Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1960
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 2, I960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGt SfcA fcN Electric was flip damage. called to repair Upper Alton News Events $100,000 L0«*. 6 ffog« Killed at State Hospital they visited former Altonlans. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCoy. Mr*. McCoy is Armstrong's tin. tet. wind* tmv nH ashed farm buSngJ a plflri trees Weflnesda! night a Altpn State Hospital and left the institution wltttout power for 12 otrr CORNER ; The car driven by Verner j OTKKRPICR TO BULB Tucker, 47, of 331 Park Drive, 'OK PETIttOJl TtlfcMJAV 'Bethalto, fOlllded with another Following an afternoon hear- icar at the intersection Of Col-Jim; in his court. Friday, City ilege,Ave, nnd Clawson St. Fri-i Judge I. H. Streeper reserved| (day nt 3:30 p.m. |until next Tuesday « ruling oni Police reports indicated that I the petition of Charles Clark for \ hotirs. However, -there were noi Tllf!kpr ' driving west on College.; a temporary injunction to re- reports of in.turles. Early estimates of the damage were figured in excess of $100,- 'wfls m»*lng a left turn into strain fhe city from halting hisj Clawson when-he struck the sec* i used car lot operations at. ond car whjch had made a stop j Washington Ave. 000. accorttag to hospital business A. K. Smith, administrator. He said the roofs of 39 buildings ware blown off and four farm structures completely destroyed ad- up- on Clawson at the stop sign. Tucker, who I* under a doctor's care, apparently blacked out as he waft making the turn, police reports indicated. Both cors were drlveable following the collision, reports off by thei,, Bl(1 ! t'. A. BAPTIST HOLDS by the turbulent winds. In dition, some 190 trees were lifted or snapped gtarm, he said. Limb.« nnd tree trunks were fttt»wn all over the grounds,! REGULAR SERVICES blocking streets in »ome areas; Church school and worship and causing general Inconven-; services will be at the regular k'r.ce for hospital workers. The!time, 9:30 and 10:40 a.m.. rewards and working areas were spectively, at Upper Alton Bai>without lights or power from j tint Church Sunday, the Rev. about midnight until noon Thurs-! Robert J. Cochran reports, day. ^''Freedom's Call" will be the "We're just lucky most of those topic of the sermon, big trees fell away from the Junior Fellowship will met*', buildings," Smith said. "Other- ia t 6:30 in Pock Hall; Baptist wisp the damage would have Youth Fellowship will meet in been -A lot more extensive." the church bnsement. Mend farmer Omer Gillcspie "In All These Things Vic- reported six hogs killed when tnry." will bt> the 7:30 evening Clark, who recently opened fhe car lot. asked a temporary writ be Issued pending a full) hearing on his injunction application which cannot be had forj another month. i Recently the city building di-i v|sion Ravc clark not)cp (0 cease his business use of the Washington Avenue lot on' grounds that It was in contravention of the recently-enacted new city zoning ordinance. Clark, in his injunction application, avers that start of his enterprise dales back to a lease he ; took on the lot last March when i the former zoning ordinance; was in effect. Under the old ironing code, a car lot was per-' missable at his location, and Clark contends he has right to continue in what now is a non-; • onforminR usage under zoning. The city contends Clark's car lot enterprise didn't actually 1 Jt Dist. 14 Board to Tour SH "° I **?