Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 2, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ALTOiN EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 2, 19«0 Editorial • The Prom!*** of Ill-Slafo Brief Notes On NewBooks At Library Side (plant*™ 09 Thf t!!inoi<-Mi«curi Bi-Sf,ne Agency ha< building an airport. *Such » local authority may f*|un it* ri<« to the challenge at last. well be useful for purposes of financing con^million of such an airport. But any decision on actual building and operation should hinge 1 The following brief notes on new on uuidance from an agency like Bi-State. The • books at Hayner City Library wer One cannot help but respect it« caution •bout approaching several of tbe major widespread prnhlfrm that have been begetting it« cot.ntv area. It has found the going rough as a •<"T«rt should be made subject to an authority reMtlt of opposition from pOTvcr-jC.ilou* loci th - 1t integrate its operation with that of prepared by a member of tho library staff. insuncrv Thc Ute-.t fi«.t-full of project* need urgent attention from an agency hi* the scope, the prestige, jnd the power to do something about them. And Bi-State Thursday decided to turn its attention upon a fist-full of three: public transportation in and a gr.nn ck'v.uoi. We would have difficulty assessing the need for . . . , t • ntlirr lif-nnrrc in tlip area "l-PflrlnB To Talk," bt MutRflrPt rnvernmental accncies m a number of important nthcl *»ports m the area. » We feel the public whose tax dollars would •*' '" «"' MM> ,,.... , . u L A delightful, short book which go toward building such .in airport would be J? ^. . . . better protected. hnw'you can help your child Irani The problem of an overall public transpor- i, 0 1a)k O f all the. skills the child: ration system is becoming increasingly evident, j masters during the first five years.; too. Here, again, Bi-State presents a possibility i learning to talk is by far the most ; of best integrating operation of such a system, j difficult. ... k Alton, itself, faces one of the most anguish-pro-' ™ p allthoi- dwotPS a rn «P trr to the area, a second major airport, , , , , \- u LI \v/ each vear from birth to ii years ' \ ducme phases of this overall problem, we mav ,, .• ,. ,. . , • nl.'vjin.- 'iii- ' old. indicating what may he ex- even lose our bus lines. pec)e(J , n thp way Q{ sp( , frh fj(1 . Alton's public transportation svstem )ncreas- ;vrlopmpn) a , pad , agp , evpl a major gram elevator, placed in position j ing | y | las been beset by its division into com-i "Kingdom Come," by Vtrglnln for servicing of barges. There is probability that , petkivc pieces. Alton industrial employes need, Soreiiwin. Russell Miller Milling Co. may soon be provid- , transportatioh in a number of different areas: j This enchanting stoi-y of nine- ing the public at this end of the area with such w it |, in the city; into the Wood River industrial >™<h "'fntury Denmark skillfully! a service. Doubtless, however, a similar facility j district; down'as far as Granite City; or across! dt 'l' i(;ts tnt> dlarm of Denmark, its in connection with Bi-State'.s already operating | thc rivei . lo St . Louis . For years A l ton - s trans-! [j^ 8 ^"" Simp ' P and al ' barge loading center at Granite City would , port system failed even to carry industrial work- i '"Von ('an'Bp A Better 8tnd«nt,"' serve the other end of Madison County and a : ers f \ mc en o ug h to their job's within the city to ,, v Kudo |, )h Meson. ! portion of St. Clair. Presumably the purpose prov jj c reasonable competition with' 'mis book tells you how to stu-j would be to provide facilities for trans-shipping ^ automobile transport. dy: it is informal, yet informative. between water and land. ' \\'\ K n an industrial worker wanted to get to and full of practical, down-to-earth Thc more important programs would be the 1m Wood River or Kast Alton job by bus, | u . examples of how to S(IT public transportation and secondary airfield had to change not only from one bus to anothei, • ' V>^ I 1 't 1 t • proposals. but from one competing line to .mother—and , )O() j {f . wha( ((J lisl( , n U) jn c .