Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, July 5, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 5,1980 firm <M> WIATMt ttfltf Atf Lew TtmB»«*tvre> fMJMcMel Kennedy Rebuts Truman Charges Point by Point ----------- - --- ^^| • £ I .lfftflt*1Yl4T ill V^m^/MM C* B.r THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS Snn. .Tohn F. Kennedy (D- i\Iass> says hf> won't step aside at nnyone's rpcfitpst. including that of former Prosidpnt Harry S. Tru- That was Kennedy's reply Monday to Tfruman's sug.eestion that maybe Kennedy isn't old enough or pxperipiifpfl pnough to bp the Dnniorratic nominee for prrsi- drnt , "I haw encountered and sur- Wjth moro fhftn 70 men and a vived every kind of hazard and! scorp o( trurks engaged, clear- opposition." Kennedy told a Newi| ng tnp ci) y streets of debris 1^ JLo York news .conference, "and I do from* Thursday morning's storm SUNNY AND WARMER Scattered showers and thunderstorms ari> expected tonight in Arizona, the middle Mississippi valley, the central Plains, the east Gulf coast, the Tennessee valley and the south Atlantic coast stales. It will continue cool in the northeast. Warmer weather is expected on the south Atlantic coast. (AP Wire- photo ) not intend to withdraw my name wns resumed today I no*-, on the eve of the oonven-; ]n an effoj ,, ^ tlo . n , , . . . . •• moval o f trees Kennedy ga ve this P°' nt J* point rebuttal to the charges Truman aired Saturday in a similar televised news conference: "Prearranged com- e n I i o i, i - and branches from side streets, said City Man-! ager Graham W. Watt, streets division put on 40 men, and also contracted for 12 trucks, each with Its own crew of 26 Killed in Illinois, Including 9 on Highways Alton and vicinity — Consider- : Kennedy said "to the extent thatj two jn most Cflses anythln * lo d ° w " h "•" City clearing "work had halt-! Saturday evening for the hoi- •able sunshine and a little warm-l ot » p an °P en Convention means the free will of By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The highways and the waters of Illinois rivaled each other as major killers over the long Fourth of July weekend. Nine persons wore killed on the' state's highways and TO persons' died in lakes, rivere and ponds. Six persotis perished in miscellaneous accidents during the three-; day holiday and one person died) in a boating tragedy. The over-all total was 26. Returning traffic began building, up about 4:30 Monday afternoon night with a chance of scattered showers. Low tonight 60-65. Wednesday, mostly sunny with little Man Fined On Morals Charge Taken semi-naked from his automobile when it was halted in and"hit'its peak about 9:30 Mon- Riverside Park by a policeman, day night. Traffic on the clogged | Sunday forenoon, a police re- near 80. highways began tapering off gradually as the weary weekend came to a close. .-.'.'" The traffic death toll, was far port reveals, a 26-year-old Clod- frey man, was fined $200 in police court, then was held today ine iraiuc oeam lou. was lar undej . fln infomiation , fUed to- short of the record traffic fatali-j day .„ AUon City Courl . charg . ing commission of a lewd or indecent act. At time of his arrest by Police- recorded in 1955. The state traffic safety division reported the high for a comparable 78-hour period - 24 - was counted ia jman aiarles Meyers polico were 1955. Ten traffic victims died oni a 'comparable July Fourth, weekend in 1958. A two-car collision near Oquawka Monday took the lives of James and Bonnie Tussatere, a married couple from Monmouth. The first recorded state death for the weekend was Georgia Vinson. The woman died when her auto rammed into a light pole in Chicago Saturday. John T. Lookabaugh of Edwardsville was killed in a two-car pile-up Saturday morning, and R. C. Jones of Lemont died in a two- car accident near Elizabethtown Saturday. In other traffic fatalities: Dennis G. Hansen, 22, of East Peoria, died Sunday when a track rig passed over his body near Lanark. Daniel Cisneras, 28. was hit by a car Sunday near Milford in "Iroquois County and Larry Fowler was hit by a car in Rock Island Sunday. Roger Lafollette, 14, of Hanna City, was killed in a crash Sunday in Hanna City. r today, the high 75-80. Partly! delegates