The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1896
Page 8
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Teas Aa We wish to inform the Public that we have put in a full line of Chase & Sanborn's Celebrated Teas And from now on are in a position to furnish Teas of the same superior quality as the Coif ees, we have furnished in the past. To those who have used their Coffees we need say nothing further. To those who have not, we would say, try CHASE & SANBORN'S Teas and Coffees and you will be convinced of their merits. Yours, ^" -Walker Bros. Telephone 47. Do srou want a nice .As Coffee®. BANCROFT SPORTING EVENTS Sleepy Mose, Priiigle's Buffalo Geftter Nag, Beats Baftcroft's Grovef ori a icto-fod Dash But Won't Try it again — Bancroft and Swea City will Meet on the Ball Grounds Monday. kiss Marie McDonald, of fiuft, is, k&pt busy all day Saturday giving music lessons in Union. Amanda Dau was home over Sunday from Algoua. if we have no frost there will, be a big crop of fruit in Union, plums and apples especially. Lime, Stucco, Cement, Carpet Felt and Bld'g Paper. attention given to bills. Don't fail to s?et our figures if vou think of building. Screen Do'rs and Wlndo's Sash, Doors, and Mouldings. F. S. NORTON, Algona, la. BANKS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS, Ambrose A. Call, President. I). H. Hutchins, Vice-Pres. Wm. K. Ferguson, Cashier. C. D. Smith, Ass't. Cash. f HE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGON A, 10 WA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Honev on Hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security Directors—D. H. llutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller. K. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, K. H. Spencer, \Vm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL-S50.000.00. BANCROFT, May 5.—Monday Bancroft had a great big race and excitement ran high. Sleepy Mose, Pringle's horse from Buffalo Center, ran a 100 rod dash against Grover, Chris Boettcher's colt and beat him by a neck. The agreement was for a "lap start," and In fact Sleepy Mose got nearly his full length the start. He also had the advantage of firm ground, while Grover went into the mud above the hoofs, and was bothered by a strange rider. Grover made the quickest time, as ho gained on Sleepy Mose and at tho finish his nose was on .the latter's shoulder. In a little longer race ho would have won, and Pringle refused to run another race next morning and double the stakes, which would have made it $r>0 a side. A number of Algona men took in the race and considerable money in the connection. With the organization of the North Kossuth Fair Association and the making of a permanent track, Bancroft will be more of a racing center than in the past, especially as about all the good horses in the county are tributary to this metropolis. There will be an interesting ball game here Tuesday, between the Bancroft and Swea City nines. Bancroft is likely to be at a serious disadvantage, as many of her best players will be out of town. It is not because they are afraid of having their eyes knocked out cither. n , Dr. Paul went to Algona today to consult with Dr. Konolick in an Algona case. Chas. Seaberg's handsome new residence west of the railroad track is now ncaring completion. B. W. Haggard and other Algonans were visitors in Bancroft Monday. Rumor names three candidates for postmaster who will send in their applications as soon as Allison takes up his residence in the White House. Dr. Cutler's former office has been removed to the lot north of John Wink-el's grain office and will be used for private quarters. The M. II. Ilahn building, which now stands on one of the Call lots, will be placed where the Cutler office was, and the vacancy it will leave will probably be filled up at an early day. OOtJNTY AtfD NEIGHBOMOOB, D. W. Pratt, a son of W. B. Pratt of Plum Creek, has opened a dental office at Burt. Ho Is a graduate of a Chicago dental college. Ho was formerly a student in the Northern Iowa Normal. DMrs. Bonton Lamoreaux has sold her stock and farm machinery and will rent her farm, but will reside on her place. Her sister, Mrs. Joshua Shaffer, whose husband died last year, will live with her. . Mr. Pettit, of Fenton, had reached a depth of 290 feet in his well withoutreach- ing water, forty feet being through the rock. Rev. Father Cleary, of Minneapolis, a famous temperance agitator and president of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America, has an engagement to speak at Garner on Monday evening, June first. Efforts will be made to arrange with him to speak in Britt and Corwlth. Wild laud six miles west; of Bancroft sells for $25 an acre. F. T. Miller, whoso departure from Gormania was noted in these columns last week, has not left the county but has bought Dr. Dunlap's drug store at Lcd- yartl and will locate there. The Leclyard Leader says that Henry Clausseu, a lad in that neighborhood about twelve years of age, .lumped from the back 1 of a cow Monday and fell in such a way as to break his right arm. Dr. Lowder attended him and the little fellow is about Ball and SEE Whal WE haifE fur MINNESOTA ENTHUSIASM. Jj. A. Taylor, a Lotts Creek Young Man, Writes Interestingly from Hiiickley. IIiNCKi/rcY, MINN., April 2f>.