Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 23, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1957
Page 5
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Make List of Chores. Then Do Them— Small Repairs Made This Fall Nail Down Potential Trouble By MR. FIX Distributed by NEA Service Your house is a dike against the tides of winter and, in any clime, it requires yearly Inspection for needed repairs. Your safest bet in preparing for the dreary season is to make a check list of chores to perform and then DO something about them. Plan to: Repair summer furniture, awnings and mechanical yard equipment before storing those items. Replace cracked or broken window panes. Pay special attention to garage, basement and sun- porch windows. It's easy to neglect needed repairs in such spots; through such faulty windows winter gets in some of its best licks. If yours are wood-framed storm vindows, check for warping or shrinkage and weatherstrip where necessary. Tighten hangers; re place loose screws with longer ones, or fill holes with a plastic filling compound and drive old screws again. Check Furnace Just because your furnace is giving off warmth is no sign it's in tip-top condition. If the furnace unit is equipped with a blower, replace filter or wash, dry and reinstall the "permanent" type , filter. Lubricate blower motor and fan bearings at all points listed in manufacturer's instructions. Check blower fan belt for taughtness, and replace if it has lost its elasticity or if it shows signs of wear. Is your furnace a gas-burning unit? It's best to have a manufacturer's representative clean and adjust it, unless you know exactly what you're doing. The cost Timt* Herald, Carroll, Iowa f» f=rlday, Aufl. 23, 1957 ^ is moderate and the safety in performance of such units is vital. The gas company in most communities will adjust pilot lights and gas valves if that's all the care the unit requires. Just call their service department. Do this early in the fall, before service men are swamped with work. Look Pipes Over Check furnace pipes for rust spots. Scrape, sand and paint with aluminum or other metal - type paint. Replace rusted pipes, of course; especially the furnace exhaust pipe leading to the chimney. Seal all pipe joints with furnace cement. Where the pipe enters the chimney, apply mortar or asbes­ tos cement to guard against leakage of exhaust gases. If your chimney has a cleanout door, use a long, wire-handled brush to clean out accumulated soot. ' i Check brickwork for loose mortar and repoint joints if necessary. Check the foundation carefully for cracks. Pack with mortar before freezing water can cause further damage from expansion. How's the roof? Asphalt paint will protect metal ridge caps and flashing. Loose shingles should be nailed down or held in place with the metal clips now in the mar- iket. ! Leave extensive repairs, such | as replacement of flashing, to a | roofer. „ ! Repair Gutters Don't spend a drippy winter. Rusted gutters and down-spouts should be repaired or replaced to protect your walls and interiors from overflow. The plastic • type metal compounds make such repairs not too difficult for the tyro at home maintenance. Clean gutters of autumn's leaves before the heavy rains or snows set in. To,save yourself this messy chore in future years, you might consider installation of any one of the several gutter guards now in the market. ' Continue to eye your house critically all winter long. Choose mild winter days for such periodic inspections and make minor repairs at once, before they grow to be major budgetary problems. Add to this check list as items that need doing occur to you. You'll enjoy the long winter evenings more if you know that all is snug about the house. Ceramic Tile Coming Out Of Bathroom By JOHN WALLACE AP Newsfeatures Ceramic tile is coming out of the bathroom. It's been a fixture there for years, as flooring and wall material. Now it's spreading throughout the house — in living and dining rooms, basements, terraces, foyers and on walls and fireplaces. Tile has been employed for 7,000 years as a building material but its uses have been somewhat limited. Today it seems to be undergoing a renaissance. Why? Its increasing range of colors and textures, as well as simpler methods of installation, are credited for. its new