Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 22, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1957
Page 5
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One-Man'Ghost Rider' Police Patrols Cut Crime in Kansas City, Mo. By,MARY KAY FLYNN NEA Staff Correspondent KANSAS CITY, Mo.~,(NEA)"Ghost riders" sitting reside the riot gun in the one-man police patrol cars here are contributing to the success of. the city's revolutionary solo patrol system. The "ghost riders" really aren't goblins or spirits. They're very- much-alive police officers. This city has found that two patrolmen in the same patrol area but riding in separate cars, are more effective than if they rode together in one car over the entire area, "The officer is ndt riding his old patrol area alone—his fellow officer is still there but in an additional car. Police Chief Bernard „C. Brannon said in explaining a vital aspect of his one-man car innovation here. This contact between patrol car officers is welded by a three-way radio, enabling officers to speak from car to car as well as to the police dispatcher.and summon im.- mediate assistance of neighboring patrol cars. It gives the lone officer a feeling of security. Since inauguration of the one- man patrol system in Kansas City in 1953, the city has shown a 39 Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Thursday, Aug. 22, 1957 per cent reduction in major crime for a four-year period ending in 1956 despite an increase of about 22 per cent in the national Crime rates and ranks first among cities of comparable size in the lowest number of crimes committed per 100,000 population. Kansas City was the first city of Its size in the nation to convert completely to the one-man car operation. Veteran officer Sgt. James Canaday, like most of his fellow officers, was apprehensive about personal safety when the one-man system first was adopted. "I know now we're actually more safe alone," he commented. Can Teens' Switchblades Be Outlawed? By JERRY BENNETT NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NEA) — Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn.) is tussling with the manufacturers of switchblade knives to try to keep them out of the hands of juvenile delinquents. Use of the gleaming, deadly weapon by young criminals is becoming so widespread that Congress is ready to step in. But, like state and city officials, even the country's top law making body is having trouble doing anything about it. The problem is how to come up with strong legislation outlawing switchblades without taking the knives away from butchers, surgeons and Boy Scouts. Blame is being laid on a foreign-made knife which Federal law can't touch THE EVIDENCE: Sen. Estes Kefauver points to knives collected by the Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency. Switchblades are Just above "confiscated" sign. first noticed them about two years boys' and girls' prep schools buy Increased production of thisl^go following a New York law ;j ng them new-style weapon is taking the! bannin S sale * tne automatic edge off a Senate bill aimed at| type - „„„ „ ,„ Stiff Penalties Although the Senate bill can't Law officials usually agree the only thing a switchblade is good for is to commit crime. This "We don't have a sense of false security that was sometimes the case when we rode in pairs. Under the one-man operation, -help is a lot closer if you do need it because of the smaller beats and increased number of cars." "And I get more done in quicker time by myself," Patrolman Joseph Cooper added. Less than a year after Chief Brannon took over direction of the police department here in July, 1952. he initiated extensive studies, planning and operation of one-man cars. An experienced police officer, lawyer, former Missouri University professor of police science and war-time district military government commander , on Okinawa, his one-man car sys- PHlLAbELPHlA W — Horse,tern has attracted national and player Francis Palamidas, hasn't I international attention, had a losing day at the track! Kansas City's old 24 patrol areas since he got an assistant — an ] 0 r beats over an 80-square-mile eight-month old monkey. \ area were subdivided into "I was a loser at the tracks for Monkey Picks Horse Winners; Not a Loser Yet immature, emotionally disturbed i and anti-social youngsters and; adults. i many years," Palamidas "The first time I brought Googoo to Atlantic City he picked the winning daily double worth $109.80 last Wednesday." Wednesday Googoo had two winners at 'Atlantic City — L'Auda­ cious, $13.40, in the, second race and Fortunate, $9.80 in the fourth. He had Brilliant Gem to place at $3.60 in the fifth. Googoo's handicap isn't complicated. He picks his choices out of his owner's hat and occasionally points to a horse on the program. Oil makes up about 50 per cent of the peanut by weight 42 areas and a patrol car with a sin- said.