Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1960
Page 18
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TUESDAY, JUL¥ 5, ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAG* Tfcc Telegraph'* Daily Radio Chart TIJESTUY s—Snort i MO (ftftty *fc* (MM) HMO* (CBt) RWR »M RC fit HO IIM RC ItM HO WORK HO A. M. 6 ^* ^ .a •«• 7 *•• 8 mtmmi 9 N; §: Hlllt: N P Come air, N; Gordon fo. Gordon oorma; N N: N: Richard K. Richard N: RlchaM K. Richard N: ft N: 9 Man OB O0 WorlrfTt B. Morgan P. Lewli Jf. D. oofo-eft D. Gordon N in Parton 8. iarnai Richard*; N N; Richard K. Richard 9 all •>•><! i nivirairw K. Rienara N: Pafj Mttiie Muite D. Gordon «< tt 3: Qordon D. Oordon A trios-Andy TrflS Mu»IC The World N: Riiihara K. Rlehgra 3: jefiMfit B. jwiktnt N: Mttiie Nil* Mu»l« p. Gordon sun off To fhe Gavel Progress I N; JenklM B. Jenklnt N: Jenklnt B. Jenkini N; lm«f« imgM Metronome N; MUSIC 9 Mutie S : R. «h'j» ecfrrd Shot : R. Shoo Record Shoe N Memoriae J. Buck »* i> N: ». Record Shoe N: Memoriae Memoriae Memories; N N: R. Shoe Record Shoe Record N: R Mae Record Shoe WEDNESDAY .4* mm M .11 .N .41 •• .M .11 .M .U r. N. 10 ••••••• 11 ••OT^K, 12 wawi 1 ^•••a 2 •^M 3 J^BM 4 .it .)« .4* .IX .3» .41 .IX .M .4* .IS M .e» .is .1.1 j* ^J H. Ounther H Onnther N Opener ' N: Perm Voiel Farm N: Wiillama O. wiuiami ciockwatolier O. Newioma' N; Newsome G. Newsome N; Day Bob Day _N: Day Hob Day N. Gunrher H. Gunther N: Farm T. Dalley N; Dalley T. Dalley N: W Rex Darli Clockwatcher N; Newsome G. Newsome N: Newfome G. Newsome N: S: Day N: Day Bob Day World N H Ounther N. r.unther H. Gunther N: Dalley T. Dalley N: Dalley Dalley; N Rex Davit Clockwatcher N; Newsome G. Newsome N; Newtome G. Newsome N Bob Day N: Wilson r-:d Wilson Exercises Unity: Hymna G. Cantrell H. Christian N Clockwatcher N: Newsome G. Newtome N; Newsome G. Newtome N: Walter H. Walter Tello Quit R. Bentoe N; WHtm PA wiisoe B'fast Club N: Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Oavlt G. Davit N: Davis ft. Davis N; Benson R. Benson N: Wilson Ed Wilton N; Dalley T. Datley N: Dalley Dalley: N N: Party Houteparty G. Moore Crosyby-Cloonay N: Davit G. Davit N: Davit O. Davit N: Time ay. Time M. Galnat _ _^^^^_^^_ ^j^»u~^Kj^^u_^^.|«g^|b ANNOUNCIMIMTI Of CLAIM trnte «y ^__ J ___ ^yyeinec. Matfffia OOWt Wt » Wsraf gOff and that L tM SAM tttttt aw < without igtmtwe L this mk day of Jtrnt. WELCOME HAWAII Hawaiian Sen. Hiram Fong and "Mis* Liberty Belle," Ann Bradley, hold flag bearing 60th star in front of the Liberty Belt In Philadelphia's Independence Had. The new flag was raised to replace the 49-star model at the Hall then run down again and presented to Fong, who will take It to Hawaii. (NBA Photo) Runs Stop Sign, Fitted $10 and Costs NOTICE Of CLAIM BATE Notice It hereby f htfl » «tl Wt- softs that the firit Monday la A«|11 «t, tMO. i$ th« Claim Date IB the estate of EDWARD .1 McPMtLLIPS. Deceased. pending in tt» fEgtwte Court of Madison Cminty. QBttHs. and tftat claims may b* flwp .JvHnst the aaid estate on Of Wfwrt 'laid date without Issuance (X turnfflMl. Dated this 2fst day of if«M. 1MO. EMILY MEISTER, Attest: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. COPPtNOER * XANDfiftS. By: JOHN B. COPPtNOER, Attorney. June 27. July», 11 SHRINE SCENE OF BLESSING Our Lady of Rivers Shrine which ther