Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 6, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE POUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH , JUL,* 6,1 you Editorial Pnxzlo of tin* Yoar finvid Lawrence Ground Swell §ldc Glances •• Spok«mefl en both sides of the electrical | a< possible because their emplover wouldn't let workers - I'nion Flectric controvert ovei storm them keep at it perhaps will be the puzzle of d«mtj« restoration work have left unanswered the year for the public. the question of * hat was done to patch thirty If the problem arose again, the public might up and get the men back to work, and how tlw want to be assured it could be solved mote | WASHINGTON — The Demo- isjues at hand were solved. j quickly than it was this time. To trm extent ^ erotic ticket is to be Kennedy So far „ the public knows, there was onlv * statement from both sides and a pledge that and Johnson - or else Johnson one issue: The workers' urgent desire to con- the question which arose could be avoided in anfl Kennedy. Is Growing 2ft anil ftO Years Ago tinue on the job until thev got the work done the future would certainly be reassuring. contracted with the company's desire to observe ' The ground swell for the Tex:as senator for the presidential If such a pledge is not forthcoming, it might nomjn , l(ion )s grmvjng H e has announced thcv wanted to complete as rapidly | an accounting. f lligge<r Laltol Alined Elsewhere? reasonable principles of safety on a highh be worthwhile for the City Council to use its i( .. irp f u ||y avoided Riving offense hazardous tvpc of work. implied powers under the Union Electric the Massachusetts senator. That the workers should halt the work they chise and its responsibility to thc public to seek But the lines are drawn. Senator Johnson argues implicitly that he is more experienced in i national and international af- i fairs than his rivals. Certainly 'his statement over television ;md radio on Tuesday was statesman- Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas is officially I "rigged convention." It should be most useful )ike anfi po |jtj ( . a i]y effective. in thc race for the Democratic presidential j to his party. Senator Johnson very wisely If thc Democrats nominate Kennedy, they painted a picture of how serious . , _ . .. ' . are the affairs of the world to- will still be protected from Republican charges day flnd poinlpdly a ,. gued thlili in this direction in case the* Republicans nomi-;when Senator Kennedy was cum- nate the vice president, as they no doubt will. \P*Wng in the primaries and Y (lining up delegations, things But if thc Democrats nominate a candidate! were d j[j erent U1 t ne W orld than One thing is sure about Truman's attack | other than Sen. Kennedy, they will enjoy full:they are today. Mr. Johnson de-j attention i freedom to throw at the Republicans the same, clal ' e • ' ••"'-•- J -- ago the future different than it; nomination — and Sen, John F. Kennedy is still in it. These are the developments of a holiday weekend packed with political news that followed last week's virtual denunciation of Kennedy by former President Harry S. Truman. •on Kennedy. July 6, 1935 A revision of the city's Civil Service Commission rules would bar married women from /ufy 6, 1910 American Flint Glass Workers union !l! «n- vention at Toledo was expected to vote Its ap- clnssiflerl service and would automatically pro- j proval to the establishment here of a glass f«c- vide dismissal of any woman upon her mat- i tory for Flint workers. Henry 8t«iner and John riage. Th* revision was of Section 2, Rule 6, ' Tuhmann reprwentinR th» Alton^ Flints, and which in its previous form set up that sex should be disregarded in certification by the commis- William HtllPbrecht. representing the mold makers, were at the national meeting. U is certain to draw to and take advantage of the stiff fight in the ; charge that Truman pitched at Kennedy, even Democratic party for the presidential nominA-; in the face of Governor Rockefeller's manful