freely elected in con- cloudy and not quite so cool to-| (pstpd Primaries and state conventions. I was the only candidate to risk my chances in all the primaries—the only one to visit iday weekend. Over Sunday and the Fourth, property owners con DIES AS NEIGHBORS CRASH tinned clearing their yards. OXNARD. Calif. — A strange twist The driver of the other car Was Jay B. More than 20 private haulers: o f fate brought death Saturday to Ger- Pitkow, who lives on the same street as were engaged in moving debris to! aid William Silver, 35, whose body lies Silver did, 11 blocks apart, in Los Anthe city disposal grounds at the | n the front seat of his Wuto after It geles 40 miles away. Pitkow and his foot of Central avenue. crashed head-on into another on the wife, Christine, were injured. (AP ypar and were Russian Dog Complete* Fifth Trip Into Space MOSCOW (AP) - A dog named Daring has made her filth trip Into spew aboard a Soviet rocket and returned safely to earth, the Soviets reported today. A top rocket expert said this proves the dependability of the Soviet rocket recovery system. A. A. Blftgonravov, armed forces rocket research expert and member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, was commenting oft a report that two dogs and a rabbit Journeyed 130 mllfea above the earth in a rocket test month. The dog«, the rabWt and the instruments were recovered fully Intact, Blagonravov said, and were In fine condition right after land- Ing and fit for repeated experiments. The Soviet news agency Tass said the single-stage rocket, to a routine launching, carried* a total weight of 4,629 pounds In animals and instruments and brought back valuable Information on what happens to muscle tone in the weight- IPSS state spacemen will,encounter. America's space monkeys, Ablr and Baker, reached a height of 300 miles in a rocket flight last change in temperature, the high! ev , e ^ stat *-,',' ! Sanitation Supt. Leo Fitzger-i coast highway south of Oxnard, Calif. Wlrephoto) 'Maturity -Kennedy, noted he| ald said , that last Th ursda y an d ; :_..._*_._?_ ! ± Man Charged With Raid on Poultry Flock ihas served in Congress for 14 i years, and was a World Wai' II •naval officer for four years before that. If that's not enough ex- Friday trees and branches were deposited at the city dumping grounds nt a rate of 80, some-! times 80, truckloatis an hour. perience, he added, all but three I Wjth more workcrs ed onj : of the 10 possible candidates men! tioned by Truman would be ruled out. and all but a handful of past presidents. A 35-year-old Granite City man; Another Attack was charged with attempted; Even as Kennedy replied to qrceny in a warrant issued by Tustice of the Peace George Warnecke at Mitchell early Monlay morning after a Granite Ci- Truman's onslaught, an. attack came from another quarter. Two supporters of Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex) said Kennedy ly area resident interrupted a!is suffering from Addison's dis- Panny McMurray 5, became thej , searching for the driver of a car who earlier in the forenoon had exposed .himself to a girl in the 600 block of Ridge street. A woman resident who observed the incident called police and gave them a license number and description of the automobile in which the man was riding. Policeman Myers, on patnx through the river park area, saw a car answering the description given by the woman informant, and overtook and halted it. Ac-) cording to the police report, he made the motorist reclothe himself before he ( was taken to the police station. The man held, a married em- ploye of a St. Louis County industry, signed a statement Sunday evening, said police, in which he admitted the Ridge street incident. Through the arrest, a police official said, it is believed that a series of indecent exposure incidents in the Rock Spring Park- College avenue area has been solved. The man in custody first was raid on his poultry flock. Deputies took into .custody the suspect named In the warrant, after 'license number of the car observed leaving the David Ilackethal residence on Granite City Route 1 about 10:30 p.m. .Sunday. Hacketha) reported loss of several chickens, which were found dead in brush along the road. A check of the license plates of the car seen leaving the premises led to issuance ot a warrant and arrest of the suspected chicken thief at his home at Granite City. Johnson (Continued From Page 1.) 