Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 2, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 2, 19flO Khrushchev Through With Ike FORECAST f tfvrtt Shew Low Until $vn4«y SCATTERED SHOWERS Generally fair wather is forecast expected in the Western portion of the over the country tonight except for northern plains. The southern half of some showers and over the nation will continue warm and the the southern part of the upper Missis- North Atlantic states, will continue cool, sippl Valley. Cooler temperatures arc (APWIrephoto Map) By HAKW VIENNA 'AP) — Nikitn Khrushchev has washed his hands of President Eisenhower, but he stands rpady to go a round with the next U.S. president. The SoviPt Premier, here on a nine-day official visit, spelled out his position on future East-West talks in private conversations with Austria's Socialist Foreign Minister Bruno Kreisky and Vice Chancellor Bruno Pittermann. "Nikita told us he would not do any business with Eisenhower," Kreisky told newsmen Friday night at a reception In Vienna's Schoenbrunn Palace. "He is willing and ready to go to another summit with a new U.S. president." Kreisky added that Khrushchev U. S. Charges Russians Torpedoed Arms Talks Holiday Traffic Toll Reaches 61 RETIRES FROM TYPESETTING Harry 8ober,.8657 Berkeley, a printer at the Tele- Weather Forecast »°id him he ; Berlin issue on ice until after a Alton Mostly sunny and rfjnew U.S. president takes office in little warmer today, high in th<?i January. upper 80's. Increasing cloud'.-; Informed sources said Khrush- ness and a chance of scatteredJ^hev probably volunteered this in- „ . showers and warmer tonight, formation expecting Kreisky and; graph for the past 85 years, retired as of July 1. He I ow 70-7-1 Considerable cloudi- Pittermann to pass it on to West! is shown at the typesetting machine which he operat- WASHINGTON (AP>—The Unit- n " ess wjt ' h scattered showers.!Berlin Socialist Mayor Willy; ed and maintained as machinist for many years. — ed States today formally accused warm an d nurn jd Sunday. High Brandt, a long-time friend of the! Staff Photo. Russia of torpedoing the Geneva . uolinr | QQ. fwo Austrians. ' | Disarmament Conference ' Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko also used the reception to play one of the Kremlin's cold war cards. Asked by newsmen if the Soviet Union intended j to break up the three-power Gen-j eva negotiations on suspension ot nuclear weapon tests, he said: j "The future attitude of the Soviet! "Scratch" came into the Mai-j Union will depend on the progress colm Sossomen family just j of these talks." i tht .f, nrn about the same time their baby! That seemed to leave the cnjes- 1 senhower last Monday on »eCbm., hack ^ flgo ^ 4 munist withdrawal from the 10- \" 3 nation disarmament talks. , The Soviet government was asked to "reconsider its decision and resume the negotiations." Both points were made in a U.S. message delivered by t he embassy in Moscow to the Soviet Foreign Ministry. 'Scratch* Gone From Home hi Wood River Printer Retires After 35 Years at Telegraph 151 Khrushchev sent to President Ei- The message was a reply to a By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS i letter Soviet Premier Nikita S. Traffic Boating Drowning Miscellaneous '... Eisenhower, scorning a person The test suspension; But now "Scratch" is missing, talks have recently shown some And Mrs. Sossomen is con-(promise of progress for the first Mistaken For Ragweed Ham- R. Sober, for 35 years a printer for the Telegraph, retir- ' , y- Sober 1 * principal work in the newspaper's composing room has been as a typesetting ma- chme operator. . However, he served for some EDWARDSVTLLE -- Never The count of traffic with quickening speed today while wovW . widp smear Campaign *** ou see Mrs Sossornon is in; millions of mobile Americans en- • as a machinist, an ad ma- it's because of the doi>'s'time since they started Oct. 31,i ^WAKLC-.VU^K, -- j-vevfi- f . hjn( OIJ( , r . 