Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1960 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1960
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINETEEN Greens Draw Complaints In Canadian Golf Start TORONTO - Thr :j1sf Canadian Open Golf Championship over the suburban St. George's course got under way today with the pros complaining about the state of the grpen. Most nf HIP field of Mr toured the 6.516-yard par-72 course Tues- «rr full of spike marks — not good." he added. The field is probably onr of the trongesl in the history of the tournament. Amotm the slnrtcis are six formei winners, including three-time champion Sam Snead of White Sulphur Springs. W. V;i. Clay and comments werr caustic, j and defending champion Doug Thr snipers preferred in remain ! Ford of Crystal River. Fla.. who annonytnous and the general theme i turned in a foiir-under-par (>8 was that the lightningfast spll^o-i practice-round Tuesday. pocked greens would make it, With Snead and Ford are for- tough. mer winners, George Bayr of • "The greens probably won't;Gabriel, Calif., Doug Sanders of stand the gaff Ol all the traffic,"!Miami Beach.'Fla., 1936 winner; observed one pfo who carded a| West fllis, Jr. of Aldecress. N. .1 three-under-par <0 practice round. "The late starter will have to give away a couple of strokes," .commented another. "The greens titleholdec in 1958, and veteran Jim Terrier of San Francisco, who pocketed the first-place money in 1950 and 1951. ~^ River Ripple* === and Outdoors with Harold Brand Leo Kluenicr ol the Missouri [rent carries him into your net. Consei-vation Commission, guest I Check the net frequently; as columnist for today, tells of hell-! soon as the insect hits the net grummites. a bail oxlra-ordina-:he flattens out and stalls to ry for bass: crawl off. Natural Bull llcllgriimmites can be kept Ball fishermen, who use min-ij n ; , minnow bucket placed in nows, crayfish and worms ant) u, ( , stream. Unlike minnows the settle back complacently think- hellgrammile can be carried ing that there's no beating this.i ont 7 distances with only enough trio, have another think coming, water to wet the bottom of the There's still another natural bait vonta^,,,- i n fact, when the to be added to this repertoire of day's fishing is 'over these in- fish-getters, and that's the hell- Sl .,.t s ( . a n be taken home and grammite. This critter has ad- placed in a large washtub with vantages the othei-s don't have., aDOUt half an inch of water in The hellgrammite is the lar- t n( . bottom. The water should va of the Dobson fly. and is be changed every other. day. found underneath flat rocks in the riffles of sjn-ams. He's a GOLFING ->fc NOTES Bowling Kansas City Group Out to Buy A's . BOWL MAVRW ...»„.„ r,-,™, .. r* Tuesday Uufte« KANSAS CITY <*) — Four Hige Games: Dee Steiger 210. Kansas Cltians. barked by two ;166 (522); D. Harris 168, M. Ly- million dollars, plan to fly to chib. The group also wants to see oprraling statrrnrnts of thp clflb ions 169; C. Landre 19ft f500): Chicago todav to start dickering i 1955 Helen Gray 160; J. Marquis 165; ahm ,^ mr ^ f . of fhp Kansas City iL«mpert 177; E. Recher ^anoutpuroiBse or tm> Kansas uty 175. 160 (527); J. Miller 171; G. Athletics Baseball Club. Sasek 188. sincp i't moved to Kansas City In Vo||f>r Mjd T(lrsday , herp was no rush to sell either the M per cent held by Johnson's estate or thr minority shares. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally They are Ernest Mehl, Kansas; Tnesdat Men City star s V° r * s editor; City Coun- ; 200 Games: B'. Churchill 200: cilman Sal Capra; Earl Smith. Lee Steiger 212; Le Pelje 205: chamber of commerce represpnta- WelJs 211; Bl/l Baptist 201; Kfll- five, and Byron Sppncer, lawyer In I 221: C Scott200: L. Cox 213; and business executive. K. Frankford 220. • _. .. „ ,...».; They will discuss the deal with! Karl Vollers. secretary ol tin . Greater Alton Women The Greater Alton Women'* 'Golfing Assn. featured "low putts on blind holes" as their p£ -event at Rock Spring Golf Course Tuesday. Winners Championship flights Io\v net , ,, | t _ f __,..««»«i. «, ut u r -"" vi»n*-rn. «Tn-i«r.v <>i u.