The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1896
Page 1
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"7! ALGONA, ICOSSUTH OOUBTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. MAY 18, 1896. NO* S3. Just Received at The Wigwam- A Carload CLAY IS FOR CORNWALL. The Clay County Legislator will be Presented by his County for the Judicial Nomination. AVU^ "Mi^i" __ m* J^| g _ ^^ • ^ The New McCormick Binder. The Spencer Papers Speak in High Terms of Hi3 Qualifications for the Position. —His Record is a Good One. Of Elegant •'_5 -7" ' :• •'""" ; •• i (Histoi'icalDeparfcnieii .-4 TOIP They are beauties and are as good as they look. Call and see them. THE WIGWAM, ALGONA, IOWA. Wilfrid P. Jones. Mapli e igenmne -Some with the f lavpr of the in it; Do You Want Some •of the kind described ? then call on ...Grove & Son. TELEPHONE fTDTG IMLo SUMMER BOTS -All people, young or old, must have Summer Shoes. We have just the kind of shoes you need for summer wear. High Cut or Low Cut; c Tan, White or Black. Come and see us for your footwear. We will make you feel glad and save you money, Brownell & Boston Bloote, Algona, Iowa. WE HAVE NO AGENTS. and tonite Wort ,- prces. savng : them the dealers'* profits, Snip anywhere for examination before sale. Every thing war? anted. l«> styles of Carriages, 80 styles of W, B, Prett, 8eo'y, JWKHART. INO? D, Painting, Paper Kalsominlng Carriage Painting g Specialty Shop at The Spencer Reporter and News last week announced Representative W. W. Cornwall as a candidate for Judge to succeed Lot Thomas. The Reporter' said: We are enabled to definitely announce in this issue of the Reporter; that lion. W. W. Coniwall, of Spencer, will be a candidate lor Judge in this, the 14th Judical district, at the coming Republican Judicitl convention. No fault can be found in regard to the eminent ability of Judge Lot Thomas, who has filled the position so ably for the last twelve-years; but the friends of different candidates 1'eel .that the time has come when another equally as able in every respect, should enjoy the honors of the'position. Clay county will present Mr. Cornwall as such a candidate. He has twice filled the office of Representative in the state legislature from this district, and has filled the position ably and to the satisfaction of all. His legal ability is unquestioned, and his reputation for fairness and impartiality is recognized by all who know him. His deportment is dignified, and his habits of mind and person are eminently fitted to grace the bench and make its decisions respected by all. The News speaks as follows: The News is authorized to say that W. W. Cornwall, of the firm of Cornwall &. Martin, of Spencer, is a candidate for nomination to the office of district judge of this judicial district. We gladly endorse his candidacy for many reasons. He is eminently qualified for the position he seeks. He is a man of honesty, integrity and mature judgment, aud ranks as one of our best lawyers. He is a man of excellent scholarship; is a graduate of the law department of the University of Wisconsin in the class of 1881; has practiced law in South Dakota and Iowa continuously since that time, except two years when he was county A judge of McPherson county, South Dakota; was county attorney for the same ^county for four years, andHias served two terms in our state legislature. At the last session of/our legislature, owing to his judicial »turn of mind, and.his especial, for the position, he was named chairman of the,judiciary committee of i,th.e t house, the most important position in the'gift of the speaker. This varied experience with the different phases of legal questions has qualified him especially well for a place on the bench. Mr. Cornwall is ' recognized by the bar of the district as amply qualified fdr this position, aud has received hearty assurances of support from all parts of the district, from members of the bar and the people at large. Clay county at this time, we think, is in a position to ask the support of the district. Buena Vista has had Judge Thomas on the bench for twelve years; Palo Alto has recently held the other judgeship for eight years; Clay has never had the honor, and we feel that we are not now presuming too much of the district in presenting a candidate. With respect to location we are also favorably situated. Judge Quarton is centrally located on the east side of the district and Clay .is the central county on the west. In point of communication Clay is easily reached by a large portion of the district. We believe that the coming judicial convention could make no better choice of a candidate than Mr. Cornwall, and that shpuld he be nominated and elected, he would display the same integrity and good judgment in his judicial work that he has hitherto displayed in every position of trust in which he has been placed. MASON CITY DEMOCRATS. •^ v ^ ^S^«^ •^•v. ^^^^^^ - " fcviv ^''-••*''• ^^ THE ONLY RIGHT HAND CUT BINDER MADE. ABSOLUTELY THE LIGHTEST DRAFT BINDER ON EARTH. CALL AND SEE SAMPLE AT I -*The Wigwam*- "If; you think of buying a binder this year send me a postal card with your name and postoffice plainly written on it, and I will mail you one of the newc atalogues printed in any language you ma'y desire. mm i.a P. Jones, Agent. Cliggett, McConlogue and Markley are Denied Seats in Convention. A Mason City special says that the biggeut Kilkenny fight