Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1960
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 2, 1960 SHY MASTOttS By Klfby-Wood BIG BtJJr Botf John Cnftefi Sfttrphy junn SAXON By Ken Bald and Jerry Bronfield PC5WORTH 1 MOPE YOU'RE NOT TOC UPSET 8lJ~ 1-1 JU5T cCMTiNUE *IPIC(JIOUS, >OU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TC ME/ I WELL, IT'S IMPORTANT TO CONSIPER THAT BOY TOO WHEN ATVVELL STARTS USIN& H-S DAJSHTER A5 BAIT HP LOSES •~C<W-' MA AM 1-1 JU^-v-ANT.' PE A PART Ct IT ' _' ALLEY OOP THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNK By Wilson Scruggs .1 CONT SUPPOSE VSAlO ANYTHINfl ABOUT HIM OWNWW IHKt WUMTAIN OP >rOUTH WATER?, X> By V. T. Hamlln .. OWSV THINK WE'RE ] YEH ENOUGH t H..WEa,l I A...IN FACT, I TWIWK ) EUSTACE fc, I HE'S A LITTLE / STILL ElV BETTER __-^ '•-• .».. .1 ^*> r^*^—. ^~*~~ .- \ Needle Variety RIVETS •' TUP'S CAW I HAVE LUUCM YOU? IT'S IMPORTANT/ F iVfc LEFT MOME, TURK.) I'M STAYIM6 AT THE V AMD I'M CL6RKIKJ6 ' KXK5$lf4CEVDU WALKED OUT? AID, BUT I'M 6OIU6 TO 6UL MV FATHER/ f WBir//, LET 1 ? 6feT MARRIED Fll??T/ THE BREAK K/eVt BEEW WAITIW6 FOI?/., By George Slxta Wkiift% LOOK, PAL! WElt JUST TAKE YOUR WINTER COAT AND... SHORTS// NOW you CAN s ' KEEP COOL, CAPTAIN EASY LOOK* LIKE AM ALL/MIWUM TACKLE BOX YOU FtfUNP IT, EASV! ^fg:^T BETTER THE WI5SIM6 175,000 I W WAIT'LL WE PAYROLL MOMEyitsar^ 1 '^ LOOK IN5IDE, By Leslie Turner THE BERRYS M HE &ROUSHT X THEy'RE MEMBERS A METAL BOX UPJ \OF LIPPV KADMAN'5 THEY'RE STARTIN-y GAMS, ALL RIOHT- TO OPEM IT! >( AND WE'VE SOT 'EM. DEAD TO RlfiHT5! THE SMITH FAMILY MAV I By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith ' Tbt Oeoin tiiMkai Atom tmn. l». pur \r I TH\HVC PEOPLE. WU- By Carl (irubcrt . .. All iiftiv ntt, M tw. v. f. f*i an PETE, WOULD VtX) CALL ME FRUGAL BECAUSE I , TEES -7 AND USg THEM ? awe.. <****' M-M-M...,KJO, ONLY IF YOU TOOK THEM HOME AND RESHAFTEDTHEM/ I ONLY SMOKE WHEN I'M WALKING WITH THE WIND'I Y I Make your gunst room lovely with thi-sp linens! Unusual dc- .'siun combines embroidery with ,ii crocheted edginx. • Perfect lor towels, pilJow- |i:ase,s. sutirl ends. Pattern 535: !transfer of .V-ixl9'ii inch motif; I two 4' 3 xl3 l g; crochet directions. | Send :u%ccntM (colnn) for this i pulU'rn—add 5 i-i-nta for eai:h I pattern for flrHt-clant mailing. : Si-mi to Altcm Telegraph, nil. Nofdlfrraft Dcpt., P.O. Box l«l, '(Mil ClK-lsfa Htntlon, New York II, N. V. Print plainly Pattern Niniilier, NHini>, anil Aildre*n. N't-u ' Ncu : NOW: Our l9Wi i Laura U'heelei- Neudlecraft Book is i-fiidy \O\VI Crammed with I'exdliMi;. iinusuiil. fx)[)ul;n- (<.•.SIKHS !o cj-fjchpt. knit. SPW, embroider, quill, \vefjve--fashioiis. illume furnishinns. toys, gift;-, ;i>a/aar hits. In the book KHKK ! 3 quilt patterns. Hurry, semi lif> c-onts for your copy. Fashion Page Flash PKI i\TED PATTERN 4628 *** HENRY By Carl Anderson OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wit* MAJOR HOOPLE | OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney OO^T) f MOPE/MARTHA 1ELL< [ gOUhJCEO AltA M6 /=i HIS CHIMP OUT OP HIS 4_ HESfr LWDER'A NIBS SLEPTKS sPEf^nr-THe , IP T KMOVJ 1U5M MAO gCSAklAfHB MA3OR AS EMPTY AS CHURCH TUESDAY.' 