Edward B. Schlattmann officiated was the setting for the blessing of the at the ceremony,—Staff Photo, of the fleet Sunday afternoon. Rev. Fa- Edwardsville Class of '40 Has Reunion EDWARDSVILLE — The Edwardsville High School Class of 1940 celebrated Its 20th graduation anniversary Saturday evening, with a smorgasbord dinner in the Skyline Room of the Ho* tel Stratford in Alton. E. L. Allexander was guest of honor at . ... . . ,.,. ithe reunion, which was attended | »»«t Weraection. When he started a left turn onto Ferguson, he NOTICE OP PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Board of Education of School District No. 13 In the County of Madison. State of Illinois, that a tentative budget for said school district for the fiscal year beginning July I. I960, win be on file and conveniently available to public (nxpec- tion at Junior High School Office from and after 9 o'clock A. M.. on the 8th day of July. 1960, at East 1 Alton, Illinois In this School District. WOOD RIVER— Dale A. Speck- i Notice Is further hereby given that man. Box 128, Hamel, wa. fined tf& ?fi3S' 0 !%& uf *$?% t The $10 and costs Saturday, for run ning a stop sign. According to a police report, a car driven south on North Wood River avenue by Oscar Shewmake, cn _ 0 . _.„ Re « Dr f ° r * ... ^ . Atton "tapped 8| *" at Ferguson Hosmtal Notes by 150 class members and guests. ; . The Rev. Willis AuRsburger.j i pastor of St. Peter's Episcopal j Johnnie G. Smith, Bunker Hill. Church of ? e Vall , is ' Ark - and a was struck by Speckman's ve- 'Ray Voss, 1905 Pleasant. member of the class, gave the W. R. TOWNSHIP N P'houte Ptr. N: Farm vogel Farm The World N: Headline* J. McCormlck 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'nett N; Davit G. Davit N: Davit G. Davit N Farm-Mkt. A. Grace Club Nawa N: Party P'houta Party N; Witt D, Witt N: Witt Witt; N Man in Standt Interview Cardi-Cubl N; Jenklnt B. Jenkins N: /enkfnt B. Jfenklns N: Day Bob Day • « M B. Counter N: Burke J. Burke N: wm Witt; N N; Jenklnt B. Jenkint N: Jenkins B. Jenklnt N: Palea J. Palen i James R. ' Alton. ' IMrs. Mildred I. Brakeville, God- ; '! frey. Tamie Sue Cunningham, South ! Roxana. iTroy E. Hancock. Cottage Hills . | Mrs. Artie L. Flowers, 410 Whit?- j law. : SURGICAL lain. B. Thompson, Godfrey, F ' Cowan ' 412 field. p - Maher, 3317 iMrs. Delores A. Lasater, Har- invocation and the memoriam ! din. j for deceased class members. 4. Madgich, Mt/Frank vanzo. Edwardsville, i MEDICAL | served as toastmaster and Dor- I Mrs. BeuJahF. Zirkelbach, God- irende Wilkison. Mt. Clement. ' frey. Mich., vice president of the F:arl Miller, 1638 Lucille. ! class, spoke briefly. Lester '•;Dave James, 1209 Hampton. JTroeckler reported on commit- Floyd Lowe, 2615 Plalnvlew. :Mrs. 2 i ville. Speckman. traveling west on East Ferguson, failed to make a stop sign at the intersection, the report indicated. 8th day of August, I960, at Junior High School. East Alton, In this School Dlttrict No. 13. Dated this 6th day of Jung, 1960. Board of Education of School District No. 13. in th« county of Madison, stata of Illinois. By WAYNE JENNINGS, Secretary. July 5. fi 7 ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES MEDICAL An Braner .Belle- DISMISSALS l ! €C findin «? ?