| ass ,! The Telegraph's readers by this time already the competing lines didn't even have common , lllc | nmv fo ma k P y our 0 \ v -n ready! know our stand on thc secondary airfield. We i transfer points. Further, a Wood River Town-inference review book. , have opposed any attempt at all to undertake . ship industrinl worker living in Alton would be; "Three Circles Of Light," by Pie-, such a project until Bi-State can make a com- I required, to a certain extent, to backtrack on prehensive survey of the area's problems and . himself in order to get to his job, making one have its say in the matter. Experience has dem- ' part of his journey downtown to reach his fur- onstrated that an authority such as Bi-State is the/ me.ins of transportation to the east. \en\s being taken from the life ex-'" the ideal operating agency for an airport system No wonder a huge percentage of Altonians .„..: „, «. «.„_ (certainly need to be answered. 25 and 50 Y ears Ago My 2.1935 A new man-made island was formed hi the Mississippi River in what had been the mouth July 2,1910 Contract for the paving of Danforth Itrcot was awarded to Valentin* Wolf on hi* low bid of of. Alton slough. A dredge filled it in to a depth j $1.25 a square yard for the paving and S4 cents iof IB feet to make a hasp of operations for the | a foot for the curh ftnd gutters. The work or- i Alton dam and locks contractors. ^ j The 'Alton Lake Recreational Development Plan had been forwarded to Washington from the national parks division of thc PWA at Indianapolis. Sanction of that body was the first step in routine toward acceptance by Washington. D.C. officials. , Elsie Wilson, 8. was rescued from the Mississippi River by Rollie Thompson, who was attracted to the scene of the accident by barking dered by the Board of Local Improvements included 6,000 feel of paving and 6,000 yards of grading. Other bids, for paving and curb, were: John Strubel, $1.32 and 50 cents; H. R. Wolf, $1.42>i and 55 cents; Curdle * Mauptn, $1.35 and 53 cents. Capt. and Mrs. William R. Wright of Upper Alton celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. Capt. Wright had served In both the Civil War and the War with Mexico. The only other of the child's dog, and by her screams. The ! Alton area resident who had served in both wars child had fallen from her parents' houseboat j was Col. A. F. Rodgers, friend of Capt. Wright, anchored at the foot of Centra] avenue. Thomp- « A ,, plans were rornp j e te for Alton's Fourth of son. working nearby, grabbed the first boat | Ju|y oe ]ebratlon. The White Muss** Band wns available and rowed to her assistance. i fo ma| , ph jn )hp evf , nin)? a t 7 from ConcordlH Miss Maria Tllton \Vead of Alton and Thomas j Hal , a , Serond (E Broadway) and Oak street D. Wead of Minneapolis were named as equal , , 0 a ban(Jsland at the foot of Market street, and chief beneficiaries in the will of Jacob j There )ne t)and was to play B concert from 7:30 Wead, former Alton business man, whose estate j fo ]0:30 A , g p m _ 30 yHchts carrying red flares "What I like about coffee breaks, it's so peaceful and quiet, around tho water cooler!" Reader"s Forum In Defense of Eleanor On June 27 there appeared in I tro Dl Donate. the Forum an attack' on the The tenements of West Hoboken | character of Eleanor Roosevelt, i are the scene of this autobiograph-Tliis was such a deceptive out-; ical novel, the characters and ev- clustered about a major metropolitan center. • have completely abandoned the habit of think- The operating authority must not 'be divided , ing in terms of mass transportation; have gone and made competition. '' almost entirclv to individual means. Currently Madison and St. Clair County i We wish Bi»State the best of luck in its lat- governmental leaders are attempting to form a j est approach to the status its original proponents bi-county airport authority with a view to hoped it would gain. periences of the author. "Bringing Up Children," by! that some of its points j need to be answered. ' Not that anyone needs to de-i Communistic? »lusl roitimoii Opposition