•» " A Cottage Hills Damaged Schools in Alton, Troy Roxana Church Program Listed COTTAGE HILLS — Heavy i storm damage wao reported to the Cottage Hills-Forest Homes WOOD RIVER - Members of area following » severe wind the Wood River High School tMs-, and rainstorm edrly Tnuftdsy trict 14 Board of Education plan morning. Trees were uprwSWw, to tour schools in Alton and homes were damaged Wlrf Troy July 7. to examine the heavy, rain flooded area 'Q**^* work of 'two architects being Both Cottage Hills' tfMe considered for hire. M hool buildings were damage*! work of Keeney and alone with homes in the IHWtf. R ° XA ^,o7 oT'he'churTol "»"> architectural W ,1 A«- «nts of the *rea aWtg ' •— -- "• •-- ' •--• at Alton auxiliary police ano firemen oe» Kan clearing debris atKf tJSSHl Associates of Wood Rivet will from streets early Friday, be viewed at Troy. The two architectural firms are among four being considered for hire to design additional Alstott. thc Na/arene, will use as his . theme at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, and " J° h donp b > - Hanner amj "LilHTty or Bondage." UP will also speak at the 7 p.m. service. Wednesday the annual church meeting will be held at 1 p.m Next week a group of teen agers from the church will tend the junior high camp . high school classrooms at ** '° ated °" lhp e « st i • f We of ALTON TEACHLKA1 tOWA STATE the district, camp grounds near Springfield. Those planning to fr °T" '"* p >™g building. attend are Donna Cranmer, Ja- rh * f "° otlw r, finnis hcmg Stark. Ann and Marcia ''Ordered are P. John Hoener net Discussing re«ipon«rthlHty of the press air theso high school teachers attending a workshop on The Newspaper in the Classrooms of a Free Society thin week at State University of Iowa. Sec- ond from left Is Mrs. Bertha Hurt of Alton who attended the workshop on a scholarship awarded by the Alton Telegraph. Workshop members numbered 34 from 9 states. Don il " (l Associates of St. U)iii.s <,nri the Behrensmeycr and Homo William Rice, pas- llrm nt Qumi-y. First Presbyterian A - hdsun Smifh ' sU|K'rint.end- at the 1U: Hi enl "' lhl> oislrict. told the Tele- Strange. Linda Walls and Taulbee. The Rev. tor of the Cliurch. will speak East Alton Debris Pick-Up EAST ALTON - Ea*t Alton residents must have Sturm debris on curbs for remOVlJ avenue across when thp vil|agc trucks their streets or else be to pick up delays, it ported by Police Chief Harold Riegins Repeat pick up calls to streets pre\ ionsly covered by village trucks is time consuming, said Riggins. The chief asked resi- Standard Employes Take Affirmative Strike Vote Xeu Postal Stamps Available Thi? Month WOOD RIVER — Two impor- . a.m. sei-vice and a commission-, K1 ' aph toda - v thut nc P''«sumed, denK ,,, hp p!ltient wifn vi n aKe ing sen-ice for delegates to the •° nc . of thc f »; ms vvould bp "«"«•«« pi.-k up service because of the Junior High camp at Camp PI- u des ' Kn , thc Additional 38.000 asa at Marquette State Park ' lcet °| rlaasroom space at the will be conducted by the pastor. l)u '- v ^meeting of the board. The camp is sponsored by the Housed m the building prorws- Alton Presbytery and the dele-' wl for '-onstruction will be vocal gates will attend next weekJ and '"strumental music class- carried over from the ;old code to the new zoning era. the hearing yesterday, At City Counsellor J. W. Hoefertj represented the city, Ross Arm-! bruster represented the petition-i er. Only two witnesses were! heard: Clark, and James Ben-j r Sunday, net. chief city building inspector. shed. Other farm buildings de- The coming week's stroyed wero two feed storage include: Monday, 7_p.m., Oua- shelters and thc heifer barn. togn Scout Meeting;'Tuesday. 7 A piece of copper sheeting p.m.. Scout Troop No. 3:'Wed-' naKn ' atop the dome on the administra- ncsday. 6:30 p.m.. potluck sup- lion building was stripped off'per and quarterly business and tossed two hundred feet into meeting: Thursday. 7:30 p.m.. the lop of a tree. Several autos sanctuary choir rehearsal, were damaged by falling trees The Rev. Charles Hartman. and debris. 