Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1960
Page 10
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PAOETEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 2, I960 ftlpplo* =- League Leaders mid By THF, ASSOClATfcf) PRESS Outdoor* Butting (based on 140 or more 'at bats)—Gentile. Baltimore, .335: Minoso, Chicago. .330. Runs—Mantle, New York, 60: ; Maris. New York. 49. ftuns batted In — Maris, New York. 64: Gentile. Baltimore, 54. Hits—Minoso. Chicago, 87; Runnels. Boston, 85. Doubles—Skowron, New York, IS: Lollar. Chicago, 17. Triples—Fox Chicago, 6: Aparicio, Chicago and Srryder, Kansas Omwr Feeding Program City. 5. The Conservation Department Home runs—Maris. New York, Is biu.y this spring and summer 23: Mantle. New York and Lem- nlantinp ;ibout 6.000 acres of food on. Washington. 18. for gcesr at the t'nion County Stolen bases — Aparlcio, Chica- and Horseshoe Lake Refuges, go. 16: Minoso. Chicago. 10. The i'i\>p> help hold the geese in Pitching (based on 7 or more thos. wintering areas when they decisions)—Coates. New York, 9- return fioni their breeding 0, 1.000: Brown. Baltimore, 7-2. grounds in northern Canada next:.778. winter The variety of grains! Strikeouts — Burning, Detroit, and foods include corn, grasses, 99; Pascual. Washington. 91. clovers, alfalfa, sorghum, millet. ! —— wheat, barley and so on. National League Some of the corn is picked j Batting (based on 140 or more to feed the geese late in winter i at bats)—Mays, San Frandsco, and some is left standing. It is|.361; Larker, Los Angeles, .345. this kind of work and planning! Runs—Mays, San Francisco, 60; that has helped build the re-iHoak. Pittsburgh, 54. fuges into nation-wide fame! Runs batted in—Bansk. Chica- during the past decade or so. jgo. 65: Mays, San Francisco. 59. Just as South Dakota is known Hits —Groat, Pittsburgh. 100: for its pheasant hunting. Illinois 1 Mays. San Francisco. 95. is known for its excellent goose' Doubles—Mays. San Francisco, hunting in the aforegoing men- : 20; Burton. Milwaukee and Cun- tioned areas. :ningham. St. Louis. 18. Kabhlt Survey Triples—Bruton, Milwaukee, 7: About three fourths of the wild Will. Chicago, Pinson, Cincinnati rabbits born in Illinois live less'and Kirkland, San Francisco. 6. than four months, according to Home runs — Banks, Chicago, findings made by Dr. Rexford 22; Aaron. Milwaukee and Boyer, D. Lord as a part of a coopeni- St. Louis, 19. • five research project of the Illi- Stolen bases—Mays. San Fran- nois Natural History Survey and dsco. 19: Pinson, Cincinnati. 16. the Department of Conservation. Pitching (based on 7 or more From July, 1956. to Decem- decisions!—Roebuck, Los Angel- ber. 1959. Dr. Lord made age an- es, 6-1, .857: Law. Pittsburgh, 11- alyses of 1.300 wild rabbits col-'3, .786. lected at monthly intervals. The l Strikeouts — Drysdale. Los An-; age of each rabbit was determin-; gales, 120: Friend. Pittsburgh. 97.' ed by weighing the lens of one of the eyes, a technique originated by Dr. Lord. He found thai the average life expectancy for bunnies at birth was only 6.4 months. -The oldest one was 38 months old. Rabbits born in March. April, and May are less likely to live ., .... to 12 months of age than those : old youngster who hasn't won In born In June, July. August, and la dozen P">fessiona tournaments September. Three fourths of the' held a sltm one-stroke lead today rabbits bagged by hunters were ;as the S 52 ' 000 F " n | °f ten Go " born in May. June. July and Au-! Tournament moved into its second gust. round But despite those figures, rab-; "avey bits continue to be the leading game in Illinois with more than iver - Col °" shot a four-under-par a million taken yearly by hunt-1 68 in Iirst round competition Friers, previous statistics hav e i day to ^ ab . the lead ' shown ^"' ° ^ us * a y ear a ^° was ' Shooting Preserves i an as ^f an f P™ a ' ^J^ 1 *™'' Shooting preserves will play a' 200 (Mich ' ) Elks Country Club ' This House Has Spacious Image I age. Your builder « materlAl ! supplier ctn gLv* you * nc * vcr i age cost per «qu»re Of cable (foot In your area. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ORDER FORM FOR DESIGiN NO Check Items desired: ( ) One complete set of building plans.... $9.75 ( ) Additional sets of building plans at....$8.00 ( ) Book of 70 Availbble Home Designs....$ .75 Send check or money order to HomOgraf Alton Evening Telegraph Home Plan Dppt., KaM Detroit. Mich. Enclosed please find for the items checked. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE If your desires are typical, comes a reality. Informality coupled with neatness distinguishes the exterior. Lodge stone contrasted with vertical board and batten Imports a crlspness that Is certain to win approving nods from passcrbys. An entry Is created In the living room by a smart china closet facing the dining area. To the right is the guest closet and lo| left is the elegant, living room.. Smart touches arc- conspicuous-1 ly evident: the floor - to - ceiling picture window, the charming low fireplace of attractive ledge rock and magnificent mirror piece occupying the wall above. Adjacent to the fireplace is a built - in bookcase which can of Hom*M your image of the ideal home is also be used for knickknacks. one not too big. but feels more | The dining area has Its own spacious than its square foot-;window for daylightlng due to age indicates. And in this week'sj'he garage set back, featured home this image be-' To the left is the kitchen. Do It Yourself • You Can Make These Attractive Wall Plaques Youngster Leads | Flint Open Play FLINT. Mich. (AP)-A 23-year- I, a Jackson. Mich.. : native who 'now plays out of Den- dynamic role In the future of hunting, Dr. Edward L. Koilcky, Godfrey, director of conservation for the Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., told members of the Outdoor Writers of America at their recent convention. A shooting preserve is a com-j mercial hunting area where ! sportsmen pay a lee to shoot up- j game birds or flighted stunned the star - studded field with his golfing prowess. With is 36-32—68, he led such notables as Gene Littler of Singing Hills, Calif., and Tommy Bolt of Crystal River, Fla. Littler finished second at the end of the ! first round with 34-35—69. Bolt was in a four-way tie for third at 70 with Fred Hawkins of *•»• ° £ lards. Game is stocked by the op- • L ^erdale. Fla and Johnny Pott think of a better spot for a patio with outdoor Bar-B-Cue because of the shelter afforded by the gar- ace. In mentioning the garage, note all thai storage space in the rear portion. The sleeping area consists of three well positioned bedrooms and a bath. Each of the bedrooms have spacious floor-to- celllng wardrobe closet* and plenty of window area built height, however, for privacy. This plan conform!) to general | FHA, VA, and building code requirements. The plan contains 1.071 square feet, 10,791 cubic feet, and 489 sq. ft. In the gm- With an L design, the busiest is the back yard. housewife can swing a skillet precisely where this area be- jwith the greatfst of ease here.!longs. j There's even room for a break-i A bonus Is the lavatory i fast nook. ! nearby. The homemaker with i As this home is without a: two or three healthy youngsters ibaseniPiit, utilities and laundry j will quickly vouch for this con- inrea are grouped In an areajvenience especially during the i adjacent to the kitchen and jwaini months when the chll- jwithln one or two steps of theidreri «pend a large portion In erator, who also furnishes train- '• ° Shreveport, La. ed gun dogs, and guides. Wild! Hl11 ' whose ° nly hunting conditions are simulated I y * & ™. as * pro ' ** 1959 . as closely as possible. Preserves ' Mlch ! gan Open ' has ^ een *" er " have provided a source forj ra !i c . ... . .. .. . .. . hunting by those who do not have * ult !"