to tbe proposed county zoning ' vion where scores of hopeful families build corn- control program on rbe basis expressed by foes ; fortable homes. Or another will establish a sub- attending Thursday night's meeting in Bethalto division featuring more elaborate and expensive is hardly tenable in the face of the facts. j residences. Then a used car lot or an automobile One opponent charged the program was j graveyard grows up across the road—or right "dictatorial and communistic." For years this program has been carried on quite successfully in Alton without any such questions being raised. If regulating tbe type and purpose of building and use geographically is "dictatorial and communistic," then what would you call the regulation of a motorist's speed in the city or on next door without any road separation. Or maybe it's a large smoky factory. Or, as in the case of the Granite City area, a buge industry that could provide jobs for several thousands seeks -a site involving major acreage next to the community, with a view to putting itself next to the source of labor supply and reducing personnel transportation problems. state highways? The regulation of the degree of j Only a short time before, residential real estate ....... ... h .. above it all. Probably there isj _' lj "j >ertles Union hasjrec ^""^i possible to work with narrow tread machinery Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Robinson departed on no living person who is more! Grace Langdon and Irving Stout. j f end Mrs. Roosevelt. She has! Experience always has been the j been subject to abuse before,! best teacher in bringing up chil-| a nd she has shown that she is! dren, and this book is based on the broad, actual experience and research of the authors. They found themselves less interested in what was wrong with the maladjusted child, and concerned themselves with what was right with the successful, happy, well-adjusted children. Forum Writers, Note Writers names must be published with letters to the Readers Forum. Letters should be concise and legible. All are subject to condensation. was estimated at $30.000. Total net registration of school pupils in Alton district had reached a new peak of 8,890, an increase of 218 over that for the previous jyear. There were 197 more boys than girls. j Surveying for the proposed U. S. 67 highway- widening and resurfacing project between Alton and East Alton had been started, with tentative i plans calling for a new bridge over Wood rivet- Ralph Gent, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gent, • opened a funeral home at 2409 State St.. in the ' former Bert Elfgen residence. Gent was graduated from Worsham School of Embalming a* Chicago, and worked there for three years before returning here to establish his own business. Mrs. W. L. Klein and Mrs. Laura Spencer of Bethalto would celebrate their birthday anniversaries on the Fourth of July. They would be were to parade past the downtown section. The band concert was to be followed by a huge fireworks display on a barge In the river. Scheduled for 2 in the afternoon of the Fourth was a running race. Entered In the event were Victor Helntz, Edgar Paul, George Delp, Paul Zerwekh. Chester Yenny, Harry Arnold. Thc year before Zenvekh had won the race and Ai- ,nold had finished third. The route of the race: From City Hall east on Second street to the junction of Milton road and Bozza streets, we^t on Bozza to Shields, south on Shields to Third west on Third to Ridge, then to Fourth and west on Fourth to Alby, north on Alby to 16th, wes: on 16th to Belle, south on Belle to Fourth, west on Fourth to State, south on State to Second, east on Second to City Hall. Miss Alice Mclnemey took her final vows, as a nun of the Ursullne Order, at the UnuUne 94 and 84, respectively. Old style beer kegs were being used by Jer- i Consent in Dallas. Tex. She was to return \; sey County farmers in an effort to plant their i Alton July 7 and remain for a time at the Urgu- flelds. Heavv rains had made the fields so im- ! line Convent on Fourth street. undertaken a concerted effort loved and respected throughout! 