1|nr . mf| ., n ,| jpf nw . 1958. On the other hand, Gromyko underestimate the power of a ( . hini m said, the Soviets would not re- hay fever sufferer. He served several terms as hospital St Anlhony's -re sumo the disarmament talks ! The Telegraph's Edwardsville president of the Alton Typo- joyed the first full day of the In-.J^"^ £ ^ ' io covering fronThepatitis/ .^^^^^SKf»^ <*"; WHHam G. Ryan. ™ff£^ ^ «** ^ dependence Day weekend. Khrushchev. But let Mrs. Sossomen ex- confpretl{;e earlier m wee k (suffers greatly from this alleres ^^ ^ (Q Mm tm , ough Most areas had dry weather, j^g,,,.^ accused the United plain-as she did in a letter ad- In ta , ks xvith chanceUoj. Julius j caused chiefly by ragweed and hjs acquaintance with the late but many wet patches were «'at> glates of b i ock j ng progress to-, drrssprt lo tlle Fon ' m whl( ' h w;is Raab. Cabinet members and, .-during the height of the sea- K . E. Campbell, founder and tered in the North and East. war d a disarmament treat>'in or- such a heart - warmin g stor >' thr industrial leaders, Khrushchev U on in August-gulps pills daily publisher of the Alton Daily against him. had the State De- Funds for River Work Approved Two fund requests for major river improvements in the Alton area have passed the Senate Appropriations Committee. Sen. F.vcrett M Dirksen has informed thc Telegraph thnt the Senate committer has reported out on these item* in President Eisenhower's budget requests: An appropriation of $1!i million for construction of the dam near Chain of Rocks, which will raise Ihr level of the lower rivet at Alton; An appropriation of $1,180.000 for raising thc height of all IP- VPPS in Ihe Wood RivPr Levee and Drainage District. Dirks'-n also rrpm-ti-d th' 1 Si-n ate committpc passed a budget request for $2.(560.000 for con slruction and rectification of damages on the Mississippi upstream from its confluence with the Missouri river. A $6 million contract has already been let to the. Massman- Frazier-Davis firm for construction of thc Chain ol Rocks dam Work of stockpiling rock on the Illinois side of the river there has hpen started. A provision of the contract is discontinuance of the work in the event annual federal Hinds are not appropriated. I". S. District Engineer Col. Charles Sehwelzer a» St. Louis said the low waler dam is lo be built over a period of two years. He explained the procedure hy which federal funds are acquired for river improvements. The House and Senate appropriations committees confer with the Bureau of the Budget and then with each other in joint session before incorporating the requests into a public works bill that is voted upon by Congress. The Senate committee's action is one step in this chain of events. Judge Poos ALL SET TO CELEBRATE DALLAS, Tex.—Pretty Miriam Blake, 19, strikes a fetching pose with a giant firecracker as she prepares to celebrate the Fourth of July. Miriam, who hails from Dallas, is a Texas Tech coed and part- time model. She will join the rest of the nation in welcoming the 50th state to the union. (AP Wire- photo ) But. wet road or dry-, safety of- der ^ cmi]me the nuclea r arms; edito <- didn>t wanl to wait tor i agreed to set up two joint Au-j ficials figures all of the nation's 73 race Re also Qnce more blamed'Tuesday's paper to put it there: i strian . So viet committees on million motor vehicles would ^' Eisonhower for the breakup of the "Many times during the past nom j c and cultural matters, in morion at one time or another summit con f e rence at Paris. May 12 years 'Scratch 1 has endeared during the three-day period. lg ! herself to us by her devotion. ^, ... Millions of Americans poured The Soviet leader said the Unit- Once when my father was ill. UttSSltICatlOTl out on the nation's highways and ;pf j gt a t es S ees disarmament pri- she went on a hunger strike and byways