Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 20, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1957
Page 6
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Junior Editors Qui* on* DINOSAURS If your dog growls at a person who comes to the door, try to quiet him before you answer the door. No caller should be greeted by a growling dog. Times Herald, earreN, lewe Tuesday, Aug. 20/ 1957 You can usually tell If a man Is having a good time at a party by the look on his wife's face. And it is certainly not hospitable to have an unfriendly dog go to the door with the person who answers it. TIZZY By Kate Osann QUESTION: How big ware dinosaurs? ANSWER: Although most people think of dinosaurs a* gigantic monsters, as indeed many of them were, some war* las* than a foot in length and quite harmless. The largest of all dinosaurs was the Brontosaurus, or thunder lizard, which reached a length of 80 feet or mora. The Brontosaurus had a long neck and tail and walked on all four feet. It fed on plants. Another hug* dinosaur was the Tyrannosaurus, or terrifying Ihcard. This meat-eating animal walked on its hjnd lags and reached a length of 45 feet. Its head was very large and its mouth was filled with large, sharp teeth. Dinosaurs dominated life on the earth 60 million to 190 mil- lien years ago, during what Is called the Mesozoic period. Their remains have been found on every continent and are especially abundant in certain rocks In the western United State*. FOR YOU TO DO: Most museums of natural history have skeletons of many types of dinosaurs. You can learn more about these huge creatures by visiting a museum. (Barbara Ann Kisel of Johnstown, Pa., wins $10 for this question. Send yours to Violet Moor* Higglns, AP Newsfeatures, in car* of this paper. Tomorrow: Which la colder, the north or south pole?) "I'm afraid I won't be able to sit lor you tomorrow, Mrs. Johnson—I'll have to recuperate.from today I" CARNIVAL By Dick Tumor SWEETIE PIE 3-2ft T M. Oft^ Wfe ^M. OtL "That's the first one you've done that resembles* anything!" "Gorgeous summer day, isn't It, Pennypaekert Blue sky, bright sun, air conditioner functioning perfectly!" Radio Actress Answer to Previous SIDE GLANCES ACROSS ByGalbraitk | l tHTjSSi 5 She is on the waves 8 She has a teen-age—— 12 Sea eagle 18 Anger 14 Curved molding 15 Perches* 16 Cartograph IT Russian wolfhound IS Trial 19 Scoffers 31 Behold! 33 Hawaiian wreath 24 Rises 29 Trap fe TJ^. to* ua. FJL on. « „, DOWN 1 Joke 2 Iroquoian Indian 3 Social insects 4 Cuddle 5 Purposes 6 Persia f Drive off 8 Bellowing 9 Examine N I N m 28 River sediment 10 Shakespearean 30 Poker stake king 11 Evenings (poet.) 20 Eyes (Scot,) 22 Individual 24 Bewildered 25 Aquatic mammal 26 Hurl "I don't want to be too hard on him for running all over the neighborhood—maybe he'll grow up to la* another Secretary Dulles'" 33 Body oi water 27 Medicos (ab.) 34 Assam silkworm 36 Chew 37 Direction 39 Winter vehicle 41 Bind 42 Change 44 Bricklayers' implements 46 Crimson 48 Hebrew letter 49 She Is one of tine of entertainment world 54 Things done 58 Measure of type 89 Spinning toy 00 Secular 81 Fish sauce 62 Age 63 Large plant 64 Withered fl*Soak flax • 'ossesslve -onoun 31 Sora 32 Female aheep (Pi.) 35 Air (comb. form) 38 Bank of turf 40 Diamond- cutter's cup 43 Unit of reluctance 48 Riches 47 Hinder 49 Mineral aprlnga 50 Piece of baked clay 51 Genus of maples 52 Ripped 53 Petty quarrel 55 Solicitude 56 Row 57 High cards By Nadine Seltzer OUT OU» WAY IBtXSH WW 1 ,.'.' 5TUMMICK ASIN HIS BACKBONE... MILBft FROM HOME AM HE STOPS TO USTEW TO FRCXSS AN' SWALLOWS AM' 6TUPF- WUTS/ BY J.-R. WILLIAMS | OUR BO AUDI NO HOUSE , . . with . , , MAJOR HOOPLI HO/A MOUSE IN 1M6 H0US6 WOKE VW •••EgSfitM op ^I MISS CLOUD, ^ LEANINS5 /U IF FATHER COULD SB 4MB WAf S£AlRT, SM6R. s SUDDy .ALLOWED, TO SHOO OFF THE CRITTSS U 'SHE 6ET UP IN BED AtJjD • 6 ' MEOWED-OVOD-O^D \\0(6Wh 6ET UP IN 6ED AND HERB WITH MIS PICCOLO, VME*DDO "THE WMI6TLER AND HIS D06* AS A; TRIO/ • y$im k t ml k T* 1*1 U *• fit Off- •A . TREAT 1HE WORLD /MUST F0RE6O= E . 3<? BUGS BUNNY Bean Ball PRISCILLA'S POP Truth Will Out BY AL VERMEER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Yeunt and — BY EDGAR MARTIN NTS <ST«fcV*3fc TrAWT T WWW* C*3fc OP TrtOML I WONT SAY ANYTHING! MAYBE POP WON'T h-t^EVEN NOTICE/ WHAT HalJ PRISCILLA, WHAT H< s4c &***m&% ALLEY OOP What That Girl Said? BY V. T. HAMLIN NO ..BUT I'M AFBMD IT WOULD BE PRETTY HARD TO EXPLAIN MORTY MEEKLE You Can't Tell 'Eml BY DICK CAVALLI SOME MEAN PERSON POKED A LOT Of HOLES IN TMI5 LITTLE EGG AND THE BABY BIRD LEAKED OUT/ THAT'S A PRACTICE • GOLF BALL, NOUGOOF/ OH,THAT<5 < VERY FUNNV/ MDU'RE QUITE A WIT. YES, SQUARE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TAWS rr EAS/.MILDIA/ I DONT THINK* YOUR DAD WOULD LIKE Tb ZOOM UKfe THIS'W H«5 WAGON / rr ME HAUGHT <*E MOW DRtve/ In Your Place rr BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE BY WILSON SCRUGGS yPSiSW.WSAIDIFIT HADNT'BEEN FOR THAT . NATURE OOLUWNI WHOTft* > HtWOvLDtfrBEIN . .TROUBLE WfTH THE TOUCCL CAPTAIN EASY Rounding Them MP BY LESLIE TURNER TH& CRMS ^jSRWiWHfl WHO AST THW(? MAf KHAiA WfcTWWP \IM «KH»T V»ftTWd* "— —IW'WHOONCgKMBW

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