10 abolish the agency : the world than this great, hu-l Apical of the kinds of views j from J^ . " down tHui lira Katnrr avnfaccari lc ihtt; ' ithat beer kegs were fitted with axles and used ' trip to the Pacific Coast. C. M. Yager had re | as supporting devices to keep the machinery turned from a combined business and pleasure manitarian woman. The author of the attack, whose name I shall ignore, j makes a number of statements ithat are being expressed is this; statement by the Rev. James A. ' Pike, Episcopal Bishop of California. He writes: "The invest!-i gative procedure of the Un-Amer-i I trip to Minnesota. More than four thousand families j which need to be corrected. The j can Activities C o m m i 1 1 e e j .......... main to P'cs are the United j has proven to be so threatening to i Nations, the Highlander Folk! t he public welfare of countless! School, the Uphaus case, have been studied and interviewed and the results are presented here to help parents find the right solution for their problems. "Never Too Young To Earn." by Adrian A. Paradls. Here are 101 ideas on part-time jobs that spell fun and profit for teenage girls. How to start your business, apply for work, turn your hobbies or talents into money — your attitude, appearance, and hundreds of other questions are i cay." This is, I submit, a fan-; Says Johnson Didn't Try Blackmail mittee. I shall take these up point by point. With regard to the UN, it is stated that this organization "has designs within its framework to destroy our democracy by creating a social revolution, . • ji u , *L. . iu • N° niun °f go 00 * wiH wants this O f Representatives that dav and.some of the congressional learl- mnocent individuals that the campajgn for the presidency toi nga in about two weeks " later J ers left the House floor the oth- puDiit conscience is ana must , down jnto me batUe of ^ e ^ was a quixotic j our ney. Heler day only to hit the ceiling ov- uiGrdoro DC outr<ig6ci. .. This statement and many others by religious, labor, and education organizations is cited in a recent issue of the Congres- . bilge. Therefore, it is no junk- tried to sell them personally — er news that the AFIX3O na ing of a newspaperman's neu-j a s a one-man lobby — on the tional headquarters was prepar- trality to report that Sen. Lyndon Forand Bill for heavy hospital!-! > n B to attempt the purge of all Johnson did not try political za tion and full medical aid to who opposed the Forand Bill. blackmail on Gov. Mennen Wil-; those over 65. The Congressmen, Democrats UJ . 1WU . K a B uumi «v,«uuuii fonal Record, reporting a speech | liams . The Michigan Governor During those two days'of small! and Republicans alike, resented economic chaos and moral de- y JamGS Roosevelt on Apnl 2D '!was positioned by somebody be- summits. Reuther talked to such i being told that labor would fight ,. rru:_ : _ i ....,._:. _ ,_. 11960. The theme of the address is: rause he had not talked direct-c^ithnm WHere aK RA~ i "any candidate for Coneress who leaders as Reps, i "'-^V candidate for Congress who h, drinking and his conduct as a r esu,t ? ^ | opera , into subd ions th J—^^"^ -k o^ ^^^1^^''^=^ ~ K^SSZS ? S ST o/t,,,i.^%r±:S^Ir:nt^T^r±,• ^ : requirement that all ch.ldren under 16 attend area that such an industry could have used. 'M™^LoveK AmbU.on " bv Ma ' comment "s necessary ° Ul ' 1Ved il -" K """ ed .V- of Tennessee and Wilbur Mills'came from William Schnitzler. school or get a special permit not to? And thou- : must pick a site well out in the country, or justj rv E|lpn C| J C ' J "'! With regard to the Highland- Congressman Roosevelt points It was Reu ther himself who of Arkansas. They all »rc- influ-.A FL - (' i O s.-.-r.