today on the first full day mar ji v as a way to get "legalized j didn't eat a bite until he was of the long holiday weekend. : military espionage" into Russia! better. All of the nation's 73 million i through an international inspec- "Another time when my hus- vehicles are expected to be on thettion system. band was working at night, she move sometime during this Fourth "The government of the United > frightened a prowler away from of July weekend. ; States rejects as wholly inaccu-.ihe house. relieve itching eyes and Times - The nvo became acquaint- sneezing pd while residing in Louisiana, -, '. „ , ., .. Mo. and when Campbell heard Recently. Ryan s wife. Alma, Douglas Wants More Wear unknown to her husband, pul, 0 « Self in Case 0 " e '''r'' e "' in Added .• . , ,. n -,, |)ii "" nu lnuk>H ' °™ n C " y ' A new classification for'cafe- to transplant them later. She thought it would be nice to have home-grown tomatoes !w L , ,._,,, ... 5 1 was just a kid then, he change. d h rf d Qn However, when she came out- . . , . . ... a box to feed the press and sit on juiy \v«;i«-uu. , oiaies rejeirw «t» wiumy ma<_i;u-, mi- nuuhf. •• ••- 'H t r?av tn fran-nlsml the it-cu me- (jn-aa cum .^n un The National Safety Council esti- rate the Soviet version of events ,, beeame , te ,„ ^ spring ^J ^^ £ ^e S"n ?omat o p.ani, she f±d tha, f «<*^^ P««ionary to set mated Americans will cover more within the 10-nation Disarmament ;with hepatitis and have been in I 8 *? ', u ,1 V-A vl. „% than seven billion road miles and j Committee, nor can it fail to re-i bed for 11 Warned that as many as 370 per-|J ect tht? Soviet government's un-!] lave gone to Slav ; vi) . h thejr IDV school board Friday night and; Ryan had pulled them all up "j^t,^™;"^., be complete •hy the roots and thrown them ^ Wm _ ^ bp back to ^ " SPRINGFIELD, Til. < AH)-To assure a trial free from error. U.S. Dist. Judge Omer Poos has disqualified himself from hearing the income tax evasion case against Edgar F. (Sandy) Smith, a Breese, III., labor leader. Poos Friday announced that U.S. Judge Frederick O of Canton will try the case. and 1 guess our little R wi ,, reee , ve $10 a month ragweed. normal maximum Ml . in The estimate of 370 traffic ; the abovted summit deaths, the council said, would be ^ . 60 more than counted on a non- ^1116111611 OU'lliC nei - . ary while a cook-manager in a; T T holiday weekend of the same "Lasl Sunday she dug under, ca feteria serving fewer than 30.-' length. The weekend is computed (Continued From Page 1.) tllfl fen(lp and t' a " awa >'- l a mj(M)0 meals a year will receive an XT. the 78 hours between 6 p.m. d . )wn |Q dusk jn an emergency . afraid she is wandering around! additional $S a month. ~ M dog thought we had deserted ' a v. 0 . T her. do — at the Telegraph. "And he'll be welcomed, too," A.ssistiini General Manager P. S. Cousley commented today. "Mr. Sober is one of our most printers and we will be years 1951-53. He is a vice president 6f the International Hod Carand Common Laborers Un- Daughter Friday and midnight Monday. ^"saj'd daylight 'working "hours '<*< and hungry, trying to find " The board discussed at length AUST i N , T ex. (AP) - A Uni- sor ry to lose him." In a comparative survey. The wou | d he extended if the crew- tlie children. She is old and has possible classifications for bus ve ,. sity o f T PXa s couple working u f , won 't be entirely idle'other- Associated Press counted 348 traf-, men desire it — but night work !osl rn° s 1 "f her teeth, has art h-drivers and maintenance men on their doctor's degrees Friday wjs( , e jth ( , r . fie deaths on the nonholiday week- jt ou( Thc pra ctice in the cur- '''tis, and is even turning grey.: but laid over action on the prob- , os , ,. usl0( j y O f their young daugh- He likes golf and fNiing among end spanning the houis between ren) pmPrB ency has been to. Bui it breaks my heart to think jiem until' July 11. Don Keil. tt ,,. who polj( , t , said was lr?