Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1960
Page 2
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PAOfiTWO ALTON EVfcMNU Unions Ask Commission On Railroad Work Rules Candidates Active on CHICAGO (AP) — Four operflt- ing unions today proposed that their dispute with the railroads over work rules changes bp sub-j mitted to a special study commis-! sion. i ; They also suggested that thej commission review the entire I wane structure of the nation's rail) lines. The proposition was put to rep- By THE AS9o ciATED PRESS i resentatives of the railroads at a Srn L yndon g Johnson (D-Tex>: meeting that was historic because has mndp his ram jjdacy official.! il was the first national confer-i just glx dftys Morf the ope nirig| ence on the subject of work rules. | of , he Democratic National Con-i Maimgement has demanded re-| vention in LO S Angeles. i vision of six work rules to elim-j Hp> R candidnte Johnson dp .| inatc what it calls featherbedding • ^^ ^ ^ .,, rt , o , and defines as work not needed ^ nomiiwled." Actually he's been i or jobs not performed. It claims n|nnJnB hard {or nianv mon ths i Scattered showers are expected to- northwest. It Will be warmer ill tlie j suc , h assignments cost the ra' 1 His exnlamtion of why night in Florida, the Gulf coast states, northern Plains and northern Rockies, ! roac i s mo re than 500 million dol- j m. i • *-»! t' t A » *i _ I- _ »- J __.„!,•.*• 1** 4 t* n *••*•**••• \M Itt <•• • B1 fr%t%l %*tt lln%f I \jf\QY- The unions, with a total of about 22;!,000 members, recently re- SVNNY AND PLEASANT northwest. It will be warmer in thc rmuua, ...< «„.. i««« —.,.,, northern Plains and northern Rockies, parts ol the Plains states, Utah and cooler in the upper Mississippi valley Ari/.ona. It will continue cool in the and the Plains states. (AP Wlrephoto southeast and warm in the Pacific Map) Two Large Delegations WeatherForecast ceived pay increases of slightly announce formally was: , "somebody has to tend the store." While he was minding his duty! as Senate majority leader, he; for the: ., _ Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, standing on Commonwealth. Sir Arku Korsah, in They are the Brotherhood of Lc* drods of im P° rtnnt votps in tlle s tool, is sworn in as first president of business suit, administers the oath as a Engineers, Order of Sellat(1 Thls w a s aimed at Sens the Republic of Ghana at ceremony at robed sword-bearer holds the sword of Conductors and Brake-i john F - Kennedy •««»--» -^ ...•-. . more than 10 cents an hour spread i said ', ° thpr candidates I IK tt, ~~»I~A ' nomination were miss ng hun- Alton and vicinity: sunny toller an elght ; month_pertod. iday. with high in the middle; )-Mass) and _ ! sunnv and continual'm™. ' Brotherhood" oT'"ltoiiio7d' fwt Symington (D-Mo., who fifa™ became'a republic fn~ the British mostly sunny and contlnue ' 1 i Trajnmen and Bl , otherhood of Lo . have been campaigning as an- FIRST PRESIDENT OF GHANA Accra lasl Friday , fhp day state. (AP Wlrephoto) Bv JACK BELL i LOS ANGELES (AP^ — Pre- convention shakedou, ns pointed to-; day toward the powerful Pcnnsyl-i vama and California delegations as potential kingmakers in the Democrats' selection of a presidential nominee. Out of the din of conflicting | claims from supporters of tin : leading candidates there appeared to be emerging a general conviction among the party pros that if the two big—and nominally uncommitted—slates go for the same candidate they can just about call the turn on the nomination. But there was no assurance, as platform committee sessions continued preliminary to the opening of the convention Monday, that the two stales would cast even a majority of the SI votes each holds for' the same candidate. Gov. Edmund G. (Pat) Brown of California was reported leaning toward Sen..John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts. Informed labor union sources were betting that Governor David L. Lawrence will try lo throw a majority of the Benevolent Fund Plan Discussed pleasant, high in the lower 80s. 