Hoffa said he can't recall / ! now that he knew of Dio's long Hoffa himself cast blame for 1 criminal record. Official Proceedings of County Government Board of supervisors Ofriee, Carroll, Towa. August 5. 1957 The Board of Supervisors of Car- scheduled for the coming season. Louis_M. Gnam, president of the Instead a concert hy the Maun ey Twins, piano duo, has been ! said bonrd and to adjournment with i all members present. The cocky Midwest Teamsters !.. The Board /^supervisors on mo Fends Off Questions booked for Saturday night, Octo-; boss fended off dozens of ques-; }J on „ "• t,, " epte « 1 Bond or Burton ber 12. alverson as Superintendent of lions about his dealings with Dio ', schools ami^ovdercrt the auditor to Identical Twins | by pleading: ! p The "Board 0 of Supervisors on mo- The Mauney brothers. Ernest! "My best recollection is, I can't t ^?oUn* ce ^fiei.te^T Cn^ntv^Heaith and Miles, are identical twins who remember." ! Nurse, and ordered the auditor to travel by. trailer bringing theiri Lutheran Parley August 25 to 30 At West Okoboji Mission Work in 25 western Iowa I ™ e " naulT of ^ K^^MOMJ ^ I sesslon Friday ' "McClellan served! n«i." accepted; the^arm to' M ties and filling of two dozen oM ^cTwS ^^dvK ^ Biff iSw. ^W" fices will occupy major attention ! with hG j.. m «fh« *i VvJlv S the union boss ma - v be called bdek: mi»«i..n that the bin o fg niw«y of the Iowa District West Conven- j Z ° ig 7 boy They ^ l ° hr ™™ q , uesl,oni ||8 Th * n fc ,„ N J i^We" bVd' tion of the Lutheran Church IMifr tended ,3nSiS l ^ at ": chairman also read, in scathing, nf Western KngineerinpCo. ofHar- sour. Synod. August^. Sessions | SSd sZfof ShTsic in" New i Sce\ ^TTle^nSSS^ P ' Vr™ 1 ^ " ™' ^ ,.. . . . ... i instances 01 alleged misdeeds, Htway Surfncers. inc. of. New Hamp- r> t x. , L „ •.. 1 place same on file, Before halting the committee, The Boarrt ot supervisors on mo- Farm to Market recommen- Hlghway Corn- year 1958, In the sum of Twelve Thousand Dollars 512,000.00, said tax Is to be used to take care of any extraordinary or unforeseen expenditures which may arise. Board of Supervisors. s/ Henry Stork s/ A. J. Daeges s/ John Tlgges s/ Art Hlnners s/ Chas. A. Neumayer. Chairman. Attest: s/ Edward J. Murphy The Foregoing Resolution was adopted at a regular adjourned meeting of the Board on the 5th day of August, 1957. The vote was as follows: Ayes: Henry Stork, A. .T. Daeges, John Tlgges, Art Hlnners, Charles A. Neumaver, Chairman. Nays: None. The Board of Supervisors on motion passed the following resolution. RESOLUTION ' WHEREAS, the torn in the county having grown to a height of six feet or more, and WHEREAS, the height of the corn is affecting the visibility of the Intersections by being planted close to the road, and cities and filling of two dozen of-| N c wno began studying pianoi the union boss mav be caiied'back! misaTiV that\hV Md of*Hhvay v Sur- j w WHEREA , s ."fi u |» deemed advisable " ' ' '" VT """ ""—to all concerned and to the best interests of the people of Carroll County, WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors hereby requests that all landowners or tenants should cut, or remove all corn, weeds, or brush from the fence corners at the road Intersections 50 feet each way from the corner In order to alleged York, They had entered Oberlin | about which he said Hoffa Conservatory of Music in Ohio i equivocated in his testimony. I o w a Highway Commission at when called for army service per-i ,, „ j j ., .Ames, town by the County Auditor «ncu it,, mm, .-><:. >.