Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1960
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 5,1960 - -*-- — 9 Column Those Storms Were Worst Disaster to Farmers of the plants show recent CARMVAL By TRI *A* W. MAY r«wnrty Farm Advl«wr The worst weather disaster ever to strike Madison county farms is Wheat fields are badly lodged, some of them practically flat, which will make combining difficult. The soft, muddv fields will the opinion expressed by ninny not support the heavy combine*farmers following the three nights!and trartors until they dry. furth last week of torrential rains andjer delaying harvest. Normally th strong, almost fornadic winds, .'combining is at least half done by Damage was greatest to the j now. In 1954. a pood wheat crop northern half of the county, where | was harvested before the drouth it was already very wet. but ev-istarted. ery to™ in the county has been damaged. Losses will exceed the effects of the record-breaking drouth of 1954, may people say, because of the great amount soil erosion and damage to farm buildings and to homes. Right now it ^appears that acre yields of crops in some communities will not be much better than in 1934. soybean plants have Soil Erosion Permanent damage to farm Corn been washed out. covered up and broken off and drowned out so badly in many fields that the crop will amount to very little, even with favorable weather the rest of the summer. If the rains while! some of these be replanted to soy- stop for a fields will beans. lands by the soil erosion is tremendous. Millions of tons of soil have been washed away, never to be replaced. This is undoubtedly the most serious aspect of the whole situation. Buildings can be replaced and repaired, more trees will eventually be grown, but a lot of the soil is gone forever. The fields were especially vulnerable, of course, because they had just recently been plowed and-plantejl. Many soil-saving structures, waterways and terraces that would handle normally heavy rains have been washed out. Farm income in the county will naturally be greatly reduced this year. Most of the state and the mid-west is similarly affected. Northeastern Illinois is reportedly harder hit than tills area, but the erosion is less there because of the flatter land. By the time fields are dry 'enough to work, it will he entire-- more ly too late to plant corn. There's wlwrl feeding, spraying is prob-; ..... . . . ably advisable. Tretament after ; •sti time to plant soybeans, as ; , . { r • borers have __ . .they are better able to adjust to vvi || not be e ff pc tj v e. ia shorter growing spason. Some DDT is still the insecticide most 'farmers herp have planted the<commonly used for corn borer. Hark variety as late as July 10 Apply 1 12 pounds per acre as a nnd had good crops. Of course spray or % to 1 pound per acre j the results depend largely on the as granules. When spraying, ar-j weather and frost dates in the ''ange two or three nozzles over, fall. The Shelby variety is a week the row to cover the upper one- 1 earlier than dark, hut seed sup- third of die plants, particularly' plies are exhausted. We should 'he whorl /one. be able to plant early varieties like Haroso>. Hawkeye or Adams ns late as July 20 with reasonable chance ol getting a crop. Deppndinp on conditions in another week or two. we will bring,fed you more information on emer-;be Other insecticides approved for usr agiiinst corn borer include rndrin and to.xaphene. Ensilage or stover of corn treated with DDT or to.xaphene should not be to dairy cattle. Entirin may- used in this case, provided gency crops. label restrictions are followed. ! Corn Borers j Farmers having difficulty in! Heavy infestation of corn bor- deciding whether to spray for the! ers were found last week in two:com borers are invited to notify com fields in the northwestern,the farm adviser's office. Fields part of the county, in Foster and will be examined, promptly and Wood River townships. ; assistance given in planning treat- Many other fields are probably iment if needed. infested, and all farmers are urged to wirtch their corn close- High Herds The ten highest producing herds ly for the borers. The insects can for the mdnth of May in the Mad- do great damage to the corn crop ison county dairy herd improve- if they are not controlled prompt- ment association, based on av- ly, and they will rapidly increase erage butterfat production per 1 during the delay in field opera-:cow, arc computed at the Univer- 1 "And her 'something borrowed'-is my boy friend!" tions caused by the wet weather.isity of Illinois from the testers'!