The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 29, 1966 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1966
Page 15
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fl« } D*t ftofevt fof* Jf , f»*6 Evelyn rie ttivndeag, tJft:»i v. u >* *»-r* tc«.»t7SRl t'jg«S*r •Sit f£T t)«± for &x to -i-/*rr»r, fee hvtl £««! zaJ Ejrirz »te/e t^snt OB ? Tber soct' i5slif.ioas Mpk Petition » * » » * * i?; T* if » t i-^ eli fiaerj pod 9^ or 4h*22 *c ctr T<J t* SKIT* fefer- ctzris. Al&OQf tbt t j»n vf {&*£$* tr«* tv tfo &vr& U F» tt* filtf. t'v UlttJ'/tttrt* !tU AH { U U it* WRttJ tftatftUti ;**. ^ 5 y*ll'/w. I ttzb* a wlL 1 r/-,* USB* fvr Hsx«i bsyfv?, L*zt>* ?vt, 0 M*S 11', ia^W. "-m '.?«*" r*» *.'. at Vvtvr, City. Kv» fcwst a, '-*i 4- fc? fiat l«r, it - So FT? life of EUzatoa * » » 19, Iff!, vf Lai Kortberc lyra Kon&al SAooL iT«s>i£tbeC3sg7«p4iQBa2 aarj -Soot is vMxJut. Ob . it ti; st favoi* if »% »tr», it tb» ^r L«S bws tb* it BCb-/-JiL £ trr*?; at faviL' i erf t-r«i il ttil v^i« tt* Ji/Jri.* 'fitAMfX. &Sff *&.•& >•*£• Art C*TJj«7 wfc» »«S* »ljft fllgHt. SL'Xti-i fc£*- &><i it LiJS '>V-lifr V/ 'Crtzv OTigf* 2 ^ ^* ^ St * glri LL t cii« T'jtfiL Lid tLli li*jr aoJ "Sbvrti*" Love *t'i«^err5 tv a* v&e <Jay "«lz v/o.»/$ *,-, 'X* Lair.' Ttel<i'j*!f/t eA taacy Lt »rtB«i, twt i& a /s »l*r<6 Latte r, E«ia Lac*7, Cvrai* fagtiatr. y^rTjlf LfOCfe, JtWSJElflC joOgf ft**'! k TDCti -Jwrt, D. 7. Sndtt aoS A. L. Rist 0Xc ffaiMfc ST.'i tuSust and Dr. Rist, -ieotUlX * » » gr-x»ry list oi 017 . ttt ; Lai tM *"t« tepfr'iiJ-)' fe*S^ t *i^t«?. J :.'/^4 CtrJ* X t* i-t »%«. HV*i i «^,^._jr ^l**j^* i^l^' "j^fjCs* '•" * 7 " I 4*^*. **** '"**"^ if*a **y i* »'Xl< fa* w Lit ivrt*? it iteajiiC v< t* irviti*. &u^li/. /j/5 Lvr J •iv cdfct H* 1*2*t tick, vf C.WIM, *ni !« » i'x^ tla*% to ita^ 'JW aic* i^; tm» i^/J Is CiiiJ^l. * » » rf t', ttttw, * » * i) J. I r^ri vltt OEAY hair, aii-J* tttil vAvr. Tirt y/ung 2 i'yr, 11.25; 4, ifttf listed & mmbtr *»• I will quote oalx a Pork, 10 cents; lard, 25fc eggs, 1«^ box of cipari, <* C/f tt* fASSt t'> f* yyjrjg. Do yvu *U title llty *c I — who iisJr, .'fc/w tte Is 'a A is %1'fifiai a erf fail r. WUct teats tomethkig to «lo witt it. Well, 1 aai ^ Itemt Mtrcfc 15, 24, April 1 to 15, tbt list totaling $7.74 «ad pal4 by Laagtoa aad flteS- l*r I'v* Lt Lc to &«t '/it r//w go wJtfj /rl*^* t/j a dub ulc4!8t triffj pLa/iri(r^ vrtifen I Lilted iMe with kfcr tt* otter day. We'd CUy. *v«n tsJtft a "slr/w r//^ to Cblna", wan «i <»r list, a»l wfe fe/r a-*tjllt. M^thr/3JBt "T^feUitr" cau Kitty PtiUHpg, I»U Groen aal 1 ire crosifwc/nl puzzle taas, but when Oi«r>- sj/iiag such tufeanifes oc us w last week we get a bit Jrk.fc<3. Hew nikDy •>/ you tocw Itallaxi re4 wine Is barolo ajvJ & Brazil diamond is a bahlju;? Credit goes to Kitty tor tfce sos. With ttntse items v&s a color post car4 sbcnrtug the Soatoy smorgasbord at Daveaport vberc the Longs, Hax«l Lcsby, Uxile Post, Carl Bnufley aod I hare eateo nuay times. Aboer had written "Did you erer bear of this place?" Mute me lonesome tor the good times we had in Davenport tor aloe consecatire years. The card bore the postmark Nor. IS, 1957. U wae fain looking at some oW school pi<^ur%8 a frleri'l brought "Our bird ate the cat foodthatfellintohiscage. HALF OF WHAT YOU SAY GETS LOST if you have a radio playing nearby as you phone. One conversation at a time is plenty—give your caller a break and turn down the volume of your radio. (JJL) Northwestern Bell At the Clay County Fair at Speacer this year they had a well, I don't know what U was called, tut Td say computer. One wrote their name on a card aod out would come several cards describing the wiiter-apti- tudes, and even more personal aspects. I read one a friend had done and It was a/aazlng how accurate the readings were. Fd liJie to have hal mine done. I had a handwriting reading at our Kossutb County Fair one time. 1 had to write a sentence, anything I wanted to, and It was surprising how accurately this woman disclosed my characteristics, tt's amazing how one's writing disclosesooe's statercf mjtf&oerve^ etc, B*i cept a doctor! WhobuttpHarm**, ll clat can decipher It ? / f/ 1 * * * / •;,-. • .»