( , a i on( , thp outdooi . ho i jhies , and a f cw 6 p.m. Friday, June 17. and mid- work thp mcn frorn g a , m . to 9'"f the children coming home to! sc hool district engineer, suggest- in (hc , f . oup i,,' s dirty apartment. ycars back renewed and con- night Monday, June 20. pm find her gone. ; t -d that bus drivers and mainten- Dis| Ju dg 0 j. Harris Gardner f .entrated his interest in paint- This is the second of three Sat- Other Emergencte* , "She is reddish-tan, long-hair- ; ance men each be divided into macip ,| 1P 19-month-old child a j ng . urday - Sunday - Monday holidays Parker declared the crewmen e d, and has a bushy tail. Jl any- three classifications. He pointed wai , d o( ,j lfl court an d placed her ••] always liked to draw when he said today. one sees her and would call our • out that special skills make SOUIP in ivavis County Juvenile Home. \ was , home in Wood River <Malcolm;maintenance men more valuable;G ar dner declared the girl depend-•••When I was down in the hos- " during the warm weather season. nav( . l)(1( , n "More or less on an Memorial Day was the first, La-1 hourl!i lia!J i s [f s aot goo d for the bor Day will be the last. public or the men — and if jsossornen'si, I know three little i to the district than others. Bus; ent an d neglected and remoyecl: pital sick some years back, 1 Over the Memorial Day week-;,,,,, t , ompan> S ays 'No work af- : girls who would be everlastingly drivers, Keil pointed out, spend j perT nanently the parental rights got interested in it again. Theq ,,» *w «„««„> r.^,ch,^ ,n tmf., half of their workday on main-i of Mr . and Mrs . j essi e Yocum. when J was resting at home af- tenance work and some of the -p n e couple showed no emotion' ter getting out of the hospital,, I /i •/. drivers also have special skills. w hen the^ judge read his decision. wen t ipto oil painting. ' v - Lrllllfy which add to their value to the MU K * « '^'ve been able to paint p _,.. , • .* o i. ~,.:.,i ^.unif. Kntu fill nv Autn • . ion. In seeking dismissal of the indictment, Smith's attorneys contended he had not been given a proper preliminary hearing and had been denied counsel. They said a U. S. deputy marshal had erred in telling Poos outside of court what transpired in the hearing. Although the attorneys did not request him to do so, Poos said he would disqualify himself to make , sure of a trial frpe from WASHINGTON & Criticizing government equipment purchases, Sen. Paul H. Douglas iD- 111. i offers the advire of a Republican president: "I'se it up. wear it out and make it do." Douglas quotnr! lu the Senate Friday the words of Calvin Coo- lirigc. whom DouglH> said lv nfvcr supported. The Illinois Democrat declared that when a government man needs tires or padlocks or scissors, chances are he will buy new ones even when plenty of them ai£ in slock. Douglas said a Budget Bureau study shows government procurement officers in Chicago. New York and San Francisco have on the average- -used existing stocks only one-third ol ijie time. Aftei long preparation, specimens of live fluurf-eem coral were flown from Noumea, New Caledonia, to the Anvers aquai i ium in Belgium, where they I were 'deliv^pfcd still alive. l.urille Ball Falls Suffer?- roMru>»»ion HOLLYWOOD fAPi - Corned ienne Lucille Ball is recuperating in H hospital today from a brain concussion and a gashed leg suffered in a movie studio fall. Doctors said her injuries are not serious. She Ml Friday at Desilu Studio, which she and her divorced husband. Desi Arnaz. own jointly. She had hoarded a boat moored in a water tank on one of the sound stages and was lo do a fishing scene with Boh Hope in their feature film "The Facts of Life." Miss Ball's head struck, the gunwale of the cabin cruiser, knocking her unconscious and inflicting a deep gash on her left leg. She was also cut above one eye. end. 367 persons perished in trar-: ter d ^ . hflw abou , a] , tnose , gl . a ,eful." fie accidents. In all 579 persons' died in mishaps that weekend, including 77 drownings. 