—Editor RKPUIHYICAN: I am located at Ilinckley, Minnesota. A great many of my friends in Kossuth wanted mo to write, so to save time I thought I could write them all at once if you will bo so kind as to publish it. I have purchased an improved farm of 100 acres, three miles from town, with the south brauah of the Grindstone river running through it. There is lots of timber hero though it was all killed in the great fire of September, 1804. This fire, as most COUNTY BllIDGE BURNS. 'OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pres., C. C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, Geo. L Galbralth, Fred M. Miller, Myron Bchenck, Thos. F.Cooke. Algoua, lowiv. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Time Deposits. H. lughain, President. Theo. Clirischilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice President. Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. OW A CAPITAL $50,000. H. -««•.'. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Devine. Pays 6 Per On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Second Mortgages and ,good Collateral. Notes purchased. ALGONA, IOWA. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word In them? Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good wot-k will cost vou 10 more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. •'Opera House Block. Notary Public.^^ <*^_Loan Agent. Manages Farms for Non-Residents, The Bancroft Insurance Agency, J. A. FRECH, Proprietor. Is always on deck with 12 good Companies to do all kinds -of Fire, Lightning, Tornado, Life, Accident, Plate Glass, and Hail Insurance. The strongest agency in Kossuth county. The most easy and liberal terms. Correspondence solicited. Will write Insurance anywhere in Kossuth county. The Bridge Over the Des Moiiies Between Plum Creek and Portland Burned. PI/UM CHEEK, May 5.—While Charles Godden was trying to burn some stubble in a field adjacent to the town line bridge the destroying ilame got beyond his control and set fire to the town line bridge and the structure was completely destroyed. The bridge was across the Des- Moines river on the line between Plum Creek and Portland townships, near the Ellis McWhorter and Don Paine places, and was a substantial wooden bridge, which it will cost the county considerable money to replace. Grant Benschoter and daughter and Grandpa Orrin Calkins start, Wednesday, for the west. Here's wishing them much joy on their California visit. Wilbur Ferguson will very likely be the first to plant corn in this locality. C. W. Hopkins had his bill of lumber sent for one day last week. He expects the material this week. J. E. McWhorter's new house looms up grandly. Likewise Mr. Clamp's, on what was the Joslyn farm, across the river. Fred Miller went to Bancroft yesterday afternoon for his carpenter, Mr. Crain- mond, to help move a granary to give room for his big now barn. One of Geo. Holman's children was sick and the doctor was called Sunday. Dell F.'i-guson is manipulating the plow for Jtut••••s Seeley for a few weeks. Dell is a dandy at that. Mrs. Kate Maine is expecting a visit from a sister. The chronic kicker about its being too wet is heard from again. Wo thought he died three years ago, but such seems not to have been the case. H. Warner and Dell Ferguson aim to take a trip to the lakes soon for fish, and naught else will do. Plum Creek plum trees in blossom the last of April! Never saw that in this country before, and the blue grass pastures are so that the cattle can live and thrive on them the first of May. Warner has his rocks all in piles, out of the way of plow or mower. Any one wishing to buy rock should call around. J. E. Stacy went north this morning with a load of trees for his Plum Creek farm. Fred Miller's masons start today on the foundation for hi* barn. as usual, but not so frolicsome. R. Moore Carpenter, the owner and first editor of the Ledyard .Leader, is again in control of the paper. Mr. Carpenter is a very capable newspaper man and a fine writer. The Standard reports land in the Germania neighborhood advancing. Scott Wickham was offered £32 an acre for a piece of land in section 12. The Esthervillo Vindicator says of the park work going on in that ambitious city: A large force is energetically at work upon the public square. The sod has been turned over and the