1 ease, which is defined as a chronic ailment usually stemming from tuberculosis, involving insufficient production of adrenalin. A Kennedy aide called this "despicable tactics." The charge was made <at a Los Angeles news conference by John Connally, executive director of Johnson's campaign, and India Edwards, co-chairman of the Citizens-for-Johnson National Committee. Johnson stood aloof from this new controversy interjected • by his top campaign aides. But he scheduled a news conference in • Washington later today, and was sure to be quizzed in detail about it. Pierre Salinger, Kennedy's ; press aide, said angrily "it is a . . _ , ,. , «,— under a city compjaint 10th drowning victim Sunday aft-j with disol , derly con duct, to which ihe pleaded guilty before Police Magistrate Fred J. Schreiber. ernoon as recreation areas became tragic remembrances. Also drowned during the weekend were Steven Smith. 15, Mark J. Miller, 31, James M. Ray, 21. Frank Seput, 29, William D. Reaves, 14, Steve R, Riddle, 15, Glen Richmond, 3, David Angus, 17, and Keith Kinnaman, 22. Four of the six persons killed in miscellaneous accidents died when a three-story building in Sterling burst into flames after an accumulation of gas caused an explosion. Fisher Adjudged Innocent in Death of Father Today, police with approval of the state's attorney's office, filed the information under state law provisions in City Court. A date for a hearing remains to be set. the job today, he estimated In-, flux of trucks to the disposal ar- ; ea would be even greater than last Friday. Work today extended to areas more remote from the dump: than was the averagb condition' week. Most Northside, Up 30 Treated Johnson Supporters Draw f A •. Anger With 'Health 9 Cracks -III 1 B-I "ft _. .. ... Hospitals By JACK BELL LOS ANGELES (AP) — Angry supporters today branded as opposition "desperation tactics'' statements that Sen. John F. Ken- Alton's hospitals were keptjiedy is not healthy enough to be White House, some of Johnson's supporters read into this an indirect allusion to the Texas senator's 1935 heart attack. Kennedy is 43, Johnson 51.. | Navy to Display Recruiting Trailer j The United States Navy Re- jcruiting Station at 659A Essl Brondway announced Today thni its mobile recruiting trailer will be on display Hurinc the forth, coming Fifth Division American Legion convention whirh will -er the Fourth of July nominated for president by the remain to be cleared, and fori weekend with a rash of emer ' ™ ,. many of these areas it is a long'sencies be held in Alton July 16-17. DlM«M> , ^e trailer is equipped with a John Connally. who heads thc| nn , e ,,,.,.,1,, mo^i O f the USS The Massachusetts senator's haul to the disposal place. More than 30 persons received; brother, Robert F. Kennedy, Two giant piles of brush thus i emergency treatment at St. Jo-[struck bark at critics in the camp far have been heaped up on'theI seph's Hospital and Alton Me- ! of Senate Democratic Leader Lyn- disposal area. Fitzgerald saidlmorial Hospital. ' " * ' '"" ' ' J 'Citizens - for - Johnson Commit- 1 Missouri, several small, models tee. said Kennedy suffered from| o f auxiliary ships and aircraft. Addison's disease. This is a dis-jjt also has lighted transparent i don B. Johnson of Texas who said • icjgi^x ta*u omu i *»•*** •«• • »wtjj"«" • i | — allowed to dry| Highest on the list of injuries;Kennedy suffers from Addison's gas,tro-intestin m'be'disposed'were the numbers of cuts and^ lseastl and owes his llft! to thc !companied bj the brush will be out so it later can __ r ,.