48 boating accidents and 87 deaths from miscellaneous accidents. emergencies that come on at night High officials of Union F.lec-^ •ic conferred wilh Parker this Permits for 38 Homes in Six Months To 5 Traffic Complaints district. Such special skills, both Hit by Auto s members." on the part of bus drivers and Following a report frorn a ^ ^ ^ * and grand> maintenance men, deserve more Hartford motorist that a man chudren a , Ef fj ngnam m an d money, Keil contended. had _ ^U^d.^pparently Jn- ^^^ Pa . Hc ^'M^ sob. whom he married at Louisiana too. morning, with a main meeting slated at noon at the IBEW hall at 739 Central Ave. When t h e storm hit earlv Thursday morning, it knocked out power to 15,000 patrons. Dili ing Thursday, about half of these. late Friday afternoon in \vhii-h,^"soo'ioMV^rCalverts"for paint-^ : Hatcher. 21'. of 208 Allen St.. were restored, but a second: 1nc . rar | 10 was driving figured j,,g done in the summer main- was moved to St. Joseph's Hos- rainstorm later caused shortcuts 1 ],, collisions- involving thteeltpnance program. pital lor a check ol possible into cut power to 1.000 patrons. o ihe, automobiles. Charles K. i ,o, Employed as teachers for. jury. According to the police ,,. irpn . onv _ pvpn Foeller said 70 primary lmeP;siot/. 37, of 270-1 North Sl.. lt he next school year Miss Mary notation. Hatcher related that he ' Friday night the board also: jured, in the 3800-block of Col(li Authdrized payment of lege avenue, police called an 3Q ]9lg caj Q Following traffic incidents of $900 to Gillard Painting Co., and ambulance in which Donald ^ Jg ^| terno ' on the room Including 11 permits issued in , t June, „ , n n ,« nv _ ° , u" back " had t)een ° Ut origina " y und tnat pleaded giiilty to five «'om-!ora.\ and Paul Klockenkemper. had been brushed by a passing .... dwellinK l 'V'onsTrucU V oii 1 inV W |n ' inlarit ' s werr sti11 dovvr " lo ';plaints before Police Magistraie|Both will teach physical educa- automobile as he started to walk The first power mill'for the ^i-the i.r^ninp «iv m.milis day ' Th(l primarit ' s are 4 ' 16 °" VOlt Fml J - St ' hl ' eio < ) i' today audition, Miss Gray at Alton High around a barrier at the south'manufacture of cotton cloth VBS of the current year i cached a lransmiSsio '\! ine . S f !'° m substa - was fined a total of $125 andj H nd Klockenkemper - - - - i • 18 house., HI aBiireeate tl0ns l ° neighb ° llh00ds ' E " Mye '' S June permits for dwellings ceeded the number tor <uiy ious , I960 Toal e , 11 Danned > ' unauthorized. The nett. i tor Ii: ,,f l»m P , C Ben , itv buildum " ml m, buildiiiK in an ele- side of the pavement. •osts. . mentary school. Workmen of the L. E. Myers glotz was named in two com- (3) Heard a report by E. ,M. Co. are also IBKW members, plaints of reckless drivii.g. tuoiLeumon. assistant Miperinlen- ibut of a different luc-al. They; O ) leaving an accident .-.cent-, dent, on bus transportation. The iare willing to take over the job, an d one of lack of a driver's .report, to be sent to the state, said Foeller, since the strike is ij,. t >nse. shows' transportation cost the According to the police n;port.! district $78,146.74 of which $2,Supervisory I'emonnel stotx was followed by Carl]024.54 was for contracted trans- Albo en route to Alton thU Mieholbuch of 1107 Washington; pollution. The cost per mile for inornina \verc tw,, crcus of /sup- ^ve., lollmvii^ a oash on E.I bus transportation in the dis- ' built in 1814 in Waltham, Mass. June for work aggregating an ed $467.468 ' erv isory personnel out ol East. j St. Louis. ai Oak in which Mi- met was 34.74 cents per mile. cheibueh's car was damaged. The district expects to be paid Questions discussed in the con- The pursuit ended on Kasi Drive;approximately $19,000, in slate rent* at City Hall this morn- uheiv. according io police, the aid lor the transportation. n In rf addition iiu: lndude(i the leKal P° sliiWl - St..i/ sedan .