* Wende » ! m 8 awarded prizes to class | members who traveled the long- Kent B. Biggerstaff, 620 Fergu.' Mr . s - Marilyn Rich, East Alton, ville. 1 SB John \Vesley Hunter, Jersey- Homer DeSherlia. Grafton,, (Charles P. Leitner, Edwards- est distance to attend, parents NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by No. 8 In the County of Mad ison. State of Illinois, that a tentative budget for said School District for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1960 will be on file and conveniently available to public Inspection at Superintendent's Office from and son. N; J. Burke p. Ovrdoaj N; Oordoa Gorton; N N; Jenkins B. Jenklnt N: Jenklnt K. Richard N; P »« X McClanahan, Cot- ville. Luther Keller, Cottage Hills. " Bethalto. i Mrs. Juanita Thomas, 636 Winkler. nf tho motjf philHrpn most rp- a ' ter 8:0 ° O'clock A. M.. on the 5th ior the most cniiaren, mobt re- day of Ju , y J960 at Bethalto HII . cently married, longest married, and parents of the young- 220 Bond, N: Burka J. Burke •I H Burka; N N: Gordoa Gordon: N J. Buck Buck; W N; Richard K. Richard N, Richard K. Richard N: Palen J. Palaa Fourth. 1116 TV digest with John N. Jones Convention Previews 1 j Both NBC and CBS are moving | "Convention Preview" programs j into their program line-up this) week. This afternoon at 3:30 NBC (Ch. 5) will carry a preview program replacing the "Yancy Derringer" program. The net has scheduled previews at this same time of day through Thursday. On Friday evening' the "Play Your Hunch" time spot will be occupiec by another preview program. CBS has a "Convention Pre view" on at 7 p.m. tonight in the time occupied by the re-runs o "Pack's Bad Girl." Both CBS and NBC carried former Presiden Truman's Press Conference Saturday morning in which he implied that the Democratic Convention wag rigged in Senator John Kennedy's favor. On Monday afternoon both networks carried a "Press Conference" of Kcnndy's in which he replied to the former President's charges. KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBC) 4 KSD (NBC) 5, KPLR 11. TUESDAY EVENING Bold face denotes highlight—(R) repeats. 6:00—12) Woody Woodpecker (4) (5) News Reports 6;10-(4) Weather: Fontaine (5) Weather: Armand 6:J5—(4) CBS News: Edwardi (5) Sportu Ingham 6:25— (5) Spotlight with Nancy 6:30—(2) Sugarfoot: Brewiter is caught between an actress's request to find her lost stallion and a killer's promise ol death if be does in "Apollo with a Gun". (R) (4) Phil Silvers Show (5) Laramie: Jess searches for a itageline owner's daughter who ran off .with a suspected thief in "Duel at Alia Mesa," Fay Spain. (R) (11) Bold Journey: Seminole Everglades". 7:00—(4) Convention Preview: Program outlines preparation for Democratic convention. (11) Don Cunningham Show 7:80-(2) Wyatt Earp: Taunted into a gunfight, Wyatt is (oread to kill a man in "It Had To Hap- pan". (R) (4) Oohie Glllis: Oobie'i new girl has some modern ideas AIX VQVH BI44JI IN ONE Pl.ADE IUOOIT SERVICE Ml Haat Broadway HO 4-8UI on love and marriage causes Mr. Gillis to believe its time for a man-to-man talk with his son. (5) Gas Company Playhouse: Barbara Stanwyck stars in "Three Dark Years" as a woman hunts for a* lawyer who had her sent to prison for fraud. Julia Meade hostess. (11) Movie: Laraine Day, Kirk Douglas: "My Dear Secretary" (1948) Comedy. 