^.. v „., „ , „ of by'burning, as is the usual' lacerations which needed treat- drug cortisonp ease involving malfunctioning of pictures around the bulkhead, a practice. ment. More than 20 people re-i City Manager Watt reiterated! ceived emergency treatment forjer: "These are desperation tac today that the city will endeavor to pick up debris cleared from private premises if it is placed at the curbing but off the street, in a condition for ready handling by truck crews. He emphasized that the brush must be kept away from the street pavements, and that sidewalks shouldn't be blocked. It may lacerations incurred over the | tics employed by those who are weekend. One dogbite and one) trying unsuccessfully to stop my case of wasp stings were record-1 brother's nomination. These the adrenal glands adjarent to the recorc | p | HV pr :md space- for lit- kidneys. It causes irritation of the| era t ure . intestinal tract. It is ac-j The trailer will be on display by weakness and ir- a( the square on both Saturday regularity of heart action and an( j Sunday. Jul> 16-17. Robert Kennedy told a report-jean be fatal. India Edwards, cochairman of There are four times as many thi- Johnson committee, said she;night as there are daytime traf- ed. I charges show how really desper- had been told by doctors she dldi«c fatalities, not name that Kennedy owes his|« life to cortisone treatments. Robert Kennedy fired back a Treated and dismissed from! aU ' the - v are - .... Alton Memorial Hospital were I Kennedy spoke out as Demo- 1 f ta tenent in which he said that jcratic platform drafters prepared "evidently there are those within the following persons: operations, he said. First! effort of the city forces, said Mr* William Heafner 26 of ! to plunge into the first of what «" e Democratic party who would •t 2'GodSr who sSoDed oremise, to be lively pre-conven- Prefer that if they cannot win the k t. 2 Godfrey, who stepped on^ ^^ ^ c ontrovOT , al | nomination themselves they warn itic and foreign issues. ' ne Democrat who does win to ,, . ,, „ .. lose in November." foot Farm Problems • m. .t. *r j Then the Kennedy camp pro- COME IN FOR FREE COMPARISON DEMONSTRATION I , ^. . j-, u - - ___ „ i,i».w* i, \ji UJC V-IIJ iwl t-UO, i>fl|VI • L ~ C 4l~ L. 44 * t 4 f !•*.*! t-»»v * »v,« M iv. \*j x^uni|v j* > w by Americans for Democratic Ac- ; S ure sign of the desperation of the Watt, will be to open all streets Patricia Dickerson. 10. daugh- One of the hottest potatoes o. duced a June n leltfir to ^ tion that he is a conservative who opposition that they should resort!for safe travel. cannot win, Johnson said he would to suc-h despicable tactics just be expect ADA to be against him!fore the convention." •and* as a matter of fact I would < Kennedy's brother Robert told not be very comfortable with their i newsmen the senator is "in ex-j support." icellent health with a normal life How does he describe himself? | expectancy. Evidently there are Firemen Answer : * "r^I" ^ £ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dick- ; all-what to do about declining senatQ ^ erson of Rt. 1, Godfrey stepped! farm income and over-prod ucUon ; torg ^ 8tart ' "You don't go in for labels. I've been called almost everything." those within the Democratic party who would prefer that if they can- Four Alarms foot. Brenda Trimm, jof Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Trimm of During Weekend ! 2801 Fernwood, Alton rolled off ~ the edge of a bed at home and f ™ .TraveJl.whldi said that left;ing hst for me io4. mem ber com- !ber Q .mittee. It hopes to have a Ptat>, adre ^ ^^ do func0on / 2, daughter form jn -near-final forni before the i presidential nominating conven- didate's health is excellent. not v-in the nomination themselves j At 8:05 am Sunday f j remen broke her collar bone. eral without being radical; being reaction- tion opens next Monday. Platform differences were far overshadowed, however, by a! Ike Home Before lose in crackling debate over whether; "I ; confident that Sen. Johnson will I Johnson said he believes .very'repudiate the irresponsible state-; « * ^1 l,!^t"L^ e !^L^5^ "^l 3 ^^ Kennedy is actually as healthy! Starting oil Vacation ary. alarm ringing at thejbert St. fell Garment Manufacturing!her home and 68 E. Elm St. There was i wrist. h . broke her left and vigorous as he looks and acts.: This grew out of his reply to WASHINGTON CAP) - Presi-; former President Harry S. Tu-i dent Eisenhower was back in the s u^7 n the ^^««.i l j^to<£^™» 1 ? r™ fo r in the b , uild T -°, Ka r ? " Ko ?°- .;. fe " f r = .u^^ t^ ^.