^ gle officer assigned to each area. This increased efficiency and still, in -effect, kept two patrolmen in the same geographical area formerly policed by two officers riding the same car. The number of police cars was increased from 128 to 148. Sixteen additional cars were purchased and equipped at a cost of approximately $50,000 to provide coverage of the new patrol areas. To have given the same coverage under the two-man car system would have necessitated an expenditure of $500,000 for additional personnel and personnel equipment. In conjunction with the change, LONE MAN IN A PROWL CAR, Acting Sgt. Tony Trujllto makes radio report on his beat In Kansas City, Mo., where use of one-man patrol cars has cut major crime 39 per cent. is I keeping switchblades away from juveniles. Introduced Bill Sen. Kefauver recently introduc-! *- —— '"T'"™ "7 iloncs to this class Sincp nnlv its ed a bill to outlaw switchblade one shipping or selling the auto- > . t0 this class -Since only ,ts stop the wrist action knife sales,! especially«true of the Italian stil- it carries stiff penalties for any-! eto - ™e wist actl °" knife be " traffic in interstate Co-sponsors are Sens. Thomas C. Hennings Jr., (D-Mo.), John Marshall Butler <R-Md.i and Joseph S. Clark (D-Pa.). Their proposed law defines the weapons as knives which automatically open when a button or other device is pressed. But now knives are being shipped into the country which don't ^™VV.T I matic kind in interstate com-! P°! nt , s Jarp. police say . s good commerce. ; £ ng f or ^tog A ^thatB j^bb ^g would be hard hit. too. ] ^threatening some hapless vic- Conviction would carry the ' threat of two years in jail plus! SeR - Kefauver warns: The an$2,000 fine. However, a n y o n e swer 4o juvenile delinquency goes caught selling the knives to juve-! much dee per than curtailing the niles could get five years behind bars and a $5,000 fine. have push-buttons. Simply by; have laws banning switchblades. Many cities and states already loosening the spring, hoodlums can open them by a flick of the wrist. And the blade locks in place, just like the'automatic kind. Ernest A. Mitler, special counsel for the Senate Juvenile Delin- a.vailability of these articles. However, it is necessary to protect society from the destruction that can result from the placing of these articles into the hands of But hoodlums in these areas can still* order the weapons through the mail. Mitler says this is why the Federal Jaw is needed. In fact, he says the bulk of interstate switch„ , , , , blade shipments go to the cities quency Subcommittee, admits the j and states With anti-blade laws, teen-age crime investigators face; Sen. Kefauver says a million , Jf a real problem. He explains Con- i switchblades are sold in the Unit- derdale - Jack and Tom Schleis- gress couldn't outlaw this type ofjed States each year most of them! man gave a demonstration on how weapon without preventing the i to juveniles. Subcommittee inves-! ,0 make s P lices and connectors sale of practically every kind of j tigators found that teen - acers 1 for electrical wiring. Record useful, legitimate knife. IpnmmittM a Hn,.» At n ^ „V books were reviewed by W. R ' 4-H CLTjfe MEETS - Members of the Sheridan Sharp Shooters 4-H Club answered roll call with "Cash Crops in Iowa" at a meeting Wednesday night in the Immanuel Lutheran School at Lid- The investigator, who has made j last year's robberies. Many of! an extensive study of juvenile i their victims were held at the i Millender, assistant county extension director. Lunch was served weapons, says increased importation of the gleaming blades started in recent months. Most of