< Mrs. William Nicole, who also 1937 ' Unfortunately, the high ^ Qf ^ ^^ ^ ^ won the event. i school he attended in Sand npy for tne pjjatp O f me | a | C First flight low net Mrs. B.'Creek. Ind.. didn't field a foot- Arnold Johnson, president andi F. Ward who also won the j hall team. However, he kept principal owner of the A's. : his hand In athletically by pick- The two million dollars is ear-; I event. Second flight low net -Mrs. Hnbertus. Third flight— low net— Mrs. Robert Clausen who also won the event. Play next Tuesday will be used to qualify for the cluhj i-hampionship tournament which 1 gets underway Wednesday. j St. Louis Grid Cards j Franklin Guard ing up three letters each in has- nest money. The delegation will ketball, track and Softball. ask Vollers to put a price on the WBVH to Hook A hp ,, KramfT)jf( , can be hooked TURNED RACK WASHINGTON — Umpire John Flaherty grabs and holds Jose Valdivirlso ol the Washington Senators, who was bent on goinj; out to the mound after New York Pitcher Ralph Terry, Valdivielso claimed he was dusted by a pitch in the third inning of last night's game and started after Terry. There was the usual rhubarb followed by the game's continuance. (AP Win-photo) _ Mickey Wright Favorite In Trumbell Open Play WARRKN. Ohio ilfi — Defend-) A pro-amateur medal play com- Nolan Allen, Franklin College guard and a Hoosier Conference selection the past three seasons, has been signed by the St. Louis j Football Cardinals for the eom- in« season, Managing Director Waller Wolfner has announced. Allen, a free agent who is ii-11 and weighs 212 pounds, waft born in Westport. Ind.. Nov. 25,1 Gigantic Water Ski Show presented by the SKI PALS OF ALTON sponsored by thr Alton-Wood Rlvir Sportsman'i Club Sunday, July 10, 2:80 p.m. Sportsman Club Lake. Godfrey Road—1 Mile North of Alton. FREE 25 ATTENDANCE PRIZES DANCE 6-10 P.M. Kitchen Open 2:00 P.M. Concessions on Grounds. ADMISSION — 50c In advance — 7Bc at (he «a(e. Children free. Advance Tickets Available from Member* of Both Club*. DON'T KEEP YOUR MONEY PROBLEM TO YOURSELF Bring it to HOUSEHOLD. Whatever your money needs, you'll find the HFC office manager and his staff well qualified to give you money help. They're the best trained people in their field and are backed by Household's 82 years' experience. No wonder over 2 million people a year borrow with confidence from Household. Why don't you drop in, too? You may borrow up to $800 with . up to 24 months to repay. you get more than money from HFC Life insurance at group rate i» availably oh all loan* OUSEHOLD FINANCE 123 W. Third Street, 2nd Fleer PHONE: HOward 5-8871 Op*n FrWoy tvMfeis until I-Closed Saturdays Loans made to residents within a 100 mile radtm mite is his tpugh hide. HeHI stay on h( .|, Bl . ainmi , es7 Whatever you' alive longer on a hook than a* fishjng fo) .. sma | |mouth and minnow. Too. he can't be pecked , argemouth bass walleyes ,.„„„.; to death as quickly by those ne , catfjsh suc kers. sun- pesky sunfish that clean a hook fish , rou| _ ^ who)o WQrks before a large bass comes along. Thp |e||jnK advan , „, he(j . natural for stream fishermen. tnrolu , n y co ,, ar just back of the , ng ,. h . lim , ion Mj r |«>v Wright has-P<-''»>on today erves as a pre-i No doubt many fishermen have h rf . , he „ A fisnmnan f ,., rpllp . s ,. nlp _*_ thp « view to the 72-hole medal play 1 i.i-jAnA mar him m»v»r Lrnnw. • the lavorile s role among tne ol waded over him. never Know- stands a( lhp head of a rjffl( , ; * tournament flips the baited hook in and letsT omon ^ " slona L S _ "''''''.with the the favorite's role among the 31 ... .™_ j J t _ ..: , . , „ , tournament beginning Thursday, ing that such a handy bait was f|j |h( , bajte{ j hw)k jr) an(j |c , 8 i«-omon p»>f<-sional R olf.-s hero |Wlth , he fjrst of (our lg . hole nearby. jt lx)unce „ ht , a , ^ ^,,'for the Trumbu Open Tourna- ,.,,,, ir! _ Pnflin ., Sunrt .,.,, ; The advantage ol the hellgram- , om jn(0 af) ^j what ffch wte ment at Trumbull Country Clubs p rjzp m t for 70 course. vcy Moore Defends Crown on August 29 Then, of course, there are days the tourna-' ment. which has attracted both youngsters and veterans of the '• pro circuit, totals S16.000. That is : the biggest bundle of cash ever offered in a Ladies Professional (Golf Assn. event. First prize is when the fish just aren't biting but these days are few and far between with ;grammites over minnows, cray-' for bait. Fish just can't seem to TOKYO IJPI — World Feather- S2.632. There also are a score of fish, or worms is that one bait weight Champion Davey Moore's amateurs