«. , C i , Hofffl (g re g arc ] ec l as || le most i This work from W', Cor.SD', Sec will be held at the Walthcr League Camp on Lake West Okoboji. The Rev. Harold W. Kieck and Wilbert Sundermann will represent St. Paul Lutheran Church of Carroll. The Rev. G. W. Lobeck, District President and pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Council Bluffs, j ua ted in 1947. For the past sever- will preside. More than 300 dele -; a i seasons they have been touring l? n der questioning, had ,on ' t nvvn - The certificate of con- ,lou i currence being forwarded to the formmg. as a piano duo for bond , jke , candidate tn succecd Dave rallies and band concerts during;^ as hea£) f lh mi he war. After the war they re- Teamsters organization, ! turned to Oberhn and were grad- Uhe nalion . s ] { un f 0 „ i union in 1Qd7 ITnr mo nnct cover.: ° Hoffa ac- 9-8.1-34 south to Willev. Passed and approved this 5th day of August, 1957. Board of Supervisors. Chas. A. Neumayer, Chairman. At lest: Edward J. Murphy. The Board of Supervisors on motion accepted the recommendation gates from 160 congregations arej W ith orchestras and as an inde°-' knowledged he had been wrong in • of : "the*Yowa~ H 'tgnvvav•'cbnVmission pendent piano, team. i associating with New York "bums! »'„ ^Af^l^T &y and criminals like Dio. He said : surface™, inc. New Hampton, Iowa An appearance on the Chance if ne were pi ec » Pr i Teamstprs i bp "tcepted, the bid being 557.i84.fi4 of a Lifetime" television nroeram! "A . I IJ \ . d,n s : being low under the bid of Western u Vu leievision program j presldent he wol ,i d take action ! Engineering Co., of Harlan, Iowa. where they won the first prize of; against racketeers the committee I tne ' r Rid being .$62,537 oi And the .«,., - - iS' 000 h i e i: <, "r y S6t ro . ,,in * 0 "!snys have moved into Teamsters! SWcer..^.. '^NIW XS$Sl Bt8p .m. and will also address the! « e road to fame. They^ invested affairs in New York. convention daily on "The Work of j the » 10 " e y ln a y_a" whlch ; he - v >A ma7 i n «> use to transport their pianos from I «mu«ng place to place. The brothers both! Committee counsel Robert Ken live on Long Island, N. Y., and i »edy described that testimony as; j" practice in a sound-proof room at j amazing, and said Hoffa knew all expected Dr. Walter F. Lichtsinn, Hammond, Ind., third vice-president of the church body represented in 25 nations, will conduct Sunday's opening Holy Communion service Traer Woman Is Dead of Burns IOWA CITY to-Mrs. Allan Neymeyer, 34. Traer mother of four children, died Friday of burns received Aug. 10 when a hot water heater exploded. Mrs. Neymeyer was burned over 70 per cent of her body. The explosion occurred in the basement of her home when she attempted to light the gas heater. She is survived by her husband, operator of a chain store; three sons, Dennis, 10, Douglass, 7, and Gary, 5; and a daughter, Janet, II. Traer residents recently started a fund for the family and had collected $1,150. In addition more than a dozen Traer men donated blood to Mrs, Neymeyer. Synod." Dr. Alfred von Rohr Saner, professor of Old Testament Study at Concordia Theological Seminary,) - . St. Louis, the world's largest Lu-' tne Ern est Mauney . home which, along about the racketeers. 3 _ theran seminary, will present a is equipped with a ramp and plat- \ Before his dismissal Friday 4! daily religious-study feature "The form for loading their twin pianos j » 5 Doctrine of the Church." into the van. RotaryClubof Special worship services include: critics sav that thev plav with. ii_„„• _ a memorial conducted by the Rev., "unusual unity" and "almost psy- banning nas rorm Theodore Hoemann, Adair, for : chic accord." Tour After Meetina seven pastors and two parochial! Opening Event ' ** teachers who passed away since! The Mauney concert will be the the last convention in 1955. The! open i n g even i 0 f tnis year - s civic; inc., Iowa. The bid being as follows: On secondary road along west line of Sections 10 & 15-82-33. No. provide better sight distance at the Intersections. NOW THEREFORE BE IT KNOWN, the Board of Supervisors will greatly appreciate the cooperation of all farmers 1n providing all possible safetv on the County roads in Carroll County. Board of Supervisors, s/ Henry Stork s/ A. J. Daeges s/ John Tlgges s/ Art Hlnners s/ Chas. A. Neumaver. Chairman Attest: s/ Edward J. Murphy CM . Auditor, Carroll County, Iowa. The Board of Supervisors on motion to authorize the Auditor to place an advertisement in all coun ty papers regarding the above des- HtWHy Surfacers Western Eng. Co. I nit Inlt Price Amount Price Amount 3192.00 3,000.00 5985.00 2818.80 1.25 2936.25 .16 987.68 Item Quantity Inlt Const, of soil aggreg sub base 1.995 mi. 1600.00 Granular material 2,349 tons 1.20 Primer Bitumen 6,173 gals. .16 Asphaltlc Cone. Surf, t'se. 8,364 tons 5. Inc. or Dec. Asph. (>, ment , fi. Bituminous Mixture for Malnt. of stock pile Vi ton* 7. Tack coat 2,633 gals, Total j Combination Bid: Carroll County Asphaltlc Concrete Paving Projection ! TP 157 A S.N821 Tied. Passed and approved this 5th day i of August, 1957. Board of Supervisors ..1. 