surf ace is being pulverized and leveled. Ditches for conducting mains to the fountains are being dug. The work will be pushed as rapidly as possible for the season is already late and the seed and tree planting must be done soon. All things are now favorable for a speedy removal from the old weedy and paper strewn grounds to a beauteous public park with velvety green grass, leafy shade trees and sparkling spraying fountains. Congressman Dolliver has nominated Rudolph M. Anderson, of Forest City, as naval cadet to Annapolis, and O. W. Fowler of Fort Dodge as alternate. Prof. D. A. Kent, who drained and made a 2,000 acre farm of Mud Lake, has had a backset. About 200 acres of it are now covered with water from one to three foot deep, and the crops ruined. He has a big ditch, but the water flows in faster lhan out. The tide has turned. The Ringling Bros. Show is to bo at Ft. Dodge May 23. Capt. Hartshorn, of Emmetsburg, has received news of the death of his father, Hon. .Tiiy. W; Hartshorn at his Vermont home. He was in his 81st year. Rev. T. F. Bowen has closed his term as rector at Estherville and has accepted work in the missionary field at Spencer. II. J. Thompson .states that arbout ten days ago D. A. Beck brought in 150 dozen eggs laid in 9 davs und a week from that day 140 dozen more, making a total of 290 dozen in sixteen days, or an average of 232 eggs per day. If Douglas keeps on increasing his poultry business, his income will soon bo larger than Vanderbilts.—Whitte- more Champion. The S\voa City Herald says that Mayor Richmond of that place has improved his 1101 th side property this spring by putting out something like a carload of trees. Shade trees are set out on both sides of the several streets which will make a popular walk in a few years. Geo. C. Frisby, of Seneca township, says the Swea City Herald, sold $700 worth of cattle last week. This makes about $3,500 worth he has sold since last fall. The Wesley Reporter says that Frank Hedrick is contemplating the erection of a $2,000 residence in the north part of Sexton. of you have read, swept everything before it for about thirty miles square and destroyed over 700 human lives. The town and vicinity have rapidly built up. The town is less than a year and a half old and contains over 700 inhabitants. The soil is mostly clay, with a little black dirt and a very little sand mixed in. It is very productive. Nothing but the No. 1 hard wheat is raised here. Oats, barley and rye are raised to a great extent. "Oats sowed as late as June 1st last year went 100 bushels to the acre and weighed 40 Ibs. to the bushel. For vegetables and* tame hay it cannot be beat. Wild hay grows in abundance on the bottom land, and strawberries, blackberries, raspberries grow wild in the timber, any amount of them. We'are located on two good railroads half way between St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth, and Superior, two and one half hours' ride from each. There is lots of land for sale hero at from 83.50 to 50.00 per acre, and for men of limited means and desiring a farm, I know cf no better place to invest than here. Laud will not be so cheap much longer. To prove this statement I wi!l give you a few figures. Over 45,000 acres have been sold in the vicinity of Ilinckley, Miller and Wreasland by the St. Paul & Duluth R. R. Co. this spring, besides 3,300 acres of school land, and lots of speculators' land, and some improved farms. Nearly every letter I gee asks these questions: How do you like it up' there by this time? Don't you get lonesome? With wha'. nationality of people is it principally settled? First, I like the country first rate, as the tone of this letter will show. As to being lonesome, will say I have no time to think 'about it. Third, around Ilinckley the inhabitants are principally Americans. Around Wreas- land there are none other than Holland Dutch. The Miller colony has a few Swedes but is composed principly of Hollanders. I have also had a few letters asking the following: Do any good people live there or are they all Iowa Sunday men that loft between Saturday and Monday? Does any one besides Esqimaux and Indians live there? To these I would like to say, take your geographies, look them over, then get a few papers and read them and you will find that there are as good people living hundreds of miles north of the Canada line and just as well educated and just as honest as you are, if they are under the English flag. As to the people of Ilinckley, I will say I never have and never want to be treated at homo or abroad any better than I have been during my short time here. Yours Truly, L. A. TAYLOR. P S. Any questions of general interest I will answer through this paper. If not of general interest I will answer by private letter. Strangers must enclose stamp for reply. Anyone wishing railroad maps, giving discrlptkm and terms of land, will receive them by sending two-cent stamp. GEKMANJA. GEUMANIA, May 1.