8:00—(2) Rifleman: Lucas sides with the temporary marshal against a fast gunman in "Blowout". (R) (4) Tightrope: Connors joins a health club and puts on the gloves for a workout with a couple of crooked bookies in "Long Odds". (R) (5) Richard Diamond: Diamond and his girl find an abandoned infant in his apartment in "And Whose Baby Are You?" 8:30— (2) Colt .45: Colt uses Doc to bait a trap for a "The Devil's Godson". Holliday killer in (R) (4) Comedy Spot: Michael O'Shea, Virginia Mayo co-star in "McGarry and Me". Roman tic comedy about a policeman's wife who does a little sleuthing of liter own to discover what happened to two weeks pay her husband didn't bring home. (5) Arthur Murray Party: (Color) Marie Wilson, Jeannie Carson, Robert Q. Lewis guests. (R) 9:00— (2) Alcoa Presents: Barry Atwater stars as President Lincoln who has a premonition of his death in "The Day the World Wept — The Lincoln Story". (R) (4) Diagnosis Unknown: Patrick O'Neal stars in new mystery series with Phyllis Newman and Chester Morris. Tonight: An aristocratic young lady asks Dr. Coffee to prove thai a-dead model took her own life. (5) M Squad: Hoodlums force a bail bondsman to free an extortionist by kidnaping his son to "Human Bond". (R) »:15~U1) Jack Eiger On the Telephone. 9; 30-(2) Highway Patrol (S) Coronado9 (11) Newt, Bowling, Weath- •r 10:0u~(2> Top Pro F o o t b a 11: Washington Redskins vs Chicago Cardinals. (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) Whirlyblrds (11) Movie: Franchot TQM, Janet Blair: "I U>ve Trouble" (1M7) Mystery. 10:10-(4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15—(4) Eye on St. Louis 10:30—(4) Movie: Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan: "Silver River" (1948) Drama. (5i News, Sports, Weather 10:45—(5) Jack Paar: Joey Bishop, Pat Carroll; singer Dick Roman guests.' 11:00—(2) Movie: Mark Stevens. Martha Hyer: "Cry Vengeance" ' (1945) Drama. ill:30— (11) Bedtime Stories: Ron- j aid Reagan: "And Suddenly You ! Knew". 12:00—(4) Movie: Charles Butter] worth, Una Merkcl: "Baby Face i Harrington" (1935) Comedy. ! (51 (ID News i 12:05—(5i Night Court ! 12:15— (5) Weather Report J12:40-(2l News j 12:45—(2J Home Digest (12:50— (2) Paris Precinct | 1:00—(4) Late News Roundup | 1:05—(4) Give Us This Day | 1:20—(2) Daily Word WEDNESDAY, JULY • 5:45—(4) Give Us This Day 5:50—(4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00—(4) P.S. 4: Government 7:00—(4) Morning St. Louis: News-Weather 7:05, 7:20, 7:45. 15) Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. 8:00—(2) Camera Two (4) News: Grover 8:15—(2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00—(2) Jack LaLanne Show (4) Red Rowe Show (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30— (2) Romper Room (4) On The Go (5) Play Your Hunch 10:00— (4) I Love Lucy (5) Price Is Right (Color) 10:30—(2) Topper (4) December Bride (5) Concentration ll:00-(2) Mr. ft Mrs. North (4) Love of Life (5) Truth or Consequences D:30-(2» Coffee Break (4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You (Col or) 11:40-(11) Morning Chapel ll:45-(4) Guiding Light 11:55—(2) News: Hayward (11) Morning Chapel Noon—(2) Restless Gun (4) News-Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Cartoons 12:05— (4) People's Choice 12:30-(2) Love That Bob 1 (4) A« The World Turns 12:50-111) News: Daust l:00-(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie: Lloyd Nolan: "Behind the News" (1940) Drama. l:30-(2> Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young 2:dO-(2> Day in Court (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Maltttt 2; aw (2) Gale Storm . Marcia Edwards, East AJton. W. Kessler, Cottage Hilln. Edward Neunaber, 211 Cherry St., Bethalto. nfc\iiccAt e SURGICAL iMn,. MilSTIKhey, 2704' SS^TayJor. ^Roxana. Avenue, Alton. Mrs. Helen Koenig. 