'Southern Area Representative. Temporary emergency repairs Illinois Baptist State Convention were made by the hospital main- will be pulpit guest tenance force to protect facili- .July 10. ties and buildings from further n*M*rr HFAW Pending a c damage, Smith said. However, TRfcE UAMAUfc »•"»»» Clark has been plans are already underway for AT |T> A> CEMETERY continue in business, it was tes- making permanent repairs of Among the estimated 100 tified. the damaged areas, he added, trees blown down in the Thurs- Clark, who resides at 2420 day mornjng storm at Upper Al- Main St. formerly had a car pol- ton Cemetery was a huge oak ishing enterprise on his resi- ONLY LOST BILLFOLD A radio "request information" them all.'" ban of zoning regulations, call was received by Alton po- This oak, along with another The loi at 2312 Washington lice Friday at 4:47 p.m. from!of almost equal si^e, was up-,Ave. recently was cleared of a Willow Springs, Mo., police. rooted, Mrs. Florence Johnson, building, condemned by the The Missouri police wanted in-j secretary of the cemetery asso-,city. The structure had been formation concerning the where- elation, said today. "" ;used as a headquarters of Al- WOOD RIVER - In what was white bike had been stolon from a , mr , 0( . fl , pust offj( . p , njs mon(h (he Wood River Swimming Pool. <,, v Ojeh) polstmastei . reportj! . tant four cent commemorative'They are Linda Allen, Sue Sund-; roo _'" s -.: SmUh said stumps will be available for sale erland. Karen Kelly and Janice , argp amount of debrjs left by , ^ ' sfol . mg . A total of 50 n truck lo . |fls of deb| . js are expec ted to be pi ,. kcd up Spec|a| Offertng EAST ALTON _ The Rev until after the new zoning (described as a "heavy vote." ap- » became effective. May ?, Iproximately 600 Standard Oil Co. that its^ permissible use! (nilployPSi mnm hers of Local 115. j Central States Petroleum Union (Independent Oil Workers Union i Homo Unit to Meet WOOD RIVER--Members the Home Bureau will The 50-s!ai American Flag, be- mee> ir lhe home of Mrs. Fredrick Hen ing issued through the Honolulu. Friday took an afflrmitive strike! • Vernon Brave, national president of CSPU and president of the Wood SUSPECT FOUL PLAY, told the Telegraph a little over .75 per cent of those casting ballots voted in favor of strike action. ing in thc clerks and operating and maintenance personnel at the refinery. The Standard employes are one added to the mounting dricks. 1025 Airline Dr.. for picnic at 11 a.m. stamps to the sheet, and is printed with red on white on a blue back- on "Social ;tj| . ounri ... potluck and 'Wednesday. Roxana Notes ROXANA Mr. and Hawaii, post office July 4. will be Vjf . tor Ack , jn and gon of W alnut on sale locally July 5. The stamp; street nave as their g^, Mjss is arranged vertically with .")fl _ Jack D. Travelstead. pastor, has Bill McKenzic. son of Mr. and announced a special offering will McCormick. Mrs. Ralph McKenzie of Ninth'be received at the First Metho- Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. the street, left Friday evening from dist Church during the Sunday Men's Brotherhood will meet. ! Lambert Field for Pensacola, morning worship service, in Fla.. where he will be stationed benefit of the relief fund for the Mrs. with the Navv. disaster victims of Chile. Joyce Fenton of Prescott, Ariz. Recreation" will be given by four cpn , P(Jtlv Exp , ess Mrs. William Kenning and T. K.;, W7imcnloraUxT S famu\uM origi- Byers. The 4-H girls from will be guests. Member? j nale in Sacramento. Calif. July 19 Betha1toj and wjl! bf , ready fo| , tij slj .jbution a . IC : throughout the nation thc ,. ,. , . , ,.,,,, . . i total of refinery, pipeline and ,,; known as "the grando>ddy of dence lot which fell under thej^ ljnc workers within the oil '* . 