Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 21, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1957
Page 7
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-Junior Editors Quiz on WEATHER ANOINStttrON DOT ICO 4 If your neighbors are close, be considerate of them in such matters .as keeping the volume of your radio or TV turned low, keeping your children from running over your neighbors' lawns and flow- Tlnwi Hersld, CarroH, laws pgr Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1957 / The young fellow who wants to step into his dad's shoes should remember that dad didn't wear loafers. ers and letting your next-door neighbors have some privacy when they entertain out-of-doors. Being a good neighbor just takes a little consideration. QUESTION: Which is colder, the North or South Pol*? ANSWER: The coldest known area in the world is the Antarctic region around the South Pole, where temperatures rarely get warmer than 50 degrees below zero. And often they are colder than 100 degrees below zero, as measured by the American scientific expedition now living at the South Pole. In the Arctic region at the North Pole, it usually doesn't get colder than 50 degrees below zero, although a 90 below reading was •nee made there. And in the summertime, Arctic temperatures have rhwn as high as 70 degrees above zero. The Arctic is warmer because it has the benefit of an ocean current called the West Wind Drift, which originates in the tropics. Antarctica on the other hand is a frozen land mass covered by an Ice cap which reaches depths of two miles. No warm ocean currents move in this direction. FOR YOU TO D6: Paste this picture on heavy paper. Cut out the penquin head at top and Insert tab in silt shown. By moving tab back and forth you can make the penquin reach for the fish. (Send your question to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, and you may win $10. Tomorrow: Why do cows have more stomachs than we do?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •I O tf*7 W MIA t*HlM. fa*. "Now I lay me down to sleep—" . SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith ass fellfi T.M. * H , U|. 0«. "Sorry, but Mr. Walker Is in conference planning an Import. ant sales campaign!" » By Kate Osann F» TELLS* A OUT OUR WAY BY J. R, WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOdfL% 66AD > 3AkE /-L WAS TOTALLY" UNAWARE OF YOUR FLAIR FDR MUSiC-^LBT AlOhife 0WNINS A GUITAR/** X t>£> RECALL 1HAT AS A BOY* W , ONCe PLAYED 1MB SA $5b «LJ/vV IN THEr LABOR OAYVABADe ' AMD Tr\RjvV THte WHOLE BAUD kOOTOP KILTER MITH AN OFF ,B6AT/_ 4 OH, I Alf^T MO CAROtfOi AMOS, ftiT 160T M«Lf IN MY SOULA ^/MAtf MENTAL immwm$ TMSM ^OIST,^ HOTEL ROOM: Ar Miem"/- A file MOSTLWIASK^ BUGS BUNNY Big Joke, Huh? PRISCILLA'S POP 'I'd like to withdraw a dollar from my account, you please wrap it as a gift?" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer FIRST WE'LL '/TV AERIALM Slight Revision BY AL VBRMIIR ALLEY OOP Lefs Go Seel MVSHTY PEBTT urtTLB? LADY.- PROBABLY WE JUST BOUGHT \ NOT THE ONE TW« WAfiON OFFN I NOU'RE LOOKING A COUPLE F&LERS.A FOR,THOUGH. THEY HAD A £IRL WITH 'EM. NO, NOT UKELY.„ OUR6 WAS BLACK- HA) REP, AVERAGE HEIGHT.. ANSWERED TO THE NAME OFCOOLA! HNW MEVER HEARD HER SAY.. FTTB SOUR PE5CRlPTlON,THOUGH,, •CEPTMsl r SHE VvORE PAKI3 LIKE A. MAM' COULDN'T BE /OOOLA-SHE \YBH,SHE WAS WEARING I .WAS.THE A BLACK 7 LAST WH LEOPARD -T< SAW OF SWN» J \ HER/ V. T. HAMLIN \ ••It MORTY MEEKLE Conniver BY DICK CAVALLI "Whet about the ones you put in the car?" Playing Games Answer to ACROSS 1 Baseball equipment 4 Game on a green 8 Italian city 18 Hail! 15 Askew 14 Spoken 16 Male child 18 Until then 18 Foes 20 Infernos 31 Chess pieces U Nights betore events 34 Equal 38 Paradise 37 Musical syllable S3 Game official 84 Baby — 35 Bridge holding 36 Donkey 37 Bites SB Writing fluids 40 Poems 41 Cattle genus 42 Live 45 Give forth 49 Diamonds or clubs (2 words) 31 Lettuce 52 Roman road 93 Rim 54Gratulty srWatches $6 Throw, as a ball 57 furtive DOWN I Where battels hope to go 5 Shakespearean rtver 8 Mean dwellings t Street urchin Molding 6 Rented 7 Marsh • 8 Fire residue 9 What* yachtsman does' 10 Cultivate 11 Roman date 17 From what placet 19 Earn 23 Sleeveless garments 34 Where the "Leaning Tower" is Previous Puzzle) • 35 Shield 26 Weird, 27 Conducts 28 Have care 29 War god of Greece 31 Offer 33 Vegetable 38 Feigned 40 Smells 4.1 Moderates 42 French friends 43 Chew 44 Arrow poison 46 Communist planes 47 Labor 48 Glimpse 80 Defeat at cards BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "This Character" BY EDGAR MARTIN r*ROfch ftCfcCfcftTVfe VP***, TtAWit5 WEj WCTSO ^Vfc WWW Wkfc X XftBlfln WHICH REMINDS Me.. I 'D BETTER MOW OURS PCX FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS No Teamwork BY MERRILL BLOSSIR HOLD MY MAMO, DAISY, SO TtXI . YVOrJfr...OOBS/ LETS Moretveup ^JSO EASILY/ ^ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE In the Park BY WILSON SCRUGOt CAPTAIN EASY v Yes, Yes; Go On! BY LESLIE TWRNtf 5p TW<? VyiTNR*^? POjMTWfLV.IpgMTimP m A* MMKHAM* VEe>, POLICE HM BVIOEWCft NCW TO HOLp HIM FOR K6VO FOR TUB ATTEMPT OH MV LIFE WWT tHWB NO SEWTIfAENT" MUST FBfi,MA8IS„\F0R HIM. TBPi HB'PHAV© MOmta NCW THAT LET »A0#A 016 IF H8 MAO HE 15 VCUR FKTHBW/PBCIPBP IT WAs> WOUTH. ' THB MONBy TO 6BT IA8 OUT OF TUB) m. 7§ I HAT* M\W FOR TRYIN6 TO HARtA •yOO.iTO FROTSCT HIS SECRBTl

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