-tary - treasun-, sands of other rules by which a socially con- i mO ve to another community. i ' Sct }n mp ear|y 190() , s Ms js er Fo i k School, it is stated that out that thL ' 1>e are £uwe1 ' than wanted to delay any Michigan ential members of the super-in-jWith AFL - CIO president scious nation governs personal conduct of its ; Under zoning all these problems would have the story of'John"Tlllyard. Wesle-' citizens? As population density and individual practices have changed through the years, the need for protecting individuals' rights bas changed with them. A farmer living in the country with acres of blue sky (try and find any these days) overhead and all its accompanying fresh air can burn his trash, including the garbage, any time of day or night without offending anyone. But been forestalled by an intelligent approach to planning space and positions of various uses to which real estate could be put. Without zoning Madison County lacks any way of regulating these practices. Zoning may require stiff regulation through competent persons. It may bring discomfort occasionally to some who have little regard for the rights and comforts of others. For those yan parson, who came with his family to- America to take over a Methodist parish, in Maine. A pleasant novel about perfectly normal people without any of the frustration or modernisms. "Joseph Conrad," by Jocelyn Babies. A critical biography full of fascinating details, including the turbulent political events that involv- put him in the city immediately alongside scores i conscious of these needs it can provide helpful j ed his family whpn hf> was a d)j|d .s "has long been a training' 10 ' 000 Communist s in this coun- public support to Kennedy. Here, fluential Ways and Means Com-(George ound for communist leadership try ol 18 ° miliion P eole - Th e FBI then, is the story behind "Son- mittee. Any bill needs their sup-jSchnitxler on them without having ground in this country"' 7 1~sub"mk"ma"ti can perfectly well keep an this statement is pure fabrication and there is no evidence to support it. The investigating committee of the Tennessee legislature dropped its charges of "subversion" against the school. The probe was carried out under the guise of anti-communism but, Meany in Europe, way labor's top man py" Williams' charge that the:port as much as gin needs tonic.jwhen he announced that com to!Texas leader threatened to kill! Of course. Reuther also spoke:plete loyalty to this type of pro"clear-cut and con- wreck the whole framework of j aid-to-the-aged legislation if the j to Sam Rayburn. But at no time gram was a "clear-cut our civil liberties. 'Michigan forces openly declared i during this personal lobbying for elusive" test for labor I doubt if anyone will have the guts to attack the character of James Roosevelt in the way that they do his mother. I served in the South Pacific with Jim- for Kennedy now: Early on the morning of May 3, Reuther left his Washington during this personal lobbying |his favorite .bill did the union chief talk to Lyndon Johnson. On his return to Detroit, Reu- support. This apparently is the season for Reuther's getting his bargaining table kicked from under him. and headed for ••STail? «*• told his brother Roy, the) <* ""* Th « "•" *"»•'•. '"'•' a -.^ „. «..v.-^i. t ,,,u,, M111 uui, — •» — „,„.„....-, The Auto Union chief was Auto Workers' political director,. according to the Nashville Tenn-'my in the Marine Corps during i headed for some personal lobby- a " d somo others that they ought i AltOnEveningTclegTaph essean, the real basis for the: World War II and I know that he the school's, » a very courageous, highly re-, gresamen, knowing well nf neiehhnr* erint those other neighbors the ' Stance— and the faith that they can build i through his remarkable career at ! harra s s rnent was , of nnghbors, «rant those other neighbors he '' " candid advoc «cy of Integra- spected man. I would like to see: they often saw red when they Reuther *• . range property rights. erury giant. Call an attempt to solve these problems com-i ^oN^rulv^AdlS and' regari l ° Willard Uphaus ' that ' ALFRED K. KUENZU * ' lia 11 TOO ' '[<«mtc.iMStJ1«4 *rt n»!..^.