ever witnessed in Northern Iowa was fought out in the Corro. Grordo County .Democratic Convention Saturday afternoon, The issue was between silver and gold, but the champions of the former, under its cloak, sought to settle some political debts, and as a result such prominent politicians as Judge Cliggitt, democratic candidate for supreme judge; Col, McConlogue, democratic candidate for secretary of state; J, B. Mark' ley and others were denied seats in tbe convention, and a contesting delegation seated, During the debate, which lasted over three hours, there was intense excitement, and the chairman was utterly unable to preserve order. Finally Col, McConlogue openly bolted frojn a.ny part in tbe convention, and the staid Judge Cliggitt quit with toe remari: "I want no part in these mob proceedings, find it this is the best we can do, let's adjourn and disperse as a ^." The secretary caug jit the fev" snd rusbe4 out, shouting, "Come on The silverites then organize4 an4ppsed strong resolutipns declaring theif allegiance to democracy as laid dow» by such illustrious democrats as Jefferson, Jackson, Tburman and JJoies; declaring for free coinage of silver; instructed for Boies as delegate* at-large from Iowa and as the standard bearer of the party in the national campaign, ,\veek, seems to have caused not a ripple in local religious circles. The speaker came and departed without drawing any particular fire from cleri- :cal guns. Time was when the appear- of Mr. Ingersoll on the^'platform,, presence/in,. ^--Qityi • wAs ; ,' as, flaming scarlet to the - taurlan in th&" arena. A'generation ago our fathers were illy accustomed to hearing publicly discussed, even those things esteemed the most sacred; an open attack on the dominant religion was a. startling innovation which could not be endured without many angry protests. But, probably, the change has come because the audience which the lecturer attracted was an exceedingly meagre one, not one-tenth of the number attracted when Mr. Ingersoll was last in the city and lectured o-i a subject which had not to do with criticism of Christianity. Indeed, the chief anxiety in church quarters over Ingersollism has not been so much because of the doctrines themselves, as because of the fact that these doctrines seemed acceptable to so many people. It was the .hearers, not the speaker, that provoked solicitude. Ingersoll without a not dangerous. , ' ; Mr. Ingersoll lectured nominally on the "roundat^ons of Faith," but in reality oonly gaye a rehash, of the arguments, the slurs, the jokes, the gibes, the carefully constructed phrases and sentences, worked up with it finite 191!, and the perfervid rhetoric with which bis name and fame are identified, all of which have been published and republished. The lecture was a mosaic, and the bits of which it was composed Mr. Ingersoll has mouthed and giggled over many times. There was scarce a change in punctuation. The trail of familiarity was over it all, even to the lingering odor of oil used at midnight in elaborating and polishing up the figures of speech and arranging the place where the people were to applaud and where to laugh. Mr. Ingersoll's lectures are calculated to win some temporary popular approval, but even on tbe agnostic side he is not a powerful or dangeroiis disputant. Ridicule is a , two-edged sword, and more of ten hurts him who uses it than its opponent. Especially is this true of ridicule directed at that most serious thing, the religious belief of the masses, of a people, The knight of alleged truth, who goes forth to ride against what be deems ancient error should not attire himself in the harlequin's cap and bells- He should not trick himself out in the gaudy trapping associated with levity. Sis is a sober business. The only warrant for attacking that which is near and, dear to thousands of men is a profound moral conviction that they are clinging to essential falsehood. Mr. Ingersoll, in his attacks on religion, gives but scant indication that he is influenced by any sense of duty, or that he feels the weight of any responsibility, He is always rident, never serious- In spite of the fact that the spirit pf religion, in the sense of dependence upon some higher power, is the mpst universal of human, instincts, and is found alike in the jungles of Africa an4 Australia, and where' civilization has reached its loftiest heights, he talks of it as if it were of no more importance or dignity that the prevailing : 'ashion in feminine sleeves PF the hab- t of riding bicycles. Tbe vast major- ty reject the asben apples of agnostic- are; handling ariiim Foot From Battle Creek; also their Cereal Coffee. "Not. How Cheap, but How Good" •" \ ••••.,Is the Principle Applied TO : WHITE PEAR FLOUR. DIAMOND BRAND COFFEE. BATAYIA PRESERVED FRUITS. LION AND GOLDES CANNED GOODS. PURE BUCKWHMT FLOUR AND VJBBMONT MAPLE SYRUP. above Goods are^heBEST ON THE MARKET and guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded* PATTERSON & SON, HERE WE ARE-WITH'A Carload" of Furniture esht tbe from Tie Latest Sf les! Fine Goods! Low Prices! - ••JUST nsaW-We cap fto-nisb you a go0& well made, three-piece chamber suit,' German bevel plate > glass, at she low price of ....... •/•••?. ........ ..,..*.."..* raRED-HECE CH&mi, German bmel plate glass ..... | ..... > k*. •• -'" > 1 ' ;' IP A^i&*-«. 1 !fe& l ill

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