4 V- . . . . _ . 987.H8 5.92 49514.88 k 30.00 5.00 250.00 .16 421.28 57184.61 6.20 51856.80 27.00 7,0(1 .16 421.28 62537.0 LaVerne Kohnke, misc. labor on courthouse 10.00 Wilke Drug Co., courthouse malnt.. Jan. supply 74 Green Bay Lumber, »a s h locks for courthouse 1.30 DeLuxe Laundry, courthouse 11.40: Soc. Welfare 2.75, towel service 14.15 Dr. A. F. Witte, rent, Social Welfare office 65.00 Lucille McCaffrey, custodial serv., Soc. Welfare office 10,00 Joe P. Frank, sheriff residence _ Sheriff AI Thorup. mileage 30.96 Sheriff Al Thorup, lodging , prisoners 23.b5 Caroline Pflester, mileage ..... 63.91 Del.oss Garrett, mileage attending weed meeting 9.47 Burrell W. Flsk, weed commission 73.51 Robert S. Bruner, Co. Attor- nev . 45.00 Martha A. Johnson, typing exam, reports 1956 audit 52,90 James Wteland. Trustee, Grant Twp. trustee meetings 12.00 H e n r v Huegerlch, Trustee, Grant Twp. trustee meetings Wm, Beldlcr, Trustee, Grant Two. trustee meetings Joe P. Elscheid, Clerk. Grant Twp. trustees meetings Leonard F. Hlnz, sheriffs 12.00 12.00 12.00 Lyle Frahm to Denison for His Interim Teaching (Time* Herald Netra Service) MANNING - Lyle Frahm will go to Denison Thursday, where he will have three weeks of interim teaching before re-entering Iowa Stale College Sept. 25. <Tlmr» tlrritlil NP»« Stervlr») MANNING - A tour of Wiese Rev. Robert 1. Miskimen, Council i Concert series. As previously an-: an d Sons Hereford farm followed Bluffs, will officiate at a Christian! nounced the Men of Song, a male! the weekly dinner meeting of the' AU est: ' lNeum * y|,r - < - h » ,rm « n Education service marking the'quartet of young singers, will be-Manning Rotary Club on Aug. 20. i Edward J . Murphy centennial of teacher - training in! here Tuesday evening, February i Club members tried judging some \ BE IT^'RKMEMBERED , that on the Lutheran Church-Missouri Sy -|ti. I of the cattle, and prize steaks! this 5th day of August, 1957 the nod. The two million member Lu-j Fina , evcnt of the season wi „ theran body maintains the largest | be a concert , Rosina Da Riminj system of parochial schools in the v Brazilian opera star were awarded to Max Detlefsen, i K^*^^*SLSSn ^tSi Henry Meyers, Norman Kuker, | purpose of a hearing upon the bud- l estimate as filed with this >ard. There was present a quorum P. F. Hansen and Paul Vollmer! ft 1 , 1 estlmate &R fUerf wlth American Protestantism with 1,367 schools and M15 teachers. , d evening Marc rt 20. Miss Ua j —e,— „ I the notice of "the time and place of The Rev. R. G. Dohrmann 0f; Rimini was a star performer on! Guests at tne dmneI * we,e A R - hearing had, according to favv and who will appear in Carroll Thurs -j for [ ud f in « calves - Jim . "fy es vm \^. r X^SyJ^-JS e a\i^l J — : __ M j ss Da Steaks for guessing weight. ; Board investigated and found that Atlantic, mission director, will report on 17 district-subsidized mission congregations and bring proposals for new mission stations, the Arthur Godfrey television show before she returned to Brazil last spring. She is a member • ,, • *• mis, "P° of the Municipal Opera Company principally in Sioux City and Des |of RiQ De Janeiro and is coming FFA BOYS RETURN Edgar, Iowa State College band "s^^tedny the board been put> J. , i Kr .. i j i II shed on the 23rd and 25th of July director, Larry Nothwehr and Jim!i n the Carroll Daily Times Herald, Haves I tne CHldden Graphic, and the Man ' 1 -ling-Monitor. Official newspaper! lublished In said county, and that Moines. | back this season for a concert ] Loan requests totalling $369,000 .