4l*nw« (ill ' •" tin ft *%f Ti-»»-it»»rr vjirti 11 A4-ts>n» • B . such abouts of Berkeley, David whose Cichlar, billfold 3863 was The full cemetery crew is | len-Bevenue post of American working, striving to clean up found in woods near VanBuren,:the debris,, but .considerable ness place. Mo. (time will be required for the' ....,«, Authorities there feared foul;project, Mrs. Johnson said. She H< HABT play. Alton police at 5:52 p.m. said that some tombstones were FOR EYE INJURY contacted the Cichlar rome and moved on their bases by the Harold Hart. 20. of 1912 Wash- found that the billfold belonging high wind or tornado and that ington Ave. was treated and to the Cichlar boy, 15, had been a chain fence around the Badley discharged from Alton Memo-i lost February 29. when Cichlar lot had been damaged beyond ii«l Hospital Friday following! was on a camping trip in that repair. , emergency treatment for an in-j area. jury to his right eye. ' He requested the return of FE!S ' DER SKIRTS , p; m p| O yed at Jouett's STOLEN FROM CAR ! Police this morning at 8:10 received a complaint from John L. his billfold C.O.D. MEN TAMPER WITH CAR ON SEMINARY Martineau. 1907 Worden, who Police received a complaint t reported the fender skirts had from Robert Wohlert, 2208 Sem- been taken from his car, park- inary at 3:10 a.m. after he ob-icd on a lot on Pearl near Bozza served two men tampering with St. sometime between 9:30 p.m. his car. Friday and 7:30 a.m. today. He went out and chased two The skirts were valued at $25 colored men in a blue and white he told police. . sedan away from his car and parked in front of his house. The car engine seemed to miss when SPONSORS FISH FRY he ran it to see if any damage Builders Class of Melville Con- had been done by the men. Police checked the area but a found no trace of the men. In this area a unions have affiliated under Oil and Allied Unions Conference, which represents approximately T . -, „ .. , . ,9,000 men, to negotiate their wage Leg.on. Earlier it was a buai-J^ frjnge ^^ demands with '•management. Union demands at Standard, Sin- 'clair Refining Co. and Shell Oil 'Co. have been primarily based on a request for an eight per cent wage increase for a one-year period or 1 12 per cent for two-year contracts, based on a settlement made in the steel industry-. S t and-i Resulting from negotiations with ard Station at the College-! ^ three locai industries, the coa- Washington intersection, Harti""' 0 " of ™ lons ^ f* e f e "^ d accidentally ran a wire "curb!»° cowr *«* throughout the Mtd- 1 west and attempts are now in the process to unite East Coast, Sou- jthern and Western oil industry 'workers to add more impetus to union demands throughout the Elders to Meet WOOD RIVER - Elders will at the First Church of Christ. Christian at 6:30 p.m. Monday: Deacons will meet at 7 p.m. and a combined session of the two I groups will be held at 7:30 p.m. jthe Rev. G. R. Schreiber. pustoi. pia. will be arranged horizontally in sheets of 50 stamps. Observing the 100th anniversary of tho Pony Express, a special six and three fourths inch envelope b c a r i n g the commemorative stamp, will also be available. Belgium j railroads. has 7,000 miles of COLOR HUM PROCESSING SKMfOt SENT DIRECT TO KASTMAN KODAK DAILY I HICKS' STUDIO & CAMERA SHOP 3418 California Ave. HO MOM OTTOLI SUPER MARKET Highland & Gold Stv AND MEATS AVAILABLE Our Store Will Be Open July 3 & 4 Saturday and Sunday, 8 A.M. to Noon fmder" into Ws eye. Mottaz Named SpeHal Asst. Attorney General!country. Ronald C. Mottaz of the firmi WOOD Car Stolen RIVER-Local police of Thomas & Mottaz. attorneys. :, eceived ^report from the Ted- BUILDERS CLASS Henry St.. has been appoini- assistant attorney i ick Pontiac-Buiok Auto Agen cy. 