j j™J^ u to ^y." M " „ wprp talking tion as contrasted to the virtually closed case I fight to inject a competitive element. I confidently of far different things; for Vice President Nixon in the Republican \j r T rurmn 's attack doubtless grows out of than they talk of now. Then I convention. S his recognition that a stiff fight will be earned came the Paris conference Whether it was designed to do this is any- j on in the Democratic convention between can-. body's guess. Ours is that the former President j didates. It will enable the party to capitalize "I wouldn't want her to know I said so, but Thelma's bathing suit is too little, too late!" Render"s Forum It Took a Storm... «lon. excepting when a requisition, statute or Proposed here was a factory capitalized at $50,ordinance in - ^nection with a post to be filled j 000 to be erected in Tonsor Park. A local commit tee named to take subscriptions for stock in- j eluded Daniel Burke. T. J. McElherron, WlUUm Kolb. Richard Roberts. Andrew Mayford, Phil i McCarroll. StPiner ami Tubman. i W. K. Georgia, St. Louis businessman who • had a summer home at Clifton Terrace, nar- rmvly escaped drowning when he went to the Fluent dock to pick up his yacht, Ben Hur. late in the evrnlng. Slipping as hn stepped from one barge to another, he plunged into the river. Webb .Tohnrlrmv. who was waiting with the yacht, nearby, ran to his aid. pulling Georgia bark onto the dock. Recovery of the satchel* was believed unlikely. Water where they settled was 30 feet deep. Marlison County now was entitled to a pro- hnte court, the federal census showing Its population lo hr 91.000. Thc population gain in the specified a certain sex. The City Court became informal when law- ! yets and City Judge Boynton dofferl their conts. \ Following a recess in proceedings the judge secured an electric fan from his chambers to use ! In the court room. The Illinois Federation of Business & Pro- ifesslonal Women's Clubs had accepted an invi- ! jtatlon to hold their annual convention in Jun»? '< !of 1936 at Montlcelld College. Convention eo- I chairmen from the host Alton club were Miss ; Nellie I. Jones and Miss L. Mildred Brown. Mrs. j 'Verna M. Huber was president of the local i club. I The Rev. Robert Hall Atchison, pastor of St. 'Paul's Episcopal Church, and Mrs. Atchison were vacationing in Ireland. was 100 per cent sincere. His statement now has introduced the label » • Beating Mkita The United States is undertaking just the campaign it should against Russia. lake many others we : 20Thursday morning the terrible storm that hit Al- ferent role than it did when',ton and surrounding towns. My some began seeking to tie up husband, my son, myself, and our those delegates who will be the ;{amilv ppti -Qid Butch", all head- convention voters." | basement, afraid, andj Accuse Communists ! ] . , . .... . ... Mr. Johnson accused the Com-! h °P |n B we werp doi "S the nght | A new surprise for the public is contained munists of moving ,„ .- to kil , ofr ; thing . on the very internal strife which thc Repub- p res jdency itself has a far dif- licans to date have so successfully avoided. Supeniionl Forum Writers, Note Writer* names must be published with letters to the Reader* Forum. Letters should lie concise, and legible. All are subject to rowleiiMitlon. Miss Carolyn M. Hilton of Alton had returned ' depn( j e vvas m.o from Europe to visit here and to present a con- j Charles Relk, 79, former long-time resident cert at the First Baptist Church. She had been J of Llberty p, H jn e , had died unexpectedly at I a member of the Westminster Choir School Col- j Moxie Ark where he was visiting hit sons, lege, Princeton, N.J. for three years. j Hfirry c and JO!M ,ph Belk. Prior to going to Dr. VV. H. Kennecke, 41, Edwardsville vet- i Arkansas he had been living in Alton with his erinnrian and former vice chairman of the Re- j daughters. Mrs. Frank Schae.'er and MJS. Wil- publican County committee, died following an |, ur Montgomery, emergency appendectomy. j \vi|] Winter was the top