Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1960 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1960
Page 21
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PAGE TWENTY-TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH r Alton New* Events rtAfcOf,* TO Uppe Cecil Harden. 3541 Hoover Mr an Alton High School tea (her xvfil take part in a summer institute In physics /md chemist n at Kno* CoWege. .Tnlv 11 to At-ie. 19. it was announced today Thr teacher will receive a stipend during the six-week rotDse ;it the (iale«burg college. The institute is sponsored through a $;i!,200 crant from the national Science Foundation. Dr. Herbert Priestloy. chairman of thr Knox physics department. M ill serve as director. (OMMIMST VICTIM TO SM.AH AT I AI.VAKY The I'ev. Petei Knivhii. u victim of Communist occupation in Kuropo. will >peak Wednesday. 7 p.m.. at the Calvary Riptist Church. The mimstci WHS born in Latvia in 1907. the son of a farmer. Persecution of religion and the church began as soon as the Communists tixik over in the early 1940's. All churches and church property were transformed into museums, theaters and army camps. "But this did not stop the ei- torts of people to worship God." lie says. "The revolution, rathe,- than destroying the faith of the people, merely increased I heir liiith." The Rev. Kne/.ha has become an American citizen. Mis home is in Jacksonville. He was an evangelist in Latvia before the Communists took over. During the Russian occupa- itime in the copper mining area, church spokesman said. 'Mrs. Gent, sister Of Mrs. Undley, left for home at Tulsa, Okla. She was visiting m ° n S !of hundreds of candidates who were selected to attend the institute. cjttLTtcn* \VII.I, MfcKT WfctJMwnAY Cildc III till \V(I- ictv of Christian Sci \ j \Vcrl Main Street \\ill mpf In a.m.. nl I he M,'Hindis! Church. A covered dish luiichfun will be served a! noon. The business meeting will start at 1:15 p.m. Hl11 Pleaded guilty. Mrs. Gilbert Swain, chairman i of Hie f;ircle, will preside. MAN FNrW) *J5 FOR SftOOTtNd PtftfiCllACllEfi§ Ave^ was'fined' $15'in poUcei MAI ^ METHODtSt , court this mornini: on a charge j The Rev. .Tohn Henderson., of exploding firecrackers in his 1 pastor, will lead the adult group yard Monday nteht. •'"' •"<• Wednesday. 7 p.m. serv- Polire were called to the Frn-. k>t> at lh( ' Mflin S1reel MP'hodlst- nor avenue neighborhood on a Chiin-h. His topic title will be. complaint. The investigating of- "Faith Exemplified.' licer WHS driving past Hill's The official hoard will meet house when he heard the fire Wednesday. 8 p.m. Volunteer Choir will rehearse at the samej time. | Youth sponsors and leaders; will meet Thursday, 8 p.m., at: crackers explode. KEEP HALL ROLLING IMt.v Tilton, H prrfornuT at the annual Alton State Hospital .Julv 1 ihou, balances on a ball in front of larno auinonci' only |»art ol which is shown ln-rr. Krnic Ilcldinan. a St. Lonis tclrviHton pcrfonn- •T, is on staRp with Miss Tilton. Tho afternoon portion of the program, which included a dinner on the lawn and a ballgamc, was cut short by the threat of rain. — George Morton Photo. WOMEN TO MKKT WKDNESOAV VViimi''n will meet \VertnesdH.v. U:.".iI to 11:30 a.m. at the I'ppt'l' Allnii liaptist Church to dressings. MAN Bt'KNKU BV FIKIX KACKKK 12. ILL WITH PF.M'MOMA Paul Knight, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Knight. Rt. 1. Seminary Rd, is in Missouri Pacific Hospital. St. Louis, with pneumonia. . The 12-year-old boy was rushed to S 1 . Louis Sunday night alter he became gravely ill. His condition is fair but it is not tnp c . hm .,. h RAsM 0|r AI;TO M|SIIAI ' 8 IN AREA OVER WEEKEND A rash of automohile ncci- dents occurred in the I'pper Alton area over the holiday «cek- end. police reported today. Charles A. Reese. L'B17 Yacger St.. was reported uninjured after machine skidded mote than 100 feet before he slammed Into the truck operated by Charles G. Behymer, 1158 Walnut St., S. Roxana. The report snowed Gillespiej was chained with not having an | operator's license in his posses-! sion and with intoxication. Brakes failed on an automo-; bile Saturday. 