— ——- Racial Tension Headed Off !a ball diamond. There was no vio- GtJLFPORT, Miss Mississippi sheriff, acting a new state law to head off rac- "It appeared to b* a well- plarmed effort to Integratf the * «| • • • • park." trie sheriff said. Though III fntSStMlnui tn( , dj sr/u te occurred on federal land, the rpcreatton area historically has hr-en used by whitp persons. Dedeaux said he thought re ial conflict, cleared out Negroes| porfs N egrops w . 0 ,,id try to in- and white persons from a fpder- tegrate the beaches over the July at park play area. Fourth weekend was a smokp Harrison County Sheriff Curtis | screen. Dedeaut and 20 deputies Monday, "This was the integration plan ordered both groups out of DP- Soto National Park north of here after a disagreement over use of in mind and not the hr said. Keesler Air Force Base ordered military men in uniform during off hours Officials would not confirm the move was connected with the racial situation Some Air Force mr-n were beat- on up during a racial ftereup on the Gulf Coast earlier this year when Negroes attempted to use the beaches. Several Negroes and i white persons were shot. Walter Reed, at Auckland New Zealand, has given up driv- inir "because there are tin many f'*>ls at 'he wheel and I ptefei t<> <iir in bed." Rpprl no\\ j. IIHI venrs old. Widespread infestation of com .reports, were owned by: borers have never occurred in; Andrew Roth, Normann E. Funds Collected this area, in field corn, although Henke. Arthur Braundmeier, Wai-> , ..,. ,. .. sweet corn growers in southwest-1 ter Sievers. Harold Klenke, Waldo j I' 1 UiestertieJd Area em Madison county have sprayedJKeilbach, Clarence Sievers, Glenni r-ui-avvnviv, r% •,, regularly to control them for 'Meffert. Martin Linenbroker, Ver-' CHLSTWUILLD -Mrs. »-..-: ™S«;v manv vnars. innn Wnrnp^kP nnrt RnHv KnHin llam Rezn "cek of Western A birthday dinner was served Airs. J. F. Talkington are va-j cationing at Mercer, Wis.. this| ^veek and are guests oi Mrs.! :Cina Jacoby and Mrs. Mary CHESTERFIELD- Mrs. \Vil-j Ridgley. many years. | non Warnecke and Rudy Kuttin. To determine the need for treat-: The last two herds tied for tenth, fent, examine 50 to iOO plants for; The Roth herd of 99 Holstein signs of borer feeding on the.cows averaged 1.52 Ibs. of butter-!~ r . lv whorl leaves'. If 60 per cent or fat and 41.3 Ibs. of milk per cow! T NOTICE! WE ARE NOW AT OUR NEW LOCATION 309 HENRY ST. For your convenience we have an after hours depository and the following collection stations for payment of water bills: Dick's Drug Store M26 Washington Avenue National Food Stores 1862 East Broadway , 510 West Delmar Kroger Stores Alton Plaza Monticello Plaza Sears, Roebuck ft Co. 309 Piaso Street ALTON WATER COMPANY NOW AT 309 HENRY STREET per ; per day for the month. Test Plot Much ol the winter barley has been difficult to harvest because rains and winds caused it to lodge badly. Some was severely damaged by hail. In more favorable ! years winter barley produces jlots of. good feed, especially for hogs and dairy cattle. A variety plot grown by Robert [Johnson of Moro township included the Dayton, Hudson, and Missouri B 475 varieties. It was not Mound Township has reportedi Sunday in honor of W. W. Dams. $73.50 collected in the Red Cross i Attending were Mr. and- Mrs. Drive and S:>0.7n in the Cancer 1 Samuel K. Burns. Mr. and Mrs. area. ,Clcm Johnson and family. Mi. Solicitors were Mrs. Re/nioek. and Mrs. Melvin Dams an<l chairman; MJTS. Wyndall Smith, sons. Mr. "and Mrs. Charles K. Mrs. Nancy Jennings. Mrs. Mar- Dugan. George Redman, and tin Clurk and Phillip Struble. ;Mr. and Mrs. Dams. To Clean Church , : CHESTERFIELD - - Thurs-i ' The bam owl is considered: day. July 7, is the regular work! tne greatest enemy ol rats, meeting date of the United Ladies Aid Society. Plans havo been made to clean the church. Chesterfield Motes CHESTERFIELD - Mr. and Mrs. Edna Mindrup farm. The seed was certified by the Illinois | practical to harvest them sep-jCrop Improvement Association 'arately for yields. All four have - - — yielded well here in previous ' tests. The Newton variety of spring i oats is now being widely grown I in the state. It has had a good! yield record for ^several years.' It usually stands better than other varieties, being somewhat shorter than Clinton. It has a plump kernel, with a relatively thick hull. ' An unusually good field of Newton oats was grown this year by Oscar* Suess of Alhambra on the GODWIN OFFICE SUPPLY, LNt. SPECIAL! SPECIAL! Tuesday-Wednesday Only July 5. 