Alton auto salesman Other deaths were: Mrs. Mary M. Kendall, j Me had sold 23 cars in the. last 14 months. Dr. Edwardsville; Mrs. Dolly Kessinger, Hartford: j D. F. Dugan left for Rochester, Minn., wherr Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tonkinson, Elsah; Mrs. i he wa« to attend clinics at Mayo Bros. Hospital. Lucy Britton; Phillip Liebler. former Circuit 'then make 8 vacation stay in Duluth. Court bailiff, Edwardsville; James Crosson of : Ollie Meyers, veterinary student, was assist- Glllespie, brother of St. Patrick's priest, the ing Dr. J. C. Booker during the college vacation Rev. John Crosson; and Mrs. Sophia Gruenhalt period. He WHS to return to Chicago in September to complete his studies. Miss Miriam in the announcement from Los Angeles that at and " downgr ade" the presiden- While standing down in the base- "~ [Zocl^er, Moro. pond so quickly to our needs in! The one-tinte home of the Jerseyville Young ! least one suggestion has been made before th* cy as a world influence. He add- men( It has sent a note asking'Premier Khrush- j Democrat National Convention platform com- ed: ! chev to revive the Geneva "disarmament con- ! m j tt ee for a farm plank abandoning the party's "If they can destroy the; ference which foundered last week on a walk- j long-time backing for crop controls and high |.^' ld meU "c^'^^tg ^jf detjcring if they were safe in their out by the communist nations' representatives, j price supports. ' st| . oy ^ } eadership o£ fl . eedorn | basements, or maybe asleep and A plea to the committee was made by j tse if. That is why — after the !unawarc of tne stol ' m during the storm, my > turned to my other chil- , who aren't home, and wond- la time of .emergency. , MRS. CLARENCE SARGENT Evu-green Avenue Ladies Seminary, established 10 years after the organization of Jersey County, and opened in Breuchad had accepted appointment as instructor in French and German at Shurtleff College. Disagreement between the contractors affili- 1849 by Miss Virginia Corhett. was being razed. ! ated with the Builders Exchange and the unions Our allies have made similar pleas to the Russian dictator. The pleas should be continued. fn reference to the article in Charles B. Shuman, president of the American Paris conference — I. for one, i How relieved I was when the Farm Bureau Federation. ifelt so strongly, as one who!storm was over and I heard our . , This issue split thc Democratic controlled, shares the responsibilities of j phone ring, and heard "Mom, we >:e Reader's Forum on .— . They should emphasize, in the process, vhe ( r ,- .„,,_ _ r i. pl . _,,,.., -; rv nP mnrrirJ» atio " al leadership, that we'are all 0. K. How about all of day. June 28, 1960, the "March-! f t t it vvUiiiirvJtb LUIS \t.*tr^ w iicn nitiiM L.II> L./CIIIUI.I tim . i I ' ' * 1J J * ' ' ishould not do Mr. Khrushchev s you? You can bet, that before 1 : ing j 0 0" has played and-will Neighbors| Tne o | d building on East Exchange street affiliated with the Building Trades Council over * * * * * lone of the first educational institutions for young union contract rules h;id reached an appaient Invitation for Fall 'women in this part of Illinois. impasse, and a "lock out" \sas impending. no on a price guarantees for wheat above those provided by the Eisenhower administration. features of the program for world disarmament which was last proposed at Geneva by the United States with approval of its allies. This program should carry much weight with the free world, and might make some headway, because of its logical approach to the [ bac i ling ^ n the price s U p port feature. How- problem, with even those behind the Iron Cur- evel% crop contro i wou y be a natural and tain who could be made acquainted with it. i i og ; ca | accO mpaniment. And crop control is The Allied governments should tax their in- j a bitter pill for the food producer to swallow, genuity to its limits to develop new ways of 1 necessary an accompaniment though it is. calling the world's attention to our willingness ! jf t h e