«. f nu munistic and dictatorial if you want to. Where it's needed it looks to us more like another one of the modern "C's"—Common Ordinary Oldfashioned American Horse-sense. And we think the circumstances warrant it in Madison County. (Consent;" Michener, "Hawaii;" same right, and you build up a condition that j »•'*«»»« f « r of encroachment on their long-, sea, (^ultimate acclaim as a lit becomes insufferable. By the same set of principles, a purely rural county would have little if any occasion to regulate use of the real estate it contains. A glue factory could be built any place in its environs •with a minimum of disturbance to anyone. But consider an urbanized county like Madison. A real estate developer lays out a subdivi- among some southern Con- to hold up early support for Ken- „.,-,„ K A1 *u , npHv Published Dally by Alton Telegrnph that neay. ... . Printing Company said, in effect, why p. B. COUSLEY. Publith«r ; „ The Forum letter states, with to his face. someone call him a "communist" i saw his carrot top. Reuther mov- was Lampedusa, "The Leopard;" Wallace, "The Chapman Report;" Davenport, "The Constant Image;'! Hawley, "The Lincoln Lords;" to prison for his communist activities." It is true that Rev. Uphaus is in jail, but it is because he refused to supply names to the Attorney General, an act of integrity. There The Allen-Scott Rejtort Cuban Sugar Quota Cut r r POPE KXPUUNS WOMEN VATICAN CITY W> - Woman's dignity is equal to man's, but her role is complementary, says Pope John XXIII. He told a congress of the World Federation of Young Un . Ameri .l Catholic Women that women's nat- ed on the key men in the House Ia«h out at the southerners now .nd Editor when we're trying to win their i Subscription Price 30 cenu weekly Today's Prayer God of our fathers, as we come to the birthday of our nation, we bow in gratitude to Tee. No material good has | the word from Walter Reuther towni votes for the Forand Bill? are Lyndon Johnson's friends. If 1 Mall aubtcrlptioos not accepted in the Michigan delegation slaps at; Sen. Johnson ,,now, the entire! south will take it as an insult. j That word was passed on to Gov. Williams. He Interpreted Entered ai Mcond elan matter at the pott office at Alton. III. Act of Congress. March 3. 18 > 119,655 drastically cut in a matter ofi Castro is seeking a military! 1 ' 011 tons (these figures exclude'They Burned the Mountain;" Ken weeks. Dalliance with Russia. This is one. Inma which produced approxi-jnedy, "The Enemy Within;" Hurl, President Eisenhower has de- of the principal reasons for this:mutely 2 million tons of regular"" finitely decided to do that soon announced visit to the Soviet, sugar, plus r>'i to 6 million tons after Congress gives him thej The C u b u n dictatoi• discussed| of a low «>"'de sweetener, gurl. necessary authority. Congression-i such an alliance with Deputy' Under existing quotas, Cuba al leaders have assured the:Premier Mikoyan when he was i sells the l'niti>d States apprnxi- been withheld from us. Our Bpir-1as an ultimatum from Lyndon' itual heritage in America Is i Johnson. "Soapy" foamed, some jurat role involves "dedication to| great and has been enriched byjwag noted the other day, andi those from other shores. May'understandably resented the --James Ross McCain, De-'political partner appear to MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS I he Associated Press the use for Snow, "The Affair;" Shute, "Trus- j _ I tee From the Toolroom;" Horgan, j j"A Distant Trumpet;" O'Hara.j Jn me cage 1 SSraN n -'Kin g "Mav^" A ? tiVJtieS C °™^ « \ "' *.»*i* t v ij'up tricit lWi*s R.oosf*vplt This House Be Safe From Tigers;" • bepn high]y cr j t|ca| of j(K opera ; "God and nature have given her! integrity. righteousness andjpressure. ; lished herein. . M u-'-'I'v M R ) pd ' (:me ;" Paa|1 '!tions. But many person* who arc! different tasks which perfect and:J" st i c e characterize us. Teach j. In Brussels, Reuther then had iMEMBERi THE AUDIT BUREAU ; I Kiel \ouNot; Adamson, "Born ;no , Communists thoroughly, agree i complete man's mission," h«- us to worship Thee in spirit and 1 to attempt to straighten mat-: OF CIRCULATION WASHINGTON - Cuba's 3,-;of which there are now at least jwuii, Puerto Rico and the Vir-j *" IW : ' Parkinson, "The Law and| witn hor In fac , th American!said ' n trut h: through Christ. Amen.iters .out without making his ownkocal Advertising Rates and Con- .9,655-ton sugar quota will