'l,ipht northerly winds today and;comotive firemen and Enginemen t T<U« ...tint* nV.infp cntH tho OTllrtV I I*' 1 ". tonight. Missouri. divided Pennsylvania delegation n iee1ing for consideration o! behind Sen. Stuart Symington of employes interested. . City Treasurer M. O. Elliott land Assistant City Comptroller Thomas K. Weber presided at (lie conference. Extended Forecast Illinois — Temperatures will average near normal north and ; 2-4 degrees below normal south. •Normal h i g h. 83 to 90. Normal :iow, 60 to 65 north, 64 to 71 south. Temperatures slightly be;low normal at start of period As the result of a second i followed b - v S raduual warming ,; trend beginning about Friday meetmg of representatives of ( . omjnui th h the weekend . the various city departments and agencies. Tuesday evening in City Hall, plans are goin,; forward for the establishmer 1 of a benevolent fund among city employes from which group donations would be made to pub- charitable and benevolent enterprises. From the survey reports made by the departmental representatives it was found that about 75 city employes were interested in establishment of the fund, and decision was made to draw proposed by-laws for the administration of the fund and submit them at a later nounced candidates for some The union chiefs said the study commission should be made up of On the Republican side Call- representatives of the unions,; fornia attorney William F. 3rin- nianagement and the general pub-1 ton announced a national cam- jj c > paign to draft Gov. Nelson A. • Rockefeller of New York as the GOP presidential candidate. Brinton's announcement in San Fran- leaders said the rule changes demanded by the rail lines would modify or eliminate virtually every rule affecting compensation and working conditions, and they added: . "Your proposal necessarily involves a comprehensive review of the entire wage structure, to!nomination. Will Require 2 Weeks to Two Vehicles Df unaded by Clean Up Storm Debris Th More than two weeks more of .assigning work to cxpeditiously Cisco said the draft movement i work remains to complete the rc |j cvo serious situations. ron .„ Motor vchiples \\ete damaged y thrown missiles in two wide- Johnson Force* Name Fifth Ballot By O. M!»-TOK KELLY WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. I.vndon B. Johnson's campaign forces said today they aim to land the Democratic .presidential nomination for him no later than the fifth convention ballot. They conceded that overtaking ihc pace-setting Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts represent^ n hrge-sized order. But Oscar L Chapman, ttvchairman ot the Cifi/ens - for • Johnson campaign .orgiini/ation. issued the flat pre- i diction that "we'll makP it." ! The Kennedy drive, Chapman said, "has none about as far as it can no." adding that this is .'short <>l the 7(i) votes necessary ;lo win the nomination. Johnson formally announced his lout; known candidacy only Tuesday an.l told a televised news con- fnVnrc "I e.xpect to be nominated." ' ! The Texas senator said his 'backi-is have told him a third- ballot victory is possible, but he ,-idrli <l he feels no one can predict with c'Tlamlv on which ballot U> decision will come. ' Chapman said the third ballot "will be crucial." and added in an interview: "That will be the keystone. The break in Kennedy's strength will begin to take place on the third ballot." He said the fourth or fifth ballot should bring a Johnson vic- dependinp; on thi» sharpness what happens on the third. would spread quickly to at least | pick-up of debris from last| sajd ,),.„ telephone appeals last l.v-separated Incident? here, Joh|)son hjmsf .|f said he does 19 other states. Vice President!Thursday morning's windstorm.j^. avei . (| onp ., , njn . Tuesday evening Richard M. Nixon is regarded as jit was estimated today by Thorn- virtually sure to cop the GOP|as F. (Griffin Jr., city engineer. ute. Friday, they had somewhat Harrv Lee Hhoades of JOC, not Know bow many first-ballot votes he will have, but "my Houlcy Dr.. a Brown Motor frjpn , 1s ,,,|| m{ , r W ill have in ex First Ballot If Kennedy gets the support of both delegations, plus votes he may pick up from other favorite! Named as a committee to sub-jurat ion. son or uncommitted states, hisjmit by-laws are Robert Church backers think the Massachusetts I ich, chairman, Edward Vounv senator could make the grade on lard of the police department, Precipitation will total from one- fifth of an inch or less to one- quarter to one-half inch south, occurring as scattered showers mostly over the weekend. ListProgram For Legion Convention With hundreds of Legionnaires from 34 Southern Illinois counties expected here July Hi-17 for | the Fifth Division, Department jof Illinois American Legion convention, Alton's Post 126 has announced plans lor a full cele- u, c — «=»- o ...... ... ~,~- .......... -. The clearing project will con- eased. Tuesday, the calls for . Lmes tus tlrivei . reported !