Democrats can find a satisfactory for resuming the conference—and to refresh i substitute that will make the farmers happy work for bin, went to S ,eep I thanked God tor "1 did not — and I will not — I that phone call and the safety of leap in to chew on President | my family. ; continue to play "The Star Spangled Banner" in their pre | They've had to change the Victor Riesel Says Space Ship Trip Delayed It will be difficult for the Democrats to find'Eisenhower personally, just as l! Then I realized how all of us,'° ame S ' 10W ' farm plank more attractive to agricultural have not and will not spend myj "-- <--=--- to destroy — who might office. come to this we are afraid, and afraid j , how much we have to be thankful i g ifor when we have our loved ones itlle hand in Those wno havc attended fho Cape Canaveral timetable for departure of the big Saturn space Blast-off zero hour gets They got together regularly,security passes for the pickets to head off quickie strikes when-'There were hours of further dis- ever they could be averted, oricusslon. Everything was set. end them swiftly if the men had ! Just the formality of seeing Gen High fMt JjJ ut8ag1 !^ 8 ^!^ and lat"er.~The other day|already quit. This WM import-iDavis at 2 o'clock. formation which!someone away up high in the!* 1 " 1 - The "slippage" of time lost; At that hour the strike lead- .«•» . j Mistakes have been made— i jfor when we have our loved ones " ^ " "M TA " and w ,h Air Force kicked away seven! through stoppages was costly in. or was m the General's office|with us in good health and happy, jj* 1 ;^™^'* 1 J,' si ,e n c e , the!Precious days in the race wtthl™>ney. broken schedules and ;tnd was told ^^ ..,.„ ^^ , 0 people's minds on our proposal. and at the same time hold down the budget and In this way we should be able to shove back ; cut surpluses, we'd almost figure they deserved j partisan gain ATAi^tcirvto uuvb u^cii tiAuuv. i t ( UJt IttllS ^IdllUIH^ in aii*-iiwc, LII»- : - - I _|_u_l -...^i.*!™*, and inexcusable ones. But my We sometimes get to feeling so| , vnd ^ p)ayed th(? National Uhe Soviets for space. Al-ls'obal piestige. interest - and I believe the in- son 'y for ourselves, that we for- JAn(hem af ev£?ry home gamo ;so tens of thousands of dollars ' "-- D terest of my fellow Americans-! § et to tllank God for a " we have 'idespite rain snow, and freezing !No one seems to know who """ is in curing those mistakes, noti alld H ^k 08 a S°° d J olt - (llke the temperatures !it - but after Allowing the in exploiting them for political i storm), to remind us to be thankful members of the band " " ^ ~' "" "" Khrushchev's much vaunted "peace offensive." I to elect a president. Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Money Talks Big in Politics WASHINGTON — The Demo-(Contributed $206,800 to the GOP,slightly over 1 per •atic Party one week hence will i i n '56; the Mellons, who own • 19 " i:i - tno company tell you that you cannot picket One of the Big Three policies inside the gate. We have been adopted early in their sessions reversed in Washington." That iit, but after following the red'was to avoid picketing the main was all he would — and could—tape to the end of thc line I i north and south gates. If a legi- say. So the Air Force forced the I now know how it was done. timate strike was called, the pickets outside the north and , , ... . . ., i go here is an inside view of pickets were to parade only in south gates. \ t '"i i'*cli well llri liKf 1 to invitP T nP I *«* HCI \- ID cui maiuv. v iv w w* * • • ° that caj] win Republican votes|"all the riches in the world. " ' ' ' a »tp n d the football lnat grinl " time la ^ which front of tnc s l )et '' al J°b of the Refused to Cross Line if Mr. Johnson is the Democratic! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all * mes and see ,h e team in thei haunts OU1 ' efforts to ke °P ahead contlv ^'' involved m the walk- r m mediatcry all the skilled party nominee. Even today it: the peoplc in the whole world could lapproac'liinR '"' "" ""' " '"" —' "-- : - out - ™ s meant nicketir is one reason why his strength has ; , ...,\, a , m . mr i thanU r,nri fnr what;.. ,.