\™* ^ se **» to ^ t hre e ' suppoiters. I hat the alarm _was turned off. her bicycle while riding in the chuseUs senator isn>t mature i days cleaning up business accum- ery person's constitutional rights.; n e said his brother never had his civil rights views. No Qualifications Sunday at 3:55 p.m. firemen street and received abrasions the enough for the presidency. i Addison s disease but said it wasit- - • • . enoujjn 101 intr picaiut;iiLy. . . ,' . . . trom companies 1 and 3 and'to her left knee. She is the iin,__ tr nlln ar4<> cf-^ocari in an Imp hi> nnrn hwri an nrirenn rip. • ^ . ,, • . When KGlineOy SU^eSSeO in an dencv ' C ° mpany PU< ° Ut a l dau S htel> of Mr ' ^ Mrs ' John ; answering New York statement . Ill irill...> . <|->ial fivn in <ho flnnf irv.'ult- nt \lfr.r.i IL-/. nf 1Q1A rlmono C( ulated during a holiday weekend When Kennedy stressed in aniat his Gettysburg. Pa., *»>a" fire in the floor joists of I Korilko of 3814 Omega St. Further along in the question! A biography of Kennedy by Z n r M » r, " J ^ ™ * M< « m 5» 1 ai. ;that a y oung man of strength , , BE inn Tnhncnn M< H hn Lc nnt ,„„,„. £ ^L.° ™..!T°LJ.. the hOIT10 ° f Ml>S ' A ' D °" 3 ^' Admitted tO St. JOSOph'S HOS- hpn , th „_., „,_. :„ „_-.,-,, =- the Adjusters Busy Over Weekend session, Johnson said he does not want in this country "any Catholic Americans or Baptist Americans" or other 'Americans with qualifications. The question bore j on the Roman Catholic religion of i Kennedy which has been made a James M. Burns says Kennedy contracted malaria during World War II and suffered from exposure when his PT boat was sunk by the Japanese. Burns wrote that the er, 1201 State St. Assistant Fire Chief Warren Grable reported only minor damage. Monday, firemen were called to the home of Robert Kulp. 1205 Florence, to check an over- pital was Mary Frazier, 12, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Preston Frazier, 16 Sullivan Dr., after she suffered a broken arm when she fell from a tree in which she was swinging on a Tnhn ™ m h*r «f th,> , Johnson is a member of the i Christian Church. mother said " ailment he later suffered i diagnosed as a mild case hea"ted"transformcr in a TV set. rope. When she fell from, the tree °".ti » Se / Companies 2 and 4 reported no I she also injured her nose, her Wins Prai*,- fire darnagp . Kennedy's response to Tru-. Fipeme n from company 2 in| On the farm program, "we need man's charges won praise from, ves tigated odors in the horn* of jsome way to bring farm income several top Democrats, including j Mrs Mae Wood 6 15 E r it!i St Insurance claims adjusters to-i u P- " ew incentives to preserve Adlai E. Stevenson, a possible at ' 3; 15 p.m ..Monday .Firemen dav continued the mammolh -family size farms" and to dispose rival for tho nomination. were una ble to find any gas tas'k of settling storm insur>[ «^^ a " d assua ee hunger Stevenson said "I believe thati leaks or cou i d not fin d anything vnwARnQVII , „ T11 . ance claims throughout the Al- else , where Jn the world - Johnson «"" Kennedy mado a very good: expelling odors . | EDWARDSJOLLE --Ula Irene said. dflonse of his position, of his ; ___.... Nelson, 40, of St. Charles, Mo., ton area. ,.j don>( be ]j cve in sec tional- youth and of his pre-convention ! chosen convention delegation and complained of back injuries aft- Adjustment firms have under- js]n ., ^ ^^ - n ^j^gging no p { , campaign." minor changes elsewhere broughtier an automobile collision at St. taken the task of settling some., , cou , d run we]1 in ^ entjrp Kornu , r New Yo rk Gov. Averellithis revision in The Associated Louis and West street at f!:50 a. EDWARDSVILLE - David' 5 ' 000 slorm damage claims - Ex ' nhtion. Harrinnui, who was Truman's I Press tabulation of committed i in. today. Fisher 16 charged with |tra ad J usters havp been |)Ut "" He said his supporters expect, choice at ihe 1956 convention, i convention delegates: Driver of the other car was ' _',_',_. -, ,.