„„ . lTni ,„. c . , for new construction in mission itour of the United Stales congregations will be asked of the assembly. According to Carl T. Koester, Des Moines Extension Fund administrator, the fund has 1Y4 million dollars in total assets. Delegates, representing 40,000 west-Iowa Lutherans, will adjourn sessions on Friday noon. Brockman Family Joins for a Picnic (Times n«rsld >'em SOrvtce) WESTS1DE — A Brockman family picnic was held Sunday at Graham Park. Those who attended were: Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Brockman, Randy, Tommy and Ricky, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Hargens, j %£" F *•"' Dennis Dean and Janice, Mr. and j and Mrs Gene Hoffmans Return from Outing At Leech Lake, Minn. (Times. Herald New* Servlte) I Times Herald Nenit Servire) LAKE CITY - Several Lake nine - Monitor. Official newspapers lublished In said county, and that he affidavits of publication thereof were on file with the County Auditor. Thereafter and on said day the estimate was taken up and considered and taxpayers heard for An innovation at Civic Music; City FFA boys returned from ai f 0 "4 agalnsl the e8llmal «- a * fo1 " concerts this year will be a ser- j three-week trip which took them! " NO ONE APPEARED. ies of receptions to be held after! to the sand hills of Nebraska and!, each performance when members! Wyoming, to Rocky Mountain Nd-1 board*took up the estimate for 'final of the Midwest Iowa Civic Music Association will have an opportunity to meet performers in person. Admission to concerts and receptions is by membership tickets only. Although membership is closed for the 1957-58 season, newcomers who have moved into the community since the membership campaign last spring may still join by TEMPLETON - Mr, and Mrs.! applying to Mr. Gnam. president, Gene Hoffman and family return-i or 0rvlUe Harns - secretary, ed Wednesday night from a ten- tinnal Pnrlc Tlpnvpr and Colorado I consideration and after being fully tiondi rarK, uenver ana coioiaao. Rdvlsed tr .e board determined that Springs. They were John Gordon, said estimate be corrected and corn- Inn Ihrko 1 PROV Kpnt Kennpth ^ P letert as follows. Be It hereby jan inrice, Lenoy rvent, t\ennein. note(1 that |he B()ard of Supervlgori , Schleisman, Larry Sorenson, Don) reduced the Budget Estimate by Wooriv and fieoree Zimmerman i eighteen Thousand Dollars before vvooay, ana ueorge ^minieinian. A J optlng tne f 0 u 0 wlng Budget. This Accompanying them were Rudy! reduction was in the .following man- crlbed resolution, in addition place notice to cut the weeds a the shoulders ot the grades On visors On motion the Board of Super proceeded to audit and all the following claims and authorized deputy, mileage 68.22 Court Kxnense Carroll County State Bank, withholding ded uctlon J. Julv 1957 -. 161.90 Old Age Sur. & Ins. System, FSS deductions for July 1957 - 28.03 Iowa Public Emnlovees Retirement, IPERS deductions tor Julv 1957 - .„ 41.89 B. C Tranter. Postmaster, postage. Clerk of Court 36.00 Associated Hospital, Blue Cross and Shield. Aue 4.05 Janis Prentice, registrar of vital statistics, 2nd qtr. «8.25 Recordak. nhotoc.opv supnlies 41.63 Keystone Envelope Co., office sunnlies. Clerk 81.97 Jenkins Feriremann. office sunpltes. Recorder 17.31 Stone Printing Co.. office supplies, Clerk of Court ... 137.61 Balk & Son. nhotocopv service eoulomenl, Clerk 99.95 \V. .1. Schmich, justice of peace fees - 22.66 Sheriff A) Thorup, serving mittimus 51.14 Ralph M. Crane, attorney fees 75.00 Dumas V. Dver, bailiff 8.00 James R. Morrow, district nroh. officer, mileage and exoense C. M. Maddv. bailiff serv. and court library, Julv Sheriff Al Thorup. serv. warrant and mileage i Fnor Fund iinoo Carroll Countv State Bank. • withholding tax deductions Julv 19*7 115.30 Old Age Sur. ins. Svgtem, FSS deductions Julv 1957 Iowa Public Emnlovees Retire. IPERS deductions for Julv 1957 Associated Hosnltal, Blue Cross and Shield to day vacation at Leech Lake, Minn.. Prikerf Miss Gladys Stevens of Fort;£ ODBr | lxrai Dodge is spending a two-week va-j Completes Course cation with her parents, Mr. and (Times Herald News Service) LAKE CITY - Robert Krai, who John Kaus and Mrs. Leroy Kaspersen. Leroy Jr. I famjly returned to theh . home in ; ha s been attending Tobin Business and Sharon, Mrs Leonard Beck; I spencer after. spending the week man, Audrey and Allen, all of| e £ d with the - 1 formeBr . s motheri j Mrs. Frances Kaus, sister Regina Westside, Mr. and Mrs. Gerhart Brockman of Carroll, Mrs. Larry Beckman of Manilla, and Joyce Heuton of Glidden. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brandenburg and Steven spent Wednesday in Omaha. Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thiedeman entertained j tendorf. members of the family at a picnic' at their home. Guests were; Mr. and Mrs. George Jans, Mr. and -Mrs. L. C. Thiedeman and Lydia Thiedeman, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Thiedeman, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Thiedeman and family. and brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kaus and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conley returned to their home in Waterloo Monday, after spending 10 days with the latter's sister and brother, E ?Pi r T' l eir , a ?. Vi8er ' f d "r ! Fu r nd%,^^^ sell Ihrke. The latter part of this .51a .ooo .1x) and the state institution week Engstrom went to Des £y n( L f .™_ m ^ $fio, to 550,000.00 Moines for the FFA showing at the : The Budget is as follows: the County Auditor to Issue warrants for same: Carroll County State Bank, withholding ta.\ deductions for July, 1957 $478.60 Old Age Sur. Ins. System, FSS deductions for July, 1957 146.54 Iowa Public Employees Retirement System, IPERS deductions for July, 1957 177.49 Ed Grlffen, hauling paper, etc., from courthouse and jail _ 20,00 Associated Hospital Service, Blue Cross and Shield, Aug. 134.15 Chas. A. Neumayer, session, comm. work and mileage 139.73 Henry A. Stork, sessions,' comm. work and mileage .. 144.93 Art Hlnners, sessions, comm. work and mileage „ 157.38 John Tlgges, sessions, comm. work and mileage 173.94 A J. Daeges, sessions, comm. work and mileage - 160.03 The Glidden Graphic, board proceedings 96.96; budget 48.52 - 145.48 The Glidden Graphic, publ. Treas. Report 134.70; budget 40.01 .„ 174.71 Daily Times Herald, publ. Treas. Report 145.20: proceedings 102.90; budget 61.06 _ 309.16 Manning Monitor, publ. Treas. report 59.77: budget 84.90; proceedings 136.84 281.51 Koch Bros., office supplies: Auditor 211.47; Recorder 183.21; Soc. Welfare 136.44; Treas. 140.78 671.79 90.34 66.51 22.66 20.94 7.5# 2.09 1.03 1.02 28.13 8.93 7.50 39.75 roceeded to audit and allow H* and H Co., County Home, provisions 32.56 21.70 54.49 State Fair. With him were Dennis Kruse with a dairy cattle exhibit, and Larry Ott, with sheep. ADOPTED BUDOST ANO CCRTIFICAT! OF COUNTY TAXIS College at Fort Dodge the past year, completed his course this week. Mr. and Mrs. F.' 0. Cottong of Rochelle, III., former Lake City residents, spent several days here this week, greeting old friends. Mrs. H. C. Ballard was called to! Omaha last week by the serious Mrs. Tress Fox and William Bas- 1 illness of her brother, Lyle Canty, '""''"**' . ! a patient at the Veterans Hospital! Ike Takes Over Controls, Flies Plane for Short Time By MARVIN L. ARROWSM1TH | far as is known it has been a good GETTYSBURG, Pa. UP) — Presi- 1 many years since he actually flew dent Eisenhower sat in as copilot 1 a plane, He occasionally sits in the and new his two-engine plane a co-pilot's position on flights aboard short part of the way here from his four-engine plane, Columbine! WALTHER LEAGUE PICNIC (Tunas Herald News Service) GLIDDEN -- Peace Lutheran Walther League had a picnic at Spring Brook State Park Sunday j Washington "Saturday? afternoon and evening. Sixteen', "H e does a real flvine inh" mst«xz£! k & 1 art \ - «~-«.. 