—F. II. Beach, traveling passenger agent of the Minneapolis St. Louis railway, was in this- city Wednesday looking after business. This reporter acknowledges a call. Herman Bleich, a clerk ia the Dunlap drugstore at Ledyard, is in Dos Moines this week. Mr. Bloich commences work in Dr. Johnson drug store of this city next Monday. Mrs. John GrofT, southwest of this city, . is reported very sick. Garrot Brunken, of Springfield, Illinois, was a land looker here the first of the week. He invested, too. W. A. Harnden was. up from Goodell this week and purchased a fine tract of farm land one and a half miles from town. B. F. Smith acted as salesman. J. N. Wheeler's residence has received a fresh coat of paint. W. H. Glosser, of Buffalo Center, contracted for the job. B. F. Smith is doing an excellent land business this month. He sold the half of section 30 in Ramsay township to E. E. • Runner and S. S. Runner, of Pottsville, Illinois, this week. This is not the only sale he has made either. Supervisor Smith did business in Bancroft, Ledyard, Buffalo Center and Algona this week. Chas. Winters is doing considerable well work this season. He is busy digging one for J. Morck this week. H. R. Elvidge was a Ledyard caller Monday. Ho was looking after his stock business at that city. J. Bork and W. W. Clement are building counters for their new general store. Neighboring ball clubs have already organized and challenged the Germania nine to meet them on the different diamonds. Germania has no ball club as yet but before the season is over we trust the boys will meet our neighbors and do justice to the work. HOBAKT. HOBAIIT, May, 5.—The Hobart creamery is doing a magnificent business these days, with August Neurcl in charge, and every day is creamery day. "••' '• . The farmers are making use of eyery shining hour these days, and since tho rains came to an end everything has looked smiling. Grove's store looks extra handsome in its Last coat of paint. Some of tho Hobart folks have been attending the meetings at Algona. FENTON. FENTON, May 5.—Mike McDonell, of Whittemore, was in ou,r neighborhood last week. The social at Wm. Dehnert's was well attended. There was quite a crowd and all report a pleasant time. The building boom is still in progress In Fenton, as it has been for several years. A few barns have already been completed this spring, and John Welsbrod has his now house nearly complete. It will make a fine house when finished. Peter Wels- brod is also on the list. He is building a stone foundation for a new residence. Gallion Bros,' well drilling outfit was in . Fenton repairing some wells. August Dau, of Burt, was a visitor last week. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS For & Foundry and Machine Shop, MULL1CA& OHNSTEDT, Props. done on Wo are •hero to stay. Shop east of Rutherford House. 53grMaU orders promptly attended. OHNSTKOT, Algona, Iowa. UNION. IJxiox, May 5.—Mr. Toothman stands at the head. He commenced planting corn yesterday. Miss Minnie Rice is well liked in her school, also Miss Schryver. Old Mrs. Godden who was so low with pneumonia, is so far recovered as to be able to sit up some. Mrs. Ralph Miller visited her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reibhaft', last Sunday, also Jas. Reibhoff and son spent the Sabbath at home, coining from Burt. Rev. Innes is holding afternoon meetings at the Schenck school house at 3 o'clock. On account of the revival in Algona he will not come cut next Sabbath, but after that regular meetings will be held. All are cordially invited to come. The Misses Lloyd and Newcomb, of Irv- iugton, spent Sunday with the Misses Ricker. A. D. Barr and family spent Sunday at Alex. Brown's, of Cresco. Ledyard's New Creamery, From the Leader: Tho creamery machinery was tested last Saturday and it worked like a charm. There was not a jar, to the satisfaction of Spurbeck & Lambert, of whom the supplies were purchased, and the pleasure of the creamery managers and a number of our citizens who are very much interested in the success of the institution. It commenced taking in milk Monday, receiving 2,000 pounds, which is a splendid beginning and argues well for its future. We believe that it will become popular with the farming community and get a lion's share of patronage, because of the business methods upon which it will be conducted. Our faith is pinned to its management who are all good, solid farmers and business men. Long may it stand a monument to the enterprise and business sagacity of its instigators and stockholders. Don't Tobaccp Spit or Smoke Your Life Away. Is the truthful, startling title of a book about No-To-Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco cure that braces up ni- cotiuized nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak men gain strength. vigor and manhood. You run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bac is sold by F. W. DINGLEV under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling Remedy Co., New York or Chicago. "Petite" prunes at Griwe Sheriff of Kossuth county lleeder w hf se qr 27-04-30.. the Week, Compiled by Hay Rice, Abstractors, AJgona, Iowa. to A 0 _____ -,- -• ________ ...... §1,45855 SheViiMCossutn county to A 0 Keedor V If SB qr 37 and nw qr 34-04-30 ...... 