0UT TO PI6UR& OOT HOVJ TO A TUB PTOMAINE- HEV, DOWW THERE --SET A 1|> | MOV/E ON.' VOU'LL FINP THE \ I BRUSHES OM THE WORK BEWCH WHERE I PUT 'EM TO SOAK. LA&T FALL—I HAVEWTMLJCH TIME AMP I'P LIKE TO 6ET AT LEAST ONE 5IP6 OF HOUSE PAINTEP TOPAVj PONT LOOK AT ME--IF VOU USEP THEM ON VDUR CLUB HOUSE ANP FORSOT TO PUT THEM BACK IN THE TURPENTINE THERE3 NOTHING I CAN DO NOW.' LIFE'SLON&E&T MINUTE •Junior Editors Quiz on- ROME FRECKLES AM) HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser YOl>J<& AMP OtP.THEV'BE' ALL ALIKE — iMcoNS/peR- ATE ANP POMlNEEglNG. I HATE 'CM/ BAZOO, IF YOU DON'T HOLD STILL AMD BE QUIET, True Life Adventures ""• J1 " —— MOTHER KNOWS BOOTS AND IIKK Bl DUIKS By Martin QUESTION: Wty were gladiators made to fight? ANSWERS The Romans liked cruel indctangerouflsporti And one they liked most wa» the duels of the gladUtors. A gUdUtor was a trataedfighter -often a alave or criminal. Hie name came irom a Latin word meaning sword. Sometimes gladiator* fought •gainst wild animals in the ampltheaters. But more often they fought each other. When a gladiator had lost the fight and WM at the mercy of his opponent, the spectators decided whether or not hie life should be spared. If they pointed their thumbs up, it meant the gladiator had fought a good fight and should be Sited. But " ** y t " rned thumb * down ' U meant he 8hould *• The first record of a gladiatorial fight was in 264 B C ?,H Wa * h , e « " Part of the "'*'•"«» for the funeral of Ihe father of Marcug and Decupus Brutus. The fights became popular and men seeking public office would put them on to P *•*!,,?• P *° ple ' Em P eror T «-»Jan is said to have wore thM l • * * FOR YOU TO 00. 8«« if youoanlist any tporto &* arc .tin popular wbiob resembit UM ilgtou ot the gltoiiMors. (David Quton of Bristol, CSonn., wins $10 for this question. M»U your question on apostcardto Viol at Moor* Hit gins AP HewsfetJures, in care of this Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily i Jrs! It's a full-skirted summer i ;md Uie newest line is long- uaisted above a flyaway flare. JSo fresh, so flirtatious in cotton chiffon, eyelet, or snow-white pique for day or evening. Tomorrow's pattern: Child's style. Printed Pattern 4628: Jr. Miss Sues 9, 11. 13, 15, 17. Size 13 lakes 3% yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 36 cent* In coins for this pattern—add 10 cento for each pattern for fir«t-clas» mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, pattern Dept., *43 W. nth St., New York JJ, N. V. Print plainly. Name, Address, size, style Number. L.ITTLC LIT A vacation can either put you in the pink or in the red. Curiosity Saves |$ CHESHIRE, Conn. (AJ») Motorist after motorist drove over a white envelope in the middle of Main street., Two men in one car got ourt- ous. however, and stopped to >lokup the envelope. Inside was 1300. They turned it over to ttliue. The money WHS returned to Donald CozzoJino, a service station operator, who had placed the envelope on the roof of his car, forgot it and drove to the

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