The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1966 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1966
Page 16
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(la.) Upper DM Molnw-5 MIDDLE AGE IS A TIME WHEN: 11 someone whistles on the street, you know it isn't at you Mo you look behind you to see what cute chick is following you. Your arms suddenly aren't long enough to hold the telephone book away from you when you are trying to read a number. You choose your shoes more for the way they will ease your bunions than you do for their style. You finally get the 36-23-36 figure you've dreamed of, only on you it is arranged so it comes out 23-36-36. When you don a swim suit it's because you are going swimming and the only splash you expect to make is in the pool. For a pearly smile you have to decide between being so gol- darned proud of your teeth and/or having some partial or full plates. All popular music sounds like caterwauling. Oh, for the days of the good, old romantic tunes I (Like, "Flat Foot Floogie with a Floy, Floy", maybe ?) - o- ON THE CITHER HAND, MIDDLE AGE IS ALSO A TIME WHEN: There are no more Den Mother meetings, Girl Scout leading, P. T. A. and Room Mothering. While presumably there is less sex, there .is more genuine love and affection. You start having wonderful grandchildren, and you can sit back and enjoy them without being responsible for them. That added buxomness becomes an asset when it comes to cuddling babies. Although there is quite a bit behind you, there is also quite a bit before you. And you can take this remark either flgure- atively or philosophically. When you are out socially, you can talk to an attractive member of the opposite sex without having him get the Idea you are inviting him to make a pass. You can stop worrying about the younger generation. They are going through the same adolescent pangs you did, and look how well you turned out I You can be a little" vague, quite emotional, and down-right weepy and illogical if the occasion warrants. And you can blame tt all on the "change." - o- AS YOU MAY HAV E GATHERED, THIS week I have another birthday, and no matter how I try to disguise the fact, I am entering on, or have already embarked upon middle age. I didn't have anything to do with this state of affairs; I just kept breathing ever since I was born and here I am, if not quite at the half- century mark, getting uncomfortably close to it. Nobody has ever given me a chance to turn back the calendar to the days of my youth and perhaps, (I said Just, perhaps) I wouldn't do It if I could. I do know that there are several things I've lived through that I wouldn't have missed for the world: The era of the really Big Name Dance Bands, hearing them on the radio, and occasionally seeing them In person at the Surf. Growing up In the Great Depression, which although It must have been mighty hard on our folks, It did manage to teach some of the youngsters the value of a dollar. And the fun a gang of kids could have on 25? worth of popcorn and apples at a home party. The satisfaction of a paycheck where you could keep your entire^ wages without any deductions -, even If it was only $8.50 per week. Dancing cheek-to-cheek style. The first pair of nylon hose. You could wash them out at night and they'd be dry enough to wear the very next morning! The miracle of the first television shows. The thrill and the vast feeling of relief to hear that World War U had ended. At last, the world was safe for peaceful living. Watching the train come In with the hissing and puffing of the steam locomotive. - 0" RECENTLY SOME OF THE WOMEN'S magazines have been filled with articles about estrogens and hormones that practically guarantee eternal youth for the woman of middle years. I read so many of them that I got to thinking I was a down-right fool for not rushing down to a doctor to demand the medication that would take away my sags, improve the brlttleness of my bones and give me a youthful outlook. Then the "poor gal's medical advisor", the Readers Digest came out and said the pills weren't half what they were thought to be and only necessary in extreme cases. So I decided to stick to my aspirin and grow old, if not gracefully, at least enthusiastically. - o- ALMOST EVERYBODY WORSHIPS YOUTH these days and hopes to avoid growing older. There's only one alternative to growing older, and I don't think I am ready for that. Besides, each age group I've been in so far, has proved to be more interesting than the previous one and I'm now having more fun than I ever did. So, If the good Lord is willing, I guess I'll just keep on growing older. -Or DURING THE WEEK OF SEPT. 25 through Oct. 1, people. who will be one year older include Jackie-Rowley, Paula Rooney, Dorothy Laird, Esther Sigsbee, Mary Ann Sigsbee, FranGrantham, Debbie Nelson, Barbara Miller, Alma Stoeffel, Ira Kohl, Margaret HerbstjjGretchen Delm, Vickie Rlcklefs, Jeffrey Cowan, Jenny Woods, Jan Allen, Natalie McClure, Jackie and Jim Kelley, Arnold Mulso, Sharon Smith, Harlan Sigsbee, Kevin Lynch, Mrs. J. H. Nlelson, Arlene Owens, Dorothy Parsons, Velma Gillespie, Steve Miller, Ed Wolcott, Donovan Christian, Mrs. Nels Peterson, Richard Phillips, Marl McCullough, Kathy Lierley, Robert Rlngs- dorf, Pat McGlnnis, Leone Barr, Katherine Gilmore, Floy Hershberger, Audrey Haverly, Wayne Goodman, Margie Nugent, Becky Jo Hemmingsen, Bill Burt, Myrna Teeter, Bruce Johnson and Eileen Larapright. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. John Marti, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Bronspn, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Sigsbee, Mr. and Mrs, Louis Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. John Claude and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bollard. - o- THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR A Swedish dessert called Sawdust Pudding; 1 pint milk 1 cup sugar 2 eggs . i; 1 envelope unfavored gelatin 1 cup whipping cream 1/2 pkg. shortbread cookies Dissolve gelatin In J/2 cup cold water. Scald milk. Mix sugar and eggs together, add to milk, then add gelatin and vanilla. Let stand overnight or until firm. In morning, chop In large pieces with a spoon. Whip cream and fold into above. Crush cookies and sprinkle on.tpp of mixture. For the holidays, 1/2 tsp. rum flavoring may be added to the whipped cream. * GRACE Licenses For 16 Vehicles At Season End Sixteen new cars and one motorcycle were licensed during the past week at the office of Rosella Voigt, Kossuth county treasurer. They went as follows: Fords — Becker Construction, Bode, (p/u>, Ray Bierle, Buffalo Center, (p/u); Howard Zaug, Lakota; Herman E. Rachut, Burt. Harley-Davidson - W. R. Chafee, Burt. GMC - Joe Bradley Equipment, Algona. Dodge - E. J. Cowan, L«d- yard; Milford S. Mitchell, Lone Rock; Irene Bormann, Bode. Chrysler - Fritz Freyholtz, Fenton; Richard Lukes, Algona. Chevrolet - Luella Collins, West Bend; Carl W. Priebe, Fenton; Roy A. Fox, Bancroft. MG - James M. Stanton, Algona. Oldsmobile - Helen Hovey, Algona. St. John's High Class Officers Are Elected BANCROFT - St. John's high school held election of officers recently and the results are as follows: SENIORS: President, John Stork; Vice President, Chuck Farrow; Secretary, Bridget Quinn; Treasurer, Mary Lou Vaske; Class Moderator, Sister Mary James. JUNIORS: President, Terry Carpenter; Vice President, Geraldine Wilhelmi; Secretary, Sharon Lampe; Treasurer, Na- dirie McCleish; Class Moderator, Sister Mary Thoma. SOPHOMORES: President, JoAnn Bernhard, Vice President, Terry Schrandt; Secretary Gail Ann Marlow; Treasurer, Michael Murray, Class Moderator, Sister Mary Marcine. FRESHMEN: President, Patrick Fox; Vice President, Dave Wollner, Secretary, Darlene Hatten; Treasurer, Cletus Nurre Class Moderators, Sister Mary Rosaire and Sister Rose Marie. Cars Collide In Bancroft Mishap Bancroft - A two car accident occured in front of the Sister's Convent last Wednesday evening at approximately 7:30 p.m., when a car driven by Mrs. Dick Elsbecker of Bancroft attempted to pass a car driven by Cecil Bailey of Seneca, and a collision resulted. The accident which was investigated by Patrolman Tom Cogdall, resulted in $40damages to the Elsbecker auto and unknown damages to the Bailey car. Notes Of Servicemei SAN ANTONIO, TEX,-Airman Carl B. Vigdal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Vigdal of Whittemore, has been selected for technical training at Amarillo AFB, Tex., as a U. S. Air Force aircraft maintenance specialist. The airman recently completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Tex. His new school Is part of the Air Training Command which conducts hundreds of specialized courses to provide technically trained personnel for the nation's aerospace force. Airman Vigdal was graduated from Garrigan High School, Algona, in 1965. Crippled Child Clinic IOWA CITY, IA. - The State Services for Crippled Children (SSCC) will conduct a clinic In Algona on Friday, Oct. 21, to provide diagnostic and evaluation services for crippled children at Lucia Wallace Elementary School. Patients from the following counties are eligible: Emmet, Huicock, Humboldt, Kossuth, Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Winnebago, Worth and Wright. The clinic is open to patients under 21 years of age who have chronic or crippling conditions, and who have been referred by their physician or dentist. There is no fee for the examination. SANSEVffiRIA A 45 to 50 year old Sanse- vieria plant belonging to Karleen