• Ain't it the truth ? "The more parking places you provide, the more cars will come to fill them. It is like feeding pigeons" (and sparrows). With nn Impalii Sporl Coupe you can get all the comforts of homo, maybe even more. Everything new ihat could happen...happened! Now Hlyling that npoakH bonutifully for iloolf. More tilings to add thiui «v«r huforu: A now Htoroo tupo HyHtom. Comfortron automatic l)oalin« and air conditioning. Front dim: hrakos. A butter Cruisu- MuHtor control wyHtum. Plus all the power you could want in a car: up to 427 cu. in. available in Chovrolet'n excluHivo Turbo-Jot V8. , And, Htandard with uvcjry now Chevrolet, a now road feel thanks to improved Full Coil HUHpenaion. You really ahould aeo the new C'hovroleta. Very soon. And all this for your added safety: GM-clovolopcd energy-absorbing steering column, dual muHtor cylinder brake system with warning light, energy-absorbing instrument panel, four-way hazard warning (laahor, plus many others. Kveiything newfc luippeiiiu^ now, your Chevrolet dealer's KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 14-0115 108 SOUTH HALL ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 295-3554 Beriacer tad 1 ar» ttainafetoj beats tfTCTia! pie for a tasty dessert. 4oc*t more peqpie raise It dots SKXTX FALLS, S. D. - Sales of caoSi2ates fe?r &r» frttfanai ciacs offlots it Aarostazta Coi- ter» beee eaffipleted. Som- for trttfamat dass presided are Jeff Etfeerf, LoVernt, MhHi., ROE Mittag, Alfnoa, la..; I%0 Olsoe, Grotac; and Dale Pattm»r, ides City, Marie TW11, daaKbter of Mr. and Mrs. Roman fhlll of Cor- vith, hat accepted a poritton as laboratory ^ «-ray t* 6 * 1 " niciao vitt Dr. James G. Fox in Minneapolis. Marie Jast frarf«af«d from the Northwest ln*Utat* of Medical Laboratory Technique in Minneapolis. Ko natter -dot rour lot mar be, tafld grimfflriiig OB 1L NOW IN MINNEAPOLIS Nationally Famous HYATT 100 Vhrt PtMTirM tMktepnf »npft»lrty it IteiwH E«er>thin| )»u fr>er ifTafined E»rr)ihin| }'Ou e».y«n « prcnuJe^ for >ow.' complete en.knmrni and comfort a; !?••« SEW H)i'.t LwJpe — Lii.'pf Dt«reK>r-D«.:CT>ed Lvtur> Roomv Kiff-Sae Bedi Individual!) Room- Comrolled Ye*r-Around "»i )ou lil.e ii" Temperature. Dirtci-Dia!in| Telephonet, Ne»«: TV' ind Radio, Evcei- leni Food, Coffte Shop. Rettaursni. CocUsii Lounge. Nonh*«t'i Fineti Automauc Bo»lir,j i 31 lane»>. Billiard Lounge. Near Shopping Centers. Sporu Attractions ind Thealen. Minute* to Downtown — Eajil) Accettible lo International Airport and Metropolitan Stadium. t»»in*e»*i, win, w<m « •M^M HTM tMv, HIM flM HTATT LOOOe *m « « i^ , , . - • - MZ3 Vfff|xflt> K»d. OHn. 12) MlniMMMII, MlAM. SM2C lU-SM-MCl iMir, «r N^ T«r FREE HYATT loote IIHIIU MlUt .MAIN erricci FOR CALCIUM Add nutrition to every meal with quality dairy products a s C2LH earth en uua^re STARTER SET SALE! APPLE WILTGEN JEWELERS OFF 25 % 16 PIECE STARTER SETS NOW UNTIL OCT. 8 Now you can save $5.00 on 16 piece starter sets in America's favorite earthenware — Franciscan. Hand-crafted patterns, California-designed and made, are chip resistant, color-fast, will never craze. Can be used safely in oven and dishwasher. All patterns offer you a wide choice of multi-use accessories, which you can buy at any time. Each starter set includes four of each: dinner plate, bread/butter plate, cup and saucer. Come in now... sale ends October 8. Sierra Sand and Malibu $12.95 — regularly $17.95 $14.95 REGULARLY $19.95

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