•> tW8S of 30, anrf m y leading op- which the ordinary processes of! A f Los Angeles, the Democratic tlnuc ai unabated pace for the aj(] nml , imlh | c repol . ts tapered police at 10:15 p.m. that as he , w , n h . lvc , PSS than 600. - " s a . d t cal JJirilu y dliu i mi iii\.\j alien \t vyp- , .. .....».•>,..* j , ....... ,.,,.~. t , j position on one proposal from Dr. of contract help m the hauling , y h . ]( , k (o norma) 'Edward R. Annis of the American operations will be discontinues ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ _ _ _ . Annis said the Starting next week, when tnr ^ )Q f]ow IQ lhc (>u jcupied by youths., The lump of and Johnson IM . xl wi(h 231. cal care for the ; peak of the emergency « over ^ ^ ^ ^te shattered the winds hie,,H on arp un , ()innlltte d or spread the Railway Labor Act are suited. "We believe that sudh a review, it it is to be made, calls for the creation of a special wage strut--1j Medical Assn. Dr ture study commission." i financing of medical v.«.^ ..^ ...^. . The union men suggested thatj.^ed through social security, as ; he said, the remainder 01 tne Jthe study commission be author-1favored by many Democrats,;will be left for completion oy lized to consider the work rule re-| wou i d lead to socialized medicine.'»«? regular streets depaiiineni reaching the I ( j ,'r__ IMm tt'i >.s-\ i I w>n \L* II I IV* " ! visions asked by the carriers and j ^ n Symington said at Harris- "sudi other proposals as either! burg Pa he doesn ' t think the: party may desire to submit." | Democratic convention has beeni Theyindicated^^nions^ghtl^^. Former President H^ ^—^\™j;;;,^ t -" dam ;;ing operation. 11 platform committee began its rest of this work-week, s a i u ()[f |() one . lmrd , hc p ,, ak of .(«,'ove his bus, north on Alny ; md , bo|j( , vc , hjs is COITPct .•• i carpentry and ran into sharp op- Griffin, but after Friday the u^; Thllrs( | ay and fof ) ay W0le fail , near K. 13th street a . bunk of Tht> |ate8( AssociaU ^ p resg poll \,.,, was hurled from a pacing ()( f ,,, u . Katr , s sho ws Kennedy with c , jnV p r1 ii,| P cnr ; npparontly no- - 4()1 ., Vl)) ,. s . as thp (ront n)n ner. Others among and othP r candi- 'force. The pace then will be 1hc volumc vvas diminishlngi .ihi' driver's side of the bus. he fiivoril( , |arKely bc ..sf:id. dales Th e comeriihlc car continued j 0 hason hendcjuarters said the ris .; force. The pace , "../I/in outer edges of the city area and>«'h " n Aih >' anri " irnori f ' asl senator plans no further public tne jslower, but (he juh should DC »n-: |his means ., , ongei . hal|J . md on 1LMn St . Police were unable to nlovf . in nis campaign until reach- >en |.shed m another «wo weeh*. , r time factor for the tmck .i B « trace of it. , im! LO. S Angeles Thursday after- Thus far almost no work t as ^ ; RhoHdcs martc his report to noon . wh cn another Johnson request away-from-home expenses and wage differentials for night, Sunday and holiday work. The meeting of management and labor representatives was private. The railroads made no immediate comment on the brotherhood proposal. Vormm Don Twitchell of the fire department. Mrs. Jocelyn Parker of the city library staff, Mrs. Martha Whyers of the recreation board office, and Miss Margaret Johnson of the parking meter division. the first ballot. But Kennedy's opponents contend be can't climb that hill and will start sliding after the initial roll call. Whether the Kennedy blitz tactics work may depend on how Cnv. bpRoy Collins of Florida, the convention's permanent chairman, handles shouted requests for approved at a later meeting, j s p e ak. . Biebel of Belleville, of the Fifth Division, stated that scheduled along with Five-Year Plan NEW DELHI, India W> — Prime Minister Nehru's govern- a drum and bugle corps compe-| ment expects foreign nations to tition is a bowjing contest, a \ pay Just over a fifth of the 21 bil- flag-burning ceremony, a civil ;'>°n dollars the third five-year defense exhibit, a parade, and banquet at the Hotel Stratford at 6:30 p.m. July 16 when Thomas A. Younglove, a former under- plan budgeted to cost. Most of the foreign aid is to come from the United States. S. Truman, Symington's chief supporter, had charged that Democratic National Giairman Paul M. Butler had rigged things in favor of Kennedy. An Adlai Stevenson supporter, Rep. Charles H. Brown of Missouri, figured Johnson and Kennedy would kill each other off on early ballots and tho race would then be between Stevenson and Symington. Stevenson has said he's not a candidate for a third presidential nomination, but he hasn't ruled out the draft his backers hope will develop at Los Angeles. that boys on the bluff, immedi Griffin, the parks men will return to the parks job. and seme piling up waiting for attention Part of the streets force, start- city streets division men and|inK^ne.