Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAOK EIGHT AL10N EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, Nete President of County School Trustees EtWARDSVIU.E The Mad- Ceufity board of school »t Its regular quarterly meeting here Tuesday night •IwJcd a new president and received a petition for transfer r>f a farm from the Edwardsville Community Unit DteJrtet to Be- fhalto Community Unit Dlst. 8. Wlltard FlaRg. of Moro. Ft Russell Township, was elected president of the board for the ensuing two years, succeeding Karl Monroe of Collinsville. Incident to Its reorganization session, the board declared hvo members re-elerted on the basis of official returns from the April 12 primary over the county— Flagg and John R. Walker of Wood River Township— who were elected to new B-year terms without opposition. The board set 7:30 p.m.. July 25 for hearing on a petition filed Tuesday night with the body, re questing that a 128-acre farm In Wood River and Ft. Russell Townships— owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Helmkamp. be de- larhed from Edwardsville Com' munity Unit Dlst. 7 and annexed to Bethalto Community Unit Dist. 8. The petition requested transfer of the territory to the Bethalto district for convenience of a youthful member of the Helmkamp family. It was pointed out that the student, if the transfer of territory were effected, would have bus transportation available to the Bethalto district at 8 a.m. from his home next fall, instead of boarding a school bus of the Edwardsville district at 7 a.m. The board set a hearing on the petition for 7:30 p.m. July 25 and directed the county superintendent to have maps of ite affected area prepared, to send Official notice of the hearing, to both school districts affected, and make newspaper publication, as required by law The petition for transfer of territory to the Bethalto district was presented for the Helm- kamps by their attorney, Edward D. Groshong of East Alton. Rick Heads Phone Exchange atttammont Harry f. Btek has bwn named manager of the Hammond, IfK area for Illinois Bell Telephrm Bick. 32. begar telephone ca reer In 1990 in Al as a commer -•ial representative He wa* born Fellowship Potluck Plans Completed at First Methodist Church EAST ALTON ~ Plans have been completed for a 5:30 p.m. Family Night luck at the Fellowship Pot- First Methodist Church Sunday. The meeting of the official church board will follow, the Rev. Jack Travelstead, pastor, has announced. The Roundtable Class of the church will not meet this week. Attends Wedding EAST ALTON - Mrs. Walter Chestnut, Highland, attended the wedding of her grandson, Charles Walter Chestnut at the Portage Methodist Church in South Bend. Ind. The two women returned home Tuesday. i: Meppen. Calhoun [County. While advancing Jin his career in Al (ton, Bick served a Harry Bick service engineer then customer service engineer In April. 1956, he was named assistant manager at Springfield. In October, 1937, he was appointed staff supervisor in the company's Chicago office. Bick and his wife, Mary, anc their four daughters, are now house-hunting in Hammond. Baptist Early Service Begins Third Year WOOD RIVER - Sunday wil mark the beginning of the third year of the 8:15 a.m. worship service at the First Baptist Church, and a memento will be presented to each person pres ent. The Rev. Walter C. Burk, pastor, reports the early service, which is held in addition to the 10:30 a.m. service, ,has proved a great benefit to the church. A new 50-star American flag has been presented to the church by the Templars Sunday School Class. Cecil Neunabor, class vice president, made the presentation. Visiting Father WOOD RIVER—Mrs. Pauline Tyler, Redwing, Minn., Is visiting at the home of her father, John Wanz and family, 321 S. Seventh St. Roxana Missionary Union to Meet ROXANA - The Women's Missionary Union of the First Baptist Church will have an all- day work meeting Thursday at the church at 10 a.m. A potluck dinner will be served at noon. Visiting From California ROXANA — Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ellington and daughter Carol of San Diego, Calif., are visiting Ellington's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellington of Central avenue, and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Burnett of Doerr avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Ellington arrived Sunday after attending an insurance convention in French Lick, Ind., and will visit here for two weeks. Battle in Congress Looms ' # Over Experimental Animals GLORIA BALL Writer The starting gun for what "migh become the biggest antivivtaectlon fight in ten years" has been fired At present the hot spot js Wash ington, where a humane expef mental animal treatment act wa placed before the Senate Labo and Public Welfare Committee 01 May 18. Sponsors include 11 sena tors led by Sen. John Sherma Cooper (R.