- — .u- "jfor what we have. When we have 'This is the kind of utterance'our loved ones with us, we have. ;well as the director, Boyd La-, cratic • been increasing inside his own j party. In fact,with the backing •of Speaker Ray burn and a large cent. For ;num |) e ,. O f senators and repre- got away| sentaliveSi t he Texas senator wake up and thank God for what;,,, on ^e Southwestern Cnri-l 8 * 01 ? be 8 ins on June as thpy j O f the big Russian rockets. This oul - »"'" meani p 8 * 01 beins on June 3 - " 16 S ' picketing in- (Ta ftsnien working on the most great base. vi(a ] snarp a( , p pro j ects of otne ,. and be willing lo live ; for the rest of with some - ' e« u be a Diel wilh a Inlornatlonal Assn ' ol JIill ' h " 1 - . T ' ' contractors refused to start choosing between two men' G „ oil „ in $150i ooo; whilei^Ji"" mel ' e $4 ' 724 tax °" ^'"emerges us the real challenger as its nominee for president of Dml , ofa ,,. M „.„„.„. nf 077,447 income, a tax rate so; of tne delegale bloc accumu lat- : Just a word of thanks to publicly ists had sent word to the com-i come see the band in a series manders of Patrick Air force- EMILY WOOfF ,,f what we consider even better B «» p ; crat " e 0/ ou) ' rocke!ry 'i inside I shows than last year's. ' lhat ll would stl ' lke Convalr s At ' -• » line. cross the the United States. Both men, Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy, have some excellent qual- kitty by $152,604 in '56. the Rockefellers, o wners of Standard Oil. enriched the GOP be figured. small the percentage can hardly ed j n the last few months by ( ' ommend tnc Union Klectric Co. both have some de- Some oil companies, of course. j Senator Kennedy through inten-i on thpir action in "Coring electric Offered Bribe Isive organi/ation in various P° w01 ' Io 1he '•onimunity in the Superior Oil Company, whose states. ifications, fects. It happens that both men have wealth behind them. Kennedy inherited his wealth. His father, from a relatively modest start, has become one of the 75 wealthiest men in the United States. HiB wealth has been a material factor in financing one of the rno«t amazing publicity buildups .,«.„...„..since the days of Wendell Will- president of the United States: | ( . om e taxes to Uncle Sam but has;strongest point in his Tuesday kie plus a successful and very Kerr-McGee — owned in part used the tax loopholes actually j news conference was the fol- i face of difficulties after the re- i cent storm damage. play both sides of the political president, William Keck, got in-; Skilltul Campaigner street. And when you see what to a national scandal when his! Lyndon Johnson is a skillful Thanks also to those men who they have at stake in profits lobbyists offered Sen. Francis i campaigner. He has prqved a | came here to work to do the nee- and taxes you can understand Case, South Dakota Republican,!natural leader in Congress. Injossary job. We who were without why. Senator Douglas cited some a $2,500 bribe for the latter's ! fact, if there were a parliamentary i power for several days were es- figures. But he withheld names. V ote on oil-gas legislation, is j system in the United States suchlpncially grateful to have it restor- This column is not going to with- one O f the biggest tax benefici-las in Canada and Britain, he led earlier than we had dared to hold the names. Here is the tax: ar j es would emerge as the logical! hope. picture of some of the compan-, since 1953, the company not choice for prime minister. ies which will help pick the next on i y )1HS pa j d absolutely no ln-| Perhaps Senator Johnson's campaign!by Sen. Bob Kerr of Oklahoma—;to collect from the treasury. expensive primary which most other candidates '< managed to chalk up so many; In 1953. Superior earned $11,couldn't afford. Johnson Acquire* Wealth lowing: "After July, the bandwagons | deductions under the tax loop- i 500,382, but instead of paying [will be silent. The 'dark horses' ; holes in 1958 that it paid abso- taxes, Superior managed to col-1 will be out to pasture. And we M. L. GRAHAM On behalf of the residents of Evergreen Avenue, in Upper Alton we wish to express our appreciation for the prompt and efficient way in which debris of the recent storm was removed from our Johnson, on the other hand, lutely no income taxes at all on,lect a tax rebate of $500.