popularity. Attractive and Durable A fired clay product, ceramic tile has two qualities which give it merit as a surfacing material: it requires little care and it has esthetic appeal. It's waterproof, colorfast, easily cleaned and durable, and it requires no waxing, polishing,, painting or other redecorating. Tile products come in a wi d e range of colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Although its use in dwellings dates back many centuries, notj too many do-it-yourself homeowners have been willing to take on the job of installing tile with mortar. It can be a messy job, and one best left for the professional. The popularity of tile with the average man about the house has been enhanced, however, by anj adhesive technique for tile is particularly suited to dry-wall construction. In remodeling, it permits the installation of tile over most existing surfaces in proper condition. The remodeling chore thus becomes less painstaking. Today's architects, builders and Interior designers are making wider use, too, of ceramic tile because of its utility and beauty. One architect, for example, transformed an otherwise uninteresting open brick wall into a conversation piece by mounting on it an intricate and colorful design of tiles. The brick wall thus served as a textured background for a smooth- surfaced painting in tile's. Adds Color to Planters Tile also is finding use as surface decoration for planters and room dividers. Planters and room dividers, of course, are being utilized to achieve the so-called "opening planning" and "parti- tionless definition" of various areas of the home. Unglazed tile provides a safe and comfortable walking surface. Some homeowners even have made use of glazed tile as a flooring surface, but it's more expensive, it's more easily chipped than unglazed tile and its glassy- smooth surface presents some hazards. In the modern kitchen, tile goes on surfaces in need of a sanitary, easily cleaned finish. A tiled panel surrounding the range, for example, eliminates the need to redecorate that often-spoiled space. Cooking fats and, steam stains will not affect the'tile. A cloth, dampened in a detergent solution, will restore its brightness. Tile is being used for kitchen drain- boards, counters and splashbacks. Smudges Easily Removed In children's rooms tile can serve a useful purpose because its surface is sanitary and t h e Maintenance chores attended to while the weather is still mlid will add to your comfort during rigorous winter days ahead. Soft Green Blend Best Liked U.S. Roof Color Americans still prefer green on their rooftops, although their tastes run more to soft, muted tones than they did 15 years ago, a national study shows. The study, undertaken in 1956 by smudges left by small hands can be easily removed. Tile on toy shelves and on windowsills in the children's rooms make paint or varnish jobs unnecessary. Tiled fireplaces are becoming popular again, too; and in recreation rooms the functional qualities of this material make it highly suitable. Recreation rooms g e t rough treatment, and tile is tough There are three main types of ceramic tile: glazed wall tile, ceramic mosaic and quarry tile. Glazed wall tile is made from a pre-fired "biscuit" of white clay to which ceramic color glazes are applied and re-fired in kilns. Under the high temperature of the kilns, the coldr glazes are fused into the white tiles. Ceramic mosaics generally are unglazed, porcelain or natural clay tiles with color penetrating throughout. They are made in small shapes, usually squares and rectangles, and now jome factory-pasted on paper sheets for easy application. Ceramic mosaics are most popular for floors and as coverings for the tops of tables and counters. Quarry tile often has been called "red tile." Much of it is red but improved manufacturing methods have introduced other colors to this type df tile. Today's homeowner can buy ceramic tile in about 200 colors. After thousands of years as a fixture in man's dwellings, tile is being used in more and more ways in the smartly -.designed homes of today. ; the Asphalt Roofing Industry Bureau, a manufacturers' association, shows that almost one - third ; of the asphalt shingles shipped J from plants were in soft, blended , greens. | A similar study made in 1941 re- i vealed that 20 per cent of