141 Tenth, iest child. , Rosendahl ^Jr.^ Ottawa. Mrs. Janet A. Walter, 720 Spring.; Lee Schlemer and Ernest To^ J ~ J ~ ^""* 411 "~ Donald G. Lock, 209 School, East sovsky were co-chairmen of the F T Alton. E. John W. Clark, 915 Adams. Fliza Poe, Hartford. i following reunion planning com! mittee: David Yates, Miss Dor- Donnie Le'e Antoine,' 404 McCas-'°f h y Wehner, Lester TroecKler. land. Kast Alton. Stafford, Thornton Lane, Mrs - Helen Travis, East Alton. James R. Roberts, 316 Linden- Wendell Browning. Miss Lorenc. _ iSoehlke. Mrs. Harlowe Neudeck- East Main Street, New Jersey. Mrs. Lila B. Roberts, 840 Pen- Wood River. Arthur East, Roxana. Peter W. Leeds. Roxana. Mrs. Laura Jenkins, 331 Dooley Jhrnes C. Pertile, 204 Cardot,' |er,' Mrs. Leo Gremer, Mrs. East Alton. i James Gallagher, Mrs. Dorothy - Cottage Hills Mrs. Helen L. Schmidt, 4030 AJ- Metzger McCracken, and Frank Dr. Mrs. Cecile Mark 8 Allan" RothT"547* North John Ha g en - Fieldon. ' j by. Vanzo. K«n«aJ Fdwards'viUe Raymond Whitlock. Dorsey. Mrs. Katheryn Anderson, 612 Mr Ann T Nanpp 2fW Rose Robert Thurman, Hartford. Washington. i Avenue South Roxana ;Nance Burgess, Bethalto. !Mr*. Viola V. Cobb. 1102 Union.! Edwardsville 'Y' Verk M Elkins1216 East Mrs - Vesta Fenit y- wh »te Hal!.'Mrs. Deanna Diuguid, Cottage i -• vcia IYI. j^iiviiia, A*J-W AJtui TkifinireBiprfc - f-Tilla • -«. • « • Fourth Street, Alton._ _ . Mre Ma44 ,™S™™ n jCyJus Edwards. 1714 Oakwood.J B°a rtl *° Meet nols In this Schoqt District. Notice Is further hereby given that a public hearing on tald budget will be held at 8:00 o'clock A. M.. on the 6th day of August, i960, at Superintendent's Office in this School District No. 8. Dated this 30th day of June, 1960. BOARD OF EDUCATION of School ^District No. 8 in the County of Madison. State of Illinois. By HAROLD ALBEN, Secretary STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )SS. COUNTY OF MADISON ) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT CESSIE MAE BROWN, ) Plaintiff Robin Diana Lawson, 719 Park i Henderson, 2300 EDWARDSVILLE - YMC\ Edwin Jacoby, 1109 Washington. Mrs. Naomi R MVPT-S fiV/Alvin Lair, 519 Williams. i Brown. c ™nH ™yers, oj Mrs . j u i ia Le WtO n, 2904 Brown. 'Mrs. Reva L. Lanzerotti, God- directors will have a special niana Lvnn Reedv Oulin Mo Michael Findley, Brighton. i frey. .meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the "Y" Clyde D'l^nKam^Roxan'a. ' : F/_Y ln ^i* e J?"' A J!