«W.|will stand face-to-face with what- ....^ h . nt f Alf started as a poor Texas school $5,378,973 net income. (This gave the stockholders an in-lever destiny this century holds|"n d the utmtv raniDanies teacher, has acquired a modest The most taxes the company^ 0 ™? a fter taxes of $12,000,382. for us - with one man as;' y . ..'.., fortune through the acquisition; has paid in the past 10 years' ln 1954. when Superior earned jour leader, the one man that we, " ls reassuring to iidve city ac- of radio-TV stations which have wa s $1.727.910 in 1957 on $7.97'2,- $10,260,388 net income, it collect-i choose this year, the one man; partments and local utilities res- been highly lucrative and which ;,58 net income. This was still ed a $100,000 tax rebate as a.standing out in front to lead us. were not hurt a^ all. by John- | ess than £> per cent tax, com- 1)0nus fl ' om Uncle Sam. For the; "All the forces of evil in this son's strategic position in Con- pared to the 52 per cent rate oth- next flve veal ' s ' th e company;world will stand poised, ready gress. or corporations are required to l ja 'd no taxes at all, although its to strike at treedom through Money talks very big in Arner- pay. profits for 1957 reached $18,877,- whatever weaknesses America MEMBERS OF THE MARCHING 100 Jim Keiser Jerry Clardy Barbara Shackelford Dick Bengel Rhoda Simon Instead of 750 strikers, work t ( 1( ,,. p W( ,,. p |)OW W(? u ovcr 7floo This policy of They wen oul umi) June 15 was a PP'' oved One word from the office of las Intercontinental Ballistic Mis-i b y a " commands right up to the Ajl . Ko ,. L . e ^^ G(?n Lemfl sile "complex" there that mid- Penta K° n - S° on Jun e 5 the Ma- uuul( , hav( , spn , the jrke ^ night. ; >h '"""f were ready to walk on- thp thousands of men back , Machines! business a R em. W,l- ly '" f° n °. f ^ Convttlr Atlas ^- Instead, the nation lost lie Usery, could throw his pickets , ! moie money JM ?i-jnanently three-quarters of a in front of the two gates, north j£ ^ workinu -— ^ ^ 1W PVel ' y day ° f *' and south of the space depot on the Cai awa > Cape. These are the main — f orm - a , • ^ rft 'V*^ i* i u ' Dear Father, when I am u l nval ' d of 1 - m men from their —or a full week out of the life • mostly Call- ljf OUI . dcfemp progra ™ ^ The tempted to judge another, give «™««' "' e ee- lot sent? I9W) The Hall Syndicate. Inc.) . ...... „ . phoned Usery. Remember, he MtOL'P FOR SEPARATION me an understanding heart and: tu ' <n outer space vehicle project said you fe ,, ows agreed , Q pjck . OI , JOB AND «««"« an open mind. Help me realize i wnere »™ s ™° weirdly uitn-. et inside ^j , el the IQ<QW others The Counci , » _ _, t _I__ L I rate t^ornniPVPK MI*P h^inir ., .. . ._ __ what !h tt !f prompted his course and that, builtl that I may not know 'complexes" are being for Civil Liberties faced with similar circumstances, I might have done or 'Big Three' Committee Usery is one of "The Big said the same thing. Let me beJThree Committee." On the com- .not involved go to work. Some 750 in Belfast recently gent a letter Machinists struck at midnightjto city newspaper owneri ask- on the fifth of June. jing them not to publish adver- The next day the strike Jead-j tistments for workers telling er got a four-page telegram from i applicants to state their reli- careful never to judge another mittee are the leader of the Con-,(Jen. Leighton Davis, command- ; «ion. In answer to complaints i * i. _ .. n »rj n *:..i.., i »--. ..I. n . :« *<;tt*llf*tirin T^'uHow I In inn c i»»ir) tl-mi,... ,.t t u,. A;.. L'..,,,.,-. M;,...;I_ >ii * , . i _ . .. . »^ in su-uciion Trades Unions and theler of thc Air.Force Missile TeKtjal,out this type of advertiip head of Mike Quill's Transpor- Center. The officer confirmed, men t, which is fairly general by the yardsticks I make; Jesus' name. Amen. James C. Kinard. Newber- tu 'ion Workers Union local which ry, S. C., insurance executive, 'covers the caretaking Pan-Amer- the Pig Three policy of inside; throughout Northern Ireland, 47th State picketing. There were long con-; the Counci) said- "We don't .. l .