Olson, Spirit Lake, has the • tallest and most flower stems blooming on it this year than ever before. The house plant blooms infrequently with stalks holding blooms resembling the Easter Lily. This aged, healthy plant has some bloom stalks 18-in. high. WUhtag Far A Bayer W«'t Make That Brie! Diaper Oayt A young mother With first baby washes about 4,000 diapers a year plus extra bed* ding and baby clothing. TTii* to In addition to the rest of her family clothing and household linens. RealEititt Alter the United States purchased the Popish West ladles in 1917, the name was changed to Virgin Islands, Down South The largest English-speaking city south of Miami is Kingston, Jamaica, with a population of 183,500. BRUNER WATER SOFTENER Soften$ water auto- matical ly; Removes Iron. Filters out sedl» ment, Call today. • LIMITED OFFER $250 EXPIRES OCT. 15, 1966 AVAILABLE AT ALGONA Plumbing & Heating 214 East State Street Drayton, Will T. & Clara I. to Keith B. Rowley 9-9-66.L 15 of A. P. of NE 1/4 SE 1/4 295-29. Dreyer, Raymond H. & Loyce L. to la. Elec. Lt. A Pr. Co. 9-7-66 Pt, of NW 1/4 NW 1/4 desc. as see rec. 20-97-30. Hoi, Edward G., sgl. toThelma H. Trauger et vir9-12-66SWl/4 (Also Town index) 20-94-27. Family Income Median family Income in U.S. metropolitan area* in 1964 wa» f 7,300, iome 40 per cent higher than the $5,200 median for families in non-metropolitan parts of the country, according to the Bureau of the Census. BE IN THE KNOW WITH KLGA 1600 KG EVERY GOOD GUY GIVES TH UNITED WAY Campaign Dates For 1966 • ADVANCE GIFTS START SEPTEMBER 19 • COMMERCIAL AREA STARTS OCTOBER 3 + RESIDENTIAL AREA STARTS OCTOBER 17 tt GOAL FOR 1966 jyXXfSff^^ "SUPPORT THESE 14 WORTHY CAUSES WITH ONE DONATION" ALGONA CHARITIES. INC. Provides a helping hand for many In real need, in the Algona community, and in case* net £ve?edrbrgov.rnm.n7 aid Thl. include? corrective measure, for defect, of eye,, hearing te-h, and limbs; and fund. are allocated according to need upon Investigation by the school nurse, with 52 cases receiving attention during 1965. KOSSUTH COUNTY SCHOOL FOR RETARDED CHILDREN, provides aid by special day school, obtains «P«<«allst advice, and endeavors to make it possible for retarded children to become more dependent upon themselves and fit into community life. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (PRAIRIE GOLD COUNCIL) A 12 month ready-planned character building programalong with camp and office facilities and professional guidance made available to all boys and leaders through me services of a local area Boy Scout Council. GIRL SCOUTS provide instruction and leadership in healthful and useful activity for increasing number of growha girls, contributing to development of skills and character. Many capabl. and d.votod leaders contribute unselfishly of their time and talent to make a program a success. IOWA CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY provides care and counselling in foster family boarding homes for the child who has toll * away from home ond for th? unmarried mother. Adoption service for couple, wishing to adopt I. also available. SALVATION ARMY'S work Is directed toward care of the poor with food, clothing and shelter, provides care for un- ^iSSii.9Si^^ P«rol»e. and their families, aid In national emergencies, and work with and for service men. RED CROSS. The Red Cross furnishes volunteer aid in cases of pestilence, famine, fir. and cmW disasters. The federal government designates the agency for rwponslblllty In providing relief In many disasters. Assistance Is provided In swimming Instruction and life savng and first aid Instruction. CANCER CAUSES - Research, education and sorvlces. HEART CAUSES - Research, education and services POLIO AND OTHER NEURO-MUSCULAR DISEASES - Research, education and service*. IOWA MENTAL HEALTH - An increasing problem being attacked and alleviated by research, service and care, KOSSUTH COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH ASSN. U. $. O. ARTHRITIS ft RHEUMATISM FOUNDATION - The Iowa Chapter is very ^fieiwit in doing outstanding work in service and research. Campaign, clerical, publclty, etc. expense. TOTAL $ 800 $1,800 $2,700 $2,300 $ 700 $ 750 $ 2,125 $ 1,250 $ 800 $ 250 $ 450 $ 125 $ 50 $ 450 $ 900 $15,450 Terms expire* December 31, 19*4 LoU Allen Harry Greenberg Jim Kolp Irving Miller Charlotte Na»h Joe Pomplyn Delta Welter DIMCTOtS OP THI ALGONA UNITED FUND Terms .xpires December 31, 19*7 Clair Blossom, Chairman Jack Chrlichlllei Sharon Cowan William Kraft, Treaiurer L. I. Rlter, Vice Chairman Thelma Ttchetter Inez Wolfe, Secretary Terms expire* December 31, 19*9 Elgin Allen Fred James Oetlan DuWoyne Klein Jack UmbaMgh frcMrd Rlnaidorf Bertha Surtdtt

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