the as; phall shingles that year' were in a bright, solid green. More than 20 ; per cent were hexagonal in shape. The new study shows a trend away from hexagonal shingles, i with only 5 per cent sold in 1956. Most popular today is the square- tab strip shingle. • Preferences for color differ in ! various regions of the United ! States, according to the study. On the Pacific Coast, light gray was most popular, while homeowners in the Northwest preferred solid black or blue - black and gray blends. In the Southeast, straight white ' led with 24.8 per cent of the shingles sold, and in the Southwest, white shingles totaled 16,9 per cent. In both the Southern regions, solid color shingles were preferred. Of the total asphalt shingles | shipped from 68 manufacturing plants during the survey period, U.3 per cent were white. Maintaining Windows Easier Than Repairing By MR. FIX with care Distributed by NEA Service Even if the paint job isn't re In addition to looking through cent, you can have trouble, them, what have you done about j Damp weather causes the wood your windows lately? Washed '. to swell, makes the paint soft and them? That isn't eriough. j sticky. When it hardens the win- First of all, lubrication is 'called j dows are sealed shut, for. A BIGGER COTTAGE . . . Cottages and smaller homes can be made to appear much larger by designing them In open area. A simple divider wall like this between dlning-llving area and kitchen, separates use areas. This cabinet divider affords storage space on both kitchen and dining side. Divider and paneled walls are ia western red cedar In natural, autumn colors. Windows have moving parts and, as in everything else, maintenance is easier than repairing. Arm yourself with some paraffin, a grease stick, a tube of powdered graphite, an oil can with a long, flexible spout. With all this you're ready for anything. You'll find the assortment is handy for doors, too. Rub Lightly Use the grease stick on the win Don't attack the frame with a screwdriver and a hammer. Remember, you only wish to break the paint seal. You don't want to tear the frame apart. Get at the window from the outside if you can. Try working the paint loose with a putty knife inserted under the bottom of the sash. If the paint is too heavy for the light blade of the putty knife, a JA Haven He Con Call His Own— Fix Up a Room for Boy in School r ' • By VIVIAN BROWN to arrange everything on hangers. \ |v| _ . C * J * AP Newsfeatures Writer It will keep these items off theiPQGW dIOGIIQ If you can possibly manage it, bed and chair (and perhaps'even! ^ give your schoolboy a room of his the floor*. L'llVs^C HftlHA °wn. | A good roomy chest with many VJITC» IIU 111 6 Even if it must be tiny, a haven \ drawers can separate articles fori g |_ | • he can call his own is better for, easy handling. One new combina-Q f"fGSll LsOOK a growing boy than a large room tion chest and desk with a plastic 1 he must share with others. j top can stand lots of doodling. You'll find he'll be a better stu -iHe' 11 ,ike . a comfortable chair and 'thin-blTd^d^knife 1 de " 1 if he has" a room where" he I a , typewriter, if you're looking for • • ! can concentrate on homework, I tnal special gift for him. It's a dow slides. A light rubbing will last a long time. Melted or block, - .v., ..^v.v.oo„,, lv nuilt nun paraffin can be brushed onto slid- j the inside, use a chisel and mal- ing parts. Use extreme care in I let. Insert the chisel into the using melted paraffin to avoid"! hardened paint and tap lightly, burns. Melt in double boiler only. Repeat the process, moving chisel ftlL - II... 1 lit . __. • • . ran hp rarpfnllv run arnunrf tha can conceniraie on n o m e w o r K, °^ V -"' »»>•«» '"«'•,"• « edSes of the sash where books may be kept fromlsood .dea to put an electric cock edges of the sash of r; lna young man s room _ one that If its necessary to work from j mem b er s olTthe family < wil1 not U P because he has Keep furnishings on the simple forgotten to wind it. That way he'll side so that he will be able to tidy be on time some of time up his room. Many new bed- Save Walls ... ....... ... „. ., ..~ r ~..j. ..... .»."....*_VM.OCI | spreac j s nave been designed with^ Be sure to include a waste has- The ordinary double-hung win- around perimeter of the window. thflt idea in mind A fUted bed .