be 1500 in Cuba. igin Islands, third with 4.9 mil- 1'he Profits;" Dooley, "The Night | L_. . '. . ^___ ! ' ' "' Answer to Previous PuiiU ; catur, Ga., president-emeritus, President this will be voted be-;in Havana last year. Raul ('as- mately one-third its annual sug- metals, use cobalt for punishing 8 "Old "Act One;" Carpenter, "Carp's; Washington;" Frankfurter, "Felix | Frankfurter Reminisces." Jet engines, which are tough on i Tar Heel State 1 ACRO84 1 Capital of North Carolina lore adjournment. tro, brother of Fidel and army ar consumption — 9.1 million jwork. Cobalt, discovered in 1735, Cuba's hugp sugar quota will,commander, is now touring the Ions Culm's quota is also up-| Was not immediately used as a be slashed despite Premier Cas- Iron Curtain lo buy jet fighter'wards of 2 million tons greater i metal. It was first regarded as a tro's threat lo confiscate more planes, t;mks and other weapons, than the combined total of all :PiK'n<?nt for yellow, blue and than $600 million in U.S busi- The State Department and I (nfi ot| W'r quota countries — Mex-;B l ' een paints. ness and other holdings in re-.Central Intelligence Agenc>' are ! ' ( '°' Haiti. Vc-ne/ueln, the Uo-i "" ~~" : taliation. .preparing studies for the Na- iiiinicun Republic, Peru, i he (turned out to be Communist op- The President determined on tional Security Council, top pol- Philippines, etc. ,eratives. Immigration officials 17 German rivw a showdown with the bombastic icy-making agency, on the ex- The United States pays 5>4l in Ke - v West ' Kla - are keeping Cuban dictator on the strong tent and timing of the contem- cents a pound for Cuban sugar.!" ( ;'! ose eye on knovvn " Fidelis ;This is a premium of more than tas State" is another of it* nicknames 18 tattle space* 14 Habituate (var.) 15 Vfthlcle M Feminine nickname 43 Succinct 04 Venerate* DOWN 1 Speed contest 2 Macaw* 8 Sweet •ecretion 4 Daybreak (comb, form) 6 Sick 6 Walk 7 Girl's narnt 8 Bernia one of its cities Agnes Scott College. 1800 by the Division of Christian on application at . , , .. , j tu c. . i— ..-,... business office. Ill falsely attacked the Senate ma- East Broadway. Alton, 111. National inritv leader jomy leauei. . Advertising Representatives: the rohn JJ UQ -,I company New York Education, Nailoaal Council of the offnr » tn «,nnth» th«> Churches of Christ in the U. s. A.) e " ort to soome me Then in the midst of all this {Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. Dallas. New Orleans. San Francisco. Los Angeles and Seattle. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND 27 Italian family 46 Move with name 28 Dross 28 Ripped 30 Printing mistakes recommendation of Secret a ryPl» ted sugar quota cut ;This is a premium of more than ;tas " who have attempted 23 Electrical u, Herter and Central Intelligence, Plenty ol Punch .-' wnts above the world market, shakedowns and other strong- 25Promontory Director Allen Dulles. They bas- The luw r ongress js voting" is also n « ?a "'ly double the uirm ' a <'lit' s among the large 87 Landed ed their emphatic advice on fo| . tnis |JU ,.,, OS( . packs a lol of 'amount Russia is putting up for Cul)H " population there 6 Heavy blows 32 Mourning 10 Stratagem fabric three grounds: r oi this purpose authority. Cuban sugar Private Iwasts by Castro, and H noes finihci than tho Presi- l^ 01 " 111 his leadini.; Communist heuch- lU-nt requested. He proposed pow- ^J^' 1 '' men, that "all U. S. imperialis- or to raise 01 lower Cuba's ai- Uc interehts will be liquidated lotmeni Hut under the 2.79 cents a ^'^ ^-hii>« in sending a not only is the (| > s "'''Hin "I ugi'iilK to Cuba for i in« abuul hall the simila|1 activities among t he ; ' price, but Cuba is molv lllan ;i0 ' 000 Chinese there, dollars for only 20().(XM) ' rtl( '. v ai ' e '"''"8 "encouraged" to ; by the end ..l ibis >ea.