™_. ; Mrs. Patricia Lolley, South Rox- board room this evening. Vt. L. B. BROWN, Defendant CHANCERY NO. 80-C-331 To: L. B. BROWN. /cVr* Corner 401 Dell- Mrs - Glad y s Clark ' 1316 Main, i ana. LodS'rt Mlss Janet Schumann. Ramps- Mrs. i \ 11 IP, / Elmer Carr, Wood River. Mrs. Nola Sevier. Hamburg. wardsvilie. F ank Gurrtm of the Illinois' The requisite affidavit having McMichael. Ed-. Area Councj] yMCA wil; visil been.fl.ed._Notice l_, hereby given dale Fast Alton W. Kay Shewmake, 52 Rose- lhe Edwardsville association Thursday. Members of the pro- wood, East Alton. :Mrs. Irene C. Weber, Edwards- 1 gram committee are to meet ville ' MM fane Ann Chesnut 1315 Mrs - Mae Rakes - 1912 AIbv Mrs. Jane Ann Uiesnut, u.5D Char]ps oh)ey 214 wisconsin , ;Mrs. Vera Elevens, East Alton., Mrs. Katherine True. 3027 Ethel, i Grove Rr«nt le Johnson 2727 tsrent L*e jonnson, £iti dence, Alton. JMrs Anna Marie Rice, 2920 Mrs - Doris Tennikait, East A I- to take tiielr dog to heaven. He J vvrote: "Heaven goes by favor. C. , 1 1 «,,f ;„!,! OC1 C Sutterfield. 3616 ;with him at 5 p.m. Directors K. Bunting, 1313 ! and others connected with the i YMCA activities who would like to meet him or discuss any facet of the local program with him may call the YMCA Mark Twain warned men not sujt Cfrt you. L. B, BROWN, Defendant hi the above antitlad cauie. that the above jt has been commenced In the rcult Court of Madison County. Illinois, by the said Plaintiff. CESSIE MAB BROWN, against you. praying, for divorce; that said suit Is numbered 60-C-331 in Chancery. and U still pending. And that L. B. BROWN. Defendant, Is to be served by publication. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS For Work to be Constructed Undtr the Illinois Highway Coda DEMOLITION Sealed proposals for the Improvement of the thorougfara (s) described herein will be received at the office of the City Manager of City of Alton. Madison County. Illinois, until 10:00 O'clock A. M.. DST, July 11. 1960. and at that time publicly opened and read. The proposed work Is officially known as Section 76 DM. C. S. The proposed improvement consists of the removal of a two story brick building and remaining walls of concrete block building, known as 523 Belle Street In Alton. Plans and proposal forms may be obtained from the City Engineer upon deposit of $5.00 which will be refunded to actual bidders who return same in good condition within five (5) days of bid opening. All proposals must be accompanied by a bank cashier's check, or bank draft, or certified check for not less than ten (10) per cent of the amount of the bid, or In accordance with the schedule as provided in the "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction." prepared by the Department of Public Works and Buildings of the Stata of Illinois. The Council reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive technicalities. March 9, 1960. By order of The Council of City of Alton GRAHAM W. WATT, City Manager. June 28, 30. July 5 CARD OP THANKS. WE WISH TO EXPRESS our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our relatives friends and neighbors Who were so kind during our recent bereavement. Especially St. Joseph's Hospital, Staten Funeral Home. Rev. William Croke. pallbearers, and all those who sent cards and flowers or assisted in any way. The Family of Ethel G. Narup. IN MEMORIAM IN LOVING MEMORY—Of Stanley F. Barksdale who passed away one year ago today: Gone but not forgotten. Sadly missed by Wife. Daughters and Grandchildren. Sunnyside. Alton, j Donald B. Phillips, 544 Leslie •«'•*: ; ^Y« ^uuei-ueia. 0010 wa-.j, u went by mer|ti you wou , d| Thursd a y Mrs. Shirley Ann Hyman, Cbt-. Mrg _ v ' jo)e( Ash)ock East A)fon .:sta y out and the dog would go,'- ~ South Rox- Thr> average oerson's ine d\eiage persons Tib- i head is about twice as thick as lor before July 27. 