«»fi. b . y '.^.SL^.^^.I'LChHstian lean workers. Since last Janu-jferences into the night. ' any person should be dis- they ve been meeting with! On June 7 Usery returned at qualified from a job because of labor relations . specialist,7 a.m. to get the Judge Advo- his faith or his politics These Answer to Previous Puzzle brought in by commanding Gen-gate's advice on how to picket 1 have nothing to do with uii •- IA ""™'" 11 •-"" — —— -"' v "'° u ithe rocket and to pick up free ability for employment" paid ' 1S9 ' ican politics today - which is ln )936 Kerr-McGee the chief reason why Sen. Hu-. $l iyc, i000 on'J-l net pro- bert Humphrey of Minnesota, |jls whj[ . h iinlounls to only 13 °»'V one of the members of may show. Those forces' will During this entire period, the have no mercy for innocence, income tax the company no gallantry toward inexpe.r- ACROSS 1 Mexico 4 River oC thii .state most courageous |Jt>| .' cem For the previous years slu ' lled oul was $175.000 in 1958 iom-e, no patience toward er- Congress. had to KP|T sp , dom „ ., ; d mut . h ' more to foreign governments. DOWN 1 Bows 2 Iroquoltn Indian rors. ("'neral American Oil Com- ! bow out of the presidential race. (nan a ,,.,111,,^ i pp ,. ( . Pn( . In And in analyzing the two top 195 - i( p . (id $18 m taxps 0|) $2 . Democratic contenders, you 50j.^7. less Hum 1 per cent have to consider the money be hind them. Let's take Johnson Ifvi't w>< *v«i* Wl ( V* !«***»*! WW«« lltbVT*!*^, . t f\*f* t II I first. ; no taxes '" 19:)7 but collected a a Russian submarine base in The senator from Texas did . . _ _ . rebate of $5,860. Again in 1958, Cuba, less than 100 miles from (clang) 12 Product of thii state 13 ,, pany, a lexas lirm, managed to, There will be little time to 14 n n ' i rated ,„. ..,, ....... . , h. ™», ei> « rather than W taxeii in learn this job. We can only an- 15 Accomplished •1954, the company paid only 19 '' 7 iind 19 ' )8 On a " Pt U|1 ° fil Ucipate that the next President 16 Police dogs 1 $'J3,92:; tax on 5ll,tjda,(j82 income, °' $H - 079 ' 0 --' tlic ' company paid will be greeted by the threat of 18 Legislative erul Yates. 4 Horned ruminant» C Unemployed 6 Tenant 7 Biblical name 23 Grades 38 Annoy 8 Complete 24 Rope 40 Quoier happiness 25 German river 411s borne MIRROR OF YOUR MIND -. '& $*$ v \ two 1 'A bodies 20 Worms Abstract being 9 Meadowi 10 British an amazing thing the other day. AltOIlEvenillgTelegrapll the company collected a $23,352 our shoreline. He will be met 22 Sea" eaglet For a man running lor presi- rebate to add to its net income of;by efforts to penetrate internal- 24 Price dent It was courageous. But it! pubu§h %Snl'i;. b L A nlSrnv Illur ' Ph :* 7 - 076 -« 5 - :ly into the republics of this hem- " ' Showed clearly where Johnson'* P B COUSLEV Pubiuiier During the 10-year period, the]jsphere. He will be met by new money U coming from [ and Ediior company never paid more thaiijultimatums over Berlin. He will ^j Johnwn stood up on the sen- subscription Prtre w cents weekiv 8 per cent, sometimes less than|be met by attacks upon the se-j 34 School ate floor and led the battle iny [wntiie. . v $M a beyoiid loo'iniii..' ] JH ' r ct ' nt """pared to the 52icurity of American bases »Blackboard agaimt reduction of the 27-' 8 Muti »ubbcrii)iions not accepted in per cent corporate rate for non- throughout the world — by in- : "ccessory per cent oil depletion allowance. ownlwi rtva",'ittb e i e ery " !l < 1 ompanies. In 1951, for exam- s(t \^ to the American flag and 3fl Ito cl ""»t» 1 I' 1 '- General American Oil paid!embassies abroad — by incligni- 37 Droop* $101 on $4.477.1)73 net income. !