them are being shipped into the country from Italy, the principal exporter of the push-button variety. Mitler explains that customs by Mrs. Ray Gross Leonard Schleisman. and Mrs. point of a switchblade knife, In Best Circles The subcommittee's special counsel emphasizes that not all; First inland summer home in these knives go to back-alley slum j North America was Governor, kids. His investigations have found, Wentworth's estate at Wolfe-boro officials students in some of our most elite New Hampshire, built in 1768. ANDY BALK MEN'S WEAR NOW FEATURING BOYS TOGS Andy Balk is proud to announce the addition of a new boys department featuring smart and sturdy new boys clothes. We have just the kind of clothes a boy likes. Carrying those famous brand names of our men's wear. With new shipments arriving daily our stock will be complete in,-the near future. This week we are featuring Shirts, Slacks, Belts and Underwear. VISIT ANDY BALK'S NEW BOYS DEPARTMENT TODAY. ' ' BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS The campus favorite everywhere; stripes, plaids and checks in the true Ivy fashion, with ivy collar (buttoned fore-and-aft); box-pleat in back. These Dan River shirts, are chuck full of easy-care features. Sizes 6 thru 10 Sixes 12 thru 18 $2.98 $3.49 BEDFORD CORD SLACKS $3.98 Good looking washable slacks in new Ivy styles. Pleated styHjng features back buckle and slim tapered legs, Sizes 6 thru 18. Natural, tan, black L„_; CORDUROY SLACKS EXpertly tailored Ivy style of smooth supple corduroy. Comfortable extra warm slacks take loads of abrasive punishment. Featuring leather bound pockets. 6 thru 18. STEDMAN — The "Controlled Quality" Underwear T-Shirts - Briefs - Undershirts DESIGNED WITH YOUR BOY IN MIND If s a pleasure for us to sell you Stedman Underwear for boys. l\ fits accurately, as shrink'resistant, wears like iron and is guaranteed to please you or your money back.. Undershirts 69c Visit Our New Boys' Dept. 79c T-Shlrte Open Friday: fir Saturday Nights all uniform patrol cars were repainted with a switch from solid black to solid white. The combination of more conspicuous coloring and additional police patrol cars on the street had a terrific psychological impact on the public—and law breakers. Some criminals admittedly were reluctant to pull "jobs" in Kansas City because "the place is lousy with police cars." Th sight of two or more police cars converging at the scene of a crime has had powerful psychological effect on the underworld, too. Under the new system, more than 200 per cent more activity has been recorded on the part of one-man car patrolmen in checking buildings and homes and such. Mileage by the cars has risen sharply, too. In taking the calculated risk of placing only one man in a patrol' car, the patrolman's personal Safety was further guarded by a program of specialized training based on teamwork and the realization ' that the officers still would work as a team when the situation calls for it. Chief Brannon insists upon his coordination to the extent of disciplinary action in those cases where a lone officer takes unnecessary chances. STILLWELL Strawberries FROZEN 10 -OZ. Pkg. GLACIER CLUB ICE CREAM Assorted Flavors 2' Gal. 49c COOKIES Oatmeal or Sugar Schulze-Burch 2 Ba|s PEPPER PRE-COOKED WHOLE SMOKED HAMS CATSUP PINEAPPLE Royalty Diced or Crushed MARSHMALLOWS Fireside White 14-ox. Bag 19c CRACKERS Sunshine 3* PICKLES Ma Brown Old Fashioned Pint 23c TOMATO JUICE Llbb/i | • FRESH FRUIT • j TASTY DELICIOUS No. 2 Can* 25c /Sated Otf "U/K£R"4">«*#ri">4 ><9et /fry"/ K&ep One csn /OOA FMeqe/i! Jumbo Size SEEDLESS Grapes 2 Lb*. RED OR WHITE Potatoes 10 39c Schilling's Pure Black 4-ox. Can I Cock 'o the Walk 5 s. $1 KRAFT DELUXE BUTT PORTION Oleomargarine Lb. 39c Kraft Caramels Lb. 35c SHANK PORTION 14 to 16 lb. Avy. Lb. PORK LOIN ROAST Leen, 2Vt to Vh lbs. End Cut, Lb. .... 39c BEEF CUBE STEAK Lean/ Very Tender. Easy to Prepare, Lb. 69c CAKE MIX DROMEDARY White Choc. Angel Food Reg. Pk 8 . 3 pR $ 69c ^ 39c OPEN PIT VEAL CHOPS Very Tender Lb, Barbecue Sauce 35c YEARLING BEEF LIVER u 29c HAO DRESSED WHITING FISH ' 2 <-»• 35c CHARCOAL 10-lb. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES PRICES EFFECTIVE THURS - FRI. - SAT. - AUG. 22-23

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