| ket and sma „ dothes ha ,„ dow should be lubricated at he, Work slowly and carefully. i d jg idea , 0ne new one of ; the b - s closet Thal he'll j loucned. Face - lifting the. house pulley, the slots in which he! If this doesn t do the tnck,, aviM0 rayon and cotton nas a, keep track of his dirty laundry. A with a modern siding such ai window slides and on the stop.take a small block of _wood ho d , nandsome rouRh . textured weave : wa llbtfard for his memoranda and j Masonite Shadowvent is recom- beads-the wood strips holding the. it against the sash and tap lightly; that wi „ appeal to a young C ow- 1 mementos will save walls from! mended in such cases, window in place. w, . th tne ™ alleL . . .. \ boy, yet it may be tubbed, fluff- 1 nail and hammer. If he has enough! The 12-inch wide Shadowvent Pull down the. top ha of the; If everything else fa. Is. remove j dr f ed % nd put back on lne bed: shelves to store sports equipmenti boards are appTed so no ^Ss m ^ a V , .!l!lA h . e ff?*!..^ i L I ??- m< ? l £ ng !t . ha, .. ho,ds «» sa8h . ,n without ironing. Carpeting is a and other bulky paraphernalia, he ! pierce: them. They are ventOatod - will keep those items off the floor. I to prevent deterioration of the If paint is peeling or the efterior of a home looks old, sad and unsightly in other ways, a. new "face" of Masonite hardboard siding will give it a "fresh" look and often solve several problems at once. * For instance, many older homes have old style narrow lap siding. Despite expensive interior remodeling, the home still appears old- fashioned if the exterior is untouched. Face - lifting the. house i . ,ii 1 " a' 1 " 1 " • uwiii IA a IUIIK, JUW wuuuet Once you have the window i eye ^Bewre^his 'desk'is near "the- ^ can P ut together him-| Many homes are attractively open, ubrcate the surfaces. If y J J t u , 2 u s near in 5 self with plywood) that may be; refinished bv usins Z you've sanded away the paint, give' ^JSrtX' 1 HT* ?' W, t0 h ° ld S^^taSheSd?. the surfaces a coatinc of lins ^ri i iam . p . Ior ... ier aarK /.eaaing. .i thing from baseball mitt to ceUron B f «r ««.i„„ „ i . . i. , , -.— r-----*- ---|-—-'--«• ;;— • -"*"••"• without -ironing. Carpeting is a exposed. Lubricate the pulley place Pry it off gent y so that, d idea fw smaU b room shafts with oil or graphite. it isn t cracked or broken in the g ecause jt M , 0 deaden noise Casement windows have spe- process. Sand the paint-laden; Provide Good Light cial opening mechanisms—cranks edges. ! or slides. Keep them lubricated: Once with oil or graphite. Paint Problem you ve sanaea away me paint, give j , after-dark reading. j lhinE from baseball mitt t0 "j- Sometimes the problem you 11 the surfaces a coating of linseed j Th j. ^ nrnlfipt h i R eve« and' V . V, . DBSeDa " m / u «> »ce face is more difficult Paintinc oil , , P rotecl ", ls . ey ® s an . a ! skates. Put a rope handle on it, so race is more aitncuit. fainting, on. .; a so make his room look cheerful, j that it mav be Dul i ed out in a i iffv while wonderful for house and; Since damp weather makes wood 1 » n „«,f,,i an d «n. 1 ^ y P"" ea °V l 10 « J'"y window frames, is murder for the ! .swell and warp as well as affecting : * Sed art icL i^ any vouSg- Whe " th6Se art ' deS arC neCded ' poor handy man who tries to open i the paint, you may have other j g ter > s room jf g a good place to 1 a window a few days later. A seal I problems. Swollen sash edges will ; nang s i ac ks and sports shirts in a 1 OLD TIMER of hardened paint presents a | rub against the frame and cause ; h ur ry when there just isn 't time I Oldest known home in Washing- problem that should be approached ! the window to stick. I ... , 1 . j ton is a residence still in use at Port Gamble, framed in stout Douglas fir lumber in 1860. Lumber came from nearby forests which are now supplying a second crop of timber. An alternative to the shelves in i under-structure and provide supe- a small room is a long, low wooden j rior paint holding characteristics. „./,!... t. . - • homes are attractively The oldest known example of pure glass is a small blue good luck charm which was made in Egypt nearly 9,000 years ago. The use of Thermopane insulating glass in home building has tripled in the last five years. Two narrow windows look like a big picture window when "joined" by a plate glass mirror. could bt your Wiring It Overloaded Expectihg an outdated wiring system to carry the load of today's many new electrical appliances is like sending a boy to do a man's Job.