402 21 Jos Kanke and w to Jacob Wiiikel. e ofmvneVneqv25-Ol!-a). ...... .... 10000 H O Buell and w to Wm Peck, part 3 of lie nw mv25-07-2() ......... ...... 3,000 00 J Oallanan and w to John Thietje, ne fir no qr 15-08-20 .................... 72000 J Oallanan and w to John Thietje. e hi ,se qr lO-«8-20 ....... .............. .1,1500 00 Oscar Lakin and w to John Thietje, w hfnwcir U-08-30 ..... .... .............1,00000 John Thietje and w to Chris Thiet7e, w h f nw qr 14-08-20 ................... 2.000 00 Maria Foulston. to Hinchon and Sul- llvan. no qr 23-08-30 .................... 4,100 00 Allen X Gale and w to A D Clarke, ne qr no «r 33-00-27... •••••, •••• • •••• Lore Alrord and w to Louis Sachs, s h f sw n w 32-00-20 . . . ... . . . ... . . . ..... 300 00 C 00 Pillado not cure constipation. They on- y aggravate. Karl's Clover Root Tea gives perfect regularity of the bowels. 2 Sold by Frank Dingley. DON'T STOP TOBACCO. HOW TO CURE: YOUKSKLP USING IT. WHILE: The tobacco habit grows on a man until his nervous system is seriously affected, impairing health, comfort and happiness. To quit suddenly is too severe a shock to the system, as tobacco to an inveterate user becomes a stimulant that his system continually craves. "Baco- Curo" is a scientific cure for the tobacco habit, in all its forms, carefully compounded after tlio formula of au eminent Berlin physician who lias used it in his private practice since 1872, without a failure, It is purely vegetable and guaranteed perfectly harmless. You can use all the tobacco you * ant while taking "Baco» Curo." It will notify you when to stop. We give a written guarantee to cure permanently any case with fiuee boxes or refund the money with 10 per cent interest. "Baco-Ouro" is npt a substitute, but a sclentHlc cxire, that cures without the aid of will power and with no Inconvenience J t leaves the system as pure und free from nicotine as the day you took your first chew or smoke. Cured By Paco-Cnro and Guinea Thirty OO 00 J 1J Newcomb and w to A G Anderson, w hfnw qr 23-100-27 ................. 2,00000 T D Crocker and w to Wm Weimar, e hf 35-100-27. . . ..... ... ...... ... . ..0,40000 Jacob Wlnkol and w to Jos Xanko, 1U blkKJAlgouu ..... r -4;A"- vv ' 4;>00 ° A D Clarke and w to L II Smith, It 3 and 4 blk 80 Altfoua. . . . . .......... ... . .1,000 00 S U Hudson and h to II B Mason, It 1, 0 U and 19 blk 155 Call's Algonu ...... 100 00 JJ F Orose and w to B VV Haggard. It 7 and 8 blk 5 Bancroft ................ 2 r Oi)0 00 Win hock and w to O L Oallanan. H 11 13, 13 and 14 blk 3 Hurt ........... . 5.500 UO J B Unvls and w to O W Eustiuan. It 4, SandOinOBuell'sad Bui't ........... 300 00 E JMurtaghto II J Tutts, 12 In 4 Buell'sSudad ............. ........... L A Pettit and h to \V J if aigbt, It 18. 19. 20, 21, 22. 23. 24. 35 and 30 Duulap s ad Ledyard ........... ......... • • • -W The best cough cure is Shiloh's Cure. neglected cough is dangerous. Stop it once withSJiiloh's Cure. 3 Djngley. l5 00 A aj, from hundreds ol testimonials, Cue originals of which are on file ami open to inspection, the following is presented: , T „ ,„„. ClHyton, Nevada Co., Avk v JH«. 28. l»>5. - r Eureka Chemical & Mfg,. Co, i.a Cross*. vvis — Gentlemen; For forty years 1 use<4 tobacco in ivll its forms. For twenty-live years of that time I was a great sufferer from general debility aud heart disease. IVfifteen years I tried to quit, but couldn't. I took various remedies, among others ••No-To-Baa," ••The Iu- / db nTobacco Antidote," "Double Chloride of ,J Wold," etc,, etc., but none of them did me the * least bit of good. Finally, however, I pur- ehased a box of your "Baco-Ouro" audit has entirely cured me of the habit in all us forms, and I have increased thirty pounds in weight ,; aud am relieved from all the numerous acnes jj and pains of body aud uiiud. I could write a tmire upon my changed feeliuas and condition. Yours respectfully. P. B- MABBvay. PastorO.P. Church, Clayton, Ark. Sold by all druggists at §1.00 per box; three boxes, (thirty days' treatment), with irou- clad, written guarantiee, or sent direct upon rVceipt of prjce. Write lor booklet an4 proofs, * Chemical $ Mfg, Co., J^Crosse, Wfs,,

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