* ™ s £ *? fi . rst " m< ! h * access to open hunting grounds. ^ hbefln in ** £*'. HisKbest Successful operators must do f ' nm V? as a "? venth P lacc b ? in a minimum volume of about* 6 Hot Springs Open three 5,000 pheasants, quail, duck months ago> and-or chukar partridges perl hunting season. The typical suc-i cessful preserve operator owns! 660 acres within 30 miles of a 1 population center of 25,000 or 1 more persons. He has a land; investment of about $16,000 and; investments in a clubhouse, ken-j net, dogs, and other capital equip-; inent totaling about $42,000. Unless a preserve shows aj profit at the end of its third;"new" Babe Ruth would just as year of operation, it is considered soon stick to his old handle, if If you can handle a pair ofi For a pleasant and profitable scissors and cut along a drawn i evening's enjoyment, send 25e line, you'll have no trouble i for Rooster Wal1 Pla 1 ue ' PaU , , . , I tern No. 581 to Alton Telegraph making these attractive wallj p Q fiox 2 p,ea*,ntvlJJe. plaques. Since there s no fuss; New york Send 35c add , tlona , and few scraps, you can make, fo) . QUr cala)o il]uslrat) ove| . these m your living room or, 3(JO othcr biu , d , f ge , f kitchen. No special workshop| jecl8 . Ko) . FirsUclasjfi mall , aod tools or artistic ability are re-L- quired. All you do is trace the~ full-size pattern on sheet uminum, cut it out with al-| Unj snips or scissors. If you use a large size, flattened tomato juice can, you'll need tin snips. In either case, be sure to file the rough edgs, then paint with a coat of flat black enamel. Almost before you begin to appreciate your skill as .a tinsmith you'll be getting compliments as a metal worker. With the gift season always 'round the corner, wny not make several of these? It makus a most welcome gift. With care the pattern can be usel to make as many cut-outs as you wish. Make several to keep on hand as gifts, or se"ll them at a profit. If you know anyone who needs guidance in finding a hobby, gift wrap the pattern along with materials and you'll! give a gift that will be cherished. This pattern Is also perfect After several years of operating! Right now, the 25-year-old refu-!'° sel1 at church bazaars. With open to the public, the preserve;gee from the Kansas City A's lnis fool-proof full size pattern, has gone exclusively to a mem- j has 25 homers to his credit. That the whole gang can pitch in bership basis for the coming sea- j puU him four up on Ruth's 1927 and niake a dozen in very little jpace when the Babe hit his rec- time - Roger Maris NEW YORK (AP)-The newest unsuccessful. Interviews were you don't mind. conducted among 15 successful' "No one is going to beat the and nine unsuccessful preserves | Babe's record," said New York to gain statistics. Yankee outfielder Roger Maris to- The closest shooting preserve! day. "Certainly, I won't. Further- to Alton is the Beaver Prairie'more, hitting home runs does not Game preserve at Breese, III. interest me that much." Copyright 1060— Donald R. Brann WANTED All The Bugs You Have Let us kill all your household insects such as waterbugs, roaches, sllverflsh, moths and so forth. This is not a spray 01 mist. It's new. safe, efficient and nontoxic. Call DL'dley 4-9377 or Clinton 4-4300 for a free estimate ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOG-RITE EXTERMINATING GO, FLOYD WILLMAN «ud JAMES SIIBERT operators son. Roberts. Field, near iet jets. modcrnized to SCOTSMAN'S WASH BASIN FOR BACK PACKERS Of PUA»TtC O UNC A «MAU, HAtlN MM M THE IT will MOU> on CLOTHIN*; "OUR IN HVATfcR RHST TMgN APP M«T WAT!