- • lltctrielan umm mms mQmim WIRING Recommend Heating Plant Checked Now Wise home owners do not neglect the heating system any more than they would buy an automobile, padlock the engine hood and expect perfect performance for 10 to 2Q years. Modern — or modernized—home heating syste ms acn dwerevl n io heating systems can now deliver solid comfort during the entire heating season. They don't need as much attention as automobiles, even though they work more hours during the winter. They do, however, need an annual check-up if they are to provide the utmost comfort at minimum cost. In fact, it Is the care that the heating plant receives right now during the summer months that determines its operating efficiency during the heating season. The first step In the summer care of the heating plant is a thorough cleaning followed by a check-up by an experienced heat- The time to unstick a window Is before it becomes stuck, of course. As most of us learn this the hard way, the before-and-after hints illustrated, above, might be handy to clip and save In your workshop file. ing contractor, the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau reminds us. If the system is an oil-fire^ hot | water heating system, the flues of the boiler and the smoke • pipe should be thoroughly cleaned as well as the oil burner itself. An experienced heating contractor will know how to check the operation of the controls and hqw to check for worn parts that may need replacing. Arrangements for such a seasonal cleaning and checking should be made as soon as possible so that dealers can schedule NAMED ADMINISTRATOR (Time* Herild »n» Service) LAKE CITY - Jay Blanchard, who is X-ray technician at McCrary-Rost hospital here, is to be the new. business administrator at the hospital, replacing Mrs. R. E. McCullough who is moving to California soon. He will assume his new duties the last of this week and, for the time being, will fill two jobs. transformation also is possible with a board and batten treatment, very popular on contemporary homes. For this, Tempered presd- wood panels with butt joints covered by hardboard or lumber batten strips are recommended. An outstanding characteristic of Masonite siding is its ability to take and hold paint finishes. Usually a prime coat and two finish coats are applied. Such a finish will keep its "fresh" look, years longer than a similar one applied to lumber siding. Fewer paint Jobs cut the maintenance cost. Literacy rate of the world ranges from 96.9 per cent in Belgium to 0.3 per cent in Portuguese Guinea. the work at a time that will be mutually convenient for the owner and the dealer. It takes nearly 10 per cent of the total U. S. labor force to get food from the farmer to the consumer. A Good Thought- for Today: Even a small smile would make a difference on some faces. A Good Thought For Moving Doyt Coll ui for rtliabU trucking itrvict* Wt specialist in household goodi* Crouse Cartage Co. Carroll Phone J52I no. 1 specialist in packing and moving CourtMui cenytnfrnt Csrrltr Give Your Home A Well-Groomed Look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE ^^^^ PAINTS for • Low Cost • Low Upkttp t Durability Rertenmaier Drug^ 118 W. 3th~DI«l 2101 Don't Throw That Rug Away KENNY'S RUG CLEANING SERVICE will makt it look lik« now. Wall-to-wall carpeting ciaanad in tho homo, • Mothproofing 5 -Y««r Guarantee • Rug Sizing • Furniture Cleaning DIAL 9786 FREE ESTIMATES Kenny Sehwsrtenbaeh, Owner 1121 North CUrk St. New Modern ELECTRIC FIXTURES For Your Home 150 Smart New Modern Styles IP YOU'RI RBMODELINO OR PLANNING TO BUILD You'll want to see these cheerful modern fixtures. They'll add charm to every room. Also Early American or period designs. Trices reason' able. H El RES ELECTRIC CO, REMODELING? BUILDING? NEED REPAIRON FLOOR COVERING or COUNTER TOPS? WE INSTALL • Inlaid Linoleum t Formica • Wall Covering • Floor Tile • Carpet 4 WE REPAIR Wall and Floor Coverings • FREE ESTIMATES Large or Small Sample* shown to you In your homo. Dial 417$, Alvln Halnrlehi or' 9923, Matt Furniture MATT Furnitur 1 .'-•'* '»J I/O.

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