(i e ^ against our cituens any- 39 Ocean Paid No Taxe* 'where." ' movement Wt-Meni Natural Gas manag-' Already Senator Kennedy has «.^ n/ ^ M ed to chalk up net profits av-iplainly said that he will run- 41 f^ee 26 Denude 27 Inhabitants 28 Old Mrs. Truman 28 Peel 17 Tauter 19 Put up • poker stake 31 Staid S3 Classical language 42 Sterilize 43 Over nice 44 Italian city 46 In this place 47 Disturb 48 Remain 80 Health retort He didn't have to do this lie could have ducked. But he Hlrin't Entered at second dabs mailer at *~*r _ , _ . » in <he pan office »i Alton III Act BOH. PftUl Douglas Of Illinois. ofcongren., March ;« 1870 like an elderly Don Quixote tilting at windmill*, was valiantly Mt.MBl'-H 01- THE ASSOCIAItU PRESS above $1,000,000 each Adlai Stevenson tor secie- 42 Sever 45 Black waging hi« annual battle to cloht, The Atloclttled Hresk ,„ exdukiv ,i v year. >t-t has not paid a penny in tury ol stute. Vet Mr. Stevenson one ol the biggest tax loophole* entities to the u»e foi publication oi iiu'ome litxet, lor the past JO'hus lost the confidence of mil- He kmw he couldn't win. But he' pll^^dw'^^''?^ 1" pub years i lions ol American* by his partis- __ •taged the fight, and rolled up W 11* 1 "-^ »'«"•!" Smnilicantl.N. 70 per cent of wn attacks on the Eisenhower ad- 51 Negative word vote* againul the oiJ-ga.s com-:MbMbfc«. rut AI/DH BLKtAL Uir oii deplt'iion detlui'tions ace innu*tialion since Ihe Paris con- sa Assistant panie* Johnson, leading the op-; o^ CIBCUI.AIION taki-n by ihe giant companjt's fereiu-e These have played into 53 French father position, beal him with 5b votes.| Local Adverutum KUICI, -<,t\a (on with assets over $1UO,IK»0,OU) the hands ol Mi. Khrushchev. So ?* Spanish aunt M| OU Money \to\K?$V n ,» f *&™ *\\ 'Hieir tax savings, of course,'it will be interesting to know il " J^u^ It ihould be noled that the .i . , :i, L. u really big oil money will be behind Nixon in November. Th^ — - j 11 L L M XNII pew larnilf which OMTI Sun Oil !K C TeC* n ph 10 bu",nerromc- ea»i Broadway Anon Adveni»inu HBUI i^t-ii John • >he nuisi be made up by Ihe little Senator Johnson, too. will favor giant hi«go Deiion AI>««!»» A.unta i r j line JvVwi Votk pi'oplf who ciul up paying most Adlai Stevenson as secretary ol S6Wargod ol Uncle Sam's bills. |«tute. j 57 Furtivt >£ I9t>u Bell SjiidKite lr< ) I (-C 1060 N. Y. Heiild tribune. UK ii Lo> By JUSEI'H WHITNEY gins to rise in the morning, reaches maximum effectiveness about 7 p.m., and then starts down. Thus drinking before 7 p.m. is tagjmilat- ed more quickly than after-dinner drinking, and has less after-effect. The later alcohol is consumed, (he longer it remains in the blood stream and the more likely it is to cause a hang-over. Do kinull children have color preferonvan? Aiikwer: Practically all children are attracted by colored objects, A recent study in England, designed to reduce accidental poisoning among children from eating medicinal tablets which they think are candied, strongly recommend white as the least likely to attract. Several hundred children, ages one to eight, were Included in the study. The brightest colors had the strongest at- Answer: No. It depends on general roadside distractions'." A' traction; magenta and pink were metabolism irate of assimilation), marked lack of distraction is like- the most popular, brown and which differs throughout the 24- ly to make motorists drowsy and white the leo»l popular. hour day. Our metabolic rale be- impair their driving efficiency. . (0 'MO. Klof Feature* Syot, Joe.) ' < Owe* alcohol alua.v* have thtt WMUe ullrct? Are dull-action* a chief caute of car accident*? Answer: In some activities, of which automobile driving appears to be one, moderate detractions of a few seconds duration tend to raise overall efficiency, statistics show that accident rates are usually high on Ions, unrelieved stretches o! highway, and relatively low in moderately congested cities and on crooked thoroughfares with

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