=..! the job. Western Adjustment'he will eet backine from more'caminpnted that Konnndv'R ren\v'' Kennedv 539">i. Jo 1 health and vigor is needed in the home. He s«ts out Thursday for his summer vacation at Newport, R.I. St. Charles Woman Hurt in Accident nmrder in the slaying , )is Adjust ment; he will get backing from more commented that Kennedy's reply] Kennedy 539^a, Johnson 231, ; Donald W. Sisson, 18, ot 125 St. father at the family home near (Co. has established a special 1 than 25 states. office for storm claims, in the Johnson said House Speaker rightly, without rancor and with was made "squarely and forth-! Sen. Stuart Symington of Mis- Andrews. According to ihe Mitchell ta*t March 21. was ad -| Gem)Hnla B i dfi . ; Sam Rayburn of Texas will place i respect due judged innocent by a Jury in a ;his ^^ ^ JU)mination at verdict returned about l a.m. 1 Sunday. The jury of seven women and five men retired about 6 p.m. Saturday, after hearing closing arguments by both the pro. our former presi- souri. 77».«, Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota 53'/», Stevenson 36. It takes 761 votes to nom- jL. Lynch & Co., has reported!Angeles. |additional personnel has beein | recruited from Lynch offices throughout Illinois. j i R. L. Lynch, president of thej !firm, arrived Friday in Alton to: personally inspect the area of Kentucky's newlylinate. lice report, Sisson's car collided w'th the rear of the Nelson car. Sisson was issued a traffic summons for following too closely. The Average Person torney Burton Bernard, and ". . . j , , .„ damage. He stated the damage Fishers defense counsel, Aus- * • tin I^ewiis. Taking the,,. stand in '"."^y- years was the heaviest he had seen hib own defense on Friday, young Fisher denied that he had intentionally 01 dfllbciatf- ly killed his father. (Seoigt-' •Fisher. 48. Thf youth was charged with fatally shooting his father with a shotgun and pistol at the family home. Cloving arguments in the case began about 2 p.m. Saturday Oat observer in the courtroom at the time the verdict was; returned *atd young Fisher* wept "a little" and embraced hit mother who. ttlvn% with testified In hU defense during thro* Utters and a brothei, the trial which begun last Monday, June /r, wiih .seitciion ol • Jury. The youth ait>« thdnkt'd the' jury bafore he lett the courtroom, th« ob««rver >ald. Western. Lynch and Underwriters' adjusters were active throughout the area even over the weekend, Big Demautl for Lamps, (lump Stoves Calls for kerosene lumps and small gas camp stoves were numerous at hardware stores around Alton following the storm and loss ol power. A representative of H. K. Johnston Hardware Co. said the store had calls for and could have sold two to three hundred stoves and lamps. There was not a supply on hand u> fill the demand Sale of candles was increased also with most stores selling out completely. •4 »OJ»» Ml H you're like most people, you have to spend your money carefully and make each dollar count. You're assured ol exceptional funeral service value when you call the Burke Funeral Home. Our prices are moderate, fair and just. 0URKE 727 IANGDON AtlON ROOFING Now It the Time to Replace That Old and Worn Roof on Your Home Add Becru/y and Fire Protection with the new, patented ... JOHNS-MANYILLE SHINGLES ... THAT CAN'T HOW OFF Careful application by trained, insured workmen. Save Money ... Let an Expert do it. FREE ESTIMATE* NO DOWN PAVMINT—LOW MONTHLY TIIMS GERSMAN & CO. GwMecf /oAns-McrnviJ/e Nome fjnprovwntat Contiactoi 2443 I. Irtejwty Phone HO 84711 TIME FOR DECISION Real Estate Head Shews New YMCA Will Increase Value ef Property By Finis T. Royburn, Presidtnt Alton* Wood Rivor Rtol Estat* loord It it fairly obvious that along with good economic opportunities, people Hk't to live in communities that offer advantages tp the entire family for best use of leisure time. They buy property and develop it with this in mind. Hence, any basic, long.range institutional type of improvement such as th« proposed YMCA will go far to stabilize «nd enhance the value of property, On this basis alone, •» w «" •• for m « n V reasons, I, •* • real estate man, most enthusiastically endorse the need for this building. Experience in other cities where similar programs have been completed demonstrate beyond question the value «f • new YMCA building to property owners. tbl YMOA SuUliOf Furi P8M IMFKMIAl. PRQJICTOR NOW... brilliint, w!d«- icriej movies wl|h tho tupiMhirp Eumli fl.4 ltM,*U)Sllp-synchroniied •ouiid for your homt moviw, with any two ro- cordn. Accepts 400-ft. tic rewind; Term* Can Be Arranged Open liver}' 'TU 10

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