6 LADIES' PLAIN SUITS 99c MEN'S PLAIN SUITS 99c ALTON ONE-HOUR Martinizing Dry Cleaners 329 Stan Si. PbMU HO 2-Mtl "The Most in Dry Cleaning" POWERFUL NEW PIDN8ER CLOOOBD TOILETS in a NEVER AGAIN (hoi tick when your foilet ov.rflow. TOILAFLEX Toilet [ui*««3 Plunger Ordinary |iluriKrr> don't »r«t properly. forcing air and water to uplath back. I Inn yo'i havr a mr«« and you lose thr vriy prrMurr needed !o < Irar Ilir i \"KK"<H ">»'» With " ruilaflr*". dr^igned for N.>llrU, nu ait oi w-dtri can r»rapf. 1'hr patented. taprird tail forms an an tight tit the lull pretiure >lows through tlir olntturtion And withri it down (an 1 mm! • tttUILC 1111 CUr, OOUIlf MCHMM • ICIICNtt TO Htl AT ANY ANIlt • CfNTEHI ITICIT, CAN'T IKIi UtVHt AT MOST HARDWARE STOKES J. LaVern Allen Norton & Allen. Inc. Newell H. Alien Allen & Ntmmon*. inc. Paul Davlson Ralnford Agency. Inc. Geo. J. Thomas Agency Associate Fred W. Delano Delano Insurance Agency Jay R. Delano Ueluno Insurance Agency J. M. Delaney Sleek-Stewart & Co. Roy bell/ GelU IriMH.nre Agency Dudley !•'. Glberion Ihf '/iberson ln-u<ance Agency • !• •cntivt H»»I-K»I« 01 ni MIII co 1100 PRIZES to be SOLD for BID-A-BUCKS AUCTION! WILSHIRE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER SATURDAY, JULY 9 2 P. WILSHIRE VILLAGE Shopping Onto Robert E. Glazebrook John A. GroMhelm Glazebrook Grossheim Insurance Agency Agency. Inc. MEMBERS OF THE ALTON ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS, Inc. hdmund C. Norton Oeorgr J. Thomat Norton & Allen. Insurance Inc. i.oiiii'floi- Harry Ingram Rainford Agency. Inc. Geo. J. Thomas Agency Associate Herctaal Jonei" Ernst & Jones Agency 70 PRIZES TO BE AUCTIONED FOR BID-A-BUCKS These priies include B-B-Q Grills, Cooler Chests, Swim Pools, Electric Drills, Wagons, Scooters, Pressure Cookers, Electric Percolators, Scales and many other popular items. Both before and after the Auction, you will be able to use your Bid-A-Bucks to purchase any of the It00 other items, which include Salt and Pepper Shakers, Kitchen Utensils, Jewelry, Toys and Games, Flashlight, Swim Equipment and Garden Tools. In addition you will be able to purchase soda with your Bid-A-Buckt all during the Auction. SEE YOU AT THE AUCTION SATURDAY, JULY 9 - 2 P. M. DONT FORGET YOUR BID-A-BUCKS Tom Jones Ernst &' Jones Lewli " Clover Leaf Agency complex K I . (l)inu) ]>urs ( HO'-i^ejm hi- AiieiKs- K. I'uhlman 'l'hlm.ih Insurance Carl h. Price Reynold XV. Queen Larl Price liminmce QUCPII Insurance Agency Agency Ralph W. Luken Luken Agency, Inc. James J. Ma|po*y Noll Insurance Agency People buy more than 50 kind* of insurance from us. Each can he written several way*. Half a duten change*, or additions can be mad* m each policy. The»e variables keep changing. Every morning we gel i-hangei, in forms «nd rates and the way policie* m peepared. Keeping track «f tb«*e complex)- tie« to make sure our client* get complete inauiance at thr least cost — thai'* what we get paid for. Most important of all we're right heir, day and night, to help you wtwn m accident or IOM occur*. Well study your polieiet, witboot charge, and make M» that tb« JatMt change* are oboofced roar innmno*. Leek fer Mill wel before you buy Insurance. Only on independent in* turaneo oflenf can dis> play lr. Joseph A. Ruito tdwln f. Sa*ek The Giberspn The Giberton Insurance Agency insurance Agency L. H. Maxfleld Ueo. H. Smiley & Co. Agency. Inc. Wm. V. MorrUsev P. Morrlttsy & Co. W. Owen Shy W. Owen Say Agency, lac. Harry J. Stock Hitharo C. Stewart Sleek-Stewart Steed-Stewart Co. * Co. Harry H. Nlmmout & Nimmonr Inc. | Allen *& GMurg* i. Noll Noll lAiuraaof Agency Clamaai fc. NaU CUmMi {., Noll, Jr. t-rederiok W. Thwa Noll Iniuranot Noll iniuraoc* Tbttn loiuranei Agtacy Agency Ageooy Bolwrl 4. Grotinolm loi. Agency. loo. B. WUtO* M»uricTT"~wTcken- w '"o" in»urano» bauter Agency Aceucy ""^irif-irfr"-|ffi^"ttn' : -Wf x 't' •*••>-' r-"-tytlMHHii:ulitJLiy

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