1980, default may M ' Robbvn Lee Chappell. 2220 Mar- Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily'the bones back of the ears. Mrs. Mildred Tenth. 4 " L Duerr * - Dipia.zo, East Alton. Edwardsville. Luther Pat Keller, Cottage Hilli -. r-«« on* mtih v Q ct Mrs. Goldie Lefler, Godfrey. y ' 'Mrs. Ruth Milford, 1218 Wash. Lynn Moulton, Bunker M S Mary Alice Hicks. Cottaer, H1!ls> Moore> 31Q3 Bel , c _ Hl^Milton^d. I River. mm AkiTUAkive Mrs. Jane Sackett, 3010 Edge- ST. ANTHONY » > wood ADROTTANCE ! Mrs. Margaret Smithenry, Hart- Mrs. Anna L. Wetzel, 618 Sec- f or d. ond. Wood River. Susan Stepson, Moro. |Joseph Wetsfein, 325 Langdon. Mrs Barbara Wedding, Godfrey. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Nolan, Rt. 1, M,- S . Judith Kay Wilcox, Eait Dow. Alton. William Crofton, 937 College. !M,. S . Betty Williams. 1013 Wal- DISMISSALS i lace. Edwin Y. Streeper. 1629 Main Robert Rosendahl Jr., Ottawa. 2421 Mrs. Augusta Rohrkasse, Ham- Mrs. Janice Pearson, el. Brown. Mrs. Mattie Hutohins, 3707 Bet-Mrs. Bonnie Pickerel, Jersey- kely. ville. Mrs. Elsie M. Lewis, 514 State.(Elmer Moran, Jerseyville, Mrs. Jenny Blasiolo. 1951 Brown I Mrs. Loris Kruse, Wood River __ Don-is Wilton Sr.. 3118 Leverett MI Verdict Is Yours 'Mrs. Loneora Gethlng, 2327 ' (5» From These Roots ! Fairyiew. (ID Mickey Rooney Show jMrii. Evalena O'Dell. Wood Riv- 3:00-i'.'i Beal The Clock John Gainer, 2718 Hillcrest. <4> Brighter Day |Mrs. Helen Barker, 2220 State. Louis Shuttleworth, 1310 Highland. Mrs. Irene Taylor, 904 McKin- (5) The Thin Man (ID Wild Bill Hickok 3: 15-<4> Sct-rel Storm 3:30-12) Who Do You Trust? (41 Edg« of Night (5i Convention Preview 3: 45-111 > Capl. U 4:00— (2> American Bandstand (4) SS-Popeye (5) Our Miss Brooks 4:30-(4) Movie: Jeffry Lynn. Karen Vorne; "Underground" Drama. (S) Life of Riley 5:00-(2) My Friend Flicka <5i Wrangler's Club: Kir»l 15 minute* in color. (11) Sgt. Prenton 5:30-(2) Newii: Hayward 5:4&-(3) Cartoon Time (5) Huntlay-ai'inkley News • (U) TUrat Itoogat ley. John W. Hunter, Jer*eyville. George Tucker, 3307 Sherman. Leslie Ann Elliott. 9<1 Danforth. ST, JOWH'S 8DRG1CAL Mrs. Helen Martin, 717 E, 6th. Mrs. Mary Etta Brewuter, Cottage Hills. Delbert M. Cherry, 3418 Oakwood. Miss Pamela K. Bloodworth, Bethalto. Murk C. Cummingg, Hartford Thoma* L. Hi)), 2907 Edgewood William 0. Jackion, 177 Haller. Wood River. Jamei W. Kronable, Bathalto. Mrg. Emma Uatherby, Utoh- field. Mrs. Edith M. Minted, West Alton, Mo. Conrad A. Roemer, Godfrey. IN LOVING MEMORY—Of our dear ...... , , _ wife and mother who passed away Now therefore, unless you. L. B. i yMr ago today July 2 1959' BROWN: said Defendant, file your T n e S un and moon are shining Answer to the Complaint or other- \ Upon tne silent grave: wise appear In said suit In the sald| Beneath It lies the one we love. Circuit Court of Madison County. | The ooe we couldn't save. Always so true, unselfish and kind. Few In this world her equal you'll find. , A beautiful life that came to an end. She died as she lived, everyone's . '' lin ° ls ' h ?'tJ n th . e { r,9 art ,,ff ou , ie in < the City of Edwardsville. Illinois, on ed in accordance