7:15 p.m.. and it crashed into another machine at \ Salu and rftimhert streets, police reported. Drivers were listed as Joshua Caudle, 2516 Locust St.. and Edward W. Voss, 1903 Pleasant St. Voss said he was halted at the stop sign in the eastbound, lane of Salu when his car was struck from the rear. Caudle told police his brakes fatted. One motorist stopped when he heard an ambulance siren Sunday, 3 p.m., at Broadway and Main street and an accident ensued, police reported. Drivers were listed as Carl Anderson. 818 Center St.. East Alton, and (». L. Oranf, Rt. 1,. Orafton. Anderson told police he started his car in operation as the TUESDAY, JULY 5, I960 •- • • block of Edwards street, Monday, 7:45 p.m., police said. Mrs. Mfte Wiseman, Til Riverview Dr., told police afte was traveling east on Edward* wtw the motor of her automobile died and she rolled into a parked machine belonging to Miss vShlrley K. Seymour. 1211 Callahan !» " ~* . "Nellie Bly." the newspaper woman who' made her famed that moment heard the siren, ni; 11noa. m™.. .« --• — halted quickly and his machine I ing plant. It was given to Miss was struck in the rear by Bly, whose real name was Ete- Grant's car, police said. Both cars were headed east. A mishap occurred in the 2200 . abeth Cochrane, by her wealthy husband, Robert L. Seaman in 1899. missionaries who lost their lives in hrlnglng Christianity to the he was separated from bis lam-'ice Wednesday. 7:30 p.m.. al lly and he thought lot- six San ford church. The film is a months they had all died. How- documentary account of tbu five ever they were re-united before the ond ol World War II Following the end ol World Alu . n Indians in South America. War II the Knezhns spent many months in displaced persons camps, until July. 11MJI. when they were permitted passage In ''''"' f "' M ^''""l 1 "' camper* the United States through the 1'i'om I he church will leave Sal- sponsorship ul H Ch r i s t i a n urday for the state camp at Low friend. Since that time he has Point, near Pt-oria. They will in- James Dorsey. staying at 1016 k " mvn uhon ht> wi " ho dis<'harg. his aulomobile went out of ron-j Highland Ave, was burned wl »«• whiltl 'raveling east in the' when a firecracker was explod- oil BAHIWLI'H TO 2m block ° f Colle « e avenup ed near him in Rock Spring ATTK v|, IV«TITI TI Sunday, 4:35 a.m., police said. f- ATTI..M1 I\STITI TV. Th( , automob| | c strm . k a ul) |. |lie e near him in Pork. Monday night, police said. for Visitation will day, ti: 15 p.m. The firs! m , p( , Ul| . ( , r , ,. om .,, ln jng |Communism _ the evils ol camp in Latvia. His relatives were sent to ^Siberia to work in coal'mines. In July I'l'l Hitler's army moved into Latvia, taking over the nation fo;- .1 tour-yeai; period. The Latvians enjoyed religious Ircedom undo (k-rmans. Muring that time Knezha escaped the labor camp and rejoined his family in Riga, but in October. 194-1. the Russians inarched back into , ) OWAISA CLASS TO IIAVK POTLFCK TONIUHT Owaisa class ol the Main Street Methodist Church will meet tonight. K:'.W. in the social room. A pot luck supper will start oil the session. A drink and dessert will be supplied. Hostesses witl ,- be Mrs. Henrv Kichen. Mrs. he held Thins- SIIUKS STOLKX FKOM I I'HKK ALTON SHOP A display window was smashed at the United Men's Shop. 162'J Washington Ave, early- Monday 'but only one pair of dude Jimmy Rilcy. C.regroy; women's shoes was reported Line-berry and Stephen Line-'missing, police said. berry. They will take part in! Night merchant watchman. i ho Junior Camp lor one week. 1 John Ellis, found the damage toj :thc window. He notified police I MR. AND MK*. IJNDLKV vvho ca]ied (he manager of 1he| BACK FKOM TOfK place, Jack Weinberg. who. Mi. and Mrs. William Linriley. drove from his home at Creve L'Bi'.l Humbert St.. have return- Coucr. Mo, to make a check., All he could find missing was ATTEND INSTITt TK Dr. Marinus P. Bardolph. 