1 oent s puot and Air Force aide, pilot's seat as the two-eng ne Aero told newsmen after he and Eisen- 1 ' • • - • 0 hower had stepped from the small blue and white aircraft at the Gettysburg Airport. Draper said, in response to ques- park* f^^dovoUon?" S^igS J2L f^** weari »S *ow» h«mn« wr** Rar>h one onvn I ».*tu« - ra£w P ,loted m ° s M hat and a tan jacket with tan ed this event, The group took sack lunches for dinner and supper, leaving for the park right after Sunday school. They spent the day boating, swimming, hiking and playing various quiet and ac Reporters made inquiries when j Commander plane taxied in after landing here. Ordinarily, Eisenhower and a Secret Service agent sit behind the pilot and the regular co-pilot. Sat- FUNDS u Kxpendltures I General ! Court Expense . 'Poor State institution County Insane .. Countv School ,. Soldiers Relief Bovine TB I Emergency 1 Old Age Sur. ; Ins. tred.i —I Pub. Emps. Ret. (Stale'i Bang's Erad. Bounty Fair Karm-to-Mkt. Rds, Secondary Road . H.r. 42, »7th O.A A. VA MiU* TWP . Only B. hi Mills, Twp. Only C. \» Mills. All Property -.• Road Clearing $ 31.202W 135,221!* 153,278!* 147,073!* 15.532 7,798! 30.1291 12.4491 5,969! 7,734! 6338i 21,0091 I 22,201 84,8751 64,435! 6.692! 19,6251 10,450! 66! 20,0001 23,921 98,934 68,247 6,623 17,485 12,450 ! 28,515, 102,700 76,000 6,700 12,050 16,200 10,838 12,000 "s .OOOl 250! 6.838 * 46,072 250 16,830; 4,000 500 240 10,1321 10,659! 11,339! 15.086! 3,838 1,399 1,031 m 48,892] 12,7801 2,362 5,443! 16,783 2.377 1.30S 5,000! 70,875 19,200 ! 327,864 3.11,469' 3.9491 17,91 L! 3,460 1,612 5,000 144,000 19,000 374,546 348,412 2,968, 20,784! 7.399! 1,655! 5,000! 140,000! 640,000 1,399 655 4.800 *101,000 25,265 85,870 50,000 5,950 11,810 16,200 4.000 12,000 7,543 10,392 6,000 1.000 5,000 140,000' 320,000! 320,000 7,543 10,392 4,800 s'TOTALS .!*225,669!*l,153,992!fl,309,156!*l,246,8001* 34,142!*545,828!f666,830 hymns were sung. Each one gave a short prayer..Pastor Brewer gave a brief meditation on Psalm I. of the way. Eisenhower had a pilot's U- slacks, jumped from the plane and strode rapidly to a limousine wait- 2SL ^h .T* d ^^ yw ril w 10 take him to hU nearby between the two world wara, So j farm. IN JAPAN . . . Pfc, Orville F. Neppl, son of Mr. and Mrs, Ben Neppl, has arrived in Japan. He graduated after completing six months of school at the Army Security Agency, Fort Devens, Mass.. and spent a two-week furlough at his home before going across. His new address is: Pfc. Orville F. Neppl. R. A. 17484336, Personal Processing, Detachment USA SAPAC, A.P.O. 500, San Francisco, California. The vote upon final adoption of the budget was ns follows: -\v("«: Henry A. Stork, A, J. Daeges, John A. Tigges, Art Hlnners, v -hus, A. Neumayer, Chairman, Nays: None, Chas, A. Nfcumayw, Chairman Board of Supervisors. Attest: ' Edward J. Murphy Co. Auditor. The Board ot Supervisors on motion passed the following resolution. RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the Revenue In certain funds of the municipality set out In the within application Is Inadequate to meet the actual and necessary expenses which jntiit be paid from said funds and any extraordinary or unforeseen expenses which may arise during the ensuing fiscal year and WHEREAS, the Inadequacy of the revenue referred to Is deemed to constitute an emergency tax*, therefore. „BE IT KJSSOLVro, by the Board of supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa that the State Comptroller be and is hereby petitioned for approval of an emergency tjtx for the Herald Publishing Co., sec- „, ondary road fund warrants 84.35 Stone Printing, office supplies: Treas. 894.25; Auditor 2350; Recordpr 343.68 ,1861.44 Herald Publishing Co., office „ ,„ supplies. Sheriff , 128.05 Matt Parrott & Son, office supplies 386.86; Treas. „ ,„ 18S.TO _ _ 431.66 Kllpto Loose Leaf. Sheriff 1.55; Auditor 70.72; Atty. 10.72 •... 82.99 Helres Electric, Soc. Welfare BB.90; Treas. 19.91; „ „„ Sheriff 1.55 - 81.M NW Bel) Phone Co., telephone service: Court room 25.35; Clerk 19.10; Auditor 20.28; Assessor 14.35 Co, Attorney 8,00; Recorder 10.00: Nurse 1.50; Engineer 39.95; Soc. Welfare 24.35; Supt. 8.00;, . jn Sheriff 35.70; Treas. 