with the prayer of said Complaint. Dated this 24th day of June, A D., 1960. EUGENE BERGHOFF. Clark of the Circuit Pro Tern of Madison County, Illinois. MONDHINK, MOSELE It WISEMAN. By: HARRY R. MONDHINK Attorneys for Plaintiff | 642 East Broadway, Alton, Illinois. June27. Julys, 11 friend. STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )ss. COUNTY OF MADISON ) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT DAVID R. JOHNSON. Plaintiff ; CHANCERY NO. SO-C-330 ;To: DOROTHY M. JOHNSON. Vl. DOROTHY M. JOHNSON, Defendant . Sadly missed by Her Husband and Daughter The requisite affidavit having been filed. Notice Is hereby given you. DOROTHY M. JOHNSON. D«• fondant In the above entitled cause. , that the above suit has been commenced in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois, by the said;.; I Plaintiff. DAVID R. JOHNSON.'I i against you. , thut said suit in Chancery, and is still pending. j And that DOROTHY M JOHNSON ! Defendant Is to be served by pub- i llcatlon. i Now therefore, unless you. DOROTHY M. JOHNSON, said Defendant, file your Answer lo the Complaint or otherwise appaar In said suit in the said Circuit Court of Madison County. Illinois, held In the Court ' IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of MRS. ETHEL ELLIS, our dear wife and mother, who passed away one year ago today, July 2, 1959. The sun and moon ar« shining Upon the silent grave. Beneath it lies tne ona w» love The one we couldn't save. Always so true, unselfish and kind. Few in this world her equal you'll find A beautiful life that came to an end. She died as she lived, everyone's friend. Sadly missed by Her Husband and Daughter. IN MEMORY—Of Dale Klotl. who lost his life in a car accident July 3th. 1999: There's a face that's haunting us avar. There's a voice that w«'ra longing to haar; There's a smile wa'll remember forever. Though wa try to forgat every tear. There's a sad but sweat ramam- branca, There's a memory fond awl trut, There's a token of affection. And a heartache still for vow. We miss you son. and often weak your nama, But all we have are memorlea. And your picture in a framg. Sadly missad by Mom, Dad and * p&gaoNAU House In the City of Edwardsvllla Illinois, on or btfora July 27. I»W default may b« entered against you NEW OLD GLORY The nation's ftO-atar flag row* olfleiaUy for the first time at Fort MoHenry, Md., at 13:01 a.m. Monday, July 4, in tne fed glare of a Fourth of July rocket an 80,000 uertons iaug the Star Spangled Banner. Tne flag was raised by Secretary of the Interior Fred A. Seaton. The 90th Star signifies Hawaii's entrance into the Unkm. (NEA Photo) •t any time after that date, ana a D«cr»e entered in accordance with ihe prayer of said Complaint. Dated this 24th day of Juna, A D., I860 EUGENE BEBGHOFF. Ci«rk of UM Circuit fro Tarn of Madlton County, Illinois MONDHINK. MOSELE ft WISEMAN. By: VICTOR J MOSELE 4ttorn»v« for Plaintiff Ml Ba«t •roadway. Alum. lUUsctg. JIM* 17. July*, il ANONYMOUf -' lWH ***** P. 0. R.« f Aitn> ar t'i Mt A "°* or ct> t*i CL aocieriea ••« LOOGM PIAGA LODGE NO. J7 AF4AM Staled maetlog Tu«»day. July i. 7:30 P.M. Rtgular ord*r «TlMi«- Iness Visiting brtthran wt4e«m« W C PERKINS. W STATED MEETING of tar. No TM, Q. I K. TO OULHO 14441

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