3438 jty po le and then caromed into Dorsey. whose home was be- Mei . idot . iH St- . hlls beetl se | e cted a parked machine which is own- in Philadelphia, was ink- |0 , akp ,,.„., ,„ fne Naflonal S ci- :ed by Luther Lowell. Rosewood enee foundation institute at Fort Heights. Lewis A. & M. College at Dur- Police said thai Reese do/.ed ango. Colo, it was announced today. The Alton SIU Center instructor will attend the five-day institute starling Wednesday. It St. Joseph's Hospital and dismissed. at the wheel. .John W. (iillespie. ol Deeatur. was charued in two counts alter his iiutomohile rammed u truck on K. liroudway and Come In constitutes a refresher course in place, Saturday. 6:45 p.m.. po- rcadion mechanismi in organic lice reported, chemistry. * j Both .vehicles were I raveling Dr. Bardolph was one ot 33 out I west. Police said that Gillespie's; How's tht "view from tht drivtr's stat in your car? Panoramic windshields l'\ir All (.'art. V hiKtull wlnd»hiel(l» tind our windows quickly. LYONS Illms Co., 3100 llcllc. IHnl HO 2-3 Don't pass the buck- QIVE YOUR BUCKS to the Party of your choice! DIG DOWN! Contribute DIG IN (Work for your Party and VOTE! Published ai a public wrvice in cooperation with The Advertising Council and the New»p«per Adverting txecutivei Aiiocialion p tu Miclii- With his family he left his Fenslfi'm.'in ;<nti Mi Snyder. SAXFORU BAPTIST SKTS MBKTING A missionary nieetiny San ford Avenue Baptist will be held ed from a six-day nan and Wisconsin. They were' accompmiifd by s. II ./. Mis-s Louise- Lindley and Mrs. I.u la (.Jen I. They stopped al Pewaukee in Wisconsin where they visited friends who live on a lake Ot Ulf! Church several clays with Miss Alice , al the and Miss Bernicc Williamson at (he size snatched play. ~ l ? shoe from the which window was di.s- lu)11 "' of Mrs - Hnlr - v MKKTIXG TONIGHT AT TABKHXACLK Deacons and trustees will meet tonight, 7:30, al the Taber- hore. In Michigan they spent nacl<? Bapfist Cnurch . The regular church meeting wjll be held Friday. 7:30 p.m. Wheeler. I heir Lake Superior home near Both dates are one week later. Calumet. Both are' teachers in Meetings could not be held last week because of the confusion home and possessions to flee to V^" 11 ' ol • v "'- s ; Danzig, where the German* 1 - 7 -" 1 North Si helpefl him get into Germany.! A film. "Martyred Men", will Alton. During the flight to Germany be shown al the midweek serv- The parly also spent sume resulting from the storm, a \ < « Due to Fourth of July Holiday - We Will Be JL OPEN TUESDAY NITE $ UNTIL 9 P. FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE NEXT WEEK MAKE IT A FAMILY NIGHT! V V A. & P. Feed Veres 41! Fiaoa •itdtrmon Furniturt 30V,i01 Piana Gately't 208 tt. 3rd W. T. Grant Ce. 305 \V. 3rd J. & R. Aute Sterei Spiegel Catalog De»k 400 Belle L & L Furniture 4th and Pia«u .SI. FREE PARKING METERS Schoeffer's I UK \\, 3 Sears Roebuck Ce. Slack Furniture ','118 AV. Snl Thrifty Drug :<!» Hclle Thrift Hardware 500 Belle ick's Sheet 114 \V. SiTi* Young's Dry Goods HH-IOK \\. 3nl & '* ^ - j* •> T ->feivv ^ v ~Wf * i I **** ***{ ™ * * AT "UNCLE" DICK SLACK, the Jolly Irishman-You Pay I FINANCE OR BUDGET T IT'S AN EXTRA SAVING AT SLACK'S ON EVERYTHING YOU BOY! For Example: Suppose you're remodeling or furnishing a new home and your furniture bill amounts from $1000 to $2000 or more. 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