30.75 307.40 Carroll Water Dept., water and »»wer rental, court- , novae — .•. .,. 1 ,. r iV '.<rt.*< Ipwa public .Service, courthouse, sheriff, 1 *11 -~r-^~•-• Thos, wills, Ins. on Ovanl, road 1 property ,a.40 H "and H Co., County Home, provisions 8.53 P. F. PetPrson Baklne Co., Countv Home, nrovlsions 75.78 Eddie Ouinn. Clothier, County Home, clothing 13.35 Belter'* Market, Countv Home, provisions 181.70 Hannasch Grocery, County Home, provisions 70.02 Rettenmaier Drug Co., County Home, drugs _ 7.50 Dr. P. Cawley. M. D.. medical aid: Harold Atteberry; John I.nnemaver '.. 26.00 Wilke Drug Co., County Home, househnort supply R.37: medical aid 72.09 78.46 Scheck's Plumbing, County Home, supplies 1.17 Matt Hardware Co., County home, household 8.24 Det.uxe Cleaners, County Home, towel service, .lulv 4.55 NW Bell Phone Co.. phone service: home 33.30; Relief 14.35 47.SR Sundermann Bros., County Home, repairs 8.85 Relnart Service, motor repair 20.00 Joe P. Frank, County Home, repairs 9.75 Carroll Roller Mills, grain purchased, Countv Home ... 26.19 Earl Kanne, County Home, estra help 75:00 Paul Danner, County Home, extra heln 29.15 Rfclph Winker. County Home, extra help 8.00 Koch Bros.. Relief office, supplies 5.35 Vowa Public Service, electric serv., surplus comm. room ' 1.00 Stone Printing, office supplies. Relief office 1.80 Thrift v Food Mkt„ food, Enid Hunter 20.00 Safewav Store, food, Mary Kokenae 30.00 Hinky Dinky, food, Ray Stanek - 25.00 Hinky Dinky Store, food, Ray Stanek _ — , 25.00 C. R. Brennv Mkt„ food: Klocke 30.00: Surnlus Commodity Supplies 8.08 63.08 Fareway Store, food, Fern Kurth 20,00 Fareway Store, Henry Royer, food 25.00 Prill's Store, Anna Seedan, food - 20,00 Ivan Kracht Store, food, Dora Herrmann 25.00 Rettenmaier Drug, drugs, Edna Davidson — - 15.60 Rettenmaier Drue Co., drugs: Ben Schultes; Ray Stanek ... 37.07 Wilke Drugs, drugs, Ed Keeler 9.60 W"-'> nrug Co., drugs, Alice Bresee 4.94 Bro 'Htlnwns Hospital, medical aid, Mary Hlnners 2,00 Lewis Relnhold Co., drugs, Chris Hargens - - 9.54 Quakcrdnle Farm, care of Leo and Rob Btllmeier , 90.00 University Hospital, hospital enre: Alf. Mohr; Ray Stouten 50,55 St. Anthony Hospital, hospital care, Mrs. Elizabeth Lux - 201.30 Mrs. Leo Spleker, nursing home care. Catherine Vens 90.00 Trvon Nursing Home, Myrtle Ayres, June and July .......... 100.00 Eleanor Dlnsmore, mileage 10.86 Deot. of Soc. Welfare, aid to dept. children 1386.25 Dept. of Soc. Welfare, aid to the blind VK'M Dent, of Social Welfare, freight on surplus food 80,06 Elsie Meiers, cash allowance 14,00 Soldiers Relief Carroll County Sta,te Bank, withholding tax ded. July 1957 Z~~~, ^~ Old Age. Sup. Ins.. System, Iowa Public Employees Retire, IPERS deductions for July 1957 405.34 Associated Hospital Service, Blue Cross and Shield Aug. 1957 - - 273.75 Larry Hlnners, wages 144.98 Troy Trucks, misc. labor — 56.21 Dave Schmelser, bit. Insp. — 100.00 Joe Heuton. bit. labor 60.09 Joseph Bernholz, asst. survey crew 100.00 Donald Schenkelberg, bridge labor - 100.00 Albert Lehrter, bridge crew 109.60 Roscoe J. Sapp, bridge crew 109.60 Rtchard L. Renze, bridge crew wvoo. Kenneth Goecke, truck driver 100.00 Paul J. Polking, truck operator 100.00 Dean H. Brlghtwell, truck operator 113.10 Donald J. Henrlch, truck operator - 100.00 George L. Dozler, gravel checker 45.12 Joe F. Heuton, misc. labor 21.62 Vernon A. Vonnahme, mileage gravel pits - 9.31 Don Vlsser * C. R. Thomas Cst.. hiring of equipment 871.00 Don Visser A C. R. Thomas Cst., grading 1,305.00 Onnen Bros., gravel, taking out of pit 1,632.91 Kd Qulnn. gravel 481.31 Alfred Dllllvan, lighting flares 17.43 Clarence Goecke, mileage on flares 9.10 J. F. Maher, mileage — 35.42 Walter Schafer, mileage 14.42 Martin L. Schmelser, mileage 74.12 Deluxe Cleaners, towel service, garage, July 22.37 Crouse Cartage Co.. freight .. . 