entered. ( takes several fish. In fact, one title bout with Japanese feather- Miss Wright is expected to get' grammltc dozen hellgrammites per person weight king Kazuo Takayama will her stiffest competition here from! Greatest line-up of tire values ever offered! Now you ride safer than ever before on... The World's First Turnpike-Proved Tires on a fishing trip is sufficient., be on AUJI. 29, Japanese boxing say "no" to these tasty morsels. Tjy dojng (ha{ wj(h Qther natui .;: pl . omoter Aklra Honda announced How lo Find If you're convinced that a hellgrammite's worth a try. here's how to find them, but brace yourself for that first view. He's not a raving beauty, and looks like a cross between a centipede and a scorpion. In fact, with pincers on the front and nippers on the rear end, he's downright vicious looking. Actu-, ally, his looks are worse than his bite. And a fisherman that's ! become hardened to th^ pinch of a large "crawdad" will consider the bite of a hellgrarrfmite pretty tame stuff. To catch hellgrammiles equip] yourself with a wire screen or a seine, or net with a mesh not • more than *4 inch, and head for ; the riffles of a t fast-moving; stream. The insects; are attach- '. ed to the underside t>i flat rocks, and you should scratch around •• the bottom, moving the rocks. " while holding the net opening a ^ fetf feet downstream. The hell-j 2 grammite, disturbed by the com*•» motion, lets loose ^nd rolls uj; in: M» a little round bull Awhile the cur- ~"- ' "' ' ~ -" " ~~f'~~~ ' ' ni ! • :~ Asiatic Entries Set •« For Frisi'o O|>e|i ; ~ SAN FRANCISCO i* —' Japan. •< Hawaii and the Philippines will H be represented at the San Fran£ cisco International Golf Tourua- t £ ment next January. '•*•• Co-sponsor Eugene Selvage said ',,. the two leading golfers from each. J* of the three nations will have' ^ their expenses paid to compete «• here, Jan. 26-29. " The $57,000 Open Tournament; " will follow directly after the Bing; * Croby Tournament at Pebble i • Beach, giving California series of! t big money events that includes ; * the los Angeles Open, Pan Amer- f ican Open at San Diego and thej Palm Springs Tournament. Fight Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Los Angeles — Johnny Smith, 153, Los Angeles, knocked out Chebo Hernandez, 160, Mexico City, '2. London — Terry pownes, 158%, London, stopped Phil Edwards, ; 158'/ii, Wales, 12. (Downes retained » British middleweight title). " Caracas, Venezuela —, Charles m Hernandez, Caracaf, knocked out J Vicente Rivas, Carauu*. 1. (Her* najidez won Venezuelan light « weight title). ••* Z Yesterday'* Stars M By THt A8SOCUTED PRESS rt Pitching --Itobin Roberts, Phil^ lies, blanked Reds on lour hits, »•• walking one, triking «ut one and M retiring 19 in a row at one stage ^ v/hile nursing slim lewd to 2-0 — victory. " - Hitting - Rooky ffelson, Pirates, triggered three-run ninth with leadoff homer that broke up| shutout, then beat Braves 5-4 in 10th inning with twooyt, two-rut) honier. al baits. i today. : : 'K-i< of Altant.-i and Cin-| cinnati, and Betsy Rawls of Spartansburg, S. C. 3-T RAYON ALL-WEATHER $1195 TIRE NOW...AT THE LOWEST PRICE EVER REMEMBER: ONLY HERE 2 for «1O?S ALL TIRES MOUNTED FRH AND FAST! GENERAL ••N manufgdv w'l Hit pric* plui *x TIRI SERVICE ALTON STOII AND iUVICI DIPT. OPIN HI. TIL f P.M GENERAL TIRE 3-T NYLON ALL-WEATHER 3-T RAYON SAFETY ALL-WEATHER 3-T NYLON SAFETY ALL-WEATHER 6.70x15 BlKkwall Tub«-typ« $12^5 Goodyear Turnpike-Proved tires carry you and your family safer on hot, tire-punishing roads,, .we proved it! • Goodyear tires are proved on ."The Turnpike that never ends", Goodyear's five-mile high speed test track at San Angelo, Texas, where speeds over 100 m.p.h. can be attained. Now you can iave with safety and start enjoying new whisper-quiet, cushion-soft riding. Trade today for Goodyear tires, they'll give you better, all around tire performance than ever before Your old tires will make the down payment •PLUS TAX AND RECAPPABLE TIRE—OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW PRICED. GOOD MORE PEOPLE RIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ON ANY OTHER KIND • -W*J>K< - ,<v, >• *&&«* < x •- • S i - .' i i - :-.*<v, fm. ,-«*•»', --»'». ,«. , • f.*,, WELLS TIRE COMPANY WELLS-SCHMIDT TIRE CO. WELLS-MORRIS CO. «•/ 101 Ei Firgmii Wild Rivir OL 4*1011

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