Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 24, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 24, 1957
Page 6
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lunlor Editors Quiz on- BIBLE QUIZ QUESTION: How eld was Methuselah? ANSWER: Methuselah gained his niche in history as the oldest men mentioned in the Bible. Genesis says this Hebrew patriarch died at the ripe old age of 969 in the year of the Great Flood. Samaritan manuscripts list his age as 720, and other writings report he died six years before the flood. The Bible says he was the grandfather of Noah, who built the Ark. Many scholars today think that the idea of such an advanced age' has its roots in Babylonian mythology. Some Babylonian heroes were said to have lived ,36,000 years. Other scholars think that the writer who credited Methuselah with such a great age had in mlnd'a "year" only a month or so long. Today, many old persons are called Methuselah*. FOR YOU TO DO: Paste this picture on cardboard, color It •nd add it to your Bible colleotion. (Your question may be worth $10. Send it to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Monday: Do mermaids really exist? CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Ifs a foul lie that I'm too interested in foreign affairs to mind domestic problems! Why, I'm working on a job for my brother- in-law nowl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith 0 l£l \ T.M. R»j US. Hx. on. C1«1 br NU *mk*. IM. "Sir, I've worked for two of this farm's competitors since graduating last June—pretty valuable experience!" Times Herald, Carroll, lews Saturday, Aug. 24, 19S7 One of the unforeseen expenses of motoring is having your car overhauled by a cop. It isn't the size of your ward , . L , . ...... . : , appropriately. That requires more robe that is important, or even taste than money how much you spend for the | The less you have to .spend on clothes you buy. The really impor-j clothes, the more thought you tant thing is to dress neatly and j should give to appropriateness. TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY BY j. R. WILLIAMS "No, father, I'm not defrosting—I'm trying to decide what to have for a snack!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Why just sit around when you could eome out and play hopscotch?" American Samoa ACSOS8 1 Islands in American Samoa 6 Pago Pago, American Samoa's capital, was to the U.S. in 1872 li Embellishes 13 Feminine appellation 14 Small finch 15 Substitute 16 Summer (Fr.) 17 Rent 19 Born , 20 Lets 22 Brazilian state 25 Dine 26 Enthusiastic ardor 50 Leave out 31 Fiddling Roman emperor 32 Arachnid 33 Heavy blow 34 Paradise 35 Station (ab.) 38 Measure of paper 30 Pago Pago is on the island of 42 Mariner's direction 45 Rigid 46 Notp in . Guido's scale 40 Freebooter 51 Endured 53 Part of the foot 54 Redacted 55 Stenographer 86 Cicatrices DOWN 1 Man 2 Mine entrance 3 Not any 4 Footed vase 5 Anoint 6 Writer's mark 7 German river 8 Brook in Cleveland, Ohio 23 Among 24 Ceremony 8 Grafted (her.) 27 Unaspirated 10 Stupefy 12 Cubic meter 13 Perch anew 18 Eucharistic wine vessel 20 Obvious 21 Spanish title of courtesy 22 Apple 41 Conducts 42 Twirl 43 Chinese 28 American (comb, form) Samoa has an 44 Formerly of 76 46 Girl's name square miles 47 Sidelong 29 Pattern 35 Precipitous 36 Large cask 37 Bridal path 40 Pronounce look 48 Augments 50 Goddess of infatuation 52 Thus (Latin) U HEUO\ 1»H t MfcLCOUA 1 TfcOEVr I'K \.«ABETU BENNETT. rA\%$ tARS.\ VAX D\E.O fX FEV0 VEMJS *N© I HFA)E * BONE TO T>\CK YvVTU VQU\ j BOUGHT * PPAK. OTr *TRV)E W SHOE* fcEGENTUX ONE OF- TW* HEELS OWE OFF. WHfXT PO NOV) WEW*,N*S>. BENNETT? VOP, I TH\NK [THIS LETTER,SIGNED SY PADR &H p^BBM OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLi , He J MIGHT 4 EVEN* I ^ELLITTO , 6HABP l6fRANSEE > FOR A SOMO 1 MUST ACT/ (3ASPARILLA, HAS THE OK>- <30E€»TIOrtED R|N<3 OF AUTHOSlTV/-«~Ar0D IT MEANS JAKE'S <3LMTAR-*«~- CERTIFIED AS THE HANDIWORK OF THE PEERLESS ANTONIO STRADIVARI IS WORTH THOUSANDS OF . •DOLLARS' 6 BROTHS ^ 5EE/v\6 ENTIRELY UNAWARE OF IT6 'STUPENDOUS, VALUE/ BUGS BUNNY Insomnia Cure PRISCILLA'S POP Acting Chairman BY AL VERMEER HE SURE IS' MY MOM'S OUT SHOPPING- 8-H ALLEY OOP VERY WELL ,YOU MAy . FOLLOW CLYDE AND M£f LEMME HAVE THE, BANANAS/ Here We Are BY V. T. HAMLIN ULP/ ERMAY I ASkr A FAVOR: Of YOU, MRS. LOCKET? LET ME WALK AHEAD/) W% ——y nkr£ C 19S7 b> HtA S.r»ic,, IK. T.M. 7 MORTY MEEKLE Yep, He's Restless BY DICK CAVALLI THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS TONIGHT I SAID THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS TONIGHT.*' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Let's Be Safe BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE BY WILSON SCRUGGS BUD WKIDTOSNOOP AROUND, AMD 6ET 5OMETHWS0N ME.' MOW YCHtee GONNA PAY FOR IT SOME MORE/ CAPTAIN EASY Slowing Down? BY LESLIE TURNER YOUR PfciVMB UF& IS NO C0MC6RN Of , MINSI mmmn&\ YOU..$PEEP WOK IU RBPLACB SOU WITH AV0UN6EK MAN i

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