3.00 Iowa Electric Light, Carroll malnt. garage 4.7.1 Iowa Public Service, electric malnt. garage. Mt. Carmel, Dedham, Halbur. Templeton, Lltlderdale, Halbur .. . Iowa Public Service, electric service, Lanesboro _. Coon Rapids Municipal, electric service, Coon Rapids maint Manning Municipal Light, malnt. bldg. electric service Iowa Public Service. Carroll malnt. bldg. electric Carroll Water Dept., malnt. garage, Carroll _ Town Clerk J. E. Wilson, wa- ater rental, malnt. garage Sinclair Refining Co., fuel for heating ..... NW Bell Phone Co., phone service, maint. garage 17.09 Interstate Oil Co.. oils 256.9ft Ballard Mobil Service, dlesel fuel 1520 Tracv Service, dlesel fuel . 17.64 Emil's Phillip "66". dlesel fuel IO .04 D-X Sunray Oil Co.. dlesel fuel 115.9.1 Belter Otl Co., dlesel fuel 284.SS* Drees Heating, dlesel fuel .... 13.50 Danner OfT Co., dlesel fuel 121.R9 Paul * Wayne, dlesel fuel . 125.79 Nelson Woodwork, repairing cushion 150 BUI Burge.«s Motors, repairing equipment 104.94 Central Bearings Co., repairs to equipment 35.17 Dukehart Hughes Tractor, repairs to equipment 42.40 Sac Cltv Motor Co., repairs to equioment. - 44.50 Swanev Oil & Eoulpment Co., repairs to equipment 164.08 Vivian Eoulpment Co., repairs . to equioment — 174.88 Swaney Oil Co., repairs to equioment 7.63 Arnold Motor Co., tools 13.30, repairs 47.39 60.69 Relnart Service, repairs to equipment 74.14 Hills Motor, repairs to equipment 56 28 Carroll Machine and Welding, welding , 30.16 The I.ockhart Co., repairs to equipment 36.07 Stone Printing, office equipment - 31.30 Wheel Lbr. A Bridge, car of lumber 3,666.39 Standard Blue Print Co., engineering supplies - 30.00 Kllpto Loose Leaf, engineering supplies _ ~. ..... 13.38 Michael Todd A Co., log chain 204.40 Anton Rlsenberg, right of •wav purchase 50.00 Carroll Motor Co., equipment purchase . 150.00 Matt Hardware Co., malnt. supplies 11.00 Wilke Drug Co., malnt. supplies 32.08 Jovce Lumber Co., malnt. supplies 5.4S Lawrence Wegman, maint. supnlies - 24.20 Sleg "Ft. Dodge Co., malnt. supplies -» 37.29 Missouri Valley Machine, maint. supplies 29.72 George Vanderhelden, mileage 57.33 Robert Neumayer, mileage . 22.12 Vlsser A Thomas Const. Co.. grading 2,871.00 Vlsser A Thomas Const. Co.. grading , 3,241.50 Lake View Concrete Co., concrete tile 1,829.84 Onnen Bros., taking gravel .5.864.15 Ed QUlnn. gravel .2,836.75 Road Clearing Vund Mid Iowa Industrial Supply, operating coHts chain saw Drainage Fund Carroll County State Bank, drain 9-13, withholding tax ded. for July Carroll Countv State Bank, drain No. 20, withholding tax deductions for July 2.20 Carroll Countv State Bank, drain No. 36, withholding tax deductions for July 1.80 Carroll County State Bank, withholding tax ded., July, drain 62 — Old Age Sur. Ins., FSS deductions for July, drain 9-13 „ Old Ago Sur. Ins., FSS deductions for July, drain No. 30 FSS Seductions July 1957 ... Iowa Public Employees Sys., IPERS deductions for July 1957 8.40 3.35 8,80 Secondary Road Fund Chicago Great Western Ry. Co,, freight on oar creo, lumber ....™.-^..^..»,......,.,—........137B.77 Minnesota Mutual Life Ins, payment" tor July 1957^. 8,89 Carroir County. State Bank, • withholding tax deduotlom for' Jviy„l§57 J158.00 Old Age Sur. In», s System, FSS'deductlons for July 24.12 1.32 .60 .72 Old Age Sur. Ins., FSS deductions for July, drain No. 26 - • Old Age Sur. Ins.. FSS deductions for July, drain No. 62 ........1 Iowa Public Employees Retire. IPERS ded, for July, drain No, 63 — Joe F. Heuton, drain 87, misc. labor .98 .88 .34 .87 11.00 Institutional Account Fund James Conley. transporting E. yJ, O'Brien back from Clarinda to Carroll 35.00 Sheriff Al Thorup, warrant of arrest 5.83 Treasurer of the State, Inst, care 3nd quarter. Glenwood, Woodward. Oakdale, Cherokee, Clarinda 17,948.20 Bang* Disease Vund Dr. A. N. Rlchey, testing ...... . 8.50 Assessor Fund Carroll County State Bank, withholding tax deductions for July J957 89.30 Old Age Sur, Ins, System. ; FSS deductions for July 1957 _ 17.55 Iowa Public Employees Retire, IPERS deductions for July 1957 ^« :— 37.37 The Board of Supervisors on motion adjourned until Monday, August* 19, 3,BS7«- Ct»*i! A, Neumayer,' Chairman. Board ot Supervisors.. Edward J. Murphy Co, Auditor

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