\M Monday, will be equipment will f.tely west of the city limits on McAdams Highway, were throw- George Washington began his career as a surveyor In 1748 at Winchester, Va. assigned toas-l s >gned on street repairs, and the; '"I, j sewers division men will be able " Many trees were blown down! to give necessary altenlion foi.'j^. and others badly ravaged bv the sewer repairs. storm in Rock Spring Park. Only work done there thus far has been to clear one or two giant trees that, fell to block the main driveway. Since the storm, Assistant City i was telephoned l>y ;(,. W. Critchfield of Graf ton. i A deputy sheriff informed po. „. _ . ...,,, , jlinc he was investigating at the Sir Robert \VaIpote. who mov-' and asked , hal the stafe 2 "^ N0 '^^ nl ^ S " T^ihighway patrol be a.sked to dis- First Occupant CHICAGO itf* — A record 440 deaths were reported on the nation's highways during the three- The final toll far exceeds ,the previous mark for a three-day In- celebration-40? Acddftrfal deaths during the _ than 225 years ago, was the first ! , h * , rooper to asjjjsf pcnod-e p.m. Friday to midnight D.its.v. „„: — _:_!„» — .„ ------ 1 1- ... prime minister to occu-j _ Engineer Guy M. Fairfield hasjp.v the residence which has been' It was Cervantes in his ______ Monday— also included 34 in boat D o n ing accidents. 123 drownings and been stationed at the municipal garage office, taking calls, and the official home of prime min-iQuixote" who wrote: "Make hay 110 from other causes for an isters ever since. while the sun shines." .over-all total ol 707. If I he fund project is finally | t . over agent f or t|, e FBI will state vote switches likely to come]said Ellioil, the fund members] when the official roll call nominal-!\\ould elect an administrative! Jy ends. board to handle it. Membership Supporters of Senate majority;in the fund would be wholly vol- During the parade Sunday, | July 17, starting at 1:30 p.m. u] , flight of C-119s from the "3rdI, Troop Carrier Squardon of Scott j' !Air Force at Belleville will!. leader Lyndon B. Johnson, whojuntary. formally threw his Texas hat in| subscriptions of members to' s over tne c . ity the presidential ring Tuesday. : lne fund , ikcly would be han-; One hundl . ed bow]i teams ; were reported working for achange I dlcd by payro ll deductions. i arp expected to register for the! 1 in the loosely drawn rules that Thos() jujnjng , he [und would tournament which is sanctioned 11 now permit the presiding officer )c climinated from personal,by the American Bowling Con-! lo recognixe any delegation chair-i S0lil , jnuions at time O f various jgress. | charitable and benevolent ca<n- man he chooses. Their effort reputedly was 01-, . and drives lor funds . reeled at slowing down any band-^ wagon surge that might develop if Kennedy camo close on the first tally to the 7til votes required for the nomination. Aljiliulx-lically National Chairman Paul M Butler suggested'that the roll of states that might signify a desire to switch could be called alpha- Market on 17th Street Burglarised After the banquet on Saturday 1 night, delegates, members of their families and friends have been invited to dance and snack at the Legion Home, Sixth and • George streets. Sunday's schedule will start •with "Back to God" services at 8 a.m. at the Grand Theater. Alter the services, women of the! auxiliaries will meet in business Midget Market at 22 E. 17th,session at the Hotel Stratford, helically. Collins took that propo- St. \\as hurglari/ed late Tues-l wn j| e Legionnaires will have) sal under advisement but wouldn't nay evening by an intruder whoi(| le ji- business meeting at thei say what he will do il the rules l;i<-ked in a panel of a renriKagles Lodge. ! committee fails to act. door and marie off with an es- The parade is slated to start| Symington's and Kennedy's sup- nmuted $81) in cash. a | Pearl and Broadway at 1:30' porters claimed choice mez/anin • Police investigated and found and move west on Broadway to; spots lor their headquarters. Pro- uv break - in after a resident Riverside Park. ! moters of a drive to draft Adlai riPil ,. n u , storp called at ll:-lf> Lloyd L. Triable, general! E. Stevenson <»mplained the\ liud |,. m . to report that someone ap- chairman of the . convention, been assigned by Chairman But- paienlly hud entered the build- Mated that a huge attendance is ler only two small rooms near a i:iu An automobile was reported i expected at the official drumj hotel kitchen. They dubbed their 1(l have S p W ) away from the vi-;and bugle corps competition to quarters "Butlers pantry." unity ot the store Just before be staged at Alton Public School The platform committee barged policemen arrived Stadium on State street, inio a controversy over medical P)))jl . p ,.. |JJ(?d |))(1 s , ore * wnp) . '. The banquet speaker, Young- care for the elderly Nelvm Spu-kerman from his' low - is » Sr Louis ronti-aclor Dr. ICdward R. Annis. spokes- | llllli( , .,, • !X ^- Qscar St He found w ' 1 ° P° se( l as a communist for rnan lor the American Medical ; S .,„ ' ln ' ,.|i' u ' luc and jgj j n paper itlu ' ^' lor nilu ' vears - He'had Associations told members tliai n n ' 1(in(iy n)| ' ssin<1 , rom a cash hos >liered his services to the FB1| would be difficult lor physicians Thf ;„„,, s;ik , was un , ouchp ^.;as a patriotic duty. 1 4o vote Democratic if the parly Hnd appa| . pn ,| v I10 merchandise: Vounglove held 13 elective and endorses a program tumiiced ^ hv ,. ikf>n he'told policemen. ,"PP 0 " 1 ''^ offices in the Com- thruugh social security taxes " ' ' imunist Party. He was subjected | Most of the presidential hopefuls already have done so. Maying foliilo Rep. Ray Madden (D-Indi broke V.-ailct' 1 rail 1C Jaill in on Annik' lestimons to declare that some AMA officials arej At Last AltOII "playing jwlitict; for the Repub licww" on the issue The Risen-! administration has opposed security approach. •Medical aid for the :._'Kl wat> ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS Iff your telephone service has been disrupted, or if you have had difficulty reaching all the numbers you wanted, due te the men! storms — • Thank you for yeur patience, EAST ALTON -"It could have to party brainwashing and attend-1 ed secret communist schools He 1 was a government witness in several of the trials of leading U. S. Communist*, including the spectacular IWi) trials in New York and also St. Louis in 1956. Alter the parade disbands in Your local telephone team been worse. The bottles could,Riversicci Park, the Honorable have been full of molasses".'Frank G. Millard, general coun- said Harold Rigtjins. Kast Alton !St .| of Ihe Department of Hie Ar-j named many members ot ij» com- It was listed al'.n,: with UUBtance. housing ,,nd ted- aid for *ducaiioii ,in ( r(e- QMMHfld •COUOHljt' ftl('"- There was a feeluiii <>" n»- part af mmw memtwf ttut <>H'M' nuit ten inient overshadow tou^n pulicy qiioajioni dMpHd ""• col- Upk« of the summit coi>i< »>mt and tbe wlthdiawsd o/ the i ton for fVMdent Eu*nhowi i 'Japuj fx)lit ' e '' hie( alt01 " tllU ' k ai '' ni > wi)l ddiver "" addj ' ess at loud °' ? molasses bo.,les ,n '"'^'.f t ' on < at Alt. 67 in olpu,ximulely 3:30 p.m. iriiuu ? n The \eUin firm travelinji west dom Madison when the load shitted and a rope broke, causing Ihe bottles to be dumped in the west bound lanes el Hie intersection. The accident slowed and backed up '" lo *'!) hours. A 17-yeai-old youth convicted of driving no milei* an hour uiujt keep a daily record of per horih killed on Virglnig high ways. He must take a monthly report to Judye Francis Bin lord uiui can drive only on spe tilic c»v<Jfcniiit"i!l iiutn hi* t'ff) • W. S ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE SUMMER - YEAR AROUND WEIGHT -SUITS WERE 50.00 WERE 60.00 WERE 65.00 WERE 75.00 -> -> -> NOW 37.50 NOW 45.00 NOW 48.79 NOW 56.25 • WALK SHORTS • 5.95 to 999 8.95 Values . . . 2 for $7.50 • SHOES • Yew Around Disc. Stylet 16.95 re 24.95 Values Special Group 7.00 13 00 STRAW HATS * 5.9S to 7.95 Values • SLACKS 8.95 to 10.95 Values . . 12.95 Values 16.95 Values . . 7 78 9" •SPORTCOATS< 39.00 to 48.00 Valuw Now 24 50 • SUMMER SUITS • (SPECIAL GROUP) 36,00 TO 49.00 VALUIS~NOW. 22" MEN'S ITORE 211 Heu» St.—Oown»»w* ( AJt«n—HO 2*1221

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