Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 22, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1957
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Iqnior Editors Quiz on ANIMAL QUIZ MAK€ fRIENOS If your child is old enough write and receive letters he Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa 0\ Thursday, Aug. 22, 1957 *J Why do so many women let their hair down while the hair* dresser is doing it up? old enough to be entitled to some' you that right privacy. So never read his mail, Being a parent does not give TIZZY By Kate Osann QUESTION: Why do cows have more stomachs than we have? ANSWER: Although a cow has 32 teath, they are not sharp enough to chew its coarse food properly. So this animal has a complicated digestive system which includes four stomachs to help it eat. When the cow grazes it cannot bite off the grass on which it feeds. Instead it must pull or tear the grass by moving its head from side to side. The cow is able to chew this grass enough to moisten it. Then the grass is swallowed and passes into the first stomach, which is called the paunch. Here the food is moistened further and then passes into a second stomach, known as the reticulum, for more softening. Then the food returns to the mouth and the cow gives it a thorough chewing. At this stage, the cow is said to be chewing its cud. Then the food passes through a third stomach, the omasum, to a fourth stomach. This fourth stomach is the true stomach and is like our stomach. FOR YOU TO DO: Next time you're on a farm, watch a cow eat and you'll see that afterwards it keeps on chewing its cud. (Lana Sanders of Breda, Iowa, wins $10 for this question. Send yours to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Tomorrow: Who invented the first airplane?) OUT OUR WAY BY J. ft. WILLIAMS fax •» 1MS7 to MCA amka. if I'm "This Is supposed to be very secret—but let me know not whispering loud enoughl" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer ASDUllA flttftA NEW* 05SP MATS "If s my hope chest—I have high hopes!' "Oh, quality poohl What I want to know is how fast will It go!" World Rivers Answer to Previous Puzzle SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith T.M. U*. fit. OA. ' i MA fttntx, IM. 66 Boleyn, Lindbergh and others DOWN 1 The earth 2 Form a notion 8 Prohibit 4 Greek letter 5 Tree exudate 6 Greatest quantity 7 Summer (Fr.) 8 Shoshonean Indian 8 Greek lyric poetess 10 Pitchers 11 Perched "So Ifs the funniest hat you ever saw? Well, if I listened to you, I'd still bt wearing those ostrich plumes I had on our honeymoon I" ACROSS 1 River of central Italy 6 FTench river 11 Staid 12 Canadian • river 14 Spheres of action 15 Percolated slowly 16 Pewter coin of Malaya 17 Devotee 16 Priority (prefix) 20 Goddess of infatuation 22 Negative reply J J Fruit drink 23 Exclamations of satisfaction 24 Conclusion 26 Fashionable boulevard in Madrid 29 Unit of weight '31 Bustle 32 Mariner's direction S3 Long fish 34 Rugged mountain spur 36 Color 38 Postscripts (ab.) 36 Beholdl 41 Membranous pouch 43 Dry, as wine 44 Little demon 45 Woody fruit 47 Pared 50 Last 83 Temper, as steel 84 Russian coin (var.) 55 Fixed look ElNIB 5TN 1TF M. N NTT SiS. MlwlHli M. TisaiNlAie mm UNI* 23 Idolizes 25 Completed 27 Tatter 28 Jewish month 30 Seine 34 Upward motion 85 Shade tree '37 European river 18 Soak up gravy 38 Hammer 21 Penetrates heads 40 Musical drama 42 Ringlets 43 Mineral spring 44 Indolent 46 Golf mound 48 Meadow 48 Auricle 51 Negative prefix 52 Payment demand r OUR BOARDING HOUSE . with . MAJOR H60PLI Mtm T5l6 VtoOSFtTHKfl JLiiTAR,JAKE ?' ITjtf A£'" A TRULY BEAUTIFUL.:-. , Fl Mis M, REDDISH AtJfD A iPLetolDTOWB ~ftiOD6A * OTTECT6OV00 «Tfi|KlM0J A FEW DISCORDS MAY X FINGER rrA "MOMENT; &3U6HT IT F8« T£W &)C?K* ' 1 SYETALIAN MADS nrtf*. EARS ASO/ ii£> ft HI 5f& Vou GOT} MAT LETTER # BUGS BUNNY This Way Out PRISCILLA'S POP Mindirjg His Business BY AL VERMES* ALLEY OOP On Schedule BY V. T. HAMLIN WE'RE LOOKING FOR A> COUPLE MEN AND A. ©RL^\ DtGGlNS.. BOUGHT A MINE SOMEWHERE AROUND HEf MORTY MEEKLE Nice Cruise BY DICK CAVALLI THIS 15 THE LIFE/ THE SPRAV* LADEN BREEZE WHISTLING H ROUGH VtXJR HAIR/ FRECKLES AND HtS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER C'MOM/C'MOM. _ pEJAAND SERVICE/ nn A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Kept Under Wraps BY EDGAR MARTIN COZV WVTH %OtAE TJOU-WWott t>OUL,,. FOOT\ WO%T \)NUSV)f\V., I MUST *r\W\ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE _\ CAN, PUTTHATMONSy feW^s] ALL WE HAVE AND IT HAS TO LAST TUC OGCT/tTUE WEEK/ m mi Grocery Money I WAVENT* BELIEVE bfaj THAT'S OUR BY WILSON SCRUGGS fcfJKAMDME , ff/YOUVliGOT, OfcG HIDDEN, SOMEPLACE.' fcATER.* ' Ufi WENT DOWN TOTH6 TAVERN ABOUT1 TWO HOURS AGO. BUT DOtfrGO NEAR. CAPTAIN EASY Fast Proposal BY LESLIE TURNS* THAT T THAT'S JUST TH0 BEGINNWfli WB... I WANT A / IT'* STARTED AM IMB5TI0AT0N COPY OP ipUK 1 THAT MA/ CLHAK) OUT OMR KW SENSATIONAL, V HdURB* IN TH& RINdl MNWi 1 NEWSST<?Ry,T8Pite ^Z_- I-UH" mm w r m J mm >mki

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