•." Aliva- 'legislation Cuba will have no llms " >''•'" : (hf " is ' llot more '• ()11 "' ibl > 1 '' ll) K«< <liiiw and to, dy. upwards ( ,i $:««) million ursuiiar quota at all. Il will be" 1 '" 1 $tiu millio " '" iil ' luul c'ash S "PI"»'' Coinim,m«t maanl/atmiK, American-owned sugar and cat-!wholly up 10 the President to '''he remainder will be in!''" . ... tie propertiet.. mills,, ivfinerien,,decide whether Cuba should have "H'udi:" — machinery, equip- '"P *-wstro resune is issum«i Utilitieb and other interests have a sugar quota and how much. " lel " «f">ds and weapons at!"" sv al pe , S °.i ) bearing j been seized - so far without Onl> ivstrii-tion is that lie ran l'n«'«>s fixed by Moscow and ', s| 8 nafure . °' Ma J° r ' Cnp " compensation. noi increase the allotment above ."town which Cuba has no say. ! ( " le ^!'": militant leftwl Treas-i .... .... . „. . 'Ui-y Minister and Castro's closes! | 1 he United Stales sugar quo- * .. h n,.!"™^ Hasau ass?— sss* 19 Pine being 21 Stair posti 37 Babul pod* .24 Makes strong 43 Uncloses 26 Closed firmly 44 Meaning 82 Malt drink 86 Lumberman who marfci trees for felling 36 Birds ojfprtJT M Old coin ot • Scotland M Peruvian •nimal* celerity 47 Learning 48 Asseverate 60 Scottish capf 62 Great Lake 63 Plant part 64 Soap-making frame 66 Observe 68 Cooking utensil 02 Knight of th* Elephant (ab.) 41 Mvuical not* Authoritative information that the present 3,119,(Avion total — Castro ii» licheming w>me new sotwthing tie u very unlikely la ami price system amounts to a subsidy of some $300 million form ol diplomatic affront to the to do in any event! United Slates Lavt winter, Am- Cuba's annual sugar produc a year to Cuba bailttdor Philip Bonsai wa* vio- lion uf Q.j million tuns IK the Uluud lentHy denounced, and he was largest in the world Second is ('mud Stati-h authorities u immediately summoned to Wasli- llussia with j.s million tout,; mm carefully screening the ingtoo for "consultation*." It is Br,./il thud with more than 3 im-roiis refugees from Cuba. . 'kilnj 45 Ambary 46 Hinged leaf henchman. Curious thing about 48 Eaf 1» (comto. Guevara's signature is that it. K-onteinpiated new million IOIK,; and continental Some an- .spurious and actually kiKJWD attack (Ml been dincusked witii: United States, iourth with '^.8 Ca>tio ian and R«d Chinese agents, million tons, or includuig Ha- »tai«vs is limited to his nickname "Che." That's ull that appears (in these bills — which may indicate huw much they are ", ly worth .... Morocco has agenth. In some in- ll«-!>t' allt j «i'd n-lugcc-s tons of Cuban sugar at the world! price of less than 3 cents, i <i£ 1WU, Hie Hall Syndicate. |uc i ; form) 51 Stone lay*f (Scot.) 58 Cherish** 57 Snooze 59 Rout* (*b.) 60 Feminine •ppellation 8! Part of th* Great—-I* lotiu**t*te • By family's well-being. She urges young mothers to budget their time to include daytime rest periods, even if it means eliminating all non-essential duties. Only thus can many mothers fulfill a child's first need, a lively, loveable mother with enough energy to feel an enthusiastic sense of well-being. VMWFAMUt BKTMLNUUI AIM. Art) ma*t people Hunre ol their thoughts? Answer: Often not, unless they think of them in terms of words. We do not do this in viewing scenery, playing golf, etc., because these a,re emotional experiences. However, in presenting ideas to others, we usually do best when we think out, in terms of words, the thoughts we want to get across. bypnosla overcome pajo? Answer: When hypnosis is a factor in pain relief, the relief actually is achieved by the eating of emotional tension. Dr. Oscar L. Morphia, Fert Worth, Texas, recently told the American Radium Society that "pain is about 10 per cent orgtfnic and 90 per cent emotion, which Ho young motben work / too bard* In doing so we often uncover AwHwert Most of them do. The builds up- through unconu-olled thoughts and ideas that we late Dr. Marion HUiiard wrote anxiety." Whan hypnosis is ap- were not aware ol, 'even some in "Women and Fatigue" plied to eliminate the emotional contradictory to our purpose. (Doubleday) that a young factors, only moderate analy- Qnce we clarify our thoughts, mother's fatigue "it tbe single gesic agents are required for words tend to come more easily, most important element in any the control of organic pain. two, Kin* Pa«tur«i Svut. lac.) »>

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