* TO »UIT NMD*. PINJ6HSO, LIFT CtOTM MMTM AND OUM» IT "I'm not looking for any records," continued Maris. "I'm just hoping to have a good season and help the Yanks win. I know much better than to start getting any fastastic goals for myself." ; A whole fistful of great long' distance hitters have preceded Maris as the "new" Ruth in oth- ei; years but the record still stands. Jimmie Foxx and Hank lireenborg came closest, each with 58 Minor Leagues By THE ASSOCIATED I'KKSS luierwitloaal League Montreal 9-5, Columbus 2-0 Richmond 5-2, Toronto 3-10 ' Rochester 7-3, Havana 3-5 i Miami 10, Buffalo 1 { American Awn. Denver 7. Indianapolis 4 Houston 8. Louisville 'i Si Paul 4, Charleston 1 Minneapolis 3. Dallas \\orlli 2 Ptti'lflc Uottbl l^fttgUf Tai-oniii 9-7, Vancouver 7-8 San Diego U, Sacramento 3 Seattle 8. Salt Uke 2 Only games scheduled OlASS-UNtO WATER HEATERS FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL MODERNIZING NFEDS Star* qualified p«rienn«l will giv« you a frc* ••Hmat* without obligation on aH Roofing, Siding, Outtoring* TiU, and ell othor homo modernizing nood*. Phone Sears Today- HO 5-5511 While the designer depicts only a porch in the back yard, can you FLOOR COVIRIN* ARMSTRONG LINI VleM O»r Showroom I SlMrwMaJ't Trie Scrvic* III* Milton Md.—Dial HO 2-3W3 • Chain Link • Awnings BLAIR HOME SUPPLY State ft Belle (In The Wedge) Phonet HO S-181,1 or HO 2-4281 RESIDENTIAL OOMMEfiOIAL AIR CONDITIONING CHICKOuTVaiCII FREE ISTIMATM OUAHAMTttD INSTALLATION CAMP ELECTRIC «id HIATINO 1126 Mitten Rood PheiM HO 2-9217 NOW AT OUR NEW LOCATION., li IS I etc LOOK FOR OUR SIGN Grace St. 1/4 MILE NORTH OF GODFREY FIRE DEPT. ON GODFREY ROAD PHONE HO 5-3456 The WORKSHOP Custom made of special spring-tempered aluminum. Beautiful 2-coat baked enamel finish guaranteed not to rust, chip, crack or peel. Underside finished in gleaming white, no "nuts and bolts" look. Your choice of decorator colors and striped effects. See Us ior Real Values in: 9 Storm Windows • Storm Doors • Venetian Blinds • Vertical Bllndf, • Carports • Patio Covers • Railings Nationally 1 Advertised RUSSELL BLIND AND AWNING CO. 911 Milton Read Phone HO 5*5580 JACK MARTIN, HO 2'9070 Ahoy, There, NOW is the Time to CHECK YOUR HEATING PLANT! Fort' Ralph Guidahl won the 1938 . S. Open at Cheny Hill* in Denver. Need I n«w witer healer? You an own a genuine WWlAGLM-wrtri thi ton|-(«tw| «. 0 Smith |lilt lining-tor »t little « you'd MDMI to pay tor an ordmiry *at«r healw. Law ot $80.50 ALTON BOTTLED GAS HO *-M*l FOR ALL TYPES OF ROOFING and BUILDING MATERIALS FOR STORM DAMAGE REPAIRS SEE US SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. ttOt I. iROAPWAY HO l-§52« Inc. Plumbing-Hooting Supplies Homi Mod« rni lot ion Center 1200 East Broadway INSTALL • Gas • Oil • Coal Furnaces/ * CONVERT Keep your home cool thl» lummerl We can add air cuudltloulna to your heating until Low rates I Call now for FREE estimate. * REPAIR Don't wall to call I Repair charges are lower In summer I PbOM now for FREE check-up of your beating unit. SAVE on re- pMri and future fuel co»U. Take advantage of low off* seaion rated Alton,

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