-Ky.) who championec humane slaughter of food animal in a bill approved by the 85th Con gress. The present Cooper bill provide n general terms for housing rea^ment and disposal of labora ory animals used by persons re ceiving Federal grants. Qualified applications with proper anima acilities would receive a "certlfi cate of compliance" from the Sec retary of Health, Education and Velfare. No grant would be made nd no experiment could be con lucted unless a project plan was iled with the Secretary. Annual reports to the Secretary vould include the numbers of ani mals used and a record of theii isposal. All animals on whom stu lents had practiced surgery would e killed before being allowed to ecover consciousness. Authorized representatives of the Secretary would be assigned police xwers, would have access to all rantee's laboratories and records and could order the destruction of nimals if they saw fit. Symington Denied Spotuorahop Sen. Stuart Symington (D.-Mo.) as declined sponsorship of the coper bill, because he believed he scientific community would not e happy with it. He could not ave been more correct. In a strongly worded denuncia- on, the National Society for Med al Research, backed by 500 scien fie organizations including every ledical college in the U.S., said; "The Cooper bill is identical in s major provisions to the German aw. . . which so encumbered animal experimentation that it ted at the Nuremburg trials as ne reason why some Nazi experi- nentors turned to the use of pris- ners in concentration camps." Dr. Lester R. Dragstedt, NSMR's resident, has labeled the bill "a ops and robbers game to drain way the time and resources of dentists. . ." and "an attempt by he antivivisection cult to strangle ledical research with red tape." Both NSMR and the Humane So- iety of the United States assume hat the National Institutes of iealth, which now administrates medical research grants for the overnment, would be the group given police powers. NTH, although it does not yet ave an official position, is expect ed by informed sources to oppose the bin. Strangely enough, the Humane Society also opposes the Cooper bill, on the grounds that delegating police powers to NIH, if- self a research organisation, is merely ftking the laboratories to police themselves. •Negative Evil' In California, where the Society Is engaged in a bitter HERE'S THE TOTAL SELLING MCTUftC court battle schools, an with two. medical animal protection law that is seemingly stronger than the Cooper bill, has been on the books for ten years. But it never has been enforced, the Society says, largely because public health officers interpret the law to fit their own Ideas. Laws that cannot be enforced are a "negative evil," giving false assurance to the public and protecting those guilty of cruelty, the Society charges. Although no action is expected >efore Congress adjourns, the bill is a "serious > attempt to get some legislation passed," according to Humane Society executive director Fred Myers. Between now and convening of he 87th Congress in January, 961. various groups will try to more acceptable leglsla- TH6 POPULAR HOBBY OF PHOTOGRAPHY is ONTHS UPSURGE.PROM THE OWN£R OP THE SIMPLE BOX CAMERA, fO THE ENTHUSIAST WITH HIS OWN DARK-tfOOM EOUIPM6NT EXPENDITURES FOR PHOtOSRAfW VARY WIDELY- BUT IT ALU ADDS ,UR MERE'S THE TOTAL, SELLING PICTURE... Bunker Hill Estates Evaluated for Taxes Frederick Thode, a resident of Bunker Hill, who died Joljr 29, 1959. The return indicates that the deceased left real estate CARLINVILLE - An Inherit- ;va i u ed at $37.900. and cash and ance tax order ha« been filed bonds valued af $12.084.32 for in the court of Macoupln Coun- « total estate of $49,984.32^^0 ty Judge Francis J. Bergen in!brothers and three the estate of Minnie L. Jacob!, |«hare in the estate. Bunker Hill, who died July 31, i 1959. The order Indicates that Miss Jacob! left real estate valued at $8,900; cash, stocks and bonds valued at $63.216.39 nephews chattel ued af $52.35, for a total estate of $72.168.74. Two sisters, two brothers and six nieces and nephews share In the estate. An inheritance tax return has been filed In the estate of Henry New Many Wt«r FALSE TEETH With Llttlt Worry or raeen without fetr of itiiecure rulse teeth dropping. (lipping or wobbling. FASTEfcTR fort ably Thlapleftetnt powder hu no tummy, gooey, p**tjr tact* of feeling. Doesn't cause name*. If* alkaline (non-ield) Check* "plate odor" (denture breath i. Oet FASTKETH M drug counter* everywhere. THE AMERICAN! PUBLIC CURRENTLY SPENDS fcJtyOqOOqOOO ANNUALLY FOR CAMERAS, PlLM AND PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT • 1,706,000 US. RETAILERS AND OTHER LOCAL ADVERTISERS INVEST ABOUT £2,691,000,000 A Y£AR IN DAILY NEWSPAPERS— MORE. THAN THEIR TOTAL- INVESTMENT IN ALL OTHER MEDIA COMBINED. FOR ALL ADVERTISERS.... THE TOTfiLSSLLING MEDIUM /S 7H£ DAILY t/eWSf¥)P£flf draft ion. The Humane Society will hold i, meeting late in September. High on the agenda are discus- tons aimed at harmoni/ine the , sentiments of its 500 chapters places that is the main lrouble/ '! Communists Fire nd 26,000 members, which at present range from near-anti- /ivisectionism to a leniency ac- used of being traitorous to the Society's cause. In the right wing is New York City's Society for Animal Pro- ective Legislation, responsible or drafting the Cooper bill. Al- Jiough it is independent, it often with the Humane oins forces Society. Set Up Guidelines At the other end of the scale 5 a group known as WARDS Welfare of Animals used for Research in Drugs and Surg- ry). This organization works losely with research groups and views much of the animal iroblem as a matter of in- dequate knowledge as to what nimals need rather than as in- entional cruelty. The group wints out that scientsts have onducted few studies aimed at mproving or revaluating lab- ratory animal care. In the absence of tandards, researchers specific around he country were setting up their Jwn guidelines. The American Physiological Society has pub- ished general recommendations nd TO OUR CUSTOMERS IN ALTON flatly states that papers ubmitted for publication in ither of its official journals wij] e refused if there is evidence, f improper care or use of ex- wrimental animals. The Assembly of Scientists. composed of 350 researchers | from two of the seven National! ! Institutes of Health, took note' land is now working toward a (similar goal. The interest that began "sort of as a discussion of an ethical question," as one scientist member put it, has ma- ' terialized into recommendations! now being presented to NIH officials as a code that could be! adopted by all seven institutes." "We are not trying to havei this adopted as the rule for; everyone or set ourselves up asi better than anyone else," ani Assembly member said. "Prob- : lems are not the same in every laboratory. Here we have no housing problem, but in other! Set HtHfCl.aSk-MISSIXMfl'l-IS III ttll Like the American Physiolog-i ical Society, the Assembly be-J Shells at lieves that refusing publication | - • i of a research paper is a highly! TAIPEI, Formosa (/f> — The' effective whip for keeping scien-, Chinese Communists fired 100 at thp Quemoy Islands! tists in line. shells Jet passenger planes make the lTuosda - v ni K ht - thp Chinese Na Seattle to Honolulu flight in 5i tionalist » fp nsc Ministry report- Jed. ft was the first Rod action in six days against the Nationalist- Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" held offshore islands. hours, 30 minutes. SAND AND STONE from "MISSISSIPPI" Adequate loading equipment gets you on your way right now) That means a saving of time and money. All sizes of crushed stone, and coarse or fine sand— meeting State of Illinois Highway specification-.. Also Pug Mill mixed Grade 8 Stone for desired moisture content and no segregation. Large stock piles ol all materials on hand. Sand can he loaded either in railroad cars or trucks; stone in trucks only. Eusy access via state highways Irom all points. HOUHS: 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. wr.-k days; 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon. Saturday MISSISSIPPI LIMB nnii'iu >••>•••••••••*•»*••••••••••••••• ALTON, IUINOIS Slon* Quarry Hi. 140, Mif •» Mten City limit* Sand en River Rood, well extomton »f Iroodwey GIBSON'S GIBSON'S We regret the situation which prevented our usual prompt restoration of electric service in Alton following last week's storms. This situation was unprecedented. We, who work with it all the time, know the importance of electric service, and we take this means of publicly thanking you for your patience. Wake up ranntogo Union Electric Company without nagging backache Now! You can got the fast relief you Wed from nagging backache, headache •nd muscular aches and pains that of ten cause resile** nights and miserable tired-out feelings. When these discomfort* come on with over-exertion or itress and strain-you want relief- want it fasti Another disturbance may be mild bladder irritation following wrong food and drink - often setting up a restless uncomfortable feeling. Dean's Pilli work fast in 3 separate ways: 1. by speedy pain-relieving action i to ease torment of nagging backuche, headache*, muscular aches and pains.! 3. by toothing effect on bladder Irritation. 3. by mud diuretic action tending, to increase output of top IS mile* of kidney tube*. Enjoy * good night's sleep and the same happy relief millions have for over 60 years. New, large mt save* money. Oft Dean's Pills today! ESTS A. Convenient Size 1.00 Down, 1.00 Per Week FINISHED IN WALNI SALEM AND BLOND • ANTIQUID BRASS HARDWARE Sturdily constructed and beautifully fin. ished. Authentically detailed Colonial ityle. Deep, roomy drawer*. Terrific buyil FREE STORESIDE PARKING Doan's Ibsen 417 I. IBOADWAY OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY UNTIL t P.M. (JUST WIST OP THI IftlOtD WONI HO 5-5541

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