473 N. Wood River Ave., that a 1956 BeJ Aire model Chevrolet ed special general. The appointment was made: wag fitolen Thursday night from gregational Church will sponsor by the late Grenville Beardsley tne jj. j^ but a public fish fry on McAdams<but Mottaz will continue under! POER LINES DOWN POWER LINES DOWN IN UPPER ALTON Alton firemen power lines down in three differ- able. ent sections of Upper Alton Fri- Fireworks Law Highway, at Norman's Landing the new Illinois attorney gener-i WO QD RIVER — Police Chief from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the al William L. Guild. ; James Bucknej< tod issued a Fourth of July. Mottaz will work on Property; . w , , ^^ a , )d i Potato salad, baked beans, acquisition by condemnation for, g Q{ ( . hjldrcn planni to investigated fish and beverages will be avail- the Division of .Highways. He, use firecpachens tna , mey wi|) be arrested. Division 'will work for 'ARMSTRONGS HOME E. W. Reifler, dis -l of ^ Division of! Highways of the Department of • Public Works and BjjMtag. i '" October. 19o8. Mottaz wan day. No. 4 fire company answer- ed'al, three cal.s and upon in- AFTER IX>N« TRIP vestigating the downed wires, Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Arm- the crew called Union Electric strong, 821 Park Dr., and their appointed L. S. Commissioner, Co. to repair the damaged wir- daughter and son-in-law, Mr.;' P° slt!on he still hold.. A« com* ing. ,and Mrs. Bob Wilburn of • S t.''™>». on ! !r M^«« z handles feder The times and locations of the Louis, returned this morning a^-i'immai cases. __ ^ _______ | yp ; crackers and . <we wi ,, cominue ^^ enforcemem of 1he ordin . throughout the weekend. Bucknep ^ ^ Telegrapn . - Bike Stolen investigations were: 8:43 a.m., from a 5,500-mile two week va- Ghana daims it is getting radio- j >VOOD RIVER-Mike Stolze, Maxey and Washington; 10 :10| cation trip which took them at . tjw fal | out fro ' m France's Sa-!8, 547 Fifth St.. reported to a.m., 2634 Watalee; and 1:53^ p. 'through the Southwest and up; ha ,. a tcst ^n,^ police Friday that' his .red and m., 2416 Main. the W6st coast. -------------- . ----------- •— ------------ At 8:50 p.m. Friday, No. 1 They visited Wilburn's sister 1 company was called to a fire oniln Amarillo, Texas; and his fa a utility.pole at 322 Williams St., that had been started by shorted electrical wirei. Union ther in Tucson, Arizona. After i| this they went up the California coast to Portland, Ore., where Anne Taylor (1788-1866) Mid: "L»l M* Try With Ml My Might To Mind What I Am Taught" To be" » pharmacist now requires five years of college study. We must pass an examination to prove we have gained the knowledge necessary to enable us to safely dispense prescriptions and medicines. We wjsre also taught at college that every pharmacist is a member of the health team, pledged to consider the protection of health, our most important duty. You can always be certain we will never forget this obligation. YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE US when you need a medicine. Pick up your. prescription if •hopping nearby, or we will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great many people in- trust u«. with their prescriptions. May we compound youn? - . Pbooe HO 241678 Milton Pharmacy Hilton Boad SPECIAL! SPECIAL! SPECIAL! Tu«<d«y-Wedn*»dfly Only July i 6 LADIES' PLAIN SUITS 99c MEN'S PLAIN SUITS 99e ALTON ONE-HOUR Mirtmiziag Dry Obmen m KM* n, NH* HO MMI "Ti. Moil to fey ClKUlor" YOU BENEFIT MORE WHEN YOU Save BY THE 15th OF THE MONTH, YOU EARN FROM THE 1st YEAR EVERYONE is INVITED... Stop in for a FREE CUP of COFFEE or ICE TEA. See the Plans for Our New Office tf SAVINGS & LOAN Tinptriry lioititn, 117 I. IriUwiy , /tL/NO/5

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