-olliilfd with a park- ..|t Purchased cuteturia equip- ili1 '-" ol Pnioim "B the nawmm . «l carol sued lor 1 " » $1,939,545 Construction in June included '2 commercial structures. $31, : 000; 3 church and lodge proj-j X): 8 Patrick Guilher ot Mil ment lor Gilson Brown School The cit> atlornev.- iwintttj out |.; as i i>i\e. and then wilh :i from low bidders, who were Sen- that the men cannot be forced *c<l;in of Houlaiui Jordan' ui co $101.08, Crown Fixtures & cost ol "' uorl< yverli " u '- Tl " I"' 1 '*"'" 1 Kust Alton, which was .parked Supply Co. $81.5b, and Ford Ho- work is overtime, since Ihe work O n the JU'K Consliuciion Cu.'s tel & Supply Co. $1,959.65. week ended Friday and thi» July|jarkinu lot. (5) Purchased visual education 4 holiday is underway. L'nder Michelhucli .ailed police at- films from Coronet Films lor normal conditions, the crewmen K.,- the chase crashed to an end, ;$l,3tij and Irorn Encyclopuediu would nut report tor work anain ,,,, f | siou, \vho was unhurt, wasiBritaiuiicu Films Inc. tor $1,- Tuewiay. uiken inio <-ustudy. SummtrHmt Fjwtimt fquipmont • Wading Pools • Sun G!a»»es 9 Swim Pint • Swim Goggles , • Btach 8*11*. t) Giant Inflated Toys t Air Mattreues • Straw Hah t) Fiihing Supplici • Bug Bombs • Sun Tan Lotions • Cameras 9 Films • Gadget tags Meanwhile, the city inunagerV e t . alu lron , Altonians erators and stoves are not operating Some similar callh ol have been received timated orginal Atlantic boardwalk, built 90 years ago, watt stored in a own during winter to protect ii from frigid weather- tu all lour vehicles (6) AuU)prued a contract loi i: the collision series was listed.'cleaning and servicing 141 type• writci-s and 17 adding machines Koyul \ri Uallery flaaned u for Puluf« f ( A ..-hupel in Buckingham Pul- (?( Furdutwd Mw equipment a>,. London, will be converted i lor Gi|son Browl| m d oilier ; by request), for news of pn>. uhidi to display selections from iy^ low bidder, Iw tt totul o! S&,'City gress lor settlement. ,<»*• Queen's extensive private j ' ; CL 9-2243 $150.50Q; • roerclaJ addition,!-and remodel-, ^^ whose wf| . uig«, 12,500; and 10 residential' . _, ^. „ additions. $15875- Residential repairs and ivinodcling prot- Op«n All Day July I of pay (or crewmen is rollcction. Admission will be time-and-a-half today, time Sunday, and ^'/a day. f double chui^fd to cover the costs of Mon-; operation and any profits will be given to charily. A six-foot halibut landed at Los- kiemuulli, England, ha* biougln $42. Pharmacy on duty July 4tb in Uie Ro*»woti(J Center Bldg.-42T E Mr Hot Dr., Rowwoort HfU TIME FOR DECISION Says Mary T. Yowell District Supirvitfr Illinois Children's Home Aid Society It ii tttimjfittd from nationwide itudiei -that between 10 to 20 per cent of the children In Medjion County come from broken hornet. Further studies indicate thet «t leest 50 cent of the support «atei handled by our public welfare agencies ere the result of the bade factors that cause broken hfmas such'as divorce and d,»**''tien, illegitimacy and parental death. * Most of the boys who come to the atten> tion of child placing agencies, come from disintegrating or broken homes. In addition to the normal gains from constructive recre- *ti«nal activities, many of them can be helped greatly by the interest, guidance, and example of youth leaders, compensating in Mint' measure for the lacks in their own bjwnaj. We hope that Alton can develop the kind of strong Y.M.C.A. program that will help those youngsters grow into responsible adult oltlstns. Sypport tbi YMOI FiMsl SHOULD YOUR TELEGRAPH CARRIER FORGET YOU... PHONE FOR DELIVERY DIAL HO 5-6641 BEFORE 6 P.M. DAILY $ P.M. SATURDAY t CIRCULATION DEPT. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH

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