Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 23, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1957
Page 7
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r_ l>»r Editors Qutx en. AIRPLANES 'MAKE f RIENOS >«me If you stop by a friend's office for any reason other than a business call, be sure to make your stay brief. No matter how cordial your friend is. few burin— or -Time* Herald, Garrett, turn mm Friday, Aug. 23, 1957 g TW are other things In life besides money —but they cost money. TIZZY professional men have time to sit and chat for more than 10 minutes during working hours. Social calls during business hours aren't usually a good idea. By Koto Osann QUESTION: Who invented the first airplane? ANSWER: Most people think thet the Wright brothers, Orvllle and Wilber, invented the first airplane. However, the first plane to fly under Its own power was launched by John Stringfallow, an Englishman, in 1848. In 1842, Stringfellow and another Englishman, William Benson, buHt what Is considered the first steam-driven airplane. But this craft never got off the ground. Stringfellow continued to experiment with similar models and in 1848 succeeded in completing a model which attained e height of 120 feet under its own power, However, none of Stringfellow'* later models could be made to fly. Stringfellow'* experiment* helped answer many questions about flight and several persons tried to invent a machine which would carry a passenger. However, It was left to the Wright brothers to accomplish this feat. On Dec. 17, 1903, after fears of unsuccessful attempts, Orville finally made a short flight of 120 feet at Kittf Hawk, N. C. FOR YOU TO DO: Make a glider of your own by folding an oblong piece of paper. An older youngster can show you how if you have not yet learned. , (A $10 award goes to Patricia Ragland of Louisa, Va„ for this question. Send yours to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, In care of this paper. Tomorrow: How old was Methuselah?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE CUT OUt WAV i. R. WILLMMt OUR BOARDING HOUM . . .with . . « Ws )Ja|fo PReSE ^pTOWM© PHitlf> <L 0F SPA|M |ti 1702 *- THE GIFT, WA* SSCCeST f$R PDLrri£AL. PEASOrtS, AKM& _ yApONrTSMAMd* AWNfiUiY 'CjEAVSNfc fPESOCAL /W A80UTIT? if f Jim DON'T BE SOCTEAP ...\\VC^sr BUY A UTASff//[ > > » PET SHOP H'M..THAT WON'T 8E NECESSARY SII?E... PRISCILLA'S POP Large Economy Size "Boys are so unreasonable! I told Jimmy I never wanted to talk to him again and he hasn't called me sineel" By Nadine Seltzer "Pop really gate to enjoy his vacation—he doesn't have to we* ry about going baek to school Ilka we dol" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "Reining again today? Say, this Is hsdl" vacation I've ever 55 T~ || LESSONS "Why don't we both wetch TV and save ourselves a lot headaches?" BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP <-* WITH A v-s ^ LARGE DOWN 1PAYMENT VOU'Di GET A SMALL MOfcTGAOE f ..AND FOR A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT i YOU'LL GET AN EXTRA BIG fl rzz MORTGAGE.' r ^'L All in One Piece BY V. T. HAMLIN WELL, WHERE / IS THIS ACTUALLY _ ELSE WOULD A SOOO GOLD- X IT WfiOSH.OOOLAAVOU EXPECT V PRODUCING /V-eekiwiv IMAGINE FINDING \ TO FIND THE\ PROPEBTYp ( ,I, Y VOJ WAY OUT HERE | THIRD OWNEJjN IN THE WESTERN I OF A SOLD GOUJP5LD3! MINE? MORTY MEBKLE Is That a Hint? BY DICK CAVALLI Sing a v Song Previous Puziie Hi ACROSS l-OldBleok » 4 "God the King" 8 Musical symbol MSlck WMalt beverages ., H" to hragh" tt "Annabel » M Alaska, tor instance )« Places 13 "Deutschland Uber " 11 " tor two' 12 Be jealous 34 Coeoanut fiber as Continent 17 "Long, long w 10 Bless UWildaa* 94 Superficial coat 38 boat song" 16 Worm . tf Paul Revere* exploit St Portent 40 Contend with 41 Poem 42 Purloin 45 Controversial 48 Varied 51 Correlative of neither St Otherwise SSCitjr in If Scottish negative DOWN 1 Jack and — 1 •--margarine 3 Ballotings 4-— Ciaus S Century plant 0 Song parts 7 Superlative suffix 8 "My Darling dra**" 9 Spoken to Prong 11 Finishes 17 Cuban city 1» Eagle's nest MMylhologioat mourner 14 Cavern 15 Individuals M Off bottom, as an anchor IT Trojan war chief 18 Heredity unit 90 Algerian dtr 11 Orange blossom oil afi Positive electrode 88 toils 40 Serve 41 times 42 Merganser 43 Bulrush 44 Feminine name 48 Medley 47 Where the tall corn grows 48 Algonquian Indian 80 Charge 34 Be obligated 58 —- and tear 88 Famous , Bagllsh school THEYlfc STILL OUT THERE, DONT THEY KNOW HOW LATE IT IS? PRICKL1I AND HIS FRIENDS I'LL R>( THAT. WHERE15 MY FISHING ROD? 1** Horror Story BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE •SB Sill Encounter BY WILSON SCRUGGS Is Curious tVB KNOWN . •'•if r S^hMi!^ BY EDOAR MARTIN .hi» ¥ ^ICXD^VWWTD.^WrWWST.WWTlSTWC NOW QeTOUTOF MY W jlDEA OF BREAWNfi VOXft ARDRBND066T HURT.'/HEART BY MAKING HER QUIT KERJO &AW0 RETURN TOE WK8 TOR? «***5r*. CAPTAIN EASY 9M* A WOWPBRfUL . <SIRLl I KMOW MOU'U 88 HAPPVt They're Engaged ! WSU .I IT* TWf 10PP.«>AL.| BY LESLIE TURNER NO, PLBASli WR.*WBtDi IVB